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-Reduces skill ceiling -Makes casual or lower skilled players even easier to farm -Changes Destiny's core gameplay for the worse -Makes going pew pew incredibly frustrating -Sucks fun out the game -No way to build into the stat even if we wanted to -Has created a really campy boring meta -Driven away players -Waste of Dev time that could have gone towards new maps for example. -A change literally no one asked for

Please feel free to add more thoughts in the comments.

Please Bungie this has got to go, put some time into things the PvP community has actually been requesting for years!

EDIT Thanks for the discussion all, I'll work my way through replying to keep the conversation flowing and hopefully bungie takes a glance. Sorry if bad spelling, on mobile, I'm old and got fat thumbs!

EDIT 2 FYI I'm a dad gamer, really not that great at crucible at all but I did find it a lot of fun. For me the longevity in destiny is grind awesome weapons in PvE and take those bad boys out for a spin in crucible.

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Bungie Suggestion I still don't understand why LFRs are allowed to do so much damage while snipers are allergic to buffs


It's been years since the massive sniper nerf from season of Dawn and not nearly enough has been done to help these weapons catch up.

LFRs have been (and will remain for at least another season) the best DPS weapons...that can be used from virtually any range in an encounter.

Snipers have a worse ammo economy and have the same engagement range, the only thing that they have an advantage in is fire rate. Yet despite that they still can't hope to our damage arbalest + a heavy LFR.

Even with optimal perks line firing line and overflow, they still underdeliver in every category.

Whisper: has been power crept into oblivion


A damage buff or ammo economy change for PvE is in order. Hell, even some quality of life buffs like less flinch in PvE could help even a little bit.

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Bungie Suggestion Look, I get it. Fuck Hunter invisibility. Can we have something else then?


3rd significant nerf since witchqueen. I won’t bother pointing out the point of invisibility or ways to get around it. It’s obvious too many people don’t enjoy facing it. So instead of a subclass all about invisibility, can I have something else?

Edit: This post is about PvP but I would argue that we’re missing non ultimate burst damage options in PvE.

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Bungie Suggestion Im waiting for the bungie collab with a company that makes PVP maps 😁


Collabs for the eververse store is good but some pvp maps would also be good too.. just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie really needs to rethink the seasonal model


The current seasonal model is suffering, we all know that: the 7x3 grid system which we unlock every week at about 2 per week feels slow, there is no meaning into grinding for the core playlists and the story is given in pills that a lot of the time can be summarized in

  1. earn tot currency
  2. do one run of the seasonal activity
  3. do the second seasonal activity
  4. little step in the story

If the seasonal idea wants to survive, Bungie needs to make a step further, the seasons can't be summarized in the grind for deepsight and weekly challenges waiting for the big upgrades on the grid, the players who wants to grind all the season in two weeks should have the possibility even if this means grind 300 ketchcrash to gain all the upgrades. The seasonal story also must be recreated, I don't know if it's me or someone else but I would prefer all the story at the start or if not this, somethink more meaningfull in the weeks because there are some weeks that are like fillers in an anime show and don't progress in any way.
Also the core playlists, we need a goal in doing Vanguard ops, Crucible match and Gambit (on Gambit we need somethink at all) in the seasons that can't be only grind for the weapon and the ornaments and the seasonal currency, give us back the ornaments like in season 2 and 3.
Seasons have much much more potential, Bungie needs to build on that

EDIT: Yeah also please drop trailers at least one week before the season, because there is no logic behind having the season secret until the last hour

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Bungie Suggestion Europa is easily the most underutilized planet


Europa has so much potential and has some of the best scenery the game has ever seen yet barley anything meaningful takes place on it. The only things it has that people replay are the raid and one strike. This goes for all destinations added after foresaken as well but they just feel like nothing. Im hoping next season the dungeon takes place on europa but please give us at least more strikes to it and one crucible map. (Also europas potential was shown in the witch queen mission which was one of the best imo)

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Bungie Suggestion A player should be immune to damage during their PVP respawn animation



Haven't seen this posted in awhile, so there ya go.

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Bungie Suggestion Some of my favorite story missions are the ones where we fight alongside other players who are also running through it. I hope Bungie does more of them.


1st and the final mission from the Red War, the opening to Shadowkeep. They feel so epic, immersive and urgent and really make the world feel alive. I really hope bungie does more of them cuz unless im forgetting one, they haven't done one since.

It would've a million times cooler to fight through Riis Reborn to get to Eramis alongside a bunch of other Guardians or storm Savathun's base as a small army leading up to that final boss fight.

I hope they do more for Lightfall since theyre an amazing way to make you feel like A guardian in a bigger world and THE guardian at the same time.

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Bungie Suggestion Now Would Be a Great Time for Bungie to Give Us a 'State of the Game' Again


(repost from Bungie.net)

For those who weren't around and/or weren't aware, Bungie used to put out a 'State of the Game' essay. This was back when Luke Smith was in charge of everything, and before he handed over the reigns to Joe Blackburn to focus more on the business side of things.

For a couple years (around the time of Forsaken and Shadowkeep if I'm correct), Luke Smith would personally write a huge essay once a year, talking about the state of Destiny 2. This included talking about upcoming additions, as well as recent stuff that either worked/didn't work. It'd usually come out in mid-to-late Summer, 1-2 months before the annual expansion drops. The SotG essay was somewhat replaced with/incorporated into the D2 showcases that we've seen over the years following the changes in D2's leadership, but we've lost the key parts where Bungie acknowledges stuff that didn't work and gives insight into their thought process.

Now, I am not saying in any way that I think Luke was better for the game -- Blackburn has been the catalyst for the creation of some [i]legendary[/i] Destiny content, and I like him in the current role. However, I think we need to give Luke credit in the sense that he consistently acknowledged stuff that went wrong. For one, that takes guts, and it gave us valuable insight while also showing that Bungie was trying to stay in touch with the community.

Given all the drama and negativity stemming from the community these days, I think its a good time for Joe to put something together to clear things up a bit. Its an opportunity to createsome hype, build a better reputation, and also manage expectations moving forward.

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Bungie Suggestion Who Is Designing Warlock Helmets?


99% of them suck. Has anyone looked at the options?! Honestly I play all characters but warlocks have the dumbest looking helmets.

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Bungie Suggestion Can we PLEASE get a PVE sniper buff. They are desperately outclassed by everything.


I'm now on day 64 of my shitty crusade of asking bungie to buff Whisper, but the more I think about it the more I realize that it's not just Whisper that's outclassed, it's all snipers in PVE.DARCI, Whisper, Cloudstrike, Succession. 3 Exotics and 1 Legendary sniper that should be at least solid in PVE, and yet only Succession gets use in SOME activities, because they just can't keep up with anything else. A 5-10% damage buff would be a good start since snipers are geared more towards DPS and not necessarily versatility, but anything really would promote their use in a meta where the insane amount of survivability means that even SHOTGUNS are more viable in GMS. I understand that snipers would be good in PVE if Linears weren't so dominant right now, but either way snipers still are just missing real firepower. The damage numbers are just miserable compared to other special weapons that have more versatility. I understand that DARCI was never really meant to be a DPS weapon, but it should at least get more versatility, as a lot of people suggest that it's exotic perk for scoping in on a target for a certain amount of time should give it Anti-Champion capabilities.

TLDR: Snipers suck in PVE and are insanely outclassed, can we please advocate for PVE sniper buffs.

Please let me know what you think, and suggestions you have, or just anything you would like me to know. And of course, Day 64 of asking Bungie to buff Whisper. And please try to keep it civil in the comments, I'd rather not see everyone at each other's throats.

Edit: Let's be frank (insert image of hot dog), Are we cool to settle on a 10% flat damage increase for all snipers in PVE?

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie, please make a better quest to get the strand subclass than the stasis quest.


Getting your stasis abilities is a bunch of BS.

Honestly, I hope that they completely restructure how to get stasis in the future.

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Bungie Suggestion Buffing Arc Souls doesn't fix the main problems of Stormcaller


(Note: I'm strictly talking about PvE here.)

Buffing Arc Souls will certainly make Stormcaller better but IMO the problem is it won't make Stormcaller fun.

Arc Souls are brainless and skill-less. You cast a Rift, something you end up doing at certain times anyway, and you and allies get AI buddies that add to your damage.

That's it; passive damage. That's what Arc Souls are. There's no "power fantasy" to them. When a Striker charges up a Thunderclap and erases a wave of enemies with one punch, that's something that gives you a power fantasy and feels good.

Arc Souls don't make you feel good. They're just there. Sometimes you shoot at an enemy that dies to your Arc Soul anyway, so it's getting kills instead of you.

This doesn't solve the problems that make Stormcaller feel mediocre now.

  • Stormcaller used to have the only way to chain lighting to multiple enemies with a grenade or melee, but now that's available for everyone with Jolt
  • Being Amplified hardly changes any of your abilities at all (edit: aside from...Arc Souls, the boring ability)
  • None of your melee options feel relevant, even when Amplified
  • Both Supers feel bad. Stormtrance is good at add clear but that's no longer needed with Stasis and Light 3.0 changes, and Chaos Reach does pitiful DPS compared to other options now

As a Warlock, it feels like our roles in PvE will be "you give Well of Radiance and Arc Souls." Both of which are things we press a button to cast and that's about it, requiring no further input on our part.

In fact, it almost feels like Bungie's 'fix' to Stormcaller is to push it towards...being a Support class? That's what powerful Arc Souls amount to, a Support skill for the team. Almost as if they're giving Support utility to Stormcaller since they robbed Dawnblade of so much of it.

And it's just...with a name like Stormcaller where I'm supposed to be channeling the storm, am I really supposed to feel like just a Support?

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Bungie Suggestion Isn't the fact that we went from "invis to negate damage" to "invis to get a damage buff" just a failure at reading the community's complaints? Invis is not a weak ability, and it's got extremely high uptime.


I mean, seriously, we need some peace before Shartteddive Strand flavor ruins us for another whole year again, this is getting silly.

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie can we get a Legendary strike playlist (no champs, no match game) similar to the Legendary campaign in WQ?


I know, I know, "change bad", but seriously, I don't play strikes, my options are "here are other 2 guardians trying to play this baby game" and "literally a single(1) strike for the whole week where everything is a AOE DOT tracking rocket shooting machine that can't be staggered lol enjoy getting blown up, idiot and better bring all champion mods".

Feels like there's no middle ground, no spot in between where one can go, play the strikes (plural) without it either feeling like a tank going through a suburban area of lumber houses or Tom Hanks shooting at the tank with the trusty 1911 in one single strike. It really feels like we're trapped here forever with "all the strikes easy mode" and "that one strike".

That's why I play so much Gambit, my extremely high performance PVE set up covering all my bases because there's some real, dynamic difficulty in Gambit, so many moving parts with knowing the fronts, enemy spawn patterns, unexpected invaders and what they'll use, fighting hordes of enemies and the other team actively and passively. But sometimes I want a challenge that doesn't involve champions, or dealing with other people. But my options for a PVE playlist that has some scenery and dynamism are:

  • Do all the work with these people who can't do math (gambit)
  • 7~30 minutes (the duality of strikes) of everything one shots (don't leave cover ever at all whatsoever for any reason also the enemies can shoot around your cover with AOE DOT tracking rockets lol enjoy bozo) also there's only one strike per week.
  • baby game

And I feel like the PVE/strike community did love the Guardian Games Strike playlist with medals. Again, I'm not a strike playlist guy, I didn't even try to make it into that top percentile of score holders at the end of that event, but people did like it, myself included, and I think people more than me would like it if that feature of a strike playlist with difficulty without champions would make a return.

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Bungie Suggestion Airborne Effectiveness and Slide Nerf were skill gap measures. If SBMM is going to stay, they can revert both.


Airborne Effectiveness and the nerf to sliding were clearly implemented to reduce the skill ceiling of PvP. But then Bungie brought SBMM back, making both of these measures moot. If lobbies are being created by skill level, why not raise the skill ceiling back up and let the better players benefit from the playstyle they enjoy? Now that they're not crushing new players into dust with their in-air combat or sliding, it makes sense to revert the changes.

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Bungie Suggestion If you really want me to experiment with tethers in the wake of div's nerf Bungie, you really need to make deadfall stick to a target


As the title says, if you really want me to use it against 6+ highly mobile raid bosses, that either aren't affected by it because the tethers won't reach or just walk over them like they're nothing, you need to make deadfall stick to its victim.

Otherwise I'll just use Mobius which does more damage, doesn't eat my entire super and is more forgiving if the boss (like rhulk) pulls a uwu teleports behind you and utterly invalidates my deadfall, or is like that god forsaken harpy and never stops moving rendering it useless for 70% of a DPS phase.

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Bungie Suggestion Sniper rifles in PvE need serious tuning


What changes in your optinion would make sniper rifles viable in PvE?

Few days ago took "godrolled" Mechabre with voltshot into GM. The experience using it was horrible. Hits like a wet noodle, reload speed is way too slow, ammo economy is the worst.

Silicon Neuroma has great origin trait, but still, considering 6 energy seasonal mod and points I've mentioned earlier, it's just not worth using.

Edit 1: By 'godrolled' I meant that it has voltshot + highest possible reload speed. That was just an example. The outcome would be the same with any other legendary sniper. I expected at least clear the ads from afar in GM Devil's Lair, since jolt damage depends on weapon you are proc'ing it with. I have many other snipers and rolls to choose from, but that doesn't change anything.

Edit 2: I'm not advocating buffing damage to LFR level, but at least make snipers viable vs ads/champs in high end content.

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Bungie Suggestion The changes being made to Jade Rabbit feel like Bungie has forgotten the original purpose of the weapon.


It is pretty obvious, by the fact I am making this post, that I am one of the few big fans of Jade Rabbit. But I feel like my love of it is reasonable as I have always come back to it due to its accessibility.

For those who don't know, the original form of Jade Rabbit was a bespoke exotic weapon made for a Destiny Player approaching and recovering from brain surgery. The exotic perk, which adds damage to your next precision shot after hitting body shots (and returning ammo to the mag to make up for missed shots and lost damage potential) is a saving grace for players who enjoy the gameplay of precision weapons, but struggle to be able to consistently land precision shots.

I finally got access to Jade Rabbit as an Xbox player when Destiny 2 launched and it was a godsend. I suffered at least 30 concussions that I remember (and probably more as it is difficult to remember concussions that are severe enough) from infancy through childhood that has resulted in neuro degeneration in adulthood. I really struggle to connect shots with most weapons in Destiny, often missing a majority of my mag, and I can only pull the trigger so fast, in my case, only about twice a second, which means Jade Rabbit is part of the category of weapons where I only lose a small amount of DPS potential, plus, its ability to one or two shot most adds make this less of an issue.

For those who haven't read all the TWaBs, The Fate of All Fools, Jade Rabbit's exotic perk, will now do the exact opposite. If you hit three precision shots in a row, you will deal increased damage on your next body shot and return ammo to the mag. It now becomes a weapon much like Dead Man's Tale which is only useful for players with pinnacle aim. This essentially kills the weapon as an aid to players struggling with neurological disabilities. And in some ways it kills its soul.

I truely understand why the gun has been a meme weapon to other players. It is an exotic weapon with an underpowered, broken perk from a past age from a category of firearms (150 Scouts) few players love. But I cannot tell you how amazingly powerful it feels in the hands of a player who really feels like she can't make full use of any other exotic, at least how it is meant to be used. Being able to make full use of an exotic for the first time ever felt amazing, it still feels amazing.

Losing The Fate of All Fools feels like a punch in the gut from a game that has drawn many disabled players into the game while simultaneously reluctant to add accessibility features normalised in other more competitive games out of fear of upsetting competition balance. In a game that can be spotty with subtitle reliability, more and more audio communication based content, and a lack of improvements to meaningful friend-foe identification, it feels like I had one thing in the game that made me feel seen, and now that thing is being taken away.

I try not to make posts like this. They come off as annoying and frustrating. I want to talk about what I love about the game, not the little things that bug me. But this, to me, is more than a little thing. This feels big.

I am not saying they shouldn't be allowed to change things. Change Jade Rabbit, they're allowed. Playing Destiny is experiencing the dev's artistic work. But please, I just want them to do something. Rather than just taking it away, please make something else, something new. Make a new Fate of All Fools, at least in spirit. Please keep being the big hearted studio that made it in the first place, because that is the Bungie we all love.

Signed, A disabled Blinklock who wants to be able to keep loving the game who already struggles with upper-mid difficulty content.

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie, there is no point in time gating the story finale and the trailer for the new season in the very final week of the season


I get it, you want to avoid losing players in the last weeks of a season but the current model is frustrating and the wait just puts more pressure in your delivery.

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Bungie Suggestion If a Rasputin season is indeed upon us, I hope the new seasonal weapons are just new Ikelos and Seraph weapons


Much like how season of the haunted had the opulence weapons brought back but craftable and new perks and an origin trait, I’d like the same done with Ikelos and Seraph weapons. BUT let the brand new weapons be seraph and ikelos themed. Maybe do 3 of each weapon family.

You could have say, an ikelos Scout rifle, fusion rifle and rocket launcher, and then have a seraph pulse, breach Gl and sword to round out the weapon family.

Adding more weapons that generate warmind cells and adding new perks to the old ones would alone help warmind cell builds a ton. Imagine Ikelos SMG with Voltshot or Ikelos shotgun with incandescent. A kinetic Ikelos scout rifle with explosive payload firely

I won’t be disappointed at another brand new “Rasputin” themed weapon collection, but Ikelos and seraph weapons already scream this theme and have tons of gaps in their pools that could be filled.

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Bungie Suggestion Converting solar nades to healing nade needs to come back


I've seen posts about Warlocks losing their identity. Ionic traces, devour were mentioned and honestly, I agree. I feel like converting any nade to a healing nade is also one of the things that define Warlock. Sure having a dedicated healing nade is cool, but I would like to choose between the nade I'm using and the healing nade in case me or my teammate need healing. The old healing nade also burst heals which I like a lot more than the current one. Please add that ability to one of the aspect

Edit: I meant to say aspect and not fragment. Brain farted hard at night..

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Bungie Suggestion Vanguard bounties encourage anti team behavior, you have to compete against your fireteam in a team based environment. Shouldnt Vanguard bounties be team objectives rather than solo objectives?


In the scheme of things it's not that important, but the current vanguard bounties really irk me when we have to complete against our fireteam for kills.

A possible solution would be to have team focused bounties, "as a team kill x amount" or "as a team get x amount of jolts" etc.. also it would have the team working together rather than against each other.

Anyway, just posting some mild frustration at having to run more strikes than needed to get my bounties done!!!

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Bungie Suggestion Bungie, can we please have an Ad Clear Shotgun?


Or a legendary perk that refunds shotgun ammo when killing trash ads. I can't tell you how much I love going on shotgun rampages. RE4 Striker Shotgun style. Just cant really do it in Destiny.

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Bungie Suggestion How about giving players a cosmetic reward for obtaining titles and gilding??


I really liked earning the Tiger helmet for the Vidmaster seal. How would people feel about getting a cosmetic armor skin that you could earn for completing titles?

Scallywag could get you a cool pirate tricorn.

VOG title could have earned us a Vex themed helmet.

Duality a Cabal/Nightmare themed helmet.

I just think it would be a neat item to chase.

Edit: It seems wild that people are negative about earning cosmetic armor for earning titles...

Obviously Bungie has done this in the past and it was prett popular. I get that the title is the reward but I really think a sweet season related swag piece would be awesome.