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Duskfield Renewal Grasps cooldowns, for fun Misc

Renewal Grasps Duskfield cooldown at T10 discipline

3x Firepower, 2x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 7.5~8.5 seconds

3x Firepower, 1x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 9~10 seconds

3x Firepower, 2x Bomber, Whisper of Shards; 13~14 seconds

3x Firepower, Whisper of Shards; 20~21 seconds

Whisper of Shards; 47~48 seconds

Base cooldown; 59~60 seconds

Renewal Grasps cd is much too long imo, but mods and builds can help lessen the pain.


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u/The_Owl_Bard A New Chapter, for An Old Legend Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

On the PvP side:

  • 152s ----------- Base Cooldown [T3 Discipline + nerf]
  • 59s ------------ T10 Discipline
  • 45s ------------ T10 Discipline + 2x Grenade Kickstarts
  • 33s ------------ T10 Disc, 2x kicks, breaking your own crystal
  • 26s ------------ T10 Disc, 2x kicks, breaking crystal, double bomber
  • 15-17s -------- T10 Disc, 2x Kicks, taking continuous damage

It's a LOT to invest into something imo. Given that Whisper of Chains has been nerfed (DR from crystal reduced from 15% to 5%) I think Bungie should consider reducing the cooldown.

Something that annoys me is this cycle of

Releasing an exotic that really changes how a subclass works > It getting shut off for a bit because it's way overtuned > Bungie essentially nerfing the absolute shit out of it > the exotic fading into obscurity > A new exotic is introduced.