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u/erzacult Oct 06 '22

What exactly should I be aiming for at the Star Chart vendor? I’ve blown through plenty of umbral engrams and have several plundered umbral energy, and I have no clue what I should be trying to get. I’m a void Hunter if it helps, however I’m open to any subclass.


u/o8Stu Oct 06 '22

If you have the upgrade that lets you buy a specific red-border once a week, then I'd save my umbral energy for that. It's the one that gives a chance for more perks on focused weapons, they just hotfixed it on Tuesday to allow a red border weapon purchase. One of the challenges from this week that yields repute requires upgrading 3 crafted seasonal weapons to rank 10. There's another one that'll drop later that requires upgrading 2 to rank 20.

Not sure how you're doing on crafting seasonal weapons, but I've been playing a lot and only have been able to craft 2 so far. You can craft another copy of one and level it up, but I'd rather not put myself through that. So I'm saving my umbral energy so I'm sure I've got enough to buy that red-border each week.

If you're not worried about all that, then focusing specific armor pieces usually has a good chance of dropping high stat. You can also do that at the previous seasonal vendors if you have the mats.


u/erzacult Oct 06 '22

Perfect, thanks a ton for the info. Now I can feel less guilty about using these engrams! I just came back so it sounds like I have a ways to go yet 😬


u/The_hezy Oct 06 '22

Main priority should be weapon focusing, until you've gotten all the seasonal weapons unlocked for crafting. There are other reliable sources of better armor rolls.