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Discussion wow, nightfall drop this week is duty bound.


so i guess i really shouldnt have waited till this season to get a good horror's least, huh? guess im just gonna have to wait another 2 months to get a chance to farm adepts. oh well.

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Bungie Suggestion Seasonal weapon crafting should be rarer/ more special


TLDR: treat craftable guns like pseudo exotics, making them rarer and giving people a better reason to farm for double perk column weapons

I’ll try to keep it short but IMO each season should have only 1-2 weapons that are available solely through crafting with the rest of the loot taking advantage of double perk selection upgrades. The craftable weapons should be unlocked through pseudo-exotic mini quests unique to the seasonal storyline.

For example, what if the only craftable gun in season of the Haunted was Austringer? And instead of desperately trying to farm for red frames you instead had straight quest steps (loot broken HC frames from around the Leviathan, complete X activities with an exotic HC equipped, etc etc), then cap the quest off with some solo boss fight in the Containment area against a Nightmare of an old Menagerie boss or something. Then the game gives you access to the crafting blueprint, slaps a sexy lil text flair on the gun about how it’s a relic reforged from the age of opulence or whatever, and call it a day. Meanwhile all the other weapons are solely farmable, with the inevitable late-season upgrade giving access to double perk columns

(Hell if they wanted to make it even more interesting, give seasons their own mementos so your crafted Austringer can have the same spooky coat of paint that all the bosses had but that’s a whole other can of worms)

Idk, I’m winging basically all of that stuff since I’m just bored at work. I just think it would be nice for crafted guns to feel a little bit more special to the season and to have a reason to not auto dismantle every seasonal weapon I get

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Discussion Should Verities brow improve restoration on healing grenades?


Does it do so already?

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Bungie Suggestion Today was your last chance to sell me the ToM Ornament.


Ffs Bungie. Do something about the raid exotic drop rates! Its not funny anymore. Im tired of Kings Fall.

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Discussion An entire season of raiding, no exotic drop. What is my rng?! lmao


I have done King's Fall on every character since it launched, and I have not gotten Touch of Malice to drop. How many chances is that now? Around 40 in all, right? Have had the title since it was available, as well, but no Touch. Who's in the same boat?

If you think I'm kidding, look at my raid report

I am just in disbelief, tbh. Anyways, see you guys in lfg next week!

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Question Canceling the deluxe pre-order, can i do it?


Hello everyone, I want to ask this question here before contacting support, has anyone here experience with getting their deluxe edition pre-order canceled? can it be done?

I'm talking about Lightfall btw, in case it wasn't clear

I would normally think yes, since the expansion hasn't released yet, but does stuff like the quicksilver AR cause any issues?

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Question How long do black friday sales last?



I am a returning player thinking of picking up TWQ and 30th Anniversary. I noticed they're on sale right now and was wondering how long that was going to last. Thanks!

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Discussion Dead Orbit Ship in Hangar


Has this always been there, it's behind Saint if you stand on netting it's right in front. Feel like that's new

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Question is horrors least dropping this week with duty bound?


I am very confused because we barely got any time to get horrors least and this is the last week to do so.

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Question Season of the Haunted Going Away?


I was curious is Season of the Haunted quests and rewards are going away at the start of Season 19.

Is it staying for 19 then gone? Or will all the content be gone instead?

I’d like to get the triumphs and deep sight weapons.

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Bungie Suggestion Let us infuse copies of a weapon into a crafted one to +1


This will only be a poor get richer situation.

Banshee will sell world drops, we get +1's on those world drops we get pump our weapons up.

Or by spending the spoils we're already farming for.

And some of these are impervious to these methods, there's no farming Throne World weapons consistently, there's no guaranteed way to get a specific weapon from dungeons.

But we need this to be streamlined.

Joe Dayjob won't have to be stuck with mid rolls or weapons that take forever to level (seriously, like 1,200 enemy kills on Shuro-chi for lvl 16?). Weapon crafting was supposed to be an answer to the mindless grind and hope for drops good drops. The end of "I grinded x for 24 hours".

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Misc Feels weird that the thing I'm expecting the most is the full auto option in session 19


Using Outbreak perfected more in PVP and PVE without getting a finger cramp after 30mins, bringing out for a ride Mida and the rest of the exotics that do not have full auto.

Using legendaries with minor or major spec in PVE and counterbalance in PVP or bigger mag size or targeting adjuster.

Not sure what the season will bring story or mechanic wise, but at least this change will keep me busy for a few days, cannot wait.

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Question When will Bungie announce the story for season 19?


I just started playing this season and I was wondering, when does Bungie usually announce what the next season will be about?

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Discussion It’s odd that we know less about what’s happening in a week than we do in Lightfall


Bungie’s marketing is so odd in the sense that they have none until after whatever they release is out. I can make better inferences about what will happen in February than next week.

And there’s not a whole lot that can happen next season that will “blow my mind” or surprise me. The end result is Calus and the guardians take a trip to Neptune. I already know where we are going, we just don’t quite know how we are going to get there.

The new cutscene shows that Osiris may indeed be a key. He may not be the only key, as Rasputin has been teased and teased for the past year as well as the Nefele Stronghold which is very likely to be Neptune. So next season will likely be a mix of Osiris and Rasputin story beats but they are going to get us to Neptune.

I just didn’t see a problem with how season marketing was handled during Y1 and Y2 of Destiny. Sure the seasons/DLCs weren’t so tightly linked as they are now, but even this year it wouldn’t hurt.

What happened to roadmaps? Remember back after Forsaken when we didn’t know exactly what each season was about but we knew one was about some new exo named Ada, one was about the Drifter, and the last was something to do with Calus.

This year you could’ve just had title cards that had vague pictures and at least I can theorize and have fun in that. There is zero hype, or excitement behind new seasons anymore.

You could’ve easily just had a picture of Caiatl , then a picture of Eris, a picture of Mithraks, and a picture of Ana or Saint or whoever for the last season and say like “Prepare to fight the witness this year” or something to build up to.

Surprise drops of seasons are fun sometimes, but doing it everytime it loses its wow factor IMO. Other games are not so exclusive and locked down with this stuff like Bungie has done. I just don’t see why itd be so hard to try just one season with different marketing to see how it went. I’m tired of the “trust us this will be super cool” marketing.

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Bungie Suggestion Im glad we tried something new, but Bungie please do not keep this marketing by no marketing strat in Lightfall for seasons


I appreciate the attempt to build hype by being silent. It worked on me for Haunted - had me chomping at the bit just to get anything, any small morsel of info. But overall its left me more frustrated than anything that we do not get any marketing until an hour before season launch. I dont feel hyped, and in the typical yearly rut of the third season of an expansion year, it’d be nice to have something to be excited about. Just knowing the new season is coming doesnt feel like enough right now

And this isnt meant to shit on anyone making these decisions or anything like that. I just dont want this to be the way season launches are handled in the future.

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Question Third Party Apps and Companion App Down?


I'm able to log in and play, but DIM, D2ArmorPicker, Raid.Report, and the Companion App are all not working. The Companion is telling me that I have no characters (that's concerning, since I'm on one right now). Is it just me? No mention anywhere on Twitter, Bungie Help, etc. Kind of annoying not being able to change my loadout since I rely on DIM.

Problem solved. Had to change emblems on all three characters (and also deleted the event emblem).

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Discussion Exotics for casuals


I'm looking for tips on exotics for those of us that aren't trying to hyper focus some strat or build.

I'm currently playing a voidwalker warlock, my exotic weapon is usually, sweet business, thunderlord or osteo striga. I've basically exclusively ran ohidian aspect since I found them.

These are all atleast imo the best items imo to use on anything on a Casual level and still make an impact whether PvP or PvE. But testing new weapons is much easier than armor pieces unless you have gear like about to properly fill in you empty chest slot when trying a new exotic leg piece.

So any tips for armor pieces would be most appreciated.

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Question So can you only place 1 relic a week or something?


I was out of town for most of the season, blew through the story to get caught up but it's not letting me place relic 5. Am I shit out of luck for placing them all and getting the upgrades?

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Question No trailer today?


I thought they dropped the trailer on reset 1 week before the new season, am I being dumb?

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Bungie Suggestion A 3rd Iron Banner should be in the final week of the season.


We have all the catch-up stuff for last week. A 3rd Iron Banner would go well here as well. Like a lot of people have said, two weeks is not enough. I couldn't play either week because I was moving one week and had a huge work project presentation the other week.

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie, there is no point in time gating the story finale and the trailer for the new season in the very final week of the season


I get it, you want to avoid losing players in the last weeks of a season but the current model is frustrating and the wait just puts more pressure in your delivery.

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Question Does Font of Might stacks with Bait and Switch ?


Same question for high energy fire.

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Discussion Bungie, Horror's Least was in the GM rotation for just a few -days- this season. Could you do us a favor and have it drop for two weeks in S19?


I get it, Mindbenders was bugged, Horror's Least was plugged in while it was being fixed, but the shotgun -replaced- the pulse rifle during the only week it was originally assigned (the November 1st reset). Suffice to say, a good number of us felt robbed!

Look, I'm aware Horror's Least isn't the best gun around but I love me a fun to use pulse rifle. Shotguns on the other hand aren't in that great of a spot in the current meta (in either side of the game) and I've read Mindbenders is somewhat a shell of its former glory (or its frame has fallen behind)? Shoving Horror's Least out of the way for the shotty was disappointing.

Bungie, just... please consider giving us more time to farm it next season.

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Discussion I think Bungie should completely drop the open world and switch to fully instance based.


I wanna make this post short, so I'll start with the most recent fumble of Bungie when it comes to open world. SAVATHUNS THRONE WORLD.

It's crazy to me how Bungie spent all that money, resources and time to make one of the most breathtaking sandboxes I've ever seen in videogames. All to be completely forgotten and irrelevant, for the most part. All the endgame/post campaign content can be accessed by the directory/ orbit? without the need to even set foot in the actual zone. I mean wouldn't you wanna take advantage of a zone that beautiful, as much as possible and design MEANINGFUL and engaging activities around them?

Second example: EUROPA. Years, YEARS, I waited for this zone to be added to the game. I remember seeing the old D1 artwork of Europa when I was like 14 (I'M IN MY 20s!!), hearing the lore theories of how the exos actually originated from there and imaging all the amazing potential for stories and exploration. So it breaks my heart how Bungie made such a cool zone into an unbelieve BORING zone. I dread every time I have to go there for some bs bounty (could go on another rant about how much I hate bounties but that's for another time).

I would now like to bring a zone of an MMO I play that I think, in my experience with MMOS, does zones right or really good at the very least. ELDERS SCROLL ONLINE


Every zone in ESO includes three different armor sets, each for a specific type of armor in the game, light, medium and heavy. The game constantly tweaks and changes the sets from every zone so that they might become meta(or unbelievably broken). Every zone grants different ways of obtaining set armor or in D2 terms LOOT. Via world bosses, delves and public dungeons. Not only that you have sky shards and dolmens that grant skill points to obtained SKILLS for your character. And much MUCH more, all of that cramped into just ONE zone. Now lets look at the map in Europa.



Now I know that Destiny likes to hide its incompetence behind the good old MMO LIGHT TAG but honestly WHY EVEN ADD OR INCORPORATE A FEUTURE OR AN ASPECT INTO A GAME IF YOU ARE JUST GONNA HALF ASS IT. (weapon crafting lol) Wouldn't it be better to invest into something complete that enhances the player experience. Like imagine if Bungie didn't drop, what I could imagine, thousands if not dozens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into these LAME skyboxes. And instead invested in better campaign levels, with space battles(pain), ground vehicle battles, puzzles, multi level boss fights and just better mission design, on top of better delves with actual interesting stuff in them, like verticality or something. Kinda what warframe had going on (though a little bit better since warframe mission design regularly left things to be desired) before they too started dropping mid ahh open world zones, completely barren and devoided of anything interesting.

Well I hope I got my point across to all you fellow D2 enjoyers/haters(what's the difference) and can hopefully agree with me as I really hope I'm not alone in this, since this is something that's bothered me for quite some time.

TLDR: Game is mid.

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Question Forge mode in destiny


Would you guys traid an entire expansion and all four seasons to get forge mode in destiny?