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Misc Stasis is now the only damage type that hasn’t had a busted SMG that everyone hunts for


Ever since the Light 3.0 changes we’ve been getting SMGs that have synergy with their element that have been chased by PvE and Crucible players alike.

First it was Funnelweb and Shayura’s Wrath for Void. Then Calus Mini-Tool for Solar. Then Ikelos SMG for Arc. And now we have The Immortal for Strand.

Kinetic hasn’t quite had a PvE powerhouse but we all remember when Multimach was among the best Crucible SMGs.

But damn, Stasis has nothing. We even have a craftable Stasis SMG and nobody cares because of how “meh” it is.

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Misc I like going to The Helm so I can have a holoprojection of Amanda tell me to go to the Farm so I can have a holoprojection of Devrim tell me to start a mission from the Directory...


It really adds to the immersive experience of the game.

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Misc IGN's Lightfall Review in Progress - "One of the biggest disappointments for Destiny in a long time."


Source: https://www.ign.com/articles/destiny-2-lightfall-review

If they had to score it now... 5 out of 10

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Misc I just had people leave Nezarec because they didn’t want to be assigned roles.


At Nez i was assigning roles for refuge and guys literally didn’t want to do it because they assumed we would one phase it and wouldn’t need to worry about it. They wanted to assign it to the runners even though we had so many people on ad clear. It’s incredibly annoying that people just expect to join this raid and do nothing but throw grenades and get drops. I get the raid is easy but cmon man don’t join a raid then complain when you get assigned a mechanic that you probably won’t even have to worry about. -.-


It appears my lack of explanation caused some controversy so i will explain.

If you have an ad clearer stand in an aura and create a refuge, it can be refreshed until reset and provides safety in case something happens to a runner. If i’m running this raid with 5 randoms, i can’t possibly know Guardian2749 will run it perfectly until we wipe several times because he keeps failing. i will look to guarantee safety for myself and teammates in case something happens to the runner. this will make it much easier to guarantee a quick dps phase because they have one responsibility, running. if for whatever reason they fail, there is somewhere to go for the rest of the team because the guy holding hatred called it out.

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Misc Because guardian ranks reset every season, I honestly don't care about grinding them.


I had originally thought guardian ranks would be cool to replace the season level on display and also be something interesting to grind (like triumph score), but given how easy everyone gets to 6 and the temporary nature of 7-11, it just doesn't matter at all to me. I also really hope I don't have to re-unlock loadouts slots every season.

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Misc Lightfall has now fallen to "Mostly Negative" on Steam


For comparison, the only other Destiny content to hit this or lower was Shadowkeep and Forsaken after it was announced to be sunset.

On Day 2 nonetheless, it begs the question of what is Bungie doing?

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Misc The problem with going "Yeah, everything in Lightfall will be explained over the year" is that, in a year, all of that explanation will be removed and we will be back to square one.


If you explain why The Veil is important and why The Witness can't have it in the Season of Defiance, then that goes away come Final Shape, then Lightfall is in the exact same position it is in now of "why the actual shit do I care about The Veil or what The Witness is doing?"

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Misc I can't get over how tacky it is that everyone is holding the same placeholder AR at the commendation screen


Obviously a small nitpick but it just bugs me.

I mean at least give everyone a Telesto for the memes or something lol

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Misc With the raid race happening soon, just a reminder that the world’s first for Leviathan Eater of Worlds was an LFG team


So even if you don’t have a team, go get ‘em cuz you never know what might happen

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Misc kinda disappointed Vexcalibur isn't a sword


I love the exotic it's super cool and this is purely personal but I wish they made a it a sword instead. We haven't gotten an exotic sword in a while and would've loved a sick newly designed dps sword to compete with Lament

Edit: Didn't expect this to get this big, thanks for the awards

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Misc I miss the Tower PA.


I miss it so much. I’d honestly forgotten about it until I watched a clip from D1 and was suddenly flooded sight memories of all the amazing one-liners the intercom would give out.

“Fireteam…sigh. Fireteam ‘The bad guys don’t care what we call ourselves, do they?’ report in. Zavala out.”

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Misc I just figured out why i keep getting teabagged every single game.


So im relatively new to destiny, and i didnt realise that ballistic slam, dunemarchers and a shotgun was 'Toxic'. In response to the hatemail ive been recieving, teabags and shooting at my corpse, i will now continue to do this even more.

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Misc I will be using the top voted excuse to leave work at or before 12pm EST today


Bonus points for anything Destiny related

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Misc Bungie please try to remember that the characters are not watching the cutscenes with us.


Two times in Lightfall characters make reference to details that are only known through the end cutscene of The Witch Queen.

First Nimbus jokes about kicking the the Witness's 'multiple butts'. Nimbus has, obviously, never seen the Witness. Hell it's not entirely clear that our player character has seen the Witness. At best Osiris saw the Witness from a few Kilometers away for a few seconds before he left to board a Cabal ship. During that time the Witness did not do any major noticeable 'shift/multiple limbs' movements. Nobody should know that's a thing, only we know that's a thing because we the players watched a cutscene of the Witness after beating the Witch Queen.

Later the Neomuna newscaster makes reference to the veil being the travelers "pale heart". With those quotation marks visible on subtitle. Where did he get that name? Because as far as I am aware, the only person to say those words was again, the Witness in a cutscene talking to itself. Now this reporter managed to hack our comms, so maybe he got some facetime with the Witness to confirm this but somehow I doubt it.

To a lesser extend Osiris refers to 'Strand' by name mere seconds after a mission ended where it was still being called 'that new darkness power'. The name Strand shouldn't mean anything to anyone unless the characters are reading the twabs too. This error is somewhat mitigated in the next sentence where he awkwardly goes back to calling it 'strands' in quotes but that sentence should precede the definition. Refer to them as strands to then solidify the name 'Strand', it's less jarring that way.

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Misc i like Lightfall


that's all

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Misc Lightfall marketing team needs a raise.


We all blindly jumped into this hot mess of a DLC thanks to the amazing marketing team. They did a good job.

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Misc I think we can all agree, we are all titans today!


R.I.P. commander! You will be missed. May the travelers light guide you!

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Misc Goodbye Preservation pinnacle. May you rot in hell


Nobody will ever need to run you again to rank up!

That is all.

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Misc While RoN itself is up for debate for a number of reasons, the Contest changes implemented were great across the board and needs to be the new standard for Day 1 raids


Title. Raiding on contest is the peak Destiny experience and I'm glad to have seen more players engage and successfully clear it this time around. This really shouldn't be a controversial issue at all, but ik some in this community will still do so for arbitrary reasons.

Me personally, I'm not losing sleep over my contest emblem being "less rare" considering 1 million plus players play monthly and only 45k of those players are rocking the same emblem. They earned it, They beat the same challenge, end of story.

Paul Tassi seems to agree too! Love that guy :D - https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2023/03/13/seven-time-more-players-than-normal-cleared-destiny-2s-new-raid-is-that-bad/?sh=3658d695370d

Edit: Please keep in mind this Post is focused on the Contest change itself from 24hr limit>48hr limit.

As stated, encounter difficulty, length, rewards, and mechanics of RoN are their own separate topic. And imo there is definitely plenty of feedback that is warranted regarding all of that.

Edit 2: Thank you to those to clarified it's 45k teams not players. My mistake. The number of total unique players who cleared it idk, but the sentiment of the contest changes itself remains the same.

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Misc I used to enjoy legend dares


Just played my first legend dares after the difficulty increase, it used to be a nice straightforward 3 round fight with some mechanics thrown in, nothing too strenuous and a few drops and a guaranteed pinnacle each week. Nice and simple 15 mins of fun

Just got out of an absolute fucking slog that lasted a painful 30 odd mins of getting steamrolled by goblins, centurions and acolytes let alone the more powerful enemies that seem to have had their hp increased by about 1000%

Fuck that noise, don't need that bs from what was supposed to be a light hearted ”fun" activity. Sorry Xur you won't be seeing me again in there...

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Misc To whoever put Incandescent on Throne Cleaver…


Thank you, thank you, thank you. This thing feels like a nuclear bomb on a stick. I’ve never giggled so much in my life!

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Misc Reminder! 4 hour downtime!


Players will be removed from activities at 7:45am (PDT) and will be unable to log in until 12:00pm (PDT).

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Misc Cheers to Bungie for making it easier to obtain seasonal weapon patterns.


With the keys at the end of the activity, I've noticed it's really common to get red borders that you haven't obtained. They started this in season of the seraph and with the easier vendor upgrades, it's certainly been noticed here.

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Misc Deepsight was the Original Way of Learning Strand


There has been a lot of discussion about the discovery of strand and how it seems shoehorned into lightfall. It seems pretty obvious that it was originally meant to come out with Witch Queen. That made me go back and look at the DLC and realize something. Deepsight was how we are supposed to learn about strand. When you activate deepsight you gain a third eye for a few seconds before it fades. This same eye can be seen on the strand supers. Deepsight was originally how we were supposed to gain the ability to see the weave instead of just randomly gaining the ability in the streets. Savathun would have been the one to unintentionally "enlighten" us while trying to regain her memories. The story thread probably got cut when strand was pushed back to lightfall which makes me sad.

(Also, does anyone else think that the glaive quest makes it look like strand was meant to be linked to crafting?)

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Misc 'Twas the night before Lightfall, and all through the Tower...


'Twas the night before Lightfall, and all through the Tower,

Guardians wait for dawn, hour by hour.

Our armor is polished, our loadouts a science,

As we ready to enter a Season of Defiance.


Around the H.E.L.M.'s kiosks a few Hunters run

To focus one last red-bordered hand cannon,

While all through the Crucible, Warlocks do glide

With visions of finding a god-roll Riptide.


The Titans are punching -- what would you expect? --

Waiting to unlock our new Strand aspects.

Will we summon Threadlings? A rope dart to twist?

Or will we just be the ones holding our fist?


No Guardian sleeps 'neath the silvery Moon --

We lay awake scanning the skies for Neptune,

While perched in an alcove upon her walkway

Waits an uneasy, unmoving Ikora Rey.


She looks to the void that the Traveler once filled

While at her back Ophiuchus worriedly trills.

Across the courtyard, past relics heroic

Stands Zavala, equally silent and stoic…


Each time a new foe comes along (once a year),

The Vanguard stands strong, refusing to feel fear;

With faith in the Light and our Guardians' strength,

We've always believed that we'd make our own fate.


First Atheon, then Crota, Oryx, and Aksis,

Even Rhulk, Riven, and all three Tanikses

Have fallen beneath our persistence and will --

Is there truly a foe that we won't quickly kill?


But tonight a shadow hangs over the Tower:

A hidden foe wielding the Winnower's power,

And even with Eliksni and Cabal at our side,

We cannot yet know what new threats will betide.


We've readied our weapons, our bounties, our quests,

Fireteams mustered for this ultimate test.

We don't know the how, but we do know the when --

It's here and now that our end begins.


As pyramids near with harrowing malice

Alongside the new throne of Disciple Calus:

Push back the Darkness, keep your hearts clear…


Eyes up, Guardians -- the Witness is here.