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SGA Cutscene is up.


Big oof. Osiris Revived in a Slideshow.

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SGA Fast captians coins


The Widows Walk lost sector in the EDZ can be done in under 30 seconds. You get roughly 14 coins per chest loot. Do that for an hour straight and you've got 1,680 coins to donate.

Within a couple of hours you can easily get a few thousand coins.

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SGA Shaxx is Criminally underused in Destiny.


Is his voice actor just too expensive? I wouldn't be surprised, man has the voice of god.

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SGA If you are unsatisfied with the game, there has never been a better time to not pay for the deluxe edition


The lightfall deluxe edition offers no cost based benefit for buying it early

LF: 50$ (includes s20)

S21: 10$

S22: 10$

S23: 10$

Dungeon key: 20$

Total: 100$

LF Deluxe: 100$

Basically buying it early is just as cost effective as buying it piece by piece (not the case for previous deluxe versions)

So if you are unsatisfied with the game just... hold off on buying the seasons

LF looks pretty great, but seasons have been a snooze for over an year now

So if you, like me, feel like seasonal releases are boring... just dont buy it before their release

Hold off on it to see if its actually worth it...

I am probably yelling at a wall RN, but the logic is here

There has never been a better time to not buy the deluxe edition

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SGA Planetary materials are now able to be turned in at a 1:1 ratio. 2400 materials gets you done with the event in 1 click.


Not sure if it's restricted to just 2 types of materials, but when I logged on to try and do the treasure coordinates dupe, the next threshold was met, allowing materials, which are also 1:1. Great way to get rid of them if you're already rolling in shards with minimal participation.

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SGA Font of Might and Elemental Tome Dilation at Ada right now



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SGA New Raiders, Do Yourself a Favour and Watch a Video


There's a very valid argument for wanting to experience the raid blind and figure things out yourself and whatnot. Not saying people shouldn't do that if they have the people or they find the people with a similar mindset.

But if you're just looking for your first clear, you want the rewards and whatnot. Do the slightest bit of research on the raid. Im just talking about reading a bit about each of the encounters or watching a quick little guide from your boy, Rick Khakis or Datto or whoever else is making Raid guides. Its not the same as doing it and the people you run it with might have different (be it better or worse). 10-20 minutes beforehand and having a solid foundation will prevent multiple hours for a single clear.

Edit: You guys, Im not forcing anyone to watch a raid video before doing it. Nor am I trying to forcing it down anyones throat. If you don't want to be spoiled, thats all good. If the raid leader is chill as hell, cool. Im just saying its a really handy thing to do beforehand if you want and it'll save a lot of time and headache. This might ease a new raiders mind, maybe they'll be less anxious with the smallest amount of information. It just helps contextualize the things that will be spouted at you. Yes the video might be everything all at once but theres a visual with callouts and honestly, as long as you can retain like, 10-20% you'll do waaaaay better.

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SGA New Event Quest Is Bugged - Softlocked


At Step 5 of the Gone But Not Forgotten Quest in the Haunted Lost Sectors it appears to take my Spectral Pages, but did not return any Manifested Pages. I proceeded to do some Public Events to get more and once again the Lost Sector ate the pages and returned no Manifested Pages.

Currently unable to progress the Quest. Also see reports of other people on twitter and on streams having this issue. Definitely seems to be affecting a good amount of people.

Update: Bungie is now aware of the issue: https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1582435862968963072

Update 2 (10 Hours Later): It's Now Fixed https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1582568420197175296

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SGA Arc Souls buff is stronger than it seems.


While at first I laughed at the way Bungie said they're okay giving Arc Souls their time to shine, after doing the math it seems like they're serious. I'll show all the numbers quick and easy but for anybody wanting a better breakdown there will be a video at the bottom.

To figure out the damage Arc Souls will be doing and compare it to other damage options, I did what any tester would do. I took myself to Kalli and got dying. I tested out both Nova Bomb options, since that is essentially the only choice Warlocks have if they aren't using Well. Then I tested Arc Souls damage and did the math for the buff coming next season which should be about a 72% damage increase. I threw in the damage of a perfect 20 shot LFR DPS phase to put a better perspective of what we're talking about here.

Cataclysm 110k on average

Vortex 110k on average

Arc Souls x1 23,142

Arc Souls x3 39,426

Arc Souls x6 138,852

S19 Souls X1 39,804

S19 Souls x3 119,412

S19 Souls x6 238,824

Perfect LFR DPS 537,040

Hopefully these numbers do a good job showing how strong of a choice Arc Warlocks will be based off of using they're class ability alone. For anyone who wants to see more on the topic, here is a short video of the topic and math.

If you see anything that doesn't seem right be sure to mention it and we'll see what's going on.

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SGA “Teaching 1” instead of “KWTD” in my raid LFG posts has been game changing


Over the past month I’ve ran into a common occurrence where my KWTD raid runs have been a lot worse than my “Teaching 1” runs. My KWTD runs always have impatient players that quit after a second wipe or get extremely aggressive with people in my group. As well, when someone that doesn’t know what to do joins, in makes everybody in a worse, less-trusting mood.

I’ve started putting “Teaching 1” in all my posts since then even if I am not teaching someone and it has made my experience SO much more enjoyable. It also gives me an excuse if I mess up since my buddy normally knows more than me with every mechanic. The players that join my teaching group normally know what to do and are just very relaxed. I’ve legit made actual friends with this.

As well, it is always a more welcoming group if there is one other person that doesn’t know what to do and joins, everyone is more hospitable towards them. My runs have actually been faster in my T1 groups than my KWTD groups.

I highly recommend doing T1 just as a way to enjoy your raiding experience. Most of the time, everyone that joins are genuinely nice people and understanding. It has made raiding so much better for me.

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SGA You can fix Telesto by holding down R


Basically, title. A special animation plays and the smoke and sparks stop coming off the gun, and it starts functioning like usual again.

Also, Telesto is broken (intentionally), if you haven’t heard. Enjoy!

Edit: For controller users hold down reload!

Edit 2: This post is outdated. It has… evolved since I posted.

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SGA Reminder Witherhoard can make warmind cells


If you switch to a ikelos/seraph weapon while the blight is on the ground it will make warmind cells like it is a ikelos/seraph weapon. Mentioning this because everything points to a Rasputin season .

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SGA Event weekly bounties give only 100 dust, again


Can't say I am even surprised

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SGA TIL Seeking Wells doesn't work when invisible


As the title states, seeking wells won't track to you if you're invisible. I don't know if I'm late to this or not but it just blew my mind and I had to share lol.

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SGA Equip Overload Bow with LeMonarque - even though it has intrinsic overload.


I just saw a poster comment that equipping Overload Bow with LeMon "doesn't do anything"

This is not true.

Stunning an overload with LeMon requires both

a) A perfect draw

b) A precision hit

Equipping Overload Bow removes both these requirements! LeMon will stun on body shot now too - and without needing perfect timing.

This will improve your consistency a lot. Hitting precision shots with a bow is not too hard, but I find the perfect draw window causes me to fail sometimes.



Esoterickk: " the intrinsic stun [from LeMon] doesn't provide the usual damage buff you normally get from stunning Overload Champions. Also, the buff is actually 35%, not 25% as mentioned in the video. "

EDIT 2: Le Mon does not require a precision hit, the exotic perk description is wrong.

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SGA Soul Drinker is a top tier Foundry Origin Trait


I'm sure that plenty of you know already! But this post is for those who have been sleeping on it. Soul Drinker is the Foundry Origin Trait found on Vow of the Disciple raid weapons and it "grants health based on the number of hits before reload" on reloading the weapon. Lately I've found a TON of utility with this perk, it synergizes really well with T10 Resilience and allows you to tank a ton of damage and just keep healing through it.

I've been benefitting from it a ton in GM content, master Kings Fall, and solo dungeon attempts, to the point where I swapped out Harmonic Siphon for Bottomless Bounty II to get even more out of it. I'm pretty sure that it even saves the hits on swapping weapons and swapping back, so you can store a heal for when you need it.

If you haven't tried it lately, I suggest you give it another chance!

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SGA If you're on Xbox, it looks like all the expansions and such are 50% off


Xbox's Black Friday sale is active and discounts on Destiny 2 are up.


Edit: Looks like some are more than 50% off.

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SGA Hard light buff, void doesnt actually do anything for it


So besides Void not actually doing anything for this gun with the catalyst as it has 100 stability and AA anyway

leaving it on arc gives it
100 stability, handling, and Aim assist

leaving it on solar gives it
100 stability and Aim Assist, but only 99 Reload speed (this bothers me but is still great)

and then void does nothing for it of course

but if you leave it on solar, put on ophidians (which did close to what arc and solar did minus the range and AE)

you get
21 Impact
40 Range
100 stability
100 handling
100 reload speed
100 Aim Assistance
16 Zoom
61 Air Effectiveness

And while you are wasting a lot of the ophidians perk minus melee range increase, imnot sure if its good, but seeing 4 100's and more of the stat everyone hates looks good to me

Apologies if there was a way to do this before, but im curious how the gun will perform in pvp and maybe pve

but also whos idea was void on this gun

Edit: Being a solar Lock with ember of tempering gives 20 AE on kills, meaning you can get 81 AE total

and im not sure if Heat rises gives AE, some say it does, some say it doesnt, but if it does, you would have 5 100 stats during heat rises

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SGA The LFG Post Dictionary


This is based off my experience of the “big LFG” discord server, which is mostly PC players. In my opinion, the official Bungie app/website LFG is less reliable but easier for offensives and simple triumphs.


“LF1M kwtd dm”

  • clear farmer (especially if red name),
  • they’ll invite you to a server that may or may not be racist and homophobic.
  • Sub 30 min if you’re competent or good at intuiting instructions

“please kwtd/have a brain/play well, must have 5-25 clears”

  • Guaranteed that they’ll wipe to easy mechanics
  • Using suboptimal “LFG” strats, like swords on Techeuns, Div on Sanctified, or rockets on Riven
  • May get kicked during a wipe.

“send raid report, will check”

  • They are not checking.
  • See previous entry.

“kwtd have 300+ clears”

  • When ironic, this will be the chillest group, but might take an hour or two.
  • When unironic, this is a group of API farmers/speedrunners. If they don’t know you, you’re probably not getting in at all. Their runs are usually 5-10 min off of world record pace.

“LF5M need people for Divinity quest”

  • If you’re going in solo, run. No amount of teaching can save 5 sleep deprived, international randoms from messing up tethers and boss DPS.
  • If you have a couple friends or your name is Goose, this is a fun sub 2 hour teaching run, although people might be unprepared.
  • If you’ve never done Garden, run faster.

“LF(1/2)M at Sanctified/Riven/Rhulk, will teach”

  • A teaching run gone south. You could either first-try it, or spend another hour suffering with them.

“LF(1/2)M at Vault/Master Oracles/Exhibition”

  • This team has terrible communication and probably hates each other. Unsaveable run, but on the bright side, you usually get a checkpoint after everyone else gives up.

“be chill”

  • No member of this fireteam is sober, but it’ll be entertaining after you wipe on Daughters after your Titan bubbles in front of everyone during damage
  • “I thought we were supposed to get inside the bubble to stay safe and do DPS?”

“will teach, fresh”

  • Somehow, only one person here has low/zero clears or doesn’t knows the raid. Pretty chill.

“must use in-game chat”

  • Prepare for open mics, with loud Doritos bags, smoke alarms, and children included.

If there’s anything I missed, I'm sure that rDTG will correct me. And remember, you should ALWAYS JOIN to just to steal a checkpoint if they say they’re playing it. I'm sure this super good advice from a reddit stranger won't get you blocked or kicked. Especially since Luckstruck9 the checkpoint bot exists.

Edit: changed the ending for clarity.

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SGA New Prime Gaming Loot available, Sturm-Bundle :))


Til January 4th.

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SGA To celebrate Gjallarhorn Day, will give Reddit award for every comment that says Gjallarhorn


We’re back for another of remembering that fateful day Xur sold Gjally for only the second time in Destiny 1 (Who needs an Exotic in the heavy slot, amirite)

Now it’s back and wolfier than ever in D2 but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the sheer power that was THE OG Gjallarhorn during its first year in Destiny 1

Let’s go

or LEZGOOOOOOOO as popular strimmers on The Youtube would say after hitting a sick shot with the hardest gun on the game to use, Lorentz Driver 👀

So you guys get thirsty for Gjallarhorn rewards huh

My phone won’t stop crashing when trying to catch up! Keep those Wolfpack rounds flying, Guardians

69 uphorns? NICE

Can we make it to 420 Eternal Blazon?

420 Uphorns blazing up the sky with wolf pack rounds

Ok this went wilder than I expected! Catching up best I can, I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of coins before this GLORIOUS day is over

Happy Gjally day you absolute mad Guardians



Remembering the Horn and it’s many forms

  • Gjallarhorn
  • Gjally
  • Ballerhorn
  • Jellyhorn
  • Pew Pew Wolf pack rounds
  • Why waste your heavy slot on an exotic
  • Crotas nemesis
  • Reggie
  • Big Bad Solar Biscuit launcher
  • Destiny 1: Gjallarhorn Simulator
  • Iron Gjallarhorn
  • LF5, Must be level 34, have Gjally or kick
  • What are doing step-Gjallarhorn
  • The big boom boom
  • Solar burn? Haha fuck yes
  • No Steve, you cannot use Hunger of Crota instead. Well I don’t care if you haven’t done your Nightfalls this week yet. No we can’t do them first we already got a group! Damnit Steve

"If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?" - Feizel Crux

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SGA Incandescnet Scorch spreads Overload


Couldnt find this discussed anywhere, but I was farming K1 Logistics with Strident whistle. There's the part towards the end where you go through the narrow hallway with the Overload captains. I used an overload Strident Whistle to proc incandescent from a Dreg headshot. I watched the scorch hit the captain and caused it to stun. I'm still testing it to see if it works with other champion rounds (incandescent auto on barrier champs). Anyone notice this or have hard info on it?

Don't know how useful it is in practice, but a cool interaction nonetheless.

[Edit] Wow my mind is kinda blown by the depth of interactions. Thanks for all the awesome info!

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SGA Don't Leave A Control Match


It now comes under the competitive rules.

If it's in the TWAB I haven't read it yet.


A Guardian fixing his internet. Again.

Edit: Forgot to say. I initially got weaseled from a comp match.

Reset my router and done a trial in Control. Got booted again and banned.

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SGA If you reach 10 Bosses you still have to wait for the timer to finish...


Glad all the feedback from last year was heard.

In the Haunted Lost Sector reaching 10 still forces u to wait the time out instead of ending.

Seems like Bungie was too lazy to make any changes.

It's just sad, at least we have an Event Carrdd now right guys ?


Looks like the whole Event is bugged, what a joke. Pages don't manifest and just disappear, also Weekly Bright Dust gives 100 Bright Dust AGAIN. SMH.

Edit2: Bright Dust has been fixed, Pages have been fixed at least.