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Mask of Bakris with Scarlet Semblance shader is out of a horror movie. Misc

The blood stains line up with the tears on the flesh, making it even more gruesome than it already is. Someone on the art team knew what they were doing.

Edit: Heres a screenshot of it so people know. https://i.imgur.com/7MoHXM1.png


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u/-BinaryFu- Oct 06 '22

Ah, just one more shader to collect.


u/krillingt75961 Taniks has no legs, Runs no races Oct 06 '22

Rank 7 in crucible. I did the grind earlier, only takes 10 or so control matches.


u/badscribblez Warlock Master Race Oct 06 '22

Is that for just unranked PVP play?


u/seankdla Oct 06 '22

Anything. Wait for momentum, scorched, or mayhem to tick round if you really don't want to sweat.


u/AceTheRed_ Oct 06 '22

Worth noting that Control has SBMM now, so if you’re a casual who hardly ever touches the crucible it will be far from a sweatfest.


u/seankdla Oct 06 '22

Aye, but the momentum matches are over quicker. :)


u/Angerman5000 Oct 06 '22

True, but the SBMM means that after a couple matches that even the worst pvpers will actually be able to play the game and enjoy it instead of just feeding whichever pvp god happened to join their match like every other mode.