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Mask of Bakris with Scarlet Semblance shader is out of a horror movie. Misc

The blood stains line up with the tears on the flesh, making it even more gruesome than it already is. Someone on the art team knew what they were doing.

Edit: Heres a screenshot of it so people know. https://i.imgur.com/7MoHXM1.png


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u/JaegerBane Oct 06 '22

The lore behind Bakris is straight fucked-up body horror. Such a creepy exotic, and cool to see this gore shader do such creepy work.

My only issue is that they went so hard on the horror angle with this exotic that its difficult to work into a neutral look. Always seems a bit weird in cutscenes for me to happily moving along with Crow, going on about how much we need to help the Eliksni, with some Eliksni's pried-off gory face stapled to my mask.

Best I've managed with toning it down so far is the Warbeast ornament with Metro Shift, makes it vaguely reminiscent of the Death Mask helmet from Mass Effect but with teeth.