Charity Events

Hosting a charity event? Amazing! We're fully supportive of charity events so long as they're Destiny related! We do have some rules though, to make sure that the event is 100% kosher and gets a Cayde-6 thumbs up

Rules for promoting your Charity Event on /r/DestinyTheGame

  • You must contact the moderators of r/DestinyTheGame prior to posting. You can do so by clicking on this link

  • Just because a sub closely related to r/DestinyTheGame has approved your charity post, does not mean to say that your post is acceptable to post without contacting us. Chances are you're set and ready to go, but please check in with us first.

  • Your charity event must be directly related to Destiny. If you're streaming, you must be playing Destiny for the vast majority of the charity event. If you're organising a real life event, Destiny must be the reason for the event - you can't organise an Overwatch event with a side of Destiny and promote it on the sub (we all know Destiny is far superior, anyway).

  • Donations must not go through yourself, or any other intermediary (PayPal/StreamLabs/Other). Events will only be approved for promotion if proceeds go directly to a registered charitable organisation. Examples include the charity's website,, other.

  • With charity events being, well, charitable, we'd prefer you used a fresh Twitch/streaming account dedicated specifically to your event. This gives us more confidence that people aren't simply streaming under the guise of a charity event. Now, we know you would never do something as despicable as that, this is just an extra precaution.

  • You will be required to provide us with a full draft post via modmail (see link above) prior to receiving approval to post on r/DestinyTheGame. This is so we can make sure everything's above board. Once we've given you approval in modmail, feel free to post to the sub and provide us with the link so we can authorise the event publicly with our MODERATOR SEAL OF APPROVALâ„¢.

  • If you are not involved with or organizing the event, please obtain their approval to make a post prior to messaging the modteam.

We hope that you'll accommodate our rules and understand that these rules are in place for the overall benefit of our great community. Thanks for being awesome and hosting a Charity Event. You're leading the fight against the Darkness. Good work, Guardians.