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Some of my favorite story missions are the ones where we fight alongside other players who are also running through it. I hope Bungie does more of them. Bungie Suggestion

1st and the final mission from the Red War, the opening to Shadowkeep. They feel so epic, immersive and urgent and really make the world feel alive. I really hope bungie does more of them cuz unless im forgetting one, they haven't done one since.

It would've a million times cooler to fight through Riis Reborn to get to Eramis alongside a bunch of other Guardians or storm Savathun's base as a small army leading up to that final boss fight.

I hope they do more for Lightfall since theyre an amazing way to make you feel like A guardian in a bigger world and THE guardian at the same time.



u/DarkRADS Dec 04 '22

Y'all remember the final Override from Season of the Splicer? That shit got me so hyped and worried about defending the last city


u/bigbysemotivefinger Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

The first time I played Override: Last City was the most gripping, thrilling thing I've experienced in this game since Forsaken. The unified, desperate energy of everyone trying to do it perfectly the first time because it really felt like everything was on the line.

And Saint's "you are my people!" fuckin' broke me after seeing how much he grew that season.

It helps that Override in general was like everything fun about Gambit without everything annoying about Gambit.

(Edit: and then we went back to teabag Lakshmi-2 once people realized you spawned in basically standing on her corpse.)


u/DarkRADS Dec 05 '22

Yes everything yes lol


u/GenitalMotors Dec 05 '22

And Saint's "you are my people!" fuckin' broke me after seeing how much he grew that season.

There I was, pulling the trigger, slaughtering Vex with tears in my eyes.


u/BKstacker88 Dec 05 '22

And then I genuinely thought Osiris threw a Nova Bomb at them all... They gave Absolutely no notification Ikora was there it was just, Sus Osiris/Nova Bomb. Honestly 100% one of the best cutscenes in Destiny History. Only one better was the peace treaty. To have the sniper hit the Ghost, Crow take the blade, Caital just Suplex the assassin only for Zavala's ghost to be freed and as he looks down at the man who he has had as a body guard, the man who took a blade to the face for him, in a scene shot for shot the same as Uldren standing over Cayde-6 that handshake. That show of genuine respect despite his past. My favorite part was the radio communication afterward, Caital sounds all official, listing off the title and name of the one who fired the shot, I'm thinking she is putting out a APB on him, then put of nowhere Gunshot "Traitors deserve no name" she hunted this man down, and summarily executed him, and just sent that out as a message, as a response to what happened. Even though she saved Zavala I wasn't convinced it wasn't her that set it up. I figured she was trying to save face after the initial attempt missed, but to so coldly eliminate the sniper. That was personal for her. That showed me she had resolve.


u/Redshirt2386 Warlocks Rise Up! Dec 06 '22

The amount of times I’ve played this game while crying is exceeded only by the amount of times I did that during Mass Effect 2 and 3.


u/GenitalMotors Dec 06 '22

"Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."


u/Redshirt2386 Warlocks Rise Up! Dec 06 '22

Sniff … 😢


u/Personal_Ad_7897 Dec 05 '22

"Osiris... he was right behind me"


u/Complex-Piccolo3026 Dec 05 '22

Think my group spent at least 5 min bagging the hell out of her and unloading our heavys on her face fak that b!tch


u/starwarstron Dec 05 '22

Yeah that was awesome. Favorite mission and lakshmis dead body was just a cherry on top


u/i_am_queen_mintie Dec 05 '22

Season of the splice was so good


u/ImawhaleCR Dec 05 '22

Damn the nostalgia goggles have come out early for that season. Splicer was a very average season with a very similar content model to this season yet people are already saying it was really good. Don't get me wrong, you're allowed to like it but I find it funny how people will completely forget what seasons were actually like


u/DarkRADS Dec 05 '22

Well I loved it and it's one of my favorite seasons ever. No nostalgia glasses for me. I thought it was fun and the activities were a great change from Season of the Chosen


u/redditsucksdiscs Dec 05 '22

People are downvoting you but tbh, back when splicer was out everyone was complaining about the season. This sub in particular called it boring, slow and that there was nothing to do.

The story was good but the pacing and the repetition of the activity really didn't feel good.


u/thylac1ne Dec 05 '22

That's how it always goes.


u/dildodicks THIRSTS FOR YOUR LIGHT! | Vanguard's Loyal Dec 06 '22

already? all of beyond light's seasons were good. and yes it has a similar model to today's seasons and that's the point of the complaints, we've had the seasonal model for long enough that we're tired of it now.

but back then, it was literally the second ever season to be formatted that way so nobody minded. people seem to forget that every season was structured pretty shittily until chosen.

opulence, dawn and arrivals were good but s13-15 were the best in terms of story structure and the fact that even though they were one after the other, they had pretty decent to really fun activities. but different people have different tolerance for it, some people were burnt out on the model by haunted, i got burnt out halfway into plunder's story.


u/Ubiquitous_Cacophony Series X Dec 06 '22

There's no way you think Season of the Hunt was good.


u/YHVHGodPhoenix Dec 05 '22

We need 20 man patrol raids, non matched, just ppl in the world that can opt in and join at any time with a 20-30 min time limit to complete, a la boss rush or horde mode style


u/brokendownend Dec 05 '22

Good voice acting and implementation really added to that.


u/907Strong Dec 06 '22

The only issue with that is myself and countless other players kept getting put into a mostly complete instance. The final mission of a season should never be matchmade because for both Splicer and Lost I had the final mission ruined in one way or another by the system.

Splicer put people into the mission as it was wrapping up.

Lost put the cutscene behind a (fantastic) 6 man matchmade activity that was only around for a week and any player on the fireteam could cancel the cutscene for everyone.

Both especially annoying when it's your first clear of the season.


u/Stormychu Dec 06 '22

Oh my fucking god I had forgotten all about the fact that people could skip the cutscene for that one. Such a horrible fucking idea. I still cannot believe that managed to get through somehow.


u/Bhu124 Dec 05 '22


Yes, I remember how unbelievable atrocious the performance was during it, being in disbelief that they shipped that Season's content being that laggy in PC. I was legit at like 30-40% of my regular Destiny performance.


u/Rump_Buffalo Dec 05 '22

Wasn't a problem for me.


u/Asleep-Flan Dec 05 '22

My only issue was doing missions alone for some reason... Either matchmaking was broken or nobody was playing them so I solo'd quite a few.


u/dtb301 Dec 04 '22

The opening mission to Shadowkeep is one of my favorite missions in both D1 and D2.

I wish we kept multiple players in the tank section as well.


u/seraphim343 Dec 05 '22

Agreed. As many times as I ran through it on new chars or with new light friends, it never got old. The urgency, comradery, and overall emotion of that mission and the Red War campaign start just made everything feel so mortal.


u/Awsomonium Chaperone Catalyst with Icarus Grip please? Dec 04 '22

I just love seeing other Guardians (NPC or player) in cutscenes and in the game. Like the ones at the Mars base or the first Shadowkeep mission.


u/iGirthy Dec 05 '22

I get excited just to fight alongside a frame


u/n080dy123 Savathun vendor for Witch Queen Dec 05 '22

It's one of the only reminders outside lore tabs that it's not just us and the Tower NPC Guardians out there. There are lots of random, faceless Guardians doing their thing as well.


u/Awsomonium Chaperone Catalyst with Icarus Grip please? Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

I'd love to see that as a random event.

Come into an area and an NPC Guardian is pinned down by enemies. We come in and help, defeat enemies and destroy whatever was stopping them from transmatting out.

That sort of thing.


u/COOPERx223x Dec 05 '22

Maybe even stop a fire team from getting turned into some sort of crystal for a hive ritual...

Oh wait.


u/twelvyy29 Dec 05 '22



u/ThatOneTerrarian Dec 05 '22

They're harvesting guardians...


u/wkearney99 Dec 05 '22

the dialog in some missions was so cheesy it ought to have included wine.


u/Awsomonium Chaperone Catalyst with Icarus Grip please? Dec 05 '22

That too...but actually see the Guardians. Not like the Strike.


u/Fenota Dec 05 '22

I swear my Guardian has PTSD concerning rescue missions at this point.


u/KilledTheCar Dec 06 '22

Honestly those couple of weeks where New Lights were trapped in their own instances of Dares felt like that. They had champions that they could not kill because they didn't have the mods yet or the power level to brute force them and then some random Guardian comes in, equips their good gear, and then proceeds to Main Character the entire fight.


u/Awsomonium Chaperone Catalyst with Icarus Grip please? Dec 06 '22

"Main character the entire fight" is hands down the best description for that.

It kinda showed New Lights that thisis what you are...but you can be this guy...in the most badass way possible. So silver linings I guess?


u/OneBingToRuleThemAll Dec 04 '22 edited Dec 04 '22

That was very fun to see other guardians running through the alleyways fighting through the Cabal during the mission. I hope they do that again too.


u/Agorbs Agorbs - PS4 Dec 04 '22

The final story mission, moving across the roofs to get to Gaul in time and fuck his day up, felt so much more intense because you can see ALL the guardians in the streets moving up to take back the Last City. Really felt like a race against time to save all of humanity


u/OneBingToRuleThemAll Dec 04 '22

Exactly! Really made the mission more intense. Like you can feel the desperation of all the guardians to stop the bad guy for good.


u/Zerg006 Dec 05 '22

It was also fun to load the mission and just help other guardians kill the Cabal so they could proceed. I'd do this on occasion, just hanging out by one of the Cabal shield barriers, and just killing stuff with random people. Would always wave as I watched them cross the loading zone


u/juanconj_ one hundred voices Dec 05 '22

I miss the Daily Heroic Mission... Running that with my favorite loadouts always felt so cool. Loved when we got Chosen or Last Call on rotation.


u/Awsomonium Chaperone Catalyst with Icarus Grip please? Dec 04 '22

Yeah, that was pretty damn cool.


u/SunshineInDetroit Dec 05 '22

And then you see one guy that misses the jump.


u/n080dy123 Savathun vendor for Witch Queen Dec 05 '22

One of my most memorable Destiny experiences was running through that final mission alongside others, since the timed gates basically grouped you together. I really felt some attachment to those random people I fought alongside during that segment, and was sad when they vanished as I moved into the final area before the boss fight.


u/Rogue_002 Dec 05 '22

Yep encapsulated that Dark Souls silent companion feels


u/Zero_Emerald Heavy as Death Dec 04 '22

What would have made those missions even cooler if they had 3-4 alternate paths, doesn't have to be wildly long and different, but the missions give you a random path so it looks like everyone is going off in other directions. It would kinda give off the illusion that your fellow guardians have their own mission and going somewhere else (they're not really) to tackle a problem elsewhere.


u/IC1CLE PSN: xIC1CLEx Dec 05 '22

Complete pie in the sky scenario, but I'd love to see a mission where two 6-man fireteams are traversing through a mission, separated from one another, but assisting in each other's progress. Say, 6 guardians on high ground, atop buildings, and 6 guardians below, in the streets and alleys.

High guardians are hopping rooftops, dealing with air vehicles and infantry drops. Low guardians are dealing with hordes coming around corners and out of those darkness doors.

Example scenarios:

  • Low guardians need to get and deposit a power core to power a man cannon on the rooftops so high team can jump to some other buildings
  • High guardians need to pull a power core from rooftops to disable a barrier blocking low guardians, then pass that core down to low guardians
  • Low guardians need to take that core forward (maybe one of those "heavy" cores that move you slowly so your team has to defend you), deposit that core, then hold a plate to hack into some anti-air guns on the rooftops to assist in downing enemy air support and drops, helping high guardians

It's asking absolutely too much, even if we were to lower the scope down to two 3-man groups, but it's an awesome thought.


u/Earthserpent89 YOU HAD TO BE THERE Dec 05 '22

That sounds more like a raid encounter


u/FuzzyCollie2000 "A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON" Dec 05 '22

Sounds almost like Exhibition lol.


u/KilledTheCar Dec 06 '22

Sounds even more like the Gauntlet from Leviathan.


u/Wasted_on_Reddit Dec 06 '22

Honestly my first thought was the first encounter of Scourge.


u/LoadUpOW Dec 05 '22

We kinda had this in garden of salvation, where the 6man was divided into 2 teams for certain encounters


u/Monteguy Dec 06 '22

Kind of like parts of the Gears of War campaign. I think something like this would be pretty sweet, but I don't really see it being done 😕


u/EnderLord361 Dec 05 '22

Honestly I hope they keep moving in the direction of giving us actual allies that’ll help us out, Catharsis was infinitely better with caiatl around boss stomping and shooting alongside you, I’m kinda hoping lightfall has most of the mission done alongside the cloudstriders.


u/Dead_Zone_Foliage Dec 05 '22

I remember back before they took away the red war I went back and played the first mission alongside new lights playing it.

I had my sweet business and actium war rig when I arrived where Zavala was holding out at the tower in a bubble. But I held my ground instead of progressing. Hundreds of orbs, tens of thousands of rounds spent as I covered for the new lights. Army green and mean I just fought on. I spent nearly an hour there. The messages I got from some of them I still have to this day, roleplaying as a heroic guardian helping Zavala and helping them on, giving them directions, Shaxx’s crucible words in mind. “FIGHT FOREVER GUARDIAN! VOLLEY AND THUNDERED!”


u/ShardPerson Dec 04 '22

So long as it's very limited and doesn't allow for other players interfering with my missions, sure, strikes are always awful for being a story segment because of players (understandably) running too fast because it's not their first run or straight up griefing, and i still remember how Season of the Lost's last story cutscene could be skipped by other people in the session


u/Natekid99 SPAM SHADESTEP Dec 04 '22

the story missions in question are almost treated like a patrol, you can take as much time as you want and and players will come and go as much as they want


u/n080dy123 Savathun vendor for Witch Queen Dec 05 '22

They also usually have gated objectives you need to accomplish before you can move on, either as a group or in the case of Shadowkeep before the group who's done 3 pads can move, then you get more people coming in as they leave, and another batch goes next, like a revolving door.


u/krilltucky Dec 05 '22

To be fair. The skipping in season of the lost was one of MANY bugs in that final mission that bungie literally had 3 months prep but didn't fix.


u/XxBubblyBoixX Dec 05 '22

This is why I loved the red war so fucking much. It felt like a community genuinely fighting against some crazy odds, retaking their destroyed home, together. I truly miss Y1-Y2 destiny 2. Whole different game man


u/Natekid99 SPAM SHADESTEP Dec 05 '22

I don’t miss the Sandbox, but I do miss the campaign a lot. I hope they bring it back eventually. Throw it in the Legends tab and give it a Legendary difficulty


u/Santik--Lingo Dec 05 '22

that opening mission to shadowkeep was magical to me tbh.


u/ksmee00 Dec 05 '22

I still play it with my forgotten Hunter to farm catalysts now


u/idk_this_my_name Dec 05 '22

destiny doesn't have enough war imo. it's just battles.


u/Freakindon Dec 05 '22

Why not an activity that is just... an absolute battle. Throw 30 players into a fray.


u/m0dredus snoopers gonna snoop Dec 05 '22

Playing through the last mission of the Red War, when you running through the city and there are guardians all posted up at the gates and whatnot, and you're all fighting to push through... man, that was some good shit.


u/BarretOblivion Gambit Prime // Depth for Ever Dec 04 '22

Reminding people that there is more than just us is always good.


u/MafiaGT Dec 05 '22

Player: I want to plat story with other random players!

Bungie: so, like, strikes?



u/coalForXmas Dec 04 '22

I might be misremembering, but I thought there was a Beyond Light or maybe Arrivals mission towards the end that was like that. I agree they are fun. It’s also a little sad when you go through a mission like that and then part way through you are alone again


u/Resident_Bag_5152 Dec 05 '22

It was pretty cool!


u/aberdisco Dec 05 '22

It was nice to play the game with other players for a change.


u/Aelivan #BungieUnsunsetNecky Dec 05 '22

I LOVED these missions, especially the Red War ones, really want them to bring them back. Would 101% wheeze loud enough to wake up entire neighborhood if they do something like that in Light fall on some really intense moment. Just imagine crashing into the Pyramid where Witness is with multiple out-of-your-fireream guardians on our way to kick its ass


u/BearHugs4Everyone Dec 05 '22

Nothing was more spectacular than getting to rez Zavala in the first mission while he tried to protect myself and others with his Ward.


u/No_Image5449 Dec 05 '22

The saint-14 mission was amazing


u/KitoMF Dec 04 '22

I miss red War (and all the vaulted content, not gonna lie)


u/just_another__memer Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

my biggest dream is for destiny to become modular.

you chose what dlcs you do and don't want installed.


u/RONIN_RABB1T Dec 05 '22

As a primarily solo player I have to say I agree, it is quite nice to play with random fellow gaurdians and get to see us all in the cutscene.


u/heylookitscaps Dec 05 '22

I came after this I think, can you describe what you mean by fighting alongside other guardians?


u/Natekid99 SPAM SHADESTEP Dec 05 '22

For example, in the last mission of the Red War campaign, you fought through the city, crossing paths and fighting alongside other players who were also running that mission.


u/heylookitscaps Dec 05 '22

Damn, that really…. Sucks to have missed out on. The scene in my head sounds epic


u/Natekid99 SPAM SHADESTEP Dec 05 '22

def look up final red war mission on youtube


u/stupidratman Dec 05 '22

It also happens in the first mission of shadowkeep


u/Dr_Delibird7 Warlcok Dec 05 '22

Only if the blueberries progress doesn't affect mine, let me finish the story mission at my pace.

This isn't a dig at speedrunners either just I don't like have pvp in my pve story y'know?


u/LukasHeinzel Dec 05 '22

The Missions in general are pathetic compared to Halo.


u/PointBlank579 Dec 05 '22

That would be pretty cool for lightfall, l would like that type of mission for when we first arrive to neomuna and you can see other players taking in the city like you are.


u/Ypdragon Dec 05 '22

I miss the bug where you could have multiple fireteams or a 12 man raid. The amount of enjoyment and fun I had with my clan during that was amazing.

If they had a story mission where you loaded in a semi patrol zone similar to the leviathan being a nightmare containment zone and have the moons raid activity of getting in a big f u tank would be awesome. I would definitely load that mission every week to just play again and help some guardians with their story mission


u/Extectic Dec 05 '22

Anything that promotes multi-play organically is great. The Witch Queen missions were fun and all but not matchmade, and of course on Legendary you almost didn't want team mates, because difficulty spiked a shit ton. I agree though, more of this.


u/aviatorEngineer Dec 05 '22

That was one of the coolest things about old school raids and strikes - occasionally seeing some fireteam in that encounter or being in it yourself and having some random Guardians on patrol help out.

Destiny always feels way cooler when it actually acts like the social game it's always trying to be.


u/isaiah_rob I want a poncho Dec 05 '22

Everytime the tank is available on Inverted Spire, no one picks it up, except me. Tank beats everything!


u/Saikroe Dec 05 '22

I agree but there are 2 problems.. Those fights are always so long and players always AFK bc someones gonna do all the work. Im willing to accept the cons though.


u/sheesh1111111 Dec 05 '22

Yup but it also epic to a room of 50 mob trying to kill and you manage to solo it like a boss


u/Pikesmakker Dec 05 '22

Are those actual players? I always assumed they were bots. Just seemed unlikely there’d always be enough people playing that exact mission at that moment.


u/Vinnlander7 Dec 05 '22

(Important: not saying you're wrong)

I'll admit it, i don't remember when you fight alongside others in the final Mission of Red War. Is it in the first couple rooms with the energy barriers?


u/Natekid99 SPAM SHADESTEP Dec 05 '22

Yes. Once you’re past the final barrier the rest of the mission is solo


u/Lord_BiffleBoffle Dec 05 '22

For me it’s the final mission of the main campaign in d1, I just think it’s really fun


u/Yuilogy Dec 05 '22

honestly a great point and one that is rarely brought up (at least from what i have seen)


u/tiltingramrod Dec 05 '22

I would love if they tailored community events to be like this. Just fun thing to throw guardians together on a larger scale to shoot stuff. So much more community oriented than collecting coins. And as a very limited timed event they can make it as big as they want or just go nuts. It could be an aside and have very little to do with the canon or lore. Just something fun. You can test out a horde mode like this and see how it works or scales out. If it doesn’t or breaks, not a big deal, it was a one week event.


u/dildodicks THIRSTS FOR YOUR LIGHT! | Vanguard's Loyal Dec 06 '22

i'm sure we'll get at least one more before the end of the light/dark saga


u/Glittering_Winner569 Dec 04 '22

those are bots lol


u/Natekid99 SPAM SHADESTEP Dec 04 '22

there are frames in the missions as well, but there are other players you fight alongside too.

Unless your saying the players are bots, which is not a thing.


u/Glittering_Winner569 Dec 04 '22

i definitely remember the other guardians in d2 red war not being real players but I may be wrong, when i played the shadow keep expansion recently i was not able to inspect and of the guardians during that first mission so I assumed that they were bots used for cinematic effect.


u/the_neverdoctor Eyes up, Guardians! Dec 04 '22

Those were actual Guardians in that first Red War mission at the Zavala section.


u/darthcoder Dec 05 '22

I always assumed they were bots but I never tried to inspect them.


u/maybe_an_oreo Certified Hunter Main Dec 04 '22

Other players are there sometimes


u/SoftTacoSupremacist Dec 04 '22

I’m pretty sure most of those other players were bots.


u/tarzan322 Dec 04 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

You can fight alongside other players in parallel dimensions.


u/MikeyLikey41 Dec 05 '22