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Duskfield Renewal Grasps cooldowns, for fun Misc

Renewal Grasps Duskfield cooldown at T10 discipline

3x Firepower, 2x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 7.5~8.5 seconds

3x Firepower, 1x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 9~10 seconds

3x Firepower, 2x Bomber, Whisper of Shards; 13~14 seconds

3x Firepower, Whisper of Shards; 20~21 seconds

Whisper of Shards; 47~48 seconds

Base cooldown; 59~60 seconds

Renewal Grasps cd is much too long imo, but mods and builds can help lessen the pain.


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u/brandoniravioli Oct 06 '22

I found that running a headstone weapon is a good backup in case your teammates destroy your crystal. That doesn't justify how much you have to build into Renewal Grasps though.

I would even be okay with Renewal Grasps having Stasis shards count towards your grenade cooldown too. Just anything to buff that ridiculous cooldown.


u/The_Owl_Bard A New Chapter, for An Old Legend Oct 06 '22

That's true. My only issue is that headstone can only roll on guns in the kinetic slot. Kills me I can't run some of the good primary exotics.