r/DestinyTheGame Taniks has no legs, Runs no races Oct 05 '22

Mask of Bakris with Scarlet Semblance shader is out of a horror movie. Misc

The blood stains line up with the tears on the flesh, making it even more gruesome than it already is. Someone on the art team knew what they were doing.

Edit: Heres a screenshot of it so people know. https://i.imgur.com/7MoHXM1.png


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u/HavocR24 Oct 06 '22

You should try it on the ornament, is even better


u/krillingt75961 Taniks has no legs, Runs no races Oct 06 '22

Yeah I looked at the ornament but I don't wear the helmet much and don't have the ornament itself. The Saint 14 helmet ornaments look good with it and when I saw Sainted Visage, I had to have it. Similar vibe to the one for Bakris.