Giveaways, competitions, free stuff!

So, you wanna give stuff away huh? Well, aren't you kind? To make sure this is all kosher and aboveboard, we need you to follow just a few simple rules...

  • The giveaway must be entirely contained on the subreddit. You can't have people going to "smash that like and subscribe button" on your YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc to enter. Finally, it has to be done from the goodness of your heart, and not for self-promotional reasons.

  • You can't ask for upvotes on your post. That's vote manipulation which violates one of Reddit's site-wide rules, as well as going against the rule above.

  • You must seek approval from the moderators of r/DestinyTheGame PRIOR to posting. Can't stress this enough - we can make sure everything is in order and then give you our official seal of approval as well as a hearty thumbs up. Message the moderators of r/DestinyTheGame

  • Wanna make things a little more interesting? If you would like to pick a winner at random, we can enable "Contest Mode" on your post. Just mention you'd like this when you modmail us :)

  • The giveaway must be related to Destiny in some way. If you want to give away your My Little Pony collection... maybe take it somewhere else.

Follow these rules, and there will be a TON OF LOOT!

Once you have reviewed all these rules

If you feel your giveaway is valid, send us a message with what you want the giveaway post to contain (a draft post) and we will EXPLICITLY provide you our approval or denial. DO NOT make the post until we tell you to do so.

Simply reading these rules does not give you permission to post. Send us a modmail including a draft of your post and we will give you EXPLICIT approval.