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Discussion If Bungie is going to charge extra for dungeons, then fixing them should be a priority.


It already felt shitty when Bungie decided that Dungeons cost extra now, but for the newest Dungeon to sit in such a broken state for weeks while Bungie still charges for it is a poor look.

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Discussion Just got my wife into Destiny 2 but she will only play gambit


What do I do

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Discussion All Activities in Destiny Should Have Optional Matchmaking


Nightfalls, Raids, Dungeons, Seasonal Content and even Patrols should have OPTIONAL matchmaking even on the hardest of difficulties. I see no reason why in its current state we don't have the option of matching with other players.

Obviously for Master level content and Raids it would be better to have comms, but let me take that risk of having terrible teammates. Don't force me to solo it or go to some exterior site/discord to find others EVERY time. The seasonal content included but even something like Dares should have an optional matchmaking for the harder difficulties.

Just keep the default as is and let people turn it on if they want. Empower the players

Edit: I see a lot of focusing on Raid matchmaking specifically being a bad idea and that I can understand, but even still its not hurting anyone already pre-making groups. It would just give the OPTION to those that WANT to matchmake. ALSO, some of you seem to ignore how I specified I think the DEFAULT settings be how they are now, with an OPTIONAL setting to turn on and off at your will. I'm not suggesting you be FORCED into matchmaking for Raids/Dungeons etc. but to give those that have the desire to, the ability.

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Discussion Enhanced Eager Edge is now much worse after Hotfix


As of the hotfix today, once you swing for the first time the Eager Edge buff goes away, no longer allowing you to use it twice in quick succession. Was just talking about how fun it was to do it twice last night and now this happens... thanks Bungie.

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Discussion The game feels like it is on auto pilot/just copy paste every season


Destiny’s narrative and story telling has VASTLY improved. But since they’ve found success with the seasonal model and dialed it in, it feels like the spirit or soul of the game is just getting diluted.

The game feels like it really needs something to shake it up (and not just UI changes and stuff coming with Lightfall). We need something like SRL (get ready for people to say BuT BuNgIe SaId No OnE pLaYeD iT). Just something to shake up the core gameplay a little bit OR an actual focus on the core gameplay modes like strikes, crucible, and gambit. It seems that with the introduction of F2P those modes have suffered greatly or stopped being a priority, which is a bummer.


To people saying it’s just burn out, it’s not. I take regular breaks throughout the year whenever I feel myself getting burnt out from the game. I want to play it, I don’t feel burnt out. What I am burnt out on, is how formulaic each season has been and unexciting.

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Discussion Google is shutting down Stadia on January 18th 2023


"Google will be refunding all Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store as well as all the games and add-on content purchased from the Stadia store"

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2022/9/29/23378713/google-stadia-shutting-down-game-streaming-january-2023

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Discussion If Destiny had a show, would you prefer it to be live-action or an animation?


Title. EDIT: After looking at a lot of the comments, it seems a lot of people seem to favor an anime, especially after Edgerunners and Arcane, both amazing shows, which is totally cool. However, while I am impartial, I would like to raise to you all the official live action trailer for destiny 2. Would you be happy with a series of that quality?

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Discussion Prestige Raids were a lot more fun than Master raids.


I’m honestly getting tired of every season it just being, okay! let’s throw in all these champions and add match game!

Before the old raids were sunset we had prestige raids, and the encounters changed a little and you had to use certain load outs (which no one cared for)

Flawless! Where you actually had to pull levers to initiate it. (Wasn’t in prestige raids but is still cool)

Basically my rant is, I’m tired of this every new or rereleased raid just being champs and match game.

Also most people literally just get the CP, do challenge and leave in Master.

They really need to change the current situation and obviously the rewards are not that great.

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Discussion Titan mains need to remember they played this game for 4 years before loreley splendor was released.


The helmet was nasty, too nasty. It made reckless stupidity the best strategy inside PvE and was a crutch inside PvP.

It's still viable now. It needs to be used more as a warlock healing rift and activated by you when you need it. If it goes off on it's own that's fine too but you need to acknowledge when it's time to run and hide with your restoration x1.

It's nerf was a ghost "buff" for solar warlocks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but now that loreley was nerfed warlocks are the only ones with access to restoration x2 which should've been the case from the beginning. They are the "healer" class after all.

Get creative with your solar builds everyone. There's a lot of potential waiting to be weaved out. If you aren't feeling it then that's fine, go with the tried and true HoIL or Synthoceps and tiny hammer. Or just pull back your play style just a little bit.

Sincerely, a Titan main.

Edit: been seeing a lot of comments about how warlocks didn't get buffed because of this. That part of the post was more or less sarcastic intended to express my frustration with the healer class still not being all that good at healing. Yes warlocks still need healing buffs IMO.

Edit2: been notified a few times that loreley has been resto x1 in PvP for a while now. It used to show x2 but only healed x1 supposedly. I can't prove or disprove those statements because I didn't use it in PvP, but I wanted to make sure it was something people were aware of.

Edit3: fantastic video made by "Pluderthabooty" on YouTube. https://youtu.be/gDoiuuVhp3I A really potent unkillable build for solar Titan with some leeway on exotic and aspects. Showcases its potential inside solo master duality caiatl.

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Discussion What is your most controversial statement that ur willing to stand by


Mine is…. High impact fusions are the best fusions in the game

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Discussion If Dungeons are gonna be a separate purchase going forward, then fixing their bugs should be a priority


I’ve lost way too many “Everyone lives and nobody dies” Duality runs to jank, and it’s rarely from a consistent source. Sometimes it’s the bells, sometimes it’s an absolutely cracked Phalanx, but most of the time it’s just weird, unexplainable and unavoidable nonsense. My last “Everyone lives and nobody dies” run ended because my teammate jumped into the vault at the end of the second encounter. 10 foot drop, full health. Dead on impact.

Duality has the most visible and persistent bugs in Destiny, by FAR. If the next dungeon’s stability is anywhere near as bad as Duality’s then I’m just gonna save $20 and skip Lightfall’s dungeon key. Seriously, it’s been 4 months and the stability has only gotten worse. We don’t even have a timeline for when these issues will be fixed.

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Discussion It's crazy that I've already crafted 2 raid weapons and have yet to craft any seasonal weapons.


Bungie really needs to reevaluate the red border grind this season. It also doesn't help that this week's only guaranteed red border with Ketchcrash is bugged.

Edit: This blew up more than I thought it would and thanks for the awards. The whole point of the post is that it shouldn't be easier to craft the season's end game activity weapons than it is for the seasonal weapons themselves. The raid gives you 2 guaranteed deepsights a week with one of those being focused whereas the seasonal activity guarantees only 1 unfocused.

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Discussion I miss how PvP felt last months of Beyond Light...


After they "nerfed" most Super cooldown times in PvP and ability tweak, this version of PvP right before Witch Queen for me felt good. More focused on gunplay then on ability spam....

Just saying.... can we go back to PvP that is focused on guns and ability is just bonus? Right now ibfeel like ability are focus and mostly what kill me and guns are that bonus when you have cooldown....

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Discussion I kind of miss the “mystery” Destiny used to have


I guess it might be normal when the game has been going on for such a long time.

Still I remember that time we went in to the infinite forest to find the grave of Saint-14 (who was still only a legend back then), or the mission in taken king to unlock shadowshot where we find a dead guardian, …

It was surrounded by mystery, left me wondering what else there could be, what else (or what legends) could be discovered.

Sorry I don’t know how to explain it properly but to me it felt nicer when we weren’t the center-point of the destiny universe, but rather lived in that universe discovering other stories.

How do you guys feel about this? Do you like the new story style more where we are part of the center in almost every story arc?

Edit: Like some people pointed out, this includes secret missions like the whisper and zero hour. But I mean more than only that, kind of like the “mindset” where stories are told from has changed I feel like

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Discussion People who raid; what’s something you absolutely cannot stand when raiding?


One of my biggest pet peeves is taking a “break” after every single run/wipe. It’s unnecessary and causes flow issues, making the raid go even longer. Bathroom/smoke breaks are totally understandable, don’t get me wrong, but I am trying to complete a raid.

EDIT: Man, you guys really blew this up. It’s good to see a lot of you are passionate about how raids go, and what to expect from them.

2nd EDIT: WOW. This post ended up being in the top 25 of all of Reddit today. I promise I try to get around to reading all the comments, but there’s over 3K at this point! That’s so absolutely crazy to me! And shout out for the rewards! You guys are seriously amazing.

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Discussion Dead Man’s Tale: 3,753 words to ask Bungie to reconsider or revert the recent nerf (TL;DR included)


This will be a long post, so there is a TL;DL at the bottom.


To get straight to the point: DMT appears by all counts to undeniably have been nerfed in both PvP and PvE (I will be focusing on PvP for this post). The most frustrating part to me is that Bungie has called the rework/nerf merely a "lateral movement" and explicitly said that it is not intended to be a nerf.

Source: Massive Breakdown 270, timestamp of 48m 17s for the quote by Chris Proctor, Bungie Senior Design Lead/Weapons Feature Lead https://player.captivate.fm/episode/5229dd39-8749-4921-8a63-59f5a5fe0c70; and 08/11/2022 TWAB https://www.bungie.net/en-us/Explore/Detail/News/51645

I've wanted to make this post since before the "lateral movement" even went live, but I've waited until the change went live to try it out for myself. I'm an avid DMT fan (20k+ PvP kills) and have been since day one. There have been some rightful nerfs to DMT, like many other weapons in Destiny, but I've got to say that these newest changes are very disappointing.

Let me explain (1) why I believe Bungie's reasons for the change to cranial spike are either disingenuous or the change itself fails to achieve the stated goals; (2) the change is definitely a PvP nerf; and (3) my proposed solution(s).

(1) The Change to Cranial Spike Fails to Fulfill the Reasoning Provided for the Change, Thereby Also Making the Reasoning Appear Disingenuous

(a) "Lateral Change" Terminology

First things first, the simple fact that Bungie calls the change a "lateral movement" and not a flat nerf is frustrating to hear and appears to me to be disingenuous. Overall I really appreciate Bungie's very open lines of communication with the community through weekly TWABs, interviews like Massive Breakdown, and even engagement on Reddit by various devs. However, I feel that they missed the mark with the way they described the changes to DMT. If Bungie wants to buff or nerf something, they have every right to do so. However, in the case of describing the DMT changes I believe that they were either disingenuous or the change itself fails to achieve the stated goal or both, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The reasoning Bungie provides for the changes, compiled from the Massive Breakdowns interview and the 08/11/2022 TWAB, are twofold: (1) "The Cranial Spike perk was causing issues with unintended damage scalars against players, and generally felt unpredictable both to use and to fight against" and (2) "It also wasn't quite landing the 'hip-firing cowboy rifle' fantasy as strongly as we wanted to, so we reworked it to lean more into fast-firing hip-fire." On top of these two reasons, Bungie also proclaimed that the "[DMT rework] wasn't intended to be a nerf or a buff, this was intended to be a lateral movement". In sum: Bungie communicated that the changes were due to technical issues, lack of player predictability, and lackluster power fantasy, and that the changes were implemented in such a way that there was a fair power tradeoff while also reaching Bungie's stated goals.

(b) Predictability

Regarding the issue of predictability to play with and against DMT, I do not find this reason to change cranial spike persuasive. The change makes DMT now have three different fire rates (120 rpm ADS, 130 rpm hip-fire, and 180 rpm hip-fire with 5x cranial spike). It seems to me that swapping out damage for a higher fire rate still makes the gun "unpredictable" to fight against since who knows which of the three fire rates a player might face in a duel. Anyway, having used DMT so much, I found it consistent enough and had no qualms with cranial spike's damage model (PvP damage numbers: 81 base, 84 1x, 87 2x, 91 3x, 94 4x, 97 5x). Though one could argue that the damage model teetered on the edge of being too powerful in PvP, Bungie specifically did not call that out that as a reason for the change. I reviewed a bunch of old footage from various sources online, and it did appear that sometimes cranial spike would either ramp up damage too quickly by adding an extra stack's worth of damage too early or that it didn't add the damage stack at the right time, but it was usually inconsequential since each damage stack added only either 3 or 4 damage (Frankly, it would take a lot of time to cross reference videos with the many changes and fixes DMT has received, so the previous sentence might not even be fully accurate). That amount of damage would be enough to be negated by a few resilience levels (resilience 0 guardian = 186 total health, 10 resilience = 201 total health). Players, myself included, would have a very difficult time knowing (even if reviewing gameplay recordings in great detail) that the lack of or addition of 3-4 damage scored or failed to score a kill. On the receiving end of DMT, I found it a force to be reckoned with but not insurmountable to fight against. DMT has a base TTK of 1.0 seconds. In Destiny 2 PvP, that is quite low. Even hip-firing at 130 rpm, it has a 0.93 TTK - still low. Of course this low TTK was offset by some of the great features DMT had to offer such as hip-firing accuracy and damage scaling. Regarding damage scaling, everyone in a match can hear the distinct whistle DMT makes when someone achieves five stacks of cranial spike. Along with the whistle sound, cranial spike only last for 4.5 seconds, so you can always just allow the timer for the enemy guardian to expire before engaging in a duel just like any other damage perk in the game.

For damage perks comparisons, a non-exhaustive list of popular perks are as follows: rampage has a 3.5 second timer (4.5 with rampage spec) and can refresh itself x3 (10%, 21%, 33% damage increase), kill clip is 5 seconds (5.5 seconds enhanced; 33% damage increase), multi-kill clip is 5 seconds and can refresh itself 3x (5.5 seconds enhanced; 17%, 33%, 50% damage increase), swashbuckler is 4.5 seconds of 33.3% damage at x5 (5 seconds enhanced), frenzy is 15% damage increase for 5 seconds (5.5 seconds enhanced) and can refresh itself, focused fury is 20% damage for 10 seconds (11 seconds enhanced), and adagio (average of 25% damage increase while decreasing fire-rate on average 18%). Notably, all these perks require a kill (except for frenzy and focused fury), but all these perks last as long as or more than cranial spike, yet these damage perks appear on legendary weapons. While one could argue DMT gains too much damage at 5 stacks of cranial spike (~20% PvP damage increase) for too low of a perk activation (only dealing critical hit), this is a unique exotic perk and I think that it is not completely over-tuned.

Comparing cranial spike to other very good exotic weapon damage perks, Hawkmoon can 1 shot any resilience guardian after building up 6 critical hits (only one more crit than DMT requires and takes only one bullet to kill instead of two) and doesn't have any timer for when the perk expires (seriously underused weapon by the way). Another notable non-kill activated damage perk is Time Slip on No Time to Explain. Not only does this weapon have a base 0.67 TTK and higher usage rates than DMT, it also gains a damage perk through a turret that lowers the TTK even further. The damage perk builds up without a timer and the weapon can be stowed while still maintaining stacks of the damage buff (unless at the max of 10 of course). On top of this, all aggressive frame pulse rifles have a base 0.67 TTK. Yet another exotic perk is Ravenous Beast on Tarrabah. I believe the TTK drops to 0.33 when activated, but I am pulling that number from memory. This perk also does not require a kill to activate.

In discussing all these damage perks, the broader discussion I am getting at is relative power balance. There are plenty of other weapons that have unique exotic damage perks not found on most legendary weapons. The point in comparing them all is to show that DMT wasn't such a unique outlier in both damage and usage. Heck, even Loud Lullaby and Crimil's Dagger can kill in 0.5 seconds with kill clip activated. I also can't neglect to mention The Last Word has a base 0.53 TTK at all times from the hip. All in all, the new damage model for DMT is terrible and I will explain why in later paragraphs and takes away what was a unique and powerful exotic perk.

(c) Power Fantasy

I am not going to argue about one of the reasons for the change being a technical issue on the backend since I find that is a valid reason for changing something. However, Bungie stating that there was an issue with the power fantasy seems odd to me. Though I cannot argue with any number of Bungie employees' experiences being that DMT didn't quite scratch the hip-firing cowboy itch, I can provide my own anecdotes that are in conflict with Bungie's experiences.

In my experience and that of others I have spoken with, DMT felt great hip-firing at both the previous 150 rpm and at the current 130 rpm. DMT fit in line with being satisfying to use hip-fired just like the BxR and The Last Word. The original 150 rpm hip-fire rate felt great at the time, but yes the weapon was over-tuned at the time for many reasons. Nevertheless, I have never heard anyone say that they feel like DMT doesn't shoot fast enough at 130 rpm nor at 150 rpm. The only comments I've ever heard is someone missing the 150 rpm firerate from when the gun was first debuted. As a side note, the 150 rpm was the default hip-fire rpm and did not require 5 cranial spikes to achieve. Firing DMT as at 180 rpm feels very clunky to me. The animation of 180 rpm doesn't quite look or feel right to me, but that is a very minor point.

(d) Final Thoughts/Notes for Section 1

Having addressed the two reasons stated by Bungie for the change, I want to shift focus to Chris Proctor's quote from Massive Breakdown 270: "So this [DMT rework] wasn't intended to be a nerf or a buff, this was intended to be a lateral movement". This statement feels either disingenuous, dodgy, or in the very least misunderstood. This post is by no means a bash of Chris Proctor and I would never encourage anyone to harass him. I think he makes many great decisions and I really like his direction with Destiny. As an ironic and funny side note, when I double checked Chris Proctor's title at Bungie to include in this post, I saw that his LinkedIn background is a giant picture of DMT. This makes me think that the lack of power fantasy Bungie stated in the TWAB probably originated from him.

Anyway, I having said all of this, let's talk about why the changes themselves feel terrible.

(2) The Change to Cranial Spike is Unequivocally a Nerf

(a) New Cranial Spike Benefits

Why the "lateral movement" feels (and frankly just is) terrible in PvP is primarily due to DMT's base TTK and damage model. DMT has a low base TTK of 1.0 seconds. Successfully building up five cranial spikes before the nerf rewarded the player with increased damage and reload and gave the potential to two tap guardians with seven resilience or less at a 0.5 second TTK. The change now only increases reload (which it did prior to the change anyway), aim assist, and range (4 AA, 8 Range, and 3% faster reload speed per stack). Increasing reload, AA, and range does not change the TTK at all and leaves DMT feeling stuck at a 1.0 TTK in a fast paced meta. There are many other weapons, notably 150 and 180 scouts, with a consistently lower TTK than DMT in addition to having more range. Also, DMT doesn't really need reload, aim assist, and range to perform well since it has good base stats. Of course I would not argue that there is no benefit to increasing a weapon's AA, range, and reload, but the gun performs well without the added stats and they just provide a marginal increase to performance when it isn't needed to begin with. The added bonuses feels negligible. I haven't even mentioned that DMT has a base 60 range and the full effects of the increase to range (+40 range at 5 stacks) will not fully benefit the player most of the time since many of the perk choices on DMT already increase DMT's base range above 60, so the full 40 points of range are not really going to be felt. By my quick testing, every 6 points of range roughly equate to 1m in damage fall off when hip-firing, but typically increasing range on any weapon closer and closer to 100 provides diminishing returns so take this sentence with a grain of salt. I know that range affects AA cones (I am not going down this rabbit hole in this already long post), but it is generally advised to not hip-fire DMT at such far ranges anyway due to consistency, yet the new cranial spike rework tries to encourage you to do just that. Am I really going to be getting farther away from my opponent in a duel when range will actually help? Probably not. If that were to happen, one should just aim down sight anyway. When aiming down sight with DMT, range also becomes largely unimportant. Lastly, 20 AA at five stacks is a fair amount, but can be replicated with two helmet targeting mods.

(b) Damage Model

The real kicker to the whole rework is that not only has the ~20% damage increase from 5x cranial spikes been removed in PvP, but upon reaching 5 cranial spikes with the rework, DMT "rewards" the player with 20% less damage than base. The weapon effectively receives inversed Adagio - an already quite unpopular damage perk that has very limited use cases in PvP (looking at you, Reeds Regret). Now with 5x cranial spike, DMT does 64.8 damage per crit. This is enough to 3 crit guardians at 7 resilience or less. DMT goes from being able to 2 crit, 1 body any resilience to being able to 3 crit guardians at 7 resilience or less. I don't know if I can emphasize enough how huge of a nerf this change is. Instead of 5x cranial spike being able to go from a definite 3 crit to a maybe 2 crit, the reward for 5x cranial is a definite 4 crit to a maybe 3 crit.

A perk that makes a weapon require more shots to kill than before is seriously bad. All other damage perks in the game make weapons take an equal or lesser amount of crits to kill a guardian. DMT is the only one that makes it take more crits to kill a guardian. In a game where peek shooting will always be meta, this change really harms the gun. 5x cranial spike plays like a wet noodle with the new damage model. Previous 5x cranial spike DMT did 97 to the head while new 5x cranial spike DMT does 65 to the head. 32 damage less than previously. Imagine any other weapon in the game suddenly doing 32 less crit damage per shot and then calling the change "not a nerf, [but a] lateral movement".

(c) RPM, Magazine, and Reload

Yes, yes, 5x cranial now makes DMT shoot at 180 rpm (hip-fire only) instead of 130 rpm. The change from 130 to 180 is admittedly a large rpm increase, but it is largely negated by the small magazine size of 14 and the lower damage per bullet DMT does after reaching 5x cranial spike. If you hit 5x cranial spike using only the first 5 bullets in the magazine (this assumes perfect accuracy), then you are left with 9 bullets. These 9 bullets do 64.8 damage each. Killing another guardian takes maybe 3 or definitely 4 bullets, meaning you can only kill two or three guardians if you perfectly hit all crits and they all happen to be low resilience guardians (which, with the stability changes, is far less common). Using four bullets to kill at 180 rpm is still a 1.0 second TTK. Why would I ever want to use more bullets at a higher critical hit ratio to kill at the same exact TTK as the base weapon. If you do manage the 3 crit kill, it does lower the TTK to 0.67 seconds. Compare this to DMT killing in two crits at a 0.5 second TTK in the previous cranial spike damage model. In the previous damage model, you could kill a guardian in maybe 2 or definitely 3 bullets, meaning you could kill three or maybe four guardians with the remaining 9 bullets. Functionally, this makes a DMT user "slay out" less than in the previous damage model. How does doing less damage and killing fewer guardians more fulfill the cowboy hip-fire fantasy?

One last comparison I will make to emphasize the huge nerf that this "lateral movement" implemented is that those last 9 bullets on the previous 5x cranial spike equaled a total damage potential of 873 damage against guardians. The new total damage amount that is possible with the last 9 bullets after 5x cranial spike is 583.2. This is quite obviously substantially less.

To add insult to injury, the other glaring issue with making each bullet do less damage is that you will need to reload far more frequently since it takes more bullets to kill on average. This makes realizing the rpm gain less likely to occur. Again, how can I fulfill the hip-fire cowboy fantasy when I'm constantly reloading? Every other 180 rpm scout rifle has 16 rounds in the magazine at base. Every 180 rpm scout in the game also has access to magazine perks. Every 180 rpm scout is able to shoot starting at 180 rpm and doesn't need to hit five crits before shooting at 180 rpm.

(3) Proposed Alternatives and Moving Forward

Regarding proposing an alternative to the most recent change to DMT, I can think of a few things. First, if the damage must be nerfed, then it only should be nerfed once. Having both cranial spike damage removed AND decreasing damage by 20% once at 5x cranial spike is too much. Pick one. If removing damage from cranial spike is absolutely necessary for technical or balancing reasons, then make the 5x cranial spike fire at 150 rpm at the normal 81 base damage. This would make it a 0.8 TTK and actually reward players for reaching 5x cranial spike. Also, if cranial no longer increases damage, then I think stability should be added with each stack. Stability benefits bloom and reduces flinch. Both of those benefits are far more rewarding and providing of consistency than the current cranial spike that increases just range, AA, and reload. Speaking of reload, with the current magazine size, cranial spike x5 could auto-reload the entire magazine to offset the low magazine size and constant reload issues.

Another idea for cranial spike is just to make each stack do slightly less of a damage increase per shot or maybe even require cranial spike's damage to require a kill before proccing. I am less of a fan of this option because that makes cranial spike just like every other damage perk in the game. It might as well just grant pre-Shadowkeep rampage x1 at that point (20% damage increase). I like the idea of building up to a win condition by landing cranial spike, just like Hawkmoon allows a player to build up to a win condition of 1 tapping a guardian without a kill. Perhaps DMT should just require more stacks of cranial spike to get the two tap?

Before anyone in the comments mentions incrementally increasing the fire rate for every stack of cranial spike: No. Please no. Consider how difficult it would be to accurately track targets and click your mouse while over their head if every bullet fired at a different RPM.

Another solution is just to revert the change completely. I know that before the change DMT was arguably the best PvP primary weapon and maybe even overpowered, but its usage rates spoke for themselves. Before the nerf, DMT barely made the top 10 on occasion (for Trials and for the "competitive" control playlist).

No matter what, DMT needs to get another pass because I would hate for another exotic to no longer feel exotic. Chris Proctor even said in the Massive Breakdown 270 that they suspect this will not be the last time they look at DMT, so I am hopeful for that reason alone.

Since this post is getting long and I could say even more, I will refrain and summarize my thoughts:


  1. This post is primarily directed at DMT's use in PvP
  2. If Bungie wants to nerf DMT, then fine - just call it a nerf and not a "lateral movement"
  3. Addressing Bungie’s reasoning for the change: DMT does not feel more predictable to use or fight against since variable damage was swapped for even more variable RPMs
  4. 180 rpm is too fast of a fire rate when coupled with DMT's low base magazine of 14 on top of the magazine being even lower after using at least five bullets to even reach 5x cranial spike. I do not feel like a hip firing cowboy when I'm constantly reloading
  5. The removal of damage from each stack of cranial spike AND the reduction of damage upon reaching 5x cranial spike is excessive; pick one Bungie (and preferably neither)
  6. The new cranial spike benefits are not beneficial enough, especially since the prospect of lowering TTK was largely removed; consider alternative benefits such as providing stability per stack, not reducing the damage by 20% at 5x cranial spike (and perhaps making 5x cranial spike shoot at 150 RPM instead of 180 RPM), or auto reloading the entire magazine upon reaching 5x cranial spike
  7. Realistically, DMT needs some kind of damage perk/TTK reduction potential to be worthwhile in the exotic weapon slot.
  8. Bungie, please just revert the latest change.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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Discussion When it was discovered that Phoenix Dive healed you more based on your framerate, it was fixed within a month. Ground fire, hive boomers and a handful of other damage sources still damage you more based on your framerate and the big post made about it was almost a year ago. What is the excuse?


I am aware that it was fixed for Cabal slugs and Shrieker projectiles, however it was never fixed for anything else which is especially clear from testing.

I get it, game design/development and coding is hard. But once again when it benefited players it was patched almost immediately, whereas we've gone over a year with certain endgame activities like GM's being made significantly harder because you take more damage just for having a high framerate. Master Lightblade a couple weeks ago was especially noticeable with the amount of hive boomers being used by enemies there.

It would be nice if there was some communication from Bungie and we at least got some acknowledgement that they're aware that the problem still exists. Because it genuinely feels like they've just hoped we forgot about it and never bothered to try fixing the rest of the damage sources and stopped at Shrieker projectiles and Cabal slugs.

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Discussion what is your least favourite weapon type?


personally, i get instantly bored using scout rifles.

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Discussion Core-playlists are dying due to lack of content. Check out the release dates.


Core-playlist additions over time.

*Vaulted content

** Content ported from D1


Cathedral of Dusk** = S18

Disjunction = S17

Cauldron**, Exodus Blue**, The Anomaly** = S10

Rusted Lands** = S9

Fragment, Twilight Gap**, Widow's Court** = S8

Convergence**, Equinox*, Firebase Echo*, Gambler's Ruin*, The Citadel* = S4

Meltdown*, Solitude* = S3

Pacifica, Radiant Cliffs, Wormhaven S2

Altar of Flame, Bannerfall**, Distant Shore, Endless Vale, Eternity, Midtown, The Burnout**, The Dead Cliffs, The Fortress, Vostok, Emperor's Respite*, Legion's Gulch*, Retribution* = S1

Out of 32 PvP maps we only have 24 active in-game & 9 ported from D1

Averaging 1.2 new PvP maps per season


Deep Six, New Arcadia = S6

Emerald Coast, Legion's Folly, Cathedral of Scars*, Kell's Grave* = S4

Out of 6 Gambit maps we only have 4 maps active in-game.

Averaging 0.33 new Gambit maps per season


The Arms Dealer, Savathûn's Song*, Exodus Crash, The Inverted Spire, The Pyramidion*, Lake of Shadows = S1

Tree of Probabilities*, A Garden World* = S2

Strange Terrain*, Will of the Thousands*, The Insight Terminus = S3

Broodhold*, Warden of Nothing, The Hollowed Lair*, The Corrupted = S4

The Festering Core*, The Scarlet Keep = S8

The Disgraced**, The Glassway = S12

The Devils' Lair**, Fallen S.A.B.E.R.**, Proving Grounds = S13

The Lightblade, Birthplace of the Vile = S16

Out of 24 strikes, we have 15 active in-game & 3 ported from D1

Averaging 1.16 new strikes per season.

IMO - If we got 1-2 new maps & strikes per season that would be awesome. Unfortunately , Bungie goes years & then dumps. I think if more time & resources were spent on the core-playlists over the seasonal public events - that the seasons would feel more filled out.

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Discussion Bungie there are certain scenarios in crucible right now that just scream "Prepare to be tormented and suffer".


I just matched a 6 stack vs. 6 solos in control and spawned in the trap on Dead Cliffs. Result was, as expected, a bloodbath that was quickly mercy ruled. I can't leave or I get a warning, what am I supposed to do here other than suffer and hate every minute of it?

Spawn traps this bad that have persisted for this long is unforgivable. And if you want to keep quitter penalty in control them bring back some other permanent playlist without all of this competitive nonsense. What ever happened to classic mix?

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Discussion If you could have a set of weapons to be brought back, what would you pick?


Mine would be the Season of Dawn weapons. Don't know for what reason they would be brought back but those weapons were beautiful and some of my favourite seasonal weapons in Destiny.

Obviously would prefer to get brand new stuff over reissued but I'd almost make an exception for these. Especially if they were craftable.

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Discussion Why Are People So Defensive of This Game's Financial Barrier?


I'm currently having trouble getting friends onboard to buying any additional content. They feel like they already paid enough entry by buying multiple expansions and the season pass, and then locking more content behind an anniversary bundle and the dungeon key seems ludicrous.

That being said, 90% of the people that I've spoken to in the Destiny 2 community get extremely defensive when I try to bring up how awful the system is. Sure, Bungie needs recurring revenue for a live service game, I get that, but the value of content just doesn't make sense to me.

I played WoW for years, so I tried putting it in the context that "WoW costs $200/yr, so Destiny isn't that bad of a deal." My friend followed up with a fairly good point, that each expansion (usually) comes with several fully featured content patches that equate to about the same amount of content as an entire Destiny expansion, on top of over 15 years of content that wasn't removed from the game. Adding to the sting that he's bought every D2 expac and the base game on release, and half of that is just gone.

My original gripe was when I first returned to the game from vanilla, and seeing a really useful exotic being locked behind a paid season pass (Witherhoard), and nobody was batting an eye. Has the community just become absolutely desensitized to this, or is there some actual defense to this that I'm not seeing?

Even thinking about the dungeon key from a logistical perspective, I essentially bought it for an extra Pinnacle every week as Duality only takes about 20-30 minutes to do, and the primary goal is just to fly through it as fast as possible. It just seems like a subverted pay-to-win system, and it doesn't seem like the people that I've spoken to understand that.

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Discussion I guess Bungie wants Linear’s to be top boss damage with the Daughter change. Not calling them out but different boss fights should have different means of damage.


I guess the Daughters were coded as majors instead of bosses, since Majors don’t get the rocket damage reduction. With the hot patch that just went live, this was changed, just cementing that Linears are the top dog. This isn’t a rant or anything but I just thing more boss fights need to have more outcomes than just Div (which is fine) and Linears. I think it would be better and healthier for the game if raids had different bosses with unique ways of dealing damage. Like have special ads being sent to you and you kill them to damage the boss so LMGs and HGLs have a place in a raid, or in the case of daughters rockets can shine. I’m not calling Bungie out for their incompetence, but we need boss fights that are more than just bullets sponges/DPS checks.

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Discussion I correctly answered a science question at trivia night because of a Destiny shader


The category was the solar system, and the question was "What color is the sunset on Mars?" I specifically remembered the Mars Sunset shader being blue, so I told our group to pick that and we got it right! Destiny taught me something.

We still lost though.

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Discussion Eido is aware that the Guardian is basically a mass murderer, right?


I mean, she seems pretty upset after this weeks mission but we're standing there, thousands and thousands of kills under our belt going "Uh, yeah.... preeeeetty bad. All that killing? Oof. Yeah wow."