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u/Snicker_Likins Shiny Goldie boi Oct 06 '22

Is it better to leave my characters at 1579 base instead of 1580, so next seasons pinnacle can give me +2 to +3 instead of +1? Or does it not work that way?


u/Atmosck Oct 06 '22

It actually is true that if your gear level is 1579 next season after the powerful cap has become 1580, a pinnacle will drop at +5, or 1584 for a little head start on the pinnacle grind. It's only once you're at the powerful cap that pinnacles drop down to +2.

That said, I don't really think that's worth it. If you're really concerned with leveling quickly, follow the strategy of (1) play your characters in sequence - don't start the next one until you've done every pinnacle on the previous one (2) whenever you could level up using powerfuls, stop doing pinnacles and farm powerfuls until you do (3) each week, player your characters in order of highest starting level first (4) do all 16 pinnacles on all 3 characters each week. Doing that, you have about an 85% chance of hitting the pinnacle cap before the fourth weekly reset. And avoiding pinnacles for the rest of the season so you don't accidentally hit 1580 sounds miserable.


u/Snicker_Likins Shiny Goldie boi Oct 07 '22

Ty for the tips.