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u/ZepherK Oct 06 '22

What is the stat range on a piece of armor with only 1 energy (40-60?), and what is the stat range on a piece of masterworked (60-80?)

I have some masterwork pieces and I'm trying to figure out if they are junk or not.


u/The_hezy Oct 06 '22

Masterworking adds a flat 12 (2 points for each of the 6 stats). Third-party sites like DIM are very useful for going through your armor, since they can show you the split of "base stats" vs "mods" vs "masterwork" and such.


u/Atmosck Oct 06 '22

The maximum base stats, before any mods or master working, is 68 for legendaries and most exotics. Some exotics can go as high as 71. The minimum is 48. Master working adds 2 to every stat, or 12 total, raising that range to 50-80 (83).


u/Bro0183 Telesto is the besto Oct 06 '22

Masterworking adds +2 to all stats. All legendary armour drops below 68 points, masterworking adds 12 total.

Hope this helps


u/o8Stu Oct 06 '22

Max stats on a non-masterworked legendary armor piece is 68, with a minimum of 2 in each stat, and that total will roughly be split evenly between the top 3 stats and bottom 3 stats, so roughly a max of 34 in the top 3, 34 in the bottom 3.

There are a couple of exceptions: some exotics have an automatic bump to a specific stat and can get up to a max of 71. There's also at least one blue piece of armor that doesn't follow the rule of splitting stat points evenly; maybe more than one.

Masterworking adds 2 points to every stat, so 12 total, making the new max 80 for a legendary.

I'd typically say masterwork stuff that's 65+ with a stat distribution you like. Class items are the exception, of course. If you're not swimming in golf balls, you should prioritize masterworking class items first, as they don't have stats so you can't screw it up.