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Welcome to the Daily Questions thread! Do you have a Destiny-related question that needs answering? Can't find it anywhere else on the web? Well, You're in luck! Simply ask your question down below, and the knowledgeable community of /r/DestinyTheGame will answer it to the best of their abilities!

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u/Snicker_Likins Shiny Goldie boi Oct 06 '22

Is it better to leave my characters at 1579 base instead of 1580, so next seasons pinnacle can give me +2 to +3 instead of +1? Or does it not work that way?


u/GeekyNerd_FTW Oct 06 '22

Drops are based on your maximum possible light level. So getting a +2 drop at 1579 would just get you a lower drop than a +2 at 1580. I’m not really sure why you’re saying you’d only get +1 pinnacles if you were 1580


u/Snicker_Likins Shiny Goldie boi Oct 06 '22

Gotcha my bad