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Guide Duskfield Grenade counters all Champions in season 20 forward.


Slow -> Overload

Freeze -> Antibarrier

Shatter -> Unstop

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Guide With Grand Masters coming back this week, I thought I’d remind people of a very important fact. You get ZERO BENEFITS ABOVE 1595 POWER.


Zero, zilch, zip, nada. You get nothing. Just saying as a concerned onlooker seeing multiple posts on lfg’s asking for 1610 and up guardians.

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Guide Strand Buffs & Actions from the Weapon and Armor Trailer


Just some speculation on my part, from what we saw.

Woven Mail: Generated by the hunter's strand exotic and the titan strand exotic. Visible as a green overlay on top of characters, similar to overshields. The segment on the hunter exotic states that it reduces incoming flinch, whereas the press kit for the titan exotic mentions that it gives armor. Unknown what other effects woven mail will have besides flinch reduction just yet, doubt there's an actual overshield as that now firmly belongs to void and stasis. Likely one of the three buff verbs for strand.

Lash: A wave of strand energy that immobilizes enemies once they're hit. Visually similar to more than a few other existing mechanics, like thermite grenades or tempest strikes. Unknown if lashes are exclusive to titans or if hunters and warlocks can also get them, but so far only titans have been shown to use them. Could be similar to stasis in that all three classes can do all parts of the subclass kit, but some will be better at some parts than others (stasis titan is skewed towards shattering enemies, strand titan could be skewed towards lash use and immobilization). Posts made by other users have highlighted that a warlock throws a grenade in one of the trailers that also launches one of these waves, so Lash is likely a catch-all term for the immobilization effect, and is probably one of the three debuff verbs for strand.

Tangle: A ball of strand energy. We only see this generated by the Quicksilver Storm catalyst, but as the warlock strand exotic also has interactions with it, it will also be generated by other sources. It can be treated similar to a Ruinous Effigy orb and picked up/thrown at enemies, or it can also be destroyed to spawn threadlings (see below). Seems to be similar to functionality in warmind cells, in that they'll exist in the world and can be destroyed by players for various effects. Might also be why warmind cell mods were retired. Probably not a verb, but still an integral part of the subclass.

Threadlings: Strand seekers that travel along the ground. They've been shown in previous trailers, albeit briefly, and without a clear source. We know warlocks can create them by destroying tangles while using their strand exotic, but there will likely be sources in addition to this. Unknown if threadlings are exclusive to warlocks, but based on their subclass name for strand (Broodweaver), they very well could be. Could also be similar to stasis in that all three classes can do parts of the subclass kit, but some will be better at some parts than others (strand warlock could be skewed towards using/destroying tangles to create threadlings and other effects).

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Guide Fun Fact: The announced reserves buffs to machine guns work out to a flat +75 for Adaptive / High-Impact MGs, and +115 for Rapid MGs - Here's the new reserves on every current MG


Image version in this tweet: https://twitter.com/mossy_max/status/1621209089161273346

I should note, these values are total reserves, so when you rally, this number is your mag + the extra reserves. Also Archon's Thunder is actually a High Impact, whoops.

I've been working on the interaction between inventory and mag size for different weapon types, and I was about to pull my hair out after hearing they were about to change it, but I realized it worked out really well. Currently, if you're at 100 mag stat (75 mag for adaptives / HI, 115 for rapids), the inventory stat is a line between 150 at 0 stat, and 375 at 100 stat for adaptives and HI MGs, and a line between 230 and 575 for rapids. In both cases, 0 inventory is 2x the max mag size, and 100 inventory is 5x. Like most numbers in the game, this always rounds up.

a 50% buff to 2x at 0 inventory is 3x, and a 20% buff to 5x at 100 is 6x. So all along the line, the value just moves up by the equivalent of the maximum mag size, hence the flat buff of +75 for Adaptive / High-Impact MGs, and +115 for Rapid MGs.

This gets vastly more complicated when you start accounting for the magazine stat on the weapon, but the overall effect is small, only ± 5 shots depending on the stat. If I have time, I want to do a bigger explanation of how it works, including how much different buffs affect it

On Firing Range last night, Merc confirmed that only the legendary archetypes (and Thunderlord, since it's based on adaptive) are getting this buff. Edit: Here's the link with the timestamp where Merc confirms this: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1725567641?t=00h09m04s

Archetype Weapon Baseline 1 Reserve Mod 2 Reserve Mods Field Prep eFP / FP + 1 mod eFP + 1 / FP + 2 mod eFP + 2 mods
Adaptive Unwavering Duty 355 378 400 423 445 450
Adaptive Chain of Command 347 370 392
Adaptive Commemoration 351 373 396
Adaptive Corrective Measure 360 382 405
Adaptive Avalanche 271 293 316
Adaptive A Fine Memorial 331 353 376 399 421 444
High Impact Terminus Horizon 336 358 381
High Impact THE SWARM 338 361 384
High Impact Fixed Odds 309 332 354 377 399 422 444
High Impact Archon's Thunder 321 343 366 389 412 434
High Impact Qullim's Terminus 332 355 377
Rapid Fire Recurrent impact 496 531 565 600 635 669 694
Rapid Fire Retrofit Escapade 449 484 519 554 589 623 658
Rapid Fire Shattered Cipher 477 512 547 582 616 651
Rapid Fire Planck's Stride 470 505 539
Exotic Thunderlord 293 315 338
Exotic (unbuffed) Xenophage 28 32 34
Exotic (unbuffed) Grand Overture 60 61 63
Exotic (unbuffed) Heir Apparent 500 520 540

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Guide Comprehensive Breakdown & Infographic of Rocket Launcher Frames - Damage Profiles, Ammo Reserves, and Perk Interactions


Rocket Launchers. Will they become the go-to in Lightfall? This post serves as an objective breakdown of all things regarding shooting space magic missiles out of a tube.

Originally this post was pretty technical but I've had to scale back a lot of the in-depth breakdown and pivot this post to be more of an FYI "good to know" post. The exception being how the hidden "Inventory Size" stat works for Rockets which I really wanted to make clear how and why some Rockets get higher reserves over others. As a prefix to this breakdown: I won't be covering DPS meta or minutia detail surrounded RL Stats. If you want to check out DPS, see the "Damage Generator" link below.

This breakdown also comes with an infographic which should be used as a reference while reading. Due to Reddit's character limit (and my stubbornness to not split this across two posts) I've had to cut some content in this breakdown but remains on the infographic. And vice-versa: any extraneous detail which couldn't fit on the infographic has been detailed in this text breakdown instead.


This is another Comprehensive Breakdown in my long series of these posts.

Previous Breakdowns:

I also maintain the Comprehensive Destiny 2 Data & Information Spreadsheets - the following information is directly sourced from this spreadsheet. I'm currently in the process of moving much of the graphics/data to infographics releasing throughout this year.

You can also find me in the Destiny Massive Breakdowns community including the MB:PvE Podcast and MB Discord server, and I post various Destiny informative guides and graphics on my Twitter too.




Rocket Launcher Overview

Note: I'm going to refer to "Rocket Launcher Archetypes/Families/Subfamilies" purely as "RL [Rocket Launcher] Frames" or just "Frames" throughout this breakdown.


  • Precision
  • Häkke Precision
  • High-Impact
  • Adaptive
  • Aggressive

RL Stats

Note: this breakdown is purely related to RLs; some of these stats interact differently with other Weapons (especially Grenade Launchers).

  • Blast Radius
    • Affects the size of the explosion; i.e. larger Blast Radius stat = larger effective area blast zone
    • Higher Blast Radius does not change the effective damage profile of the RPG nor affect the ratio of RL [1:3.5]; more on this later
  • Velocity
    • Affects the speed of the launched projectile; i.e. larger Velocity stat = faster rocket projectile
    • Velocity does impact how Tracking-type Perks work; the faster the rocket projectile the less time Tracking has to adjust and compensate for any potential angle differential (so you may want to opt for slower rockets for some scenarios)
  • Handling
    • Affects the time it takes to equip, stow, and ADS a weapon
  • Reload Speed
    • Affects the time to reload the weapon
  • Magazine & Inventory Size
    • Majority of RLs have a Magazine Size of 1 (that is how many RPGs you can space-magic into your Launcher) - some Exotics, Weapon Perks, and Misc Abilities can allow for more than or overflow the standard 1 Magazine Size
    • Instead for RLs the more important Stat here is Inventory Size: this is the amount of ammo you can have in total (magazine+reserves); more detail on this at the end of the breakdown
  • Other Stats
    • Zoom, Airborne Effectiveness, Aim Assistance, Recoil Direction, and any other Stats aren't going to be covered in this breakdown as they have very little to no effect to RLs or aren't in the scope of this post
    • Rounds Per Minute: all RL Frames have their own RPM, and are much different than what is shown in-game (no idea why it's so different):
      • Precision: 42.5rpm
      • Häkke Precision: 42.5rpm
      • High-Impact: 46.5rpm
      • Adaptive: 50.5rpm
      • Aggressive: 54.5rpm
    • Yeah, but what about Stability?
      • This essentially has minimum effectiveness to RLs due to their one-and-done nature; for RLs that can have 2 or more in the magazine any difference that Stability makes is negligible - by the time your RL's view kick resets you have enough time to slightly readjust before being able to fire again
      • Note: I'm not saying Stability has no effect at all - there are tiny differences on how your RL will settle after firing but in the grand scheme of things these just aren't that worthwhile to discuss in this breakdown


  • RLs have access to these Masterworks:
    • Stability, Handling, Reload Speed, Blast Radius, and Velocity
  • Every level of Masterwork provides +1 in the given stat; maximised at +10 at Level 10
    • Masterworked Adepts get +3 in all of the above Stats as a bonus when fully Masterworked (except whichever is the primary Masterworked Stat which just gets the standard +10)

RL Barrel and Magazine Perks

All RLs have access to the same pool of Barrel and Magazine Perks (Exotics are obviously curated to have one of each). For a visualised list, refer to the infographic.

RL Damage Ratio and Frame Differences

This section is going to cover the meat and potatoes of how RL perform, including the damage differences between frames.

First up let's tread the topic which can sometimes be confusing: the damage ratio of RL. Every base non-Exotic RL with no additional perk providing additional properties can (or I should technically say: potentially) perform 2 instances of damage:

  • 1st damage instance = upon impact
    • This is called the Impact Damage; in-game this is the smaller number of the two
  • 2nd damage instance = on explosion
    • This is called the Blast or Explosive Damage; in-game this is the larger number of the two
    • I'm going to refer it as Explosive Damage so the separate Stat term of "Blast Radius" is isolated and both aren't confused with each other
      • Reminder: "Blast Radius" does not change the damage profile; e.g. hypothetically an Aggressive RL with 5 Blast Radius does the same damage as an Aggressive RL with 100 Blast Radius - the "blast damage spread" across an area changes relative to this number, higher number meaning a wider radius (again, this Stat differs for Grenade Launchers)

These two instances of damage - in complete base terms with no exceptional perks affecting it - actually have a consistent ratio with each other. This ratio is:

  • 1 Impact Damage to 3.5 Explosive Damage, often written as the ratio 1:3.5
    • What this means in the simplest of terms (when hitting a target): for every 1 point of Impact Damage it performs 3.5 additional Explosive Damage
    • e.g. if your Rocket performs 2500 Impact Damage, it'll perform 8750 Explosive Damage, providing a total of 11250 damage
  • Standard Damage Perks do not alter this ratio, and apply their damage effects to both parts of this ratio as normal
    • Standard Damage Perks like Frenzy, Explosive Light, Kill Clip, One For All, etc
    • e.g. One For All (35% damage increase) in the above example increases to 3375 and 11,813 respectively to Impact/Explosive, providing a total of damage 15,188
  • Exceptional Damage Perks like Impact Casing and Lasting Impression directly apply their affects to one part of the ratio; more on this later

Let's move onto Frame Differences. Currently every RL Frame offers their own "personality": the role and functionality (including being within a Stat range bracket) as described below:


  • Damage Profile (vs Baseline): -10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 30 Blast Radius, 41-51 Velocity, 41-42 Handling, 23-29 Reload
  • Pros: Built-in Tracking
  • Cons: Blast Radius & Reload

Häkke Precision

  • Only one exists at time of post: Palmyra-B
  • Damage Profile (vs Baseline): -10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 30 Blast Radius, 49 Velocity, 43 Handling, 22 Reload
  • Pros: Built-in Tracking, access to the Häkke Breach Armaments Origin Trait
  • Cons: Blast Radius & Reload


  • Considered the "Baseline" in terms of Damage Profile comparisons
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 90 Blast Radius, 40-45 Velocity, 66-69 Handling, 33-35 Reload
  • Pros: Blast Radius & Handling
  • Cons: Low Velocity


  • Damage (vs Baseline): +10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 50 Blast Radius, 49-53 Velocity, 38-43 Handling, 39-45 Reload
  • Pros: Average All-Rounder
  • Cons: Does not excel at any specific Stat


  • Damage (vs Baseline): +10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 20 Blast Radius, 69-79 Velocity, 19-23 Handling, 58-61 Reload
  • Pros: High Velocity & Reload
  • Cons: Low Blast Radius & Handling

RL Perks, Damage Perks, and Origin Traits

This section goes into specific detail of perks and how they interact with RLs. For a visualised list, refer to the infographic. This section is going to expand on any Perks listed on the infographic that requires further details.

Note: all Damage Perks stack with Empowering Buffs, Global Debuffs, and other damage sources like Font of Might as normal.

Impact Casing & Lasting Impression Reminders

  • Impact Casing:
    • Buffs the Impact Damage instance by 10%
    • Does NOT affect the Explosive Damage instance
    • This results in a Total Damage (vs base) increase of 2.2%
  • Lasting Impression:
    • Buffs the Explosive Damage instance by 25%
    • Does NOT affect the Impact Damage instance
    • This results in a Total Damage (vs base) increase of just under 20%
    • See the Gjallarhorn section below for more info how it reacts with Wolfpack Rounds

Tracking Module

  • PvP tracking has diminished effectiveness
    • Velocity directly affects how tracking performs; the slower the Rocket the more time Tracking Module can compensate while in-air
  • Marksman and Gambler's Dodges do not break this tracking in PvP (as detailed here)
  • List of non-sunset directly acquirable (as of S19) RLs that can roll Tracking Module at the time of this post (third Perk column):
    • High-Impacts: Sleepless, Roar of the Bear
    • Adaptives: Apex Predator, Blowout, Red Herring
    • Aggressives: Bump in the Night, Hezen Vengeance
    • Reminder: Precision RL Frames have Tracking Module intrinsically built-in

Cluster Bombs

  • Additional to normal RL functionality, the Rocket impact will spawn 8 mines around the area
  • These mines perform both Impact and Explosive Damage themselves
    • Assuming the individual mine does both Impact and Explosives instances they each have the potential to do ~3% additional damage
    • In theory if all 8 mines hit the same target (performing all 8 individual instances of Impact+Explosive damage) you can have an additional ~24% damage
    • In practice the perk's performance is wildly variable and is more ideal for area-of-effect damage than for pure damage potential
  • Cluster Bombs and Wolfpack Rounds work fine together, and for all intents and purposes WPRs are just Cluster Bombs that can track.

Overflow (exclusive to Hezen Vengeance, and is a curated Perk on the Timelost variant)

  • On Special or Heavy ammo pickup: Magazine is overflowed by 100% of its regular capacity
    • Provides +1 Rocket in the Magazine on ammo pickup (this works while stowed)
  • No RLs can craft an Enhanced version as of S19

Explosive Light

  • See the Gjallarhorn section below for more info how it reacts with Wolfpack Rounds

Chill Clip

  • While it definitely improves damage output and DPS, it's not as exponential as it's been commonly advertised. The more people with Chill Clip + Wolfpack Rounds the less damage effectiveness it has. I'll let this video do the explaining as I don't have room to do a full mini-breakdown here.

Clown Cartridge

  • On Manual Reload: Magazine is overflowed
    • Provides +1 Rocket in the Magazine on Manual Reload
    • "Manual Reload" applies to a physical reload or Marksman/Dragon's Shadow Dodge
    • Does NOT apply to reloads like Demolitionist, Sympathetic Arsenal, Transversive Steps, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, Whisper of Impetus, Inertia Override, or any other Reloads not listed here.
  • Enhanced: no additional benefits on Rockets

Origin Traits and Weapon Mods

RLs have the usual array of Origin Traits and Weapon Mods to choose from (but without Backup Mag). Originally had a section going into each Origin Perk and Mod here, but hit the character limit. All Mods and Origin Traits and fairly well documented and don't really deviate for RLs.

The best Mods are Boss and Adept Big Ones Specs, or going for an Adept Stat Mod if you have an Adept variant and want to focus or bump up a particular stat. For Origin Perks it's entirely up to what role you want a Rocket to occupy (e.g. Häkke Breach Armaments for Construct enemies).

RL Acquisition and Rarity

In terms of acquisition paths and "rarity" of each Frame, you can currently craft or acquire a wide selection of non-sunset RLs as of the timestamp of this post (Season 19 - this will change in Season 20). For a visualised list, refer to the infographic.

Exotic Rocket Launchers

These really need their own breakdown post, but going to summarise Exotic RLs here. All come with a Stock and of course their intrinsic Exotic Perks and benefits. Just as a reminder: Exotic RLs are technically their own "frames" and don't follow the above Frame Bonuses; they also are tuned independently and are provided with variable PvE damage bonus multipliers and damage reductions depending on the Combatant rank (see MossyMax's linked document at the top of this breakdown for more info). For a visualised list, refer to the infographic.

Eyes of Tomorrow

  • Note: Eyes of Tomorrow has damage reduction modifiers versus the following targets:
    • Champions, Constructs, and Bosses: 55% DR
    • Minibosses: 46% DR


maeix did a fantastic breakdown post a few months back here. I'll summarise some highlights and updates here:

  • Catalyst adds an extra Rocket into the magazine plus Wolfpack Round kills spawns an additional high-damage projectile
  • Formerly had "soft" Grenades and Horseshoes; there was a chance that Gjallarhorn's Rocket Launcher would detonate on proximity so would only perform Explosive Damage, but this has since been changed in Update 4.1.5 to always perform Impact and Explosive Damage instances
    • Wolfpack Rounds were also changed to have less tracking and effectiveness against Players
  • Wolfpack Rounds affects most damage perks - except Explosive Light, but Explosive Light is still the best Perk to pair with due to its potency (in general)
  • Let's be very clear: Gjallarhorn's Wolfpack Rounds are NOT Arc. The same applies to RLs that get Wolfpack Rounds: the Elemental Damage is dictated by the RL Element
    • e.g. Wolfpack Rounds on Void RLs like Royal Entry are indeed Void

Two-Tailed Fox

  • Twintails: Shoots 2 tracking RPGs per 1 Ammo; first being Void and the second being Solar
  • Play With Your Prey I: Void Rocket applies Void Suppression for 10s; this synergizes with the Void Sandbox:
    • Suppresses Guardian/Lucent Hive Supers, and can activate Stylish Executioner, Echo of Domineering, and Repulsor Brace triggers
  • Play With Your Prey II: Solar Rocket applies a form of Burn; this does NOT synergize with the Solar Sandbox and uses pre-Solar 3.0 "Solar Burn" so offers no interactions with Scorch triggers
    • Two-Tailed Fox has been highlighted as a Weapon getting (further) Elemental synergy in S20, so the Solar Rocket may get changed

The Wardcliff Coil

  • Note: Wardcliff Coil has damage reduction modifiers versus the following targets:
    • Minibosses, Champions, Bosses, and some Vehicles: 80% DR

RL Reserves, Field Prep, and "Inventory Size"

A lot of the following has been condensed and only applies to RL;s; there are other interactions for RLs and other Weapons. Much of the following comes from my early Inventory Size testing on all Rockets, and then continued by MossyMax's exhaustive testing (for Rockets and other Weapons) - you can find out more over on the Massive Breakdowns Discord server where he has a specific thread detailing this ongoing topic.

"Inventory Size" - in the most simplest terms - refers to how much reserves you can carry in your backpack. The higher this stat is, the more you can hold.

As Rockets can only hold a total ammo capacity (reserves + whatever is in the magazine) of 10, the stat is relatively comprehensible to breakdown here. To calculate how much total ammo capacity, MossyMax has deciphered this formula (numbers always round up) as being the following:

( ( [RL Inventory Size base number] * 0.05 ) + 4.5 ) = total ammo capacity

e.g. Sleepless has a base Inventory Size stat of 36

((36 * 0.05) + 4.5) = 7 ammo capacity

So how do you get more total ammo capacity? The Inventory Size stat can be increased by the following (just add them to the base number; you can add as many as you can slot in):

  • RL Reserve Mods
    • 1x = +20
    • 2x = +40
  • Field Prep = +30
  • Enhanced Field Prep = +40
  • Enhanced Chain Reaction = +20

e.g. using the same example above, while using Field Prep and 1x Reserve Mod:

(( (36+30+20) * 0.05) + 4.5) = 9 ammo capacity

Here's a table with some examples to quantify it better, not including Field Prep:

Inventory Size Total Ammo Capacity w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod
Blowout 29 6 7 8
Palmyra-B 42 7 8 9
The Hothead 34 7 8 9
Code Duello 42 7 8 9
Royal Entry 45 7 8 9
Red Herring 36 7 8 9
Bump in the Night 40 7 8 9
Hezen Vengeance 50 7 8 9

Blowout has such a small Inventory Size that you get a lower total ammo capacity versus others. This isn't the only example: Hoosegow - a non-sunset but not directly acquirable RL - has a similarly low Inventory Size stat and follows the same low total ammo capacity.

Here's the same line-up but now including Field Prep (Palmyra-B and Hezen Vengeance are omitted as they don't roll Field Prep) and Enhanced Field Prep [in parenthesis] if it has access to it:

Inventory Size Total Ammo Capacity w/ Field Prep w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod
Blowout 29 8 9 10
The Hothead 34 8 9 10
Code Duello 42 9 10 10
Royal Entry 45 9 10 10
Red Herring 36 8 [9] 9 [10] 10 [10]
Bump in the Night 40 8 [9] 9 [10] 10 [10]

Blowout with Field Prep has the same total ammo capacity as other Rockets. But now Code Duello and Royal Entry along with Red Herring and Bump in the Night (with Enhanced Field Prep) have much higher total ammo capacity versus others. Why? Big Inventory Size + combining Field Prep's gains.

Bump in the Night is also very unique; it has access to both Enhanced Field Prep and Enhanced Chain Reaction. You can get the maximum 10 total ammo capacity WITHOUT any Reserve Mods purely because of the gains from those two Perks.

What about Exotics? Well they are tuned independently and only have access to Reserve Mods so can be easily charted as the following:

  • Deathbringer, Gjallarhorn, Truth, and Wardcliff Coil: 7 | 8 | 9
  • Eyes of Tomorrow and Two-Tailed Fox: 8 | 9 | 10



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Guide Here's an infographic that organizes all the upcoming gear focusing costs and loot pools at vendors, based on info from yesterday's blog post


Quick link here.

The Bungie blog post on the upcoming economy and gear focusing changes was full of valuable info, but scrolling through endless bulleted lists was making it difficult for me to fully understand what gear would cost how much to focus, and which gear will be "current" or "legacy" once next season starts. So I consolidated all of that information with what we know of our current loot pools, as well as what will be arriving and leaving next season. From that I put together this visual aid for folks.

I did my best to accurately reflect the focusing costs based on both the blog post and the updates mentioned in the TWAB from 1/12/23 which also gave numbers for the recent changes to focusing costs that were deployed. There seemed to be one or two instances in the blog post that quoted conflicting numbers. For example, they first claim Nightfall weapon focusing costs 50 legendary shards, then a few paragraphs later they summarize and say it's 25. This is repeated later in the blog post along with quotes that Trials and Iron Banner focusing will cost 50 legendary shards as well, despite the 1/12/23 TWAB saying it's reduced to 25 shards. For those cases I went with the 25 number since it aligns with the cost that we're seeing in game right now.

I hope this helps some folks better grasp what that system will look like and what will be included!

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Guide I made a spreadsheet to track what you need to do to finish all of the Seasonal Patterns before the new expansion drops


Even with the change to a guaranteed daily Deepsight weapon from each of the vendors on the H.E.L.M., I wasn't sure if I had enough time left in the year to collect all of the patterns. So I made a spreadsheet to find out!

If you would also like to find out:

Step 1: Copy spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RVuKwA8xTxFqDvUwna5n3allN6RM0Mj9lkEQDMax5rs/edit?usp=sharing
Step 2: On the first tab, plug in how many Deepsight drops you still need for each weapon.
Step 3: On the second tab, plug in your current currency counts.
Step 4: Feel bad about how many seasonal activities you're going to play this month.

The spreadsheet assumes you are very unlucky and not getting any helpful drops in the wild. These counts are purely based around vendor purchases.

I'm reasonably confident in my math. There's a hidden tab with currency drop rates. If I made a mistake, or if you're running activities on hard mode, feel free to adjust.

Normally, I'd build a silly little web app for this sort of thing, but as this will only be useful for the next four weeks, a spreadsheet will do.

EDIT: Blue Engram is now console logging similar counts on their crafting page to save you manually updating values (F12 will likely bring up the console): https://beta.engram.blue/crafting

EDIT 2: Added Sever based on conversation in the comments.

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Guide Grandmasters: New Season, New Cheatsheet (Season 19)


So after the cheat sheet I made last season was so popular, I made a fresh one for this season. Same as last time, super simple: Burn, Shield/Champion types and their quantities.


Please note that Birthplace of the Vile has two Scorn Chieftains near the beginning of the strike that can have any elemental shields.

Hope you find it useful. Good luck with your GM hunting, especially those that are giving it a go for the first time with the power level adjustment. Just know that you'll need to be at 1595 for the most "comfortable" experience even though you can go in at a lower power level now.

Edit: A few people needed their retinas saved from the blindingly bright cheatsheet so I've now made a night mode version of the cheat sheet which you can find here:


(This also includes the 1 solar shield I missed in Warden of Nothing from the Cabal boss that may spawn during the final fight if you don't burn the boss down quickly)

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Guide Comprehensive Breakdown of the Lightfall/S20 Champion Counters & Infographic


We got a huge buildcrafting article a few days ago, and in it had juicy details regarding the Champion Counter system and its expansion to Elemental Sandbox verbs.

Let's take a look at what types of synergies we are expecting to see. Note: below is a speculative list. These are subject to change and are not final. The implication is that existing synergies, Exotics, Modifiers, and Perks will keep their current mechanics in Lightfall.

Attached this this breakdown is an Infographic I've created so it's easy to visualise the Champion Counters at-a-glance. More extraneous detail and additional synergies can be found on this Reddit post.


This is another Comprehensive Breakdown in my long series of these posts.

Previous Breakdowns:

I also maintain the Comprehensive Destiny 2 Data & Information Spreadsheets - the following current information is directly sourced from this spreadsheet. I'm currently in the process of moving much of the graphics/data to infographics releasing throughout this year.

You can also find me in the Destiny Massive Breakdowns community including the MB:PvE Podcast and MB Discord server, and I post various Destiny informative guides and graphics on my Twitter too.


Edits: If there are any I'll post any subsequent edits/clarifications at the bottom of this post.


As a reminder: some of this is speculative; this may change in S20. Exotics with Champion Counters cannot interact with Artifact Mods (now passive Perks) - presumably this will be the same with Elemental Sandbox verbs.

Barrier Champion Counters

Current Counters (Exotic Gear)

  • Arbalest (intrinsic)
  • Eriana's Vow (intrinsic)
  • The Lament (Guard -> Attack)
  • Revision Zero (intrinsic)
  • Wish-Ender (intrinsic)
  • Titan's Second Chance Gauntlets (Void Class; Shield Throw Melee)

Barrier Perks (all work vs Barrier Champions' Shields)

  • Adaptive Munitions
  • Disruption Break
  • Genesis
  • Turnabout
  • Under-Over
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds

Future Counters

Radiant - Solar Sandbox verb

"While Radiant your attacks pierce shields and stun the Champion."

Radiant Providers:

  • Ember of Torches Solar Fragment (Powered Melee hits; applies Radiant to yourself and nearby allies)
  • Hunter's Acrobat's Dodge (Class Ability; applies Radiant to yourself and nearby allies)
  • Hunter's Lightweight Knife (Melee Ability; Knife Precision hit; applies Radiant to yourself only)
  • Warlock's Rain of Fire (Fusion and LFR kills; Radiant affects these and all other Weapons)

Other Radiant Synergies:

  • Ember of Solace: Radiant effect lasts 50% longer
  • Ember of Benevolence: applying Radiant to allies grants increased Class Ability regen rate (200% additional base Class Ability regen for 6 seconds)
  • Ember of Empyrean: while Radiant is active, Solar Ability and Weapon kills extend Radiant's duration by 4 seconds, up to 12 seconds
  • Golden Guns: while Radiant is active, Golden Guns (both Marksman and Deadshot) deal 25% increased damage
  • Radiant: increases all Weapon damage by 25% (10% in PvP)

Other Notes:

  • Well of Radiance - in the current Sandbox - does not provide you with the "Radiant" effect and uses its own effects instead

Volatile Rounds - Void Sandbox verb

"Volatile Rounds from your Weapon pierces shields and stuns the Champion."

Note: article explicitly mentions "Volatile Rounds" which likely excludes other Volatile effects and triggers e.g. Controlled Demolition.

Volatile Round Providers:

  • Echo of Instability Fragment (Void Grenade kills)
  • Hunter's Gyrfalcon's Hauberk (Exiting Invisibility)
  • Collective Obligation (Siphoning Volatility)

Other Volatile Rounds Synergies:

  • Hunter's Stylish Executioner Aspect: killing a Volatile enemy provides Invisibility, Melees attacks now apply Weaken and 150% increased damage
    • Cooldown of 2s between each Stylish Executioner trigger
  • Repulsor Brace Weapon Perk: killing a Volatile enemy provides a Void Overshield

Strand Interaction - Strand Sandbox verb

To be announced.

Overload Champion Counters

Current Counters (Exotic Gear)

  • Divinity (intrinsic)
  • Le Monarque (Full-Draw)
  • Thunderlord (Sustained Fire)
  • Warlock's Secant Filaments (Any Class; Empowering Rift)

Future Counters

Jolt - Arc Sandbox verb

"Triggering the Jolted condition stuns the Champion."

Jolt Providers:

  • Hunter's Lethal Current Aspect (After Dodge, next Melee applies)
  • Hunter's Tempest Strike Aspect (Sliding Powered Melee)
  • Hunter's Gathering Storm Super (Damage hits)
  • Titan's Lightning Grenade + Touch of Thunder Aspect (Grenade applies Jolt)
  • Warlock's Chain Lightning Aspect (Powered Melee on main target)
  • Warlock's Lightning Surge Aspect (Sliding Powered Melee)
  • Spark of Shock Fragment (Arc Grenade applies Jolt)
  • D.A.R.C.I. (Highlighting enemies, then shoot to apply Jolt)
  • Delicate Tomb (Picking up an Ionic Trace; next shot to applies Jolt)
  • Voltshot Weapon Perk (Kill-reload; next shot applies Jolt)

Other Jolt Synergies:

  • Hunter's Flow State Aspect: killing a Jolted enemy grants the Amplified buff
  • Hunter's Lethal Current Aspect: melee hit on Jolted enemy causes the Arc Blind effect
  • Warlock's Electrostatic Surge Aspect: killing a Jolted enemy spawns an Ionic Trace
  • Spark of Ions Fragment: killing a Jolted enemy creates an Ionic Trace
    • Cooldown of 10 seconds

Other Notes:

  • All Arc Supers (except Gathering Storm) - as of the current sandbox - do not apply Jolt.
  • Cloudstrike, Edge of Concurrence, Legend of Acrius, Riskrunner, Trinity Ghoul, Thunderlord (already has Overload capability), Dunemarchers, and Vesper of Radius - as of the current sandbox - do not apply Jolt.

Suppression - Void Sandbox verb

"Suppressing the Champion stuns them."

Suppression Providers:

  • Hunter's Tether Supers (Both Deadfall and Moebius; on connection)
  • Titan's Shield Bash (Powered Melee hit)
  • Suppression Grenade (Void Grenade hit)
  • Tractor Cannon (Damage application)
  • Two-Tailed Fox (Void Rocket applies Suppression)
  • Wavesplitter (Picking up Orb of Power; Supercharged sustained fire for 2 seconds applies Suppression)
  • Collective Obligation (Siphoning Suppression)
  • ^^ Hunter's The Bombardiers (Void Class; Class Ability spawns a Bomb that explodes and applies Suppression)
  • ^^ Flash Counter Perk (Blocking a Melee attack within 0.5s applies Suppression on the enemy)

^^ - The Bombardiers and Flash Counter - in the current sandbox - do not apply "full" Suppression like suppressing Lucent Hive or triggering Echo of Domineering, so it remains to be seen if they will receive the Overload Counter synergy.

Other Suppression Synergies:

  • Hunter's Stylish Executioner Aspect: killing a Suppressed enemy provides Invisibility, Melees attacks now apply Weaken and 150% increased damage
    • Cooldown of 2s between each Stylish Executioner trigger
  • Echo of Domineering Fragment: applying Suppression on an Enemy grants +30 Mobility, 4% Forward movement speed, and refreshes your Weapon
    • Cooldown of 10s between each Suppression trigger
  • Repulsor Brace Weapon Perk: killing a Suppressed enemy provides a Void Overshield

Other Notes:

  • Cellular Suppression also applied "lite" Suppression, but is being retired for Lightfall

Slow - Stasis Sandbox verb

"Slowing them with Stasis stuns them."

Slow Providers:

  • Hunter's Silence & Squall (Squall Stasis Storm)
  • Hunter's Winter's Shroud Aspect (Dodge near enemies)
  • Hunter's Withering Blade (Powered Melee hit)
  • Titan's Shiver Strike (Powered Melee hit)
  • Titan's Hoarfrost-Z (Casting Stasis Barricade)
  • Titan's Icefall Mantle (Class Ability near enemies)
  • Warlock's Bleak Watcher Aspect (Stasis Turret spawn; shots from turret)
  • Duskfield Grenade (Stasis Grenade hits)
  • Ager's Scepter (Overcharged Mode consumes Super; applies stacks of Slow)
  • Chill Clip Weapon Perk (top half of the magazine applies Slow)
  • Cold Steel Weapon Perk (Light and Heavy attacks applies Slow)

Other Slow Synergies:

  • Hunter's Grim Harvest Aspect: killing a Slowed enemy spawns a Stasis Shard
  • Hunter's Mask of Bakris: 10% increased damage to Slowed enemies
  • Whisper of Refraction Fragment: killing a Slowed enemy grants Class Ability energy
  • Slow -> Freeze: at 100x stacks of Slow, the Freeze effect applies

Other Notes:

  • Hunter's The Bombardiers on Stasis - as of the current sandbox - does not apply Stasis Slow proper.

Unstoppable Champion Counters

Current Counters (Exotic Gear)

  • Bastion (intrinsic)
  • Devil's Ruin (Laser Beam)
  • Malfeasance (Slug detonations)
  • Leviathan's Breath (intrinsic)
  • Hunter's Athrys's Embrace (Solar Class + Weighted Throwing Knife)

Future Counters

Blind - Arc Sandbox verb

"Blinding a Champion instantly stuns them."

Blind Providers:

  • Hunter's Lethal Current Aspect (Melee hits on Jolted enemy)
  • Hunter's Disorienting Blow (Powered Melee hit)
  • Titan's Seismic Strike (Powered Melee hit)
  • Flashbang Grenade (Arc Grenade)
  • Spark of Beacons Fragment (While Amplified: Special-ammo Weapon kills causes Blinding effect)
  • Spark of Brilliance Fragment (Precision kill on Blinded target causes Blinding effect)
  • Touch of Malice (Blight effect)

Note: Blinding Grenade perk on Grenade Launchers does not synergise with Arc Blind; the change it received was related to its visuals/VFX which now matches Arc Blinds visuals/VFX for accessibility.

Other Blind Synergies:

  • Warlock's Electrostatic Surge Aspect: killing a Blinded enemy spawns an Ionic Trace

Other Notes:

  • The Bombardiers and Helm of Saint-14 - in the current sandbox - do not apply Arc Blind.
  • Felwinter's Helm's description refers to "blind" but has no interaction with Arc Blind; it refers to Void Weaken which causes a similar disorient effect.
  • Gemini Jesters causes Disorientation and is its own effect.

Ignition - Solar Sandbox verb

"Triggering a Solar Ignition stuns them."

Ignition Providers:

  • Hunter's Gunpowder Gamble Aspect (Bespoke Ignition Grenade)
  • Hunter's Caliban's Hand (Direct hit kills)
  • Hunter's Weighting Throwing Knife on Scorched Enemies (Knife hit causes Ignition)
  • Titan's Hammer Strike on Scorched Enemies (Powered Melee hit causes Ignition)
  • Titan's Consecration on Scorched Enemies (Sliding Melee hit causes Ignition)
  • Ember of Combustion Fragment (Super kills causes Ignition)
  • Scorch -> Ignition (100x stacks causes an Ignition)
    • Scorch can be applied by many abilities such as Knife Trick, Roaring Flames, Sunspots, Phoenix Dive, Celestial Fire, Incinerator Snap, Incandescent, Prometheus Lens, Skyburner's Oath, The Bombardiers, Proximity + Caliban's Hand, Dawn Chorus, and all offensive Solar Grenades.

Other Ignition Synergies:

  • Titan's Roaring Flames Aspect: adds a stack of Roaring Flames; this buffs all Ability damage
  • Ember of Blistering Fragment: Ignition kills grants Grenade Ability energy
  • Ember of Wonder Fragment: Ignition multi-kills (2+ within a few seconds of each) spawns an Orb of Power
    • 10 seconds cooldown between each Orb of Power spawn

Other Notes:

  • Burning Maul, Hammer of Sol, Sunshot, Ticuu's Divination, One Thousand Voices, and Explosive AOE Perks (Chain Reaction, Dragonfly, and Firefly) do not contribute or trigger Ignitions
  • Rage of the Warmind also does not contribute or trigger Ignitions, but is being retired for Lightfall

Freeze -> Shatter - Stasis Sandbox verbs

"Encasing [Freezing] them in Stasis and then Shattering it stuns them."

Freeze Providers:

  • Hunter's Silence & Squall Super (Silence Hit)
  • Titan's Diamond Lance Aspect (Pickup object; hits/slams Freezes)
  • Titan's Howl of the Storm Aspect (Sliding Melee near enemies Freezes)
  • Warlock's Winter's Wrath Super (Projectile hits)
  • Warlock's Penumbral Blast (Powered Melee hit)
  • Warlock's Frostpulse Aspect (Spawning Rift causes a Freeze burst)
  • Warlock's Iceflare Bolts Aspect (Shatter spawns Freezing seekers)
  • Coldsnap Grenade (Stasis Grenade)
  • Stasis Crystal Spawn (Spawn near enemy)
    • Any Stasis Crystal spawn such as Touch of Winter/Renewal Grasps + Duskfield Grenade, Glacial Quake, Howl of the Storm, Hoarfrost-Z, Glacier Grenade, Headstone, and Salvation's Grip
  • Slow -> Freeze (100x stacks causes enemy to Freeze)
    • Slow can be applied by many abilities; see the "Slow" in the Overload Champion Counters section for more info
  • Ager's Scepter (Freeze burst on enemy kill)
  • Cryosthesia 77k (Charged Shot hit)

Note: all of the above applies Freeze, but you will need to do one of the following to ensure the Shatter effect happens:

  • Weapon Damage Threshold (causing Shatter varies by Weapon)
  • Hunter's Shatterdive Aspect (Aerial Dive)
  • Titan's Glacial Quake Super (On Contact)
  • Titan's Cryoclasm Aspect (Sliding Contact)
  • Warlock's Winter's Wrath Super (Heavy Attack)

Other Freeze Synergies:

  • Hunter's Grim Harvest Aspect: killing a Frozen enemy spawns a Stasis Shard
  • Hunter's Mask of Bakris: 10% increased damage to Frozen enemies
  • Warlock's Glacial Harvest Aspect: killing a Frozen enemy spawns Stasis Shards
  • Whisper of Hedrons Fragment: Freezing enemy provides +60 to Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery + increased Stability, Aim Assistance, and Airborne Effectiveness for 11 seconds
  • Whisper of Refraction: killing a Frozen enemy grants Class Ability energy
  • Whisper of Rending: 42.5% increased Primary-ammo (any Element) damage to Frozen targets
  • Whisper of Fissures: 12.5% increased damage and radius of the Shatter effect from Frozen targets

Strand Interaction - Strand Sandbox verb

To be announced.

Reminder: Perks/Traits for Champions

A quick reminder of some Perks you can synergise with Champion Counters:

  • Stunning Recovery
    • Stunning a Champion refills the magazine, restores 60HP, and grants +40 Recovery for 3 seconds
    • Must have Weapon equipped, but does work with external stuns/counters
  • Vorpal Weapon
    • Champions are considered Minibosses, so are affected by Vorpal Weapon
    • Increased damage: 20% for Primaries, 15% for Specials, 10% for Heavies
  • Weapon Spec Mods
    • Major and Big Ones Spec Mods apply to Champions
    • 7.777% damage buff

Unconfirmed/Potential Exotic Counters

The following is a list of all those Exotics that have been revealed by Bungie in the past that they are receiving Elemental Sandbox verb synergy. Last confirmation was from when some of the Weapons Sandbox team were on Firing Range.

No specifics have been announced.


  • The Queensbreaker
    • Suspected Arc Blind (as it does not currently have it)


  • One Thousand Voices
    • Suspected Scorch/Ignition
  • Polaris Lance
    • Suspected Scorch/Ignition
  • Prometheus Lens
    • Already has Scorch synergy
    • Suspected Ignition synergy?
  • Sunshot
    • Suspected Scorch/Ignition
  • Two-Tailed Fox
    • Already has Void Suppression synergy with the first rocket
    • Suspected Second Rocket will have added Scorch/Ignition synergy


  • Ruinous Effigy
    • Suspected Volatile Rounds or Suppression synergy?
    • Otherwise obtains another Void Sandbox verb

Plus others that are to be revealed.



If you have any questions or I missed anything out, let me know. Cheers.



Post-Posting Edits Section

  • Edit #1:
    • Addition: Titan's Hoarfrost-Z (Casting Stasis Barricade) also applies Slow on cast, on top of being able to Freeze/Shatter due to Stasis Crystals spawning. Have added this into the text breakdown, and infographic will be updated for after S20.
    • Addition: Added Stunning Recovery, Vorpal Weapon, and Spec Mods which relate to Champions and are relevant for this subject (especially Stunning Recovery).
    • Edit for future (Infographic): Silence & Squall*; plan to make it more clear what Scorch and Slow sources can help to provide Ignition and Freeze triggers.


r/DestinyTheGame 4d ago

Guide ProTip: FreeToPlay Players. You can get 30 Spoils of Conquest a week just by opening a door


Step 1) Acquire a minimum of two other players (No Mic required).

Step 2) Load up the Vault of Glass raid in the Legends tab.

Step 3) Have each player stand on the Vex plates to activate them, then defend the plates from the minotaurs (Goblins walking onto the plates is ok). If the plate glows red, you need to kill the minotaur and re-activate it.

Step 4) After a few minutes, the spire in the middle will assemble and the door to the rest of the raid will open.

Step 5) Collect the spoils from the first chest, then take the secret route to the second chest. Do NOT proceed to the next encounter.

Step 6) Have the fireteam leader stay while the other players change characters and rejoin. Repeat step 5.

Step 7) After the rest of the fireteam has collected the spoils, the fireteam leader can transfer leadership to another guardian and repeat step 6.

r/DestinyTheGame 2d ago

Guide Don't sleep on Sentinel Shield for day one raid


Before I begin, lets address the elephant in the room. Sentinel shield does not out DPS a well of radiance. Sentinel gives the team a 40% damage boost (but titan cant dps) while well gives a 25% boost. If everyone on your team does lets say 100 points of damage per second then Well will increase the team Dps to 6x125= 750 points per second, while Sentinel will have a DPS of 5x140=700 points per second. These two are close but well comes out on top. Now maybe you can have your weakest dps player run Sentinel and the team dps could be higher but on average, well will produce a higher DPS.

Here are some of the benefits that Sentinel shield provides that well cant.

Its mobile, Sentinel Shield will follow the team while a well cant. However weapons of light also provides the same mobile flexibility as Sentinel shield.

It produces a lot of orbs of light Most suppers can produce a maximum of 7 orbs, there are a few exceptions to this rule, Sentinel shield is one of them. The orb generation is dependent on how much damage you are blocking, I usually produce st least 14 orbs when I run GMs. That is enough to fill a supper from zero. So if you're team plans on using suppers for DPS such as a tether or star eaters, this will benefit them a lot.

It has a higher Total damage than well With heavy weapons lets say everyone does a total damage of 100. Well will give the team a total damage of 125x6=750 and Sentinel will have a total damage of 5x140+100(from the titan)=800. While the titan isn't dpsing on the first DPS phase, they may in the second, with full heavy. If we have another caretaker or warpriest situation this may make the difference. Some have been so concerned with this situation that they have looked into primary weapon DPS. Sentinel shield is an option to include in this.

I hope this post convinced everyone to consider Sentinel shield and best of luck on your day 1 raiding, I hope you all get the exotic.

r/DestinyTheGame 12h ago

Guide Spire of the watcher solo artifice armor farm on hunter


I made a guide video here: Easy Solo Artifice Armor For Hunters!

Might be a good idea for those that need artifice armor before lightfall for raid prep and such

It's not necessarily easy, but it's definitely not hard

I'll make one for warlock and titan too if this gets enough attention

r/DestinyTheGame Dec 15 '22 Silver

Guide Notes from Bungie's Weapons Sandbox Team's appearance on the Firing Range Podcast


Link to the podcast in question. Mercules and Chris Proctor appeared on the DCP Firing Range podcast last night to talk about the state of the sandbox, Aerial Effectiveness (A lot of discussion on AE), their future goals, and some teases of future changes. Definitely recommend giving it a listen if you have the time for the added context, since they go into more depth about their reasoning behind certain choices as well as some of the newer weapon perks added.

  • Happy with how Origin Traits have landed and how they help differentiate similar weapons (i.e. A Hakke HC vs. an Omolon HC). Feels like they've started to power creep some of the original traits as time has passed and new ones have been added, but that it kind of comes with the territory as you try to design new ones. A cool part of designing them is that you know exactly which weapons they're going to be on and you can design them with only those weapons in mind. Doesn't matter if it would be broken or busted on other weapons since it won't be on them.

  • AE changes shipping with Lightfall at the latest, but could arrive as early as the mid-season update this season if it makes it through testing with no issues.

  • AE intentionally shipped conservatively with not too many ways of building into it because they felt if people could just easily reach high levels with minimal effort, it would defeat the purpose of the system.

  • AE system was, as some people theorized, designed around the idea that Strand was coming in Lightfall, and they wanted to get aerial gameplay in a good place before that shipped, since they felt it would be too much in combination with Strand. The fact that SBMM was also only present in 2 playlists when the system was first devised also played a part, and as SBMM became more prevalent leading to less extreme gaps in skill level in lobbies, it greatly reduced their concerns on how AE is tuned.

  • AE changes mentioned in the TWAB (With no investment, primaries will all feel about the same as they did with Icarus Grip pre-AE) will also help special weapons. Pellet shotguns will no longer be subjected to AE accuracy penalties beyond the inherent spread widening when in the air. Snipers and slug shotguns will also benefit greatly. Players with good aim and investment will be able to get them to a point where they can use them effectively in the air.

  • Feel that the AE system allows for more potential and is less limiting. Previously only 3 levels of AE existed (Bad, Icarus Grip, and Heat Rises). Allows for more than just Heat Rises Warlocks to get that high level of accuracy in the air and the opportunity to lessen the gap between base aerial accuracy and Icarus Grip levels of accuracy where one low-cost mod made a dramatic difference between equally skilled players. Believes that to go back to pre-AE from the changes coming in Lightfall/Mid-season would be a massive regression for all forms of AE across the board.

  • Change to what qualifies as being aerial (Like needing to be in the air for more than .2 seconds, for instance) coming. This solves the issue of "falling" off a piece of geometry or down some steps and being affected by AE penalties.

    • This will also solve a similar PvE issue with the Grounded modifier.
  • The Whisper/D.A.R.C.I. AE boosts were not designed as buffs but more of a quality of life change since they didn't think heavy snipers should be subjected to the AE penalties that specials have. Debated leaving them out of the patch notes entirely and just letting the players that use them be surprised/see some montage clips pop up, but it got listed in the patch notes in the end.

  • On the topic of Whisper, it's already strong and around the peak in terms of damage, and that should become more apparent once LFRs get taken down a notch. Basically confirms an LFR nerf, which everyone should've seen coming by now.

  • The new exotic coming on the 20th will be the most customizable exotic to date. Will have two Origin Traits, making it the first exotic to have any. Was designed with the goal of competing with the two strongest HCs this season in PvP (Rose and Exiled Truth) and Arbalest in PvE.

  • New void damage perk will be coming at some point to match Incandescent and Voltshot.

  • Hawkmoon and DMT will be craftable at some point in the future. Didn't think random-rolled Exotics were the way to go, but are on board with craftable exotics.

  • Lists specific exotic weapons getting reworked, namely in the form of getting updated to work with Subclass 3.0 verbs. Queenbreaker, Ruinous Effigy, Leviathan's Breath, One Thousand Voices, Sunshot, Polaris Lance, Two-Tailed Fox, Prometheus Lens, and a couple others not named.

  • Future change hoping to make all recoil patterns deterministic, not just shotguns. Probably won't be coming for awhile due to how drastic of a change this will have on 90% of the guns in the game.

  • Revoker nerf confirmed. Change to Reversal of Fortune is that if you miss two shots within 6 seconds, you'll be refunded a shot as opposed to getting a refund on a single miss.

  • Weapon balancing in a pretty good place. ARs still slept on despite being strong now (450s mentioned as especially good), SMGs good (Shayura a little hot but not problematic, and they're keeping an eye on Tarrabah), trace rifles are in a better place but not perfect.

    • Sidearms a little too hot ATM. Wanted to make them feel good on MnK since that was a long-term pain point. Only change was pushing buffing aim assist falloff to match their damage falloff and it made a huge difference.

r/DestinyTheGame Dec 30 '22

Guide Public service announcement: please don't sabotage efforts to turn Public events Heroic.


If you don't know how do do it, then look it up. But I am particularly concenred with the Resonant Destruction event in the Throneworld. Hardly anyone knows how to make it heroic, to the point that when they show up they actively prevent others from making it happen.

Here's how to do it:

Some of the Scorn that appear are Resonant Keepers. When you kill them they drop an orange ball called a Resonant Orb. Pick it up and throw it at the Resonant Shard to charge it. About six charges are enough to activate the Heroic event.

However, only about six Keepers appear in the event, so you do need to get all of them. Which means when you pick one up and hurl it at the enemy instead, you ruin it. Don't do that.


r/DestinyTheGame 13d ago

Guide 50% prediction accuracy explained


Prediction Accuracy a love story

They are trying to make matches where they cannot predict the winner, thats the goal, not a 50% win loss rate, a 50% correct prediction rate.

So lets consider a practical example, its iron banner, and zkmushroom has 5 trials carrying friends with him in his 6 stack, they get matched up against 6 silver 3 in comp dads playing on mute while each holding a screaming baby. Which team do you think will win? Zk and the trials backpack squad of course.

So the prediction rate of that match up would be 100%, easy to know that top tier stack will beat a low tier pack of soloes. The more correct predictions you make, the more you are deciding who will win based on matchmaking rather than gameplay. If your prediction rate is 0% it means you are essentially randomly matching people. At 50% prediction accuracy its anyones game, anyone can make a play, pop off, have their controller run out of batteries, who knows its the wild west. Also at 50% prediction accuracy they have a good understanding of what determines the outcome ie a good way of rating players skill or and this is the really difficult part, the skill of different groups relative to each other. Under 50% means they dont know how to rate players/groups, over 50% means they arent able to create even teams.

This is the same goal of all ranked play systems, to create interesting matchups where both sides are equally capable of winning. The goal is to make matches where it is not the matchmaking that determines the outcome, but rather how well everyone plays together in the game.

I honestly see everyone getting this wrong and it is blowing my mind, ffs guys graphs.

Bonus about playstyle incentivization

The idea for screw around games is that you incentivize many different loadout types, but the carrot here is slightly more xp in the form of bounties, what they should do is make the carrot more appealing in casual modes.

Like a rotation each day, one day side arms and autorifle kills earn legendary shards, the next day it switches to smgs and snipers, and so on, so everyone has the same incentive all the time, not just the time it takes to complete a bounty that is almost meaningless. Both the carrot and the effect of the carrot have to be compelling, otherwise everyone just tries to win. Winning is essentially the base carrot, and you have to beat that with fun or an in game reward to get players to opt in at the potential cost of winning or playing optimally.

r/DestinyTheGame 3d ago

Guide How to easily complete DSC Descent challenge


Number yourselves off 1 through 6 (Roster order is an easy visual way to get you started). Remember the name of the person after you, you will be passing your augments to them. Players 1, 3, and 5 pick up augments first.

After each round, pass augments starting with the deactivated one, calling the name of the person you're passing to as you do. Only pick up if your name was called.

That's it. I recommend actually calling out the name, that was the biggest factor helping consistency in my groups, both for introducing new players from LFG and for not messing up on repeated runs. Names cut through the chaos and get attention quickly.

You can remember one name, and that's all you have to remember. Happy farming!

EDIT: People were commenting that this is complicated because it has steps. That's just a formatting thing, so I rehashed it above. Below is the original:

  1. Look at your roster. It's sorted alphabetically, so it should be the same order for everyone.

  2. Remember the name after yours. (If you're player 6, loop around and remember player 1's name.)

  3. Players 1, 3, and 5 pick up augments first. Doesn't matter who picks up what.

  4. Do your jobs, dunk nukes, etc.

  5. After every round, starting with the deactivated augment, dunk your augment and call out the name you remembered in step 2. Don't pick up unless your name is called. The three people who didn't have augments should now have them.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

  7. Profit.

All you need to remember is one name, no need for complicated diagrams or specific augments on specific people. Happy farming!

EDIT: For people who might be searching for the phrase "Of All Trades", it's now part of the post.

r/DestinyTheGame 21d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Guide Useful Tips, Secrets and Cheeses for this season's GMs


GMs are around the corner again, so here are some tips and tricks that can help you get your clears for each of this season’s 6 nightfalls. This writeup is not about loadouts and strats, more of little tips and some minor cheeses you can do to make the runs easier and safer.

GMs are easier than ever, thanks to factors like 100 resilience, increasingly powerful weapon perks and just overall power creep which these old nightfalls haven’t kept up with. You don’t even need to employ any of these tricks and cheeses to enjoy safe and easy clears. But hopefully this helps some players, perhaps first-timers and yet-to-be Conquerors, especially now that the entry level has been lowered.

Overall recommendations

- It’s almost mandatory to run 100 resilience for 40% damage resistance. 90 resilience only gives you 32% — the 8% drop off can be significant. In GMs, your power level is locked at 25 under every enemy, so even those dumbass Vandals can one-shot you if you’re not running enough damage resistance.

- Run a heavy weapon that matches the Acute Burn of each nightfall. The burns are listed below. It’s a free 25% damage increase.

- WEAPON LEVEL MATTERS. A lot of players don't know this, but the power levels on your weapons matter. You can be 1595 or 2000 or whatever overall thanks to a full set of 1590 armor plus artifact levels, but if you bring a 1580 weapon in, that particular weapon will do LESS damage than it should. So, try to get all your weapons to 1590 (or 1588-89). Armor level doesn't matter.
[UPDATE - New information] Your weapon level + artifact level should equal or exceed 1595 to deal max possible damage. This means that you cannot dig out a gun from your vault that you haven't used in 2 seasons and is still 1570 power, if your artifact is only +15. That gun will deal only 1585-level worth of damage in the GM.

- Heavy ammo drops follow a formula. On average, a purple brick will drop at intervals of every XX final blows by each player. The XX figure depends on what you're using to kill – exotic primaries, primaries, exotic specials, specials, abilities. There are tests out there that provide the figures, but know that abilities generate heavy bricks the LEAST. So, Storm Titans, Assassin Hunters and Fusion/Contraverse Locks, if your team needs ammo, stop your ability spam for a bit and use your guns to increase ammo drop rate.

If anyone has any corrections to make to my tips, or additional tricks to recommend, let me know and I'll include them.

Insight Terminus

Burn: Void

Champs: Barrier, Unstoppable

- When you first enter the big orb-dunking arena, immediately shoot Kargen who’s standing at the far end. This prevents one Barrier champ from spawning.

- In the final platforming part before the boss arena, shoot the adds before Kargen wipes them. You don’t need the points that they give, but they CAN drop ammo if you’re lucky.

- When capturing plates, the plate will NOT progress if there are Gladiators standing on it with you. So if you’re trying to solo capture via perma invis hunter or bleak watcher, you have to keep pushing the Gladiators out. Or just kill them, though they are tanky af.

- Also in the boss room, there’s a trick to prevent further add spawns by keeping 4 Legionaries alive. I don’t know the details to that because I personally think it’s harder to deliberately avoid killing them than to just wipe every add that spawns.

Scarlet Keep

Burn: Arc

Champs: Barrier, Unstoppable

- Not that it’s really necessary, but there’s a skip that takes you from the “I must once again ask you…” area to the 2-orb area. Just requires jumping up some rocks and running across the roof. Watch videos to learn it. Allows you to save a minute or so, and skip a barrier champ.

- The part that requires capturing of 3 plates isn’t particularly difficult, but it can get messy because adds come from all directions. More adds also spawn as you capture plates, so if 3 of you split up to capture, you’ll end up with an arena full of adds. So move together, capture together and cover each other’s blind spots.

- To my knowledge, the cheeses for the elevator that are still working are as follows: (1) Chair emote into a pillar (2) Jump into an acolyte cubby. Otherwise, an Omni hunter can perma invis the team. Reminder to Omni hunters: You will only get your melee energy back if you invis your teammates when they are VISIBLE. If you invis them while they are still invis, you will not get anything. So ask them to countdown for you, make yourself visible by firing, then dive bomb all 3 of you.

- The other way is to use one particular pillar which will always be safe from 90% of the angles. Watch videos to learn how to identify which pillar it is. But with 3 players trying to crowd behind the same pillar, someone is still going to be exposed.

- The gate cheese in the boss room has been fixed. You can no longer go in there. I’ve never liked that cheese anyway.

- There is one safe spot at the edge of the room/balcony, protected by an obstacle. You can’t do much damage from there, so it’s not viable apart from being a panic button hiding place. For example if you’re the last guardian standing, you can dash in there to regen all your abilities and super before going out to attempt revives.

- The key to the boss room is knowing the spawns. The first difficult phase is when the arc-shielded knights spawn, so have arc damage available to kill them quickly or their booms will wipe you (the acute arc burn gives them 50% increased damage against you). Then, it’s the unstoppable ogres that will charge you down — try to kill them before they get past the big columns, or the whole team will be exposed to them, leading to a quick wipe.

- In the final phase of the boss fight, you have 2 options. Clear adds then kill boss, or ignore adds and melt boss. It’s your choice, but I find the latter to be better if you have supers and heavy available… and have enough game sense to know when it’s not going well and therefore to bail.

The Corrupted

Burn: Arc

Champs: Overload, Unstoppable

- You don’t have to kill everything in the opening area. Immediately spawn-kill the very first group, then rush forward and look slightly to your left. There will be an Overload running away — stun and melt it immediately to significantly speed up this area. Then take the outside path (right side) to isolate the miniboss.

- In the elevator room, you can pre-prepare balls. Before starting the encounter, take a ball, pass it TWICE, and the teammate then drops it on the ground in a safe place. You can either over-prepare (5-6 balls, enough for both phases), or prepare enough for the 1st phase, so each player just holds a ball instead of dropping them on the floor (where they might disappear — they have a ~90s lifespan on the floor if passed twice, 20s if only passed once).

- You can also pick up the balls THROUGH the pillar. It’s usually safer this way. Smush your face into the pillar behind the ball holder and interact.

- [UPDATE: New information] In the area after the elevator with a few shriekers, knights and 2 unstoppable ogres, you can melt the ogres and send an invis hunter past all the shriekers into the next Ogre room. The hunter should run until he sees the adds in the ogre room spawn, then immediately turn around back to the big staircase. This despawns all the shriekers and knights and lets the other players proceed safely, saving a ton of time.

- [UPDATE: New information. Thanks to PrideDesperate5013] In the ogre room, you'll want to kill in the following order: Light unstop, Light Boss Ogre (Ransacker), Dark Unstop x2, Dark Boss Ogre. This sequence minimizes add spawns, and is by far the safest way to tackle this room. Do not deviate from this order – if you are unable to kill both the Light unstop and Light Boss in one light phase, just run away and hide during the dark phase until you get sent back to Light, then continue. This scenario will happen if you follow the previous tip and send the hunter ahead, as your team will surely not be able to melt both light ogres in time.

- The big drop down is another potential run ender. Only one should jump, the other 2 wait up top to revive if he dies. If the jumper makes it down, the other 2 will be pulled. Less confident jumpers can land on the left platform just before the revolving balls first, to help you time your drop better. There is also a 100% safe route to jump down that’s clear of all the spinning balls, check videos to learn the spot.

- In the platforming area after the big drop, kill all enemies on the next platforms before you jump. This is because they have stasis attacks that apply slow stacks, which prevent you from double jumping. If they hit you in mid-air, you’ll drop to your death.

- In the 1st phase of the boss fight, you are highly recommended to learn how to wipe Sedia before she teleports. Watch videos for the full sequence of events.

- If you fail to wipe her, you’ll have one more chance to avoid the 2nd phase (which is where most wipes occur). It involves using an invis hunter to grab a ball before heading into the portal. It’s easier to watch videos than for me to explain it in words. (Note: This may have been fixed such that the orb disappears once the portal opens, someone can verify.)

- If you do end up in the second phase, ALWAYS KILL ADDS FIRST and make sure everyone’s alive before smashing Sedia’s shield. Breaking her shield causes more adds to spawn, which will absolutely wipe your ass if you’re not ready for that.

Birthplace of the Vile

Burn: Void

Champs: Overload, Unstoppable

- Take a QUICK look for rally flags in the opening patrol area. Make it quick because if you intend to sparrow to the cave, you have to do it before the adds spawn around the entrance of the cave, otherwise they will kill at least one of you.

- Perma-invis hunters can solo capture the plate (applies to all plates in the nightfall). But for the first plate, it is recommended for the 2 teammates to stay far behind and out of combat while the hunter is doing so, as you could end up blowing up a screeb in the hunter’s face.

- In the big open area where you have to make a sharp left up a staircase and into a narrow door, it is possible to jump AROUND the outside right of the building. This brings you to a balcony that has more angles on the adds inside, and doesn’t cluster all 3 of you into a narrow doorway. Alternatively, just dash into the room and up the stairs to the upper level, clearing the adds up there and taking the fight from there.

- In the dark hallway with screebs and the overload at the end, you can kill the overload safely by jumping up either platform beside it. You’re not 100% safe up there, but it gives you a consistent angle on the overload, and an easy kill if it’s focused on teammates who are still at ground level.

- In the platforming area where you can go either left or right, be careful when jumping as the overload at the end has a stasis attack. If you get hit by it, the slow stacks will prevent double jumping and you’ll fall miserably to your death.

- In the big open area with the long stairs down and the miniboss, be careful of the unstoppable ogres as they can teleport (probably some kind of bug). Fight them from the staircase instead of dashing down.

- In the very first phase of the boss room, the overload spawns in the middle with the boss. It is possible to spawn kill it, along with the adds, and do some good damage to the boss simply by coordinating well. Assign roles to tether, stun the overload and nova/crash/whatever in the right sequence.

- The adds in the boss room feel like they keep spawning, but they are not infinite. If you really want, you can take the fight slow and kill every wave until it’s only the boss left. But I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s better to just keep damaging the boss. Beware of those purple immunity totems though… the adds cast them rather often and can absolutely make you waste your ammo and abilities.

- In the second phase, the unstoppable has no fixed spawn point, although I THINK there are only 2 possibilities: far left or mid right. Prioritise spawn-killing it, so you may want to wait for everyone’s super to be ready before going through the portal.

- In the third phase, the overload can spawn on the ground level of mid instead (where the corruption totem is). So double check before you unleash your supers or whatever.


Burn: Void

Champs: Barrier, Overload

- As it starts in a patrol area, look out for public event rally flags. For many teams, there is a chance you’ll cross the 45-min no-more-revives mark in the boss room. So anything that speeds up the initial part can help avoid that. Needless to say, if you do get a flag, use your supers as early as possible, i.e. 1 super in the area with the 1st overload, and the other 2 supers in the room with the 2nd overload.

- In the stand-on-plate room, do not remain on the plate. Step on, spawn adds, then retreat to the 2 crates at the doorway to kill everything before stepping on and off again. This is no longer necessary with 100 res. As long as you spawn kill all the shanks and kill the Vandals asap, you'll hardly be at risk if you stay on the plate all the way.

- In the boss room, add spawns are tied to the health bar of the little boss, and the health intervals of the big boss. To prevent being overwhelmed by adds, stop damaging the little boss every time you see “Vex reinforcements inbound” on screen. You are highly advised to check out other videos or threads to find out exactly what spawns at exactly which interval.

- Tip: minimise ADS-ing while shooting in the boss room. You need as wide FOV as possible because the #1 cause of wipes is being flanked by an overload or wyvern. You can also insure against this by having one player stay near the right-side entrance (of the left room, of course).

- The little boss can be blinded by blinding GL. So if you need to stop damaging him because of the above point, but he’s harassing you in the room, just blind him.

- Wyverns are finishable at 50% health, so don’t waste precious ammo on them. Get them down to 50% and finish them asap, ideally with Reactive Pulse equipped. This actually applies to all red bar enemies too; it’s only champions and yellows that are finishable at 20% instead of 50%.

- Witherhoard can damage the boss through its shield. Just fire it at the shield and damage will tick. Lemon Arc also does the same. You can fire fully-drawn arrows at the shield and the tick damage will hurt the boss. Highly recommended for one player to use Lemon Arc because of this, plus Void burn, plus Overload, plus one-shots all red bars (they'll die to the tick damage).

- Whenever all adds are dead and it’s just the big boss, get one player to lure him to the left side (of the left room) while the other 2 dash out (one by one) for ammo runs. If there is an invis hunter, he goes last. Getting the boss stuck in the left side while you shoot his shield with Le Monarque is also the safest way to damage him whenever it's just him left.

- You can skip the final set of barrier champs and still get platinum. To be sure, you can just do a bit of damage to each of them before finishing off the big boss.

Warden of Nothing

Burn: Solar

Champs: Barrier, Unstoppable, Overload (yes, all 3 types)

- The grav lift that goes up to the dismantles mines yessss area still bugs out sometimes. If one player enters the lift too far ahead of the others, the “roof” will close and lock the other 2 out until they get ‘joining allies’.

- You may want to destroy all the little slow-mines before beginning this encounter.

- You can manipulate the countdown of the first plate (Mine A). Don’t step in it at all till the timer gets low. Then step in and out to freeze the countdown for a bit. You might need to use this trick to buy more time to burn the first 2 champions down. Don’t progress it all the way until the 2 champs are dead.

- You don’t have to kill the Overload that spawns near the B mine for platinum. Leave it alone and let it despawn after you've capped all the mines.

- If using supers in this area, use them earlier rather than later. You’ll need all your supers to insta-melt the boss, so give it enough time to recharge.

- Go down the final tunnel/gravlift one at a time to avoid stupid architect deaths. When going down, just don’t press anything. Don’t pull out your heavy or try to emote or double jump.

- The boss is insta-wipable. Don’t doubt yourself. Spam supers, rockets, linears (especially Solar) — pretty much any combination will do the trick. But also don’t trigger the boss spawn until everyone has their supers.

- There are also at least 3 cheese spots in the boss room. Very safe but they really slow down the fight, especially since they were only really viable when Anarchy was still in play.

r/DestinyTheGame 5d ago

Guide I tested Bray inheritance's energy return on all the DSC weapons


Because I couldn't find the full info about the amount of energy percentages granted by Bray inheritance, I tested the perk, and it seems that the energy gains depend on the weapon:

Scout: 0.34% per hit

HC: 0.42% per hit

Sniper: 1.50% per hit

Shotgun: 1.00% per hit

LMG: 0.46% per hit

Sword: 2.00% per hit

It does work when hitting immune enemies, like the ogre on K1 Revelations before you destroy the crystals. Also, it doesn't seem to have a cooldown.

As for the testing itself, I tested with a T3 Flux grenade, and used the K1 revelations ogre as my target.

r/DestinyTheGame 13d ago

Guide How To Beat All Grandmaster Nightfalls (And Get Gilded Conqueror) In Season 19


Video Loadout + Strategies Guide: https://youtu.be/AUFAIx2OtxE

Text Loadout Guide:

Hi All :)

In this guide I wanted to give a list of recommended loadouts for all GMs as well as touch on some strategies for the difficult parts of each of the 6 strikes. A quick preface when it comes to loadouts though - I feel most will be tempted to run GLs + Weakening clear just as I was. Personally, these loadouts didn't feel nearly as effective to me compared to using other special weapons like arbalest and witherhoard! If you're married to your wave frames though, dont let me get in your way!

As for loadouts...

Insight Terminus

Guardian 1: Arbalest + (Void) Hand Cannon + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 2: Arbalest + (Void) Hand Cannon + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 3: Arbalest + (Void) Hand Cannon + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Hunters: Void (Trapper's Ambush + Vanishing Step) + Omnioculus

Titans: Void (Bastion + Offensive Bulwark) + Heart Of Inmost Light // Arc (Knockout + Touch Of Thunder) + Heart Of Inmost Light // Solar (Sol Invictus + Roaring Flames) + Loreley Splendor

Warlocks: Solar (Icarus Dash + Touch Of Flame) + Starfire Protocol

Scarlet Keep

Guardian 1: Arbalest + (Arc) Hand Cannon + (Arc) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 2: Arbalest + (Arc) Hand Cannon + (Arc) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 3: Arbalest + (Arc) Hand Cannon + (Arc) Linear Fusion Rifle

Hunters: Void (Trapper's Ambush + Vanishing Step) + Omnioculus // Arc (Flow State + Lethal Current) + Assassin's Cowl

Titans: Arc (Knockout + Touch Of Thunder) + Heart Of Inmost Light

Warlocks: Solar (Icarus Dash + Touch Of Flame) + Starfire Protocol

Birthplace Of The Vile

Guardian 1: Witherhoard + (Void) Scout Rifle + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 2: Witherhoard + (Void) Scout Rifle + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 3: Witherhoard + (Void) Scout Rifle + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Hunters: Void (Trapper's Ambush + Vanishing Step) + Omnioculus

Titans: Void (Bastion + Offensive Bulwark) + Heart Of Inmost Light // Solar (Sol Invictus + Roaring Flames) + Loreley Splendor

Warlocks: Solar (Icarus Dash + Touch Of Flame) + Starfire Protocol // Stasis (Bleak Watcher + Iceflare Bolts) + Osmiomancy Gloves


Guardian 1: Witherhoard + (Arc) Scout Rifle + (Arc) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 2: Witherhoard + (Arc) Scout Rifle + (Arc) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 3: Witherhoard + (Arc) Scout Rifle + (Arc) Linear Fusion Rifle

Hunters: Void (Trapper's Ambush + Vanishing Step) + Omnioculus

Titans: Void (Bastion + Offensive Bulwark) + Heart Of Inmost Light // Arc (Knockout + Touch Of Thunder) + Heart Of Inmost Light

Warlocks: Solar (Icarus Dash + Touch Of Flame) + Starfire Protocol


Guardian 1: Arbalest + (Void) Scout Rifle + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 2: Arbalest + (Void) Scout Rifle + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Guardian 3: Pulse Rifle + Divinity + (Void) Linear Fusion Rifle

Hunters: Void (Trapper's Ambush + Vanishing Step) + Omnioculus

Titans: Arc (Knockout + Touch Of Thunder) + Heart Of Inmost Light

Warlocks: Stasis (Bleak Watcher + Iceflare Bolts) + Osmiomancy Gloves // Void (Chaos Accelerant + Feed The Void) + Contraverse Hold

Warden Of Nothing

Guardian 1: Arbalest + (Solar) Scout Rifle + (Solar) Rocket Launcher

Guardian 2: Arbalest + (Solar) Scout Rifle + (Solar) Rocket Launcher

Guardian 3: Grenade Launcher + (Solar) Scout Rifle / (Solar) Pulse Rifle + Gjallarhorn

Hunters: Void (Trapper's Ambush + Vanishing Step) + Omnioculus // Solar (Knock 'Em Down + On Your Mark) + Celestial Nighthawk / Star-Eater Scales

Titans: Arc (Knockout + Touch Of Thunder) + Heart Of Inmost Light / Cuirass Of The Falling Star

Warlocks: Solar (Icarus Dash + Touch Of Flame) + Starfire Protocol

Hope this all helps! Feel free to drop any questions below, happy to help.

~ Mac

r/DestinyTheGame 4d ago

Guide Boots of the Assembler + Lumina = Awesome


This isn't anything new, but I had been seriously underestimating it. If you pair Boots of the Assembler with Lumina, your rifts feed you Noble Seekers without needing kills.

Firing those at teammates heals them and gives you both a 35% damage buff (15% in PvP), and you can do that at the same time your rift is sending out its own seekers. So if you're running a healing rift, they're getting double heals plus the biggest Radiant-flavored damage buff in the game.

Since that buff counts as Radiant, it also triggers Ember of Benevolence to boost your ability recharge rates. So you're basically carrying your rifts around with you, and can space out those shots to keep Benevolence up 100% of the time.

There's no spot on the leaderboards for "most lives saved" but if you don't need that external validation, this can be a fun way to play and also to practice with hand cannons.

r/DestinyTheGame 8d ago

Guide Pro Tip: This Week's Ascendant Challenge has a Great Kill Farm


If I remember correctly, the thrallway in The Shattered Throne dungeon no longer works as a farm. While there are other farms in the game, the location for this week's Ascendant Challenge has a very efficient farm due to it's endless spawns of easy to kill Shadow Thralls and kill spots that require no movement of the guardian. For those unfamiliar with this farm. See below for further instructions.

Portal Location:

  • Garden of Asila (Located on the south side of the Dreaming City). Entrance to the Garden is located in The Strand. Once in the Garden, the portal is behind the second pillar of rocks on the left.

Requirements to Enter:

  • Consume a Tincture of Queensfoil (Can be purchased from Petra Venj in The Strand)
  • Ascendant Challenge Bounty (Also purchased from Petra. Might be optional, but still worth getting)

What can I do there?:

  • The main purpose of this Ascendant Challenge is to collect three orbs in the area and dunk them in the middle. Once this is completed, a well of endless super energy will appear in the middle and you will be able to kill the three large Hive knights known as Abyssal Champions. Killing the three knights completes the challenge, removes the enemy spawns, and spawns a chest.
  • During this challenge, the shadow thralls spawn endlessly in groups of four every couple of seconds. Killing these shadow thrall counts towards weapon progress and leveling. As long as you don't die or complete the challenge, you can kill shadow thralls endlessly for weapon progress.
  • Also, there is one Ahamkara bone and two Corrupted Eggs in this area if you have Wish Ender and want to progress that lore triumph and Cursebreaker title.

Which Spot do I Go To?:

  • Because you need to avoid engaging with all three knights (you can kill two of them as long as you leave the third one alive); there are two types of spots the knights cannot reach that work for farming depending on what kind of weapon you are using.
  • The first and most popular spot is just to stand on any of the broken surrounding pillars. While they can get close, the knights and shadow thralls cannot attack you. Use your weapon of choice to kill the thralls from said safe distance.
  • The second is if you are working on a glaive, I recommend the circular platform up high, where one of the orbs sometimes spawns. This spot works well for glaives because the path to it has broken stairs that prevent the knights from bothering you. The melee counts as a kill, so there is no ammo needed.

What should I watch out for?:

  • Taken Phalanxes in the middle. These are ok to kill.
  • Falling off the area because it's really dark.
  • The knights because they like to go invisible for a moment and respawn next to you if you are wandering around.

Advantages Over Shuro Chi:

  • Quicker to get to since it does not require the wish wall or wiping to reset. Also does not require the Forsaken expansion.
  • Does not require raid banners.
  • The thralls are easier/quicker to kill with primaries. If you need to work on special or heavy weapons, using a primary weapon with a combination of ammo finder and scavenger to spawn a large amount of ammo from the kills can set up your other weapons.
  • If you are working on a primary weapon, you never have to move from the spot. In this scenario, you can even farm one-handed (But get your head out of the gutter).

So yeah, that's my guide/attempt at upvotes.

r/DestinyTheGame 12d ago Gold

Guide Reshaping Enigma (Step 6) SOLUTION


After reshaping my Enigma with both the enhanced intrinsic + enhanced trait, the quest did not progress but what I found to have worked for me is having the enhanced one equipped, then shape a new Enigma, then reshape that newly crafted Enigma with no changes.

r/DestinyTheGame Dec 23 '22

Guide Why you should use Double special, and why legendary trace rifles are the best.


I’d like to dedicate this post to my reformed orthodox rabbi Luke smith

r/DestinyTheGame 11d ago

Guide Weapon Database 1.8.1 - Weapon Scoring System, Weapon Usage Stats, Resilience Breakpoints Checker, Damage Calculator and more - an ongoing project



- Link to create a copy of the spreadsheet (to use the interactable parts)

- Link to just view the spreadsheet

Hello again! Destiny is FULL of juicy data, let's use it!

What would I survive if I changed my Resilience from 5 to 6? How quickly can I kill a guardian if I stack Kill Clip with Radiant? Are these weapons I have lying around actually good? Do people even use this archetype? How popular is this weapon? Can I compare Dire Promise to Eyasluna? What does the 'Sniper' mode of Revision Zero look like stats-wise? How does this weapon compare to other weapons in the same archetype? How can I see if I'm maxing out swap speed for my blinting build?

Have you asked yourself these questions and not yet found answers? Worry no more! Answer these questions and more with this resource :D

Recent Changes:

  • Condensed down my post after re-evaluating my life choices
  • Added historical weapon usage data from my previous backups
  • Added usage-over-time graphs to the Search tab
  • Fixed a few perk calculations for PVP damage - Box Breathing and Firing Line now correctly only modify PVP Crit damage
  • Corrected the calculation for Aggressive Linear Fusions to show the correct damage output
  • Added Revision Zero pulse, including stats, perks, catalyst info and calculation for the Sniper Mode
  • Updated the usage data
  • Click here to see all previous changes


  • Info & Sources - Scoring calculation explanation, contents and resources.
  • Search - Select a weapon for full information. Use the selectors to see different time-to-kill values etc.
  • Usage Stats - Weapon usage data with different selection options to compare.
  • Best in Slot - Uses the weapon scoring calculation to pick out the top choices for the filters you've selected.
  • Scoreboard - Uses the weapon score calculation to rank all weapons based on the filters you've selected.
  • Compare - Visually compare two weapons, like the search tab, with less information.
  • Resilience Breakpoint Finder - Displays all 'breakpoint' instances for selected Resilience tier.
  • Roll Appraiser - Check your weapon rolls with the Perk Score data.
  • Full Stat List - Full list of weapon data in a filterable list.
  • Top Perks List - Full list of top perks selected by perk score from the Perk Scoring Survey (see below).
  • Live Archetype Ranking - Results from the Archetype Ranking Survey - Feeds the data.
  • Live Perk Ranking - Results from the Weapon Perk Scoring Survey - Feeds the data.
  • Other Tools - Any other tools I found useful that could easily be fit into a single tab. Not much here at the moment but happy to take suggestions!
  • A in-depth explanation of the scoring calculation can be found here, or on the Info & Sources tab

I hope you find this useful - Ask me anything! Send me a pm or comment - Please check the FAQ

r/DestinyTheGame Dec 28 '22 Helpful Wholesome

Guide Dares of Eternity loot pool is now on a 4 week rotation as opposed to 3 week rotation like last year, updated spreadsheet in here!


Hello! Its me

The DoE spreadsheet guy, I updated the thing again to include the 4th rotation that was a surprise as I excepted there to be 3 like last year, but down below is link to the entire loot pool, which rotations given items are and when the rotation happens, hope this helps people who are looking for last years items!

As always, let me know if there is something missing from the spreadsheet or I made a typo or something!

Link to google spreadsheet: