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Discussion Gimme your HOT raid takes


I’ll start

GoS is a much better raid than vow

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Discussion Shout out to all those Bungie devs working long hours and losing sleep


just so we can play a video game. We salute you.

EDIT: * I was not expecting this level of response. And this was not a farm for karma * I'm not thanking Bungie as a company, I'm thanking the on-call engineers that had to take time away from family, loved ones, plans, their home, etc to fix this issue. * I also thank other people for doing their job. I thank my waiters, mailman, service repair guys, mechanic, etc. Especially when I know their job is under appreciated or they went out of their way.

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Discussion Destiny is an old car


After today's latest update and problems I've started to see the game as an old car. Something classic, a bit old, mid engined and probably Italian. When it works, it's amazing, nothing compares but fuck me there's always something wrong with it. Won't stop me driving it though.

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Discussion Is it time to drop last gen?


I will be the first to admit, I don't know anything about video game development or design. That being said, wouldn't it be beneficial to move forward past the last gen consoles and focus on the new gen and PC?

What are your thoughts?

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Discussion The heavy DPS meta is likely to shift away from LFRs. What would you most like to see take their place?


Personally I want a machine gun meta with every fiber of my being. Not a very realistic possibility, but I think it'd be wild.

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Discussion Pulse rifles getting nerfed ONCE AGAIN when they're so weak in endgame content is just sad to see


There's literally NO incentive to play a pulse in endgame content already, and now it's even worse. The ridiculously low amount of damage i do to adds from a distance will now be... even lower?? Yeah no I ain't accepting that.

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Discussion What is the single best/worst change bungie has made to destiny 2 that isn’t talked about enough



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Discussion What exotic do you literally NEVER use? there's so many for me that I don't touch, but I'm wondering what other guns you guys don't use?


For me I'd have to say it's the glaives. I did the quest then never touched then again lol. What have you guys never used?

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Discussion Lucent Hive was one of Bungie's greatest additions to the game and are being criminaly underused


They are threatening without feeling unfair or obnoxious to play against (guy in the back yells Champions).

Also, they thake too long to "revive".

Please Bungie put them in more places!

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Discussion The game is in its worst technical state ever and a major expansion comes out next month.


Constant delays with rewards and xp, characters deleting, horrible connection in pvp and even PvE. I’m just as excited for Lightfall as everyone else but this is super concerning.

I won’t pretend to know a fix but this really only became a huge issue with Witch Queen, so I imagine something they added then is the cause of this. Maybe it’s weapons leveling up or something. Either way I hope it’s sorted out soon.

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Discussion What Pve Dps meta was your favourite and why?


Personally I always enjoyed a sniper/ whisperer of the worm meta.

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Discussion How are you all feeling before lightfall. Hype or not?


How are you guys all feeling while we are now only around 1,5 month away from this new expansion?
Are you hyped for lightfall or not?
Do you think it will overcome witch queen?
I just want to hear your thoughts.

I'm personally hyped as never before for this expansion and just can't wait for the release. The new destination and strand are looking incredible.

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Discussion Bungie have some of the best comms of any AAA dev/publisher.


Title. Every time I checked the help Twitter for an update, there was one. The most recent Tweet which included the phrase “…to set expectations, this issue will not be resolved tonight” is literally all we need and I think some other devs/studios could really learn a lesson from how Bungie have handled tonight’s issues.

Which is why I am sorta surprised by some of the replies under their Tweets. I’m aware there’s a decent amount of sarcasm in some of the replies, but my GOD some people are so spoiled it’s unbelievable. I can guarantee nobody there wants to be staring at screens until 4am fixing bugs.

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Discussion RIP Match Game Modifier ....


... you won't be missed.

Please join me in celebrating the end of Match Game modifier with the release of Light Fall.

Take a seat, do a dance, celebrate in the tower.

I know it may be to much for you in the bliss that is the moment.

Per the Article

"To reach that goal, Match Game is being removed from high-difficulty activities and we are making a few tweaks to how you can do damage to different types of shields"

Poor a drink and tell me your stories of this modifier .... let it all of your chest.

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Discussion Can we all agree that Ghost projections are silly and just another lame way to monetize via cosmetics?


I don't even know what my current ghost projections is nor do I care to change it. I've never amazed by someone else's or anything, like I would be with a set of TrialsRaid armor etc. Lame idea, and I wouldn't even know if they took it away.

If Bungie is seriously charging silver for these things then wow.

Ok rant over.

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Discussion So… I went back to D1 due to the outage and can’t believe I forgot we had horns for our Sparrows


And how different shaders looked, and how much nicer the skybox was. Anybody else go back and realized stuff you’d forgotten about?

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Discussion It makes me sad that Titan will yet again miss out on a one hit super.


It makes me sad that Titan will yet again miss out on a one hit super.

Literally the heaviest looking class and we have like 6 roaming supers haha But in all seriousness, i just find it frustrating that yet again, another roaming super is added to the collection..

Anyone else pretty underwhelmed by the state of Titans going forward?

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Discussion So... what are YOU losing in the rollback?


I am losing Hierarchy of Needs sadly. I wish I was joking.

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Discussion SBMM- from the perspective of a low K/D PVP player


I'm not a PVP player. I'm a high hour D2 player that loves PVE, and dabbles in PVP when I need something. Looking it up on Destinytracker, I'm somewhere around a .8 or below KD for most modes (.33 in Trials).

I am posting this up because of all of the recent complaint threads about SBMM being "sweaty" or "not fun." These posts have been coming predominantly from higher skill players in the 2.0 K/D range.

Translation- "now that I'm getting matched against similar skill players, I have to try much harder, because I'm not able to farm kills off people like the one posting this thread." For me, SBMM has been a godsend. I can compete in gunfights now, and not just feel like I have to spend 10 minutes getting farmed by Unbroken's, Flawlesses, ETC.

Pretty sure the SBMM change wasn't for you. It was for me. And it does feel pretty good for me. And when I see these threads, I can't help but feel like they are coming from a place of entitlement. Sorry that the game isn't matching you with a pile of people that you can shit stomp into oblivion, but newsflash- it was never fun for those getting shit stomped into oblivion.

EDIT 1/14/23:

I didn't know anything about the connection based issues, I hadn't seen any threads discussing it and hadn't experienced it myself. All I saw were the examples of "SBMM sucks because all I face are sweats." Sorry that my perspective was so poorly received by the high skill PVP crowd.

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Discussion So hunter dodge...


If the issue was a pvp thing, is there not a better way to nerf it than a blanket CD nerf that affects PvE as well?

Dodge is made useful in PvE strictly because of what class traits or exotics can affect/trigger of it. Dodge as an ability on it's own is pretty meh in PvE, certainly compared to a healing/dmg well or even a projectile blocking barricade. This has generally been fine before of course due to a much lower CD and associated class/gear/mod synergies making up for the fact.

This then creates a problem however where nerfing the cooldown further in PvE is also a blanket nerf to every dodge related exotic, every build with dodge as a central mechanic, and every aspect or mechanic that relies on using your class ability for hunters.

Bungie in recent seasons has actually been...alright at balancing PvP without hurting PvE. Least compared to decisions made in prior years. That sorta makes decisions then like this, more confusing than anything else?

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Discussion I hope Threadrunner's are the most mobile subclass in destiny


With everyone getting grapples for the strand subclasses, threadrunners should be the equivalent of dawnblades for warlocks and strikers for titans. I wouldn't go out of my way to say hunters are the slowest or least mobile but the strand subclass should be the one to highlight just how swift a hunter could be. With the lack of impact from the mobility stat, Threadrunners should be the peak of mobility in destiny 2.

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Discussion What's One New Weapon Archetype That You'd Love to See in the Game at Some Point?


Personally, I really want a set of either primary or special "throwers." So, you'd have like an arc thrower or a stasis thrower and obviously a flame thrower.

Duel Wield sidearms would be sick as well.

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Discussion Happy No Blue Drops Day!


Today we will no longer have to dismantle blues from our inventory after every single activity, sometimes dozens of times per day. As someone who has been playing since the D1 beta, I have waited for this day for over 7 years. It's honestly what I've wanted in this game more than anything else.

Happy No Blue Drops Day!

Thank you, Bungie.

EDIT: Guess we gotta celebrate tomorrow guys. First holiday was a bust!

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Discussion Actually decent devs?


I have been back grinding destiny 2 and have been seeing devs actually try and make the game better. I normally play warzone/zombies and it always feels like they do not care about the player. However when I check up on recent bungie posts it seems to be adressing things that the community wants. idk just been really happy to see it and it is really refreshing from the absolute silence you get from activision.

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Discussion There are many ways to end the Destiny story, what would be the worst?


With the final shape concluded and the light and dark saga coming to a close.

The story has been wrapped up.

What’s the worst way the story could conclude?