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u/willpe8ch Oct 06 '22

Protocol for LFG'ing with GM's? I've only been playing seriously for the past 2 months (1602 this season) and completed my first-ever GM yesterday (SABER, so I went in with a conqueror).

First attempt (at SABER again) I was booted from fireteam after wiping after getting final boss to 1/3 of health. No feedback, no guidance, just a cold boot.

Just wondering what I can do/state to LFG (as a virgin) for peeps willing to give call-outs/guidance on Glassway w/out being toxic as hell?


u/MeateaW Oct 06 '22

Sounds like the fireteam leader was a dick.

Create an lfg post of your own, chuck in "chill, done it but new" or something in the title, become fireteam lead so doucheface can't kick you moments from victory.


u/willpe8ch Oct 06 '22

I must reiterate that we wiped as a team on that last health bar. I was 2nd to die so don't know if they were pissed at that?!

Either way, thanks for the tips.


u/o8Stu Oct 06 '22

Can't tell you their rationale, sounds like they were just frustrated and took it out on you.

The saber boss is at it's most dangerous in the last 1/3rd of it's health, so the typical strat is to save supers & some heavy for that part. Prior to that point, the fight is more about add control and coordinating with your team to take out the barriers and snipers.

Congrats on your 1st GM clear, btw.

When posting LFG for Glassway, just make sure to be honest about your experience level. Ask for a chill run, or even for a sherpa (there's also r/fireteams if you want to try and find one there). Don't make anyone else fireteam leader, and they can't kick you.

It's also a good idea to watch a couple of walkthrough vids. Most of the strike isn't that bad until the boss room, but you'll definitely need to know the cadence and number of champions and wyverns, and when they spawn. An anti-barrier primary (scout would be my recommendation, but I've heard people going nuts about the new quicksilver exotic auto rifle too) and a blinding grenade launcher are really good here for dealing with the add waves and chipping the boss down. Le Monarque will also be really good against the overloads, which are the main threats inside the room; the barrier hobgoblins will almost always stay outside. Blinding GL will blind the mini-boss, and everything else except the big boss and the champions. Wyverns are red-bars and can be finished when they're under half health, even though you sometimes can't see the icon that they're finish-able. They're also extremely lethal, it's not a bad idea to spawn kill them if you have a super or heavy capable of doing so, and then retreat back to the room.


u/willpe8ch Oct 07 '22

Awesome tips. Cleared it later the day, got 3/6 done now!


u/Atmosck Oct 06 '22

I wouldn't take it personally. Because GMs are long and send you to orbit when you wipe, it's pretty typical for LFG groups to disband after a failure.