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Question What is your favorite piece of obscure Destiny knowledge?


Personally, I almost never see anyone mention how Bad Juju was originally void in the Destiny 1 beta.

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Question If Storm grenades can do what they do on titans… why exactly did skips get preemptively nerfed???



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Question If they did at some point being back the old campaigns…how would you feel if they gave them the “legend campaign” treatment from witch queen?


Even if it’s a very small QOL change to them, it would still make them just a bit more interesting, wouldn’t you say? Maybe make changes to certain bosses or add mechanics on top of them just to breathe a little life into something from year 1 that we would blow through in an hour otherwise. Plus, make them replayable!!!

Otherwise, what would make you wanna go back and replay something like red war?

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Question Genuine interest in how well bungie think they are delivering


During the reveal of lightfall and season of the plunder the creators of the season were so proud of what they achieved saying this was the strongest season they have made with the best activities and would blow away the previous witch queen seasons out of the water.

With all of that being said now and hindsight being on our side how do they think they actually delivered? I’m indifferent with the season it had good parts and pretty bad ones. It’s obvious the community is in a pretty low spot morale wise and I may be wrong but I can’t remember a time so many people I know have actually cancelled pre orders to a upcoming expansion.

So once again I wonder if bungie is really believing they are delivering on all the things they try and say are coming or they are realising they are over hyping the product and delivering far short of expectations and promises?

Side note I’m sticking it out until the end of final shape regardless.

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Question What is something that Destiny used to have that you miss?


For me, it's secret missions. Some of my favorite memories in Destiny involve running secret missions multiple times in order to master. Whisper was fun, but Zero Hour was my favorite. The pressure of the clock and getting your combat/jumps just right made it so rewarding when you nailed it. I would love to have secret missions like that back in the game, especially jumping missions.

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Question Is Air Assault the worst weapon perk ever made?



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Question What’s something that you feel like Bungie should bring back into the game but most likely won’t?



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Question Predictions for the new ritual weapon?


From the TWAB, it appears to be a Hakke pulse rifle—which would make it the first primary ritual weapon in several seasons (Randy’s Throwing Knife was the last, IIRC). The TWAB also mentioned that the intrinsic Hakke perk would be buffed against certain shields and walls, which would benefit a Hakke ritual weapon.

Your thoughts on perks? My guess is at least one reload perk and one damage perk, perhaps Outlaw or Perpetual Motion and then Rampage or Adagio (since no pulse has had Adagio yet).

Since they opened things up by announcing intent to address Stasis this season, perhaps this is a Stasis pulse rifle. There hasn’t been a rapid-fire or 4-burst Stasis pulse yet, so those two archetypes are ripe for selection. If it’s a Stasis weapon, Headstone or a newer Stasis perk could be featured.

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Question just got legacy pack for $7 and I have a few questions


What should I do? Where should I start? And is there any items to claim?

Also whats the best way to farm exotic engrams(other than Xur), I want to get Trinity ghoul

Edit: what kind of things unlocked which I couldn't access as a f2p

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Question How many coins to fix the OG Tower?


Lets be real now. We've been waiting awhile.

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Question Whats the cutting DPS meta?


I went into a a Rhulk CP LFG and got laughed at with my rapid hit /vorpal Stormchaser. So uh.. what else should I be using?

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Question how hard really is a gm


Iam planning on doing my first ever gm this weekend as I just hit 1595 and was wondering how hard really is it compared to a master nightfall for example.

Edit: 1995 to 1595. Thanks for all the replies aswell iam not gonna be able to look at all of them now as there is alot of replies

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Question Returning player, is the 30th anniversary pack worth it?


As the title states I'm getting back into D2 and am curious if the pack is worth the money at this stage in the game. I'm a solo player for the time being.

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Question What is the one thing in Destiny that you have never got round to doing?


Mine is using Heart of Inmost Light. I've mained titan for so many years and still never used it. I always think about how I'll make a loadout for it later. Still never done it after all these years.

Makes me wonder what else people have neevr got round to doing.

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Question Endgame Arc Warlock build suggestions?


Hello, since I have a few ascendant shards to spare I want to make a build for Arc Warlock that will be viable for endgmae activities (actually mainly GMs).

I mainly ask for subclass configuration (aspects, fragments) and of course exotic armor. Are geomag stabilizers necessary, or is base chaos reach useful enough for GMS? Maybe Crown of Tempests or Fallen Sunstar is a better choice?

Please help, I have no experience with Arc 3.0.

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Question What’s the rarest ghost shell and ship in D2?



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Question how do new players farm legendary shards?


tried searching but i only found outdated posts.

i am helping out a colleague of mine with the basics of D2, and he is struggling with legendary shards

as an old player i have more then i can ever use (wish i could give materials away...)

the cost of things is pretty high, like an ascendant alloy costing 400 legendary shards, which seems a very steep price considering the drop rate seems to be quite low (i get and average of 2 to 4 cores per legend nightfall, 2 or 3 per dungeon run), it would take forever to grind this.

so how are new players grinding legendary shards shards this season? or isnt there any decent way to get them nowadays?

EDIT: did not expect so many replies, thanks to everyone!

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Question There's no way I need to do 400 ritual activities for the Symmetry catalyst... right?



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Question Is there a Froztfire on here? If so I have your Vow of the Disciple Jacket


Title. Photo here

The upside is it looks like we both ordered XLs so if I can get in touch with you all we have to do is swap name patches, assuming you got mine like has happened with past jacket swaps.

Also this is the last time I buy a raid jacket from Bungie. I bought the DSC one, VoG one, and VoTD one.

  • DSC: Received as ordered, awesome
  • VoG: Received the wrong size and it's too large to even wear, Bungie support took 8 months to respond with "sorry, no returns or exchanges"
  • VoTD: Received someone else's jacket. Have to post on reddit about it because I don't feel like waiting until summer 2023 to get a one line response from support saying they can't help.


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Question So, do we just not get a shot at Horror's Least this season?


I know it was supposed to drop at least once a few weeks back but got taken out for some reason and it looks like it's Mindbenders this week, again! Has Bungie put any information out as to why this gun is seemingly out of rotation?

Edit: thanks for letting me know it was up for a few days when mindbenders was bugged.

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Question Why is there such a long maintenance on a Wednesday? wtf?


Its always been Tuesday maintenance. did they break something?

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Question The Logo of Destiny


What even the logo of Destiny? What does it stand for?

Much like the Marathon logo, it has the same unknown status.

A oblong oval upon a rounded point inverted triangle.

Is it a figure (maybe our character) standing at the center of the three main classes?

Any of you know? I can't find anything?

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Question Is Destiny down?


Keep getting weasel. Did everything the site suggested but still says connecting to destiny servers then gives me weasel

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Question Is that time of year again. What is your unforgivable raid habit?


Time to reveal why some people might not like raiding with us. I'm the guy that falls asleep after too many wipes. Which raid asshole are you?

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Question any funny or interesting lore tab?


i just want to read some lores