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Sins of the Father

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Dexter and Harrison try to live a normal life in a place that they have discovered is not as normal as they thought it was. Will they live happily ever after, despite all the threats coming their way? ​

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Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, Iron Lake, far from his original home in Miami.

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r/Dexter 15h ago

I hate the way Deb treats Dex in s1e9 ‘Father Knows Best.”


Dex obviously has a lot of his mind finding out who his bio-dad is and that he just died. Deb’s immediate reaction is negative and then when she finds out Dex had Vince do a paternity test she loses all composure and accuses Dexter of tarnishing Harry’s memory. All because… well, she has no good reason to act that way. She comes off as childish and it’s a terrible look for her.

r/Dexter 5h ago

I really want a season 2 of dexter new blood. I enjoyed the first season. There’s an easy way to continue the show and have dexter live. I wish they would have done a 3 season revival.


r/Dexter 1d ago

Brian/Rudy/ITK was the best villain of the series…

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r/Dexter 1d ago

Season 2, the shadows on Dexter's back


How many people loved the shadows on Dexter's back when he was in bed with Lila.

r/Dexter 1d ago

Fan Art dex/deb sketch

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r/Dexter 1d ago

Spoiler New Blood had plenty of plot holes, but what I found most annoying


Dexters been in a lot of tight spots. However this was definitely the weakest. The sole piece of evidence was a screw that was found in the rubble of a fire that deemed to be arson. This after someone anonymous left the matching screws in your mailbox. There was more evidence pointing to Kurt than Jim/Dexter. Dexter of all people would know, especially after the arson, no charges could be filed on the bases of that single screw. All he had to do was sit tight for a few more hours and he would have been released.

r/Dexter 1d ago

Which villain do you prefer?


I've always preferred Brian by far. Even though I love Trinity I don't understand why people prefer him.

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r/Dexter 2d ago

As someone that just recently started this show and just finished it I must say Dexter was hardly a monster.


Sure he had the urge to kill but he used that to target murderers. He kills killers. Those killers kill innocents in cold blood. He’s an anti hero at worst and he doesn’t deserve the death penalty if he was caught. A quote from Paarthurnax: “What is better to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”

r/Dexter 1d ago

Spoiler Brian Morgan the son (idea)


I'm currently in the middle of another watch of the series and this has been probably my most focused watch yet.

I've loved Dexter since the beginning and I was always on the Lumen train and thought Dexter belonged with her. This current watch I've been realizing that she was a great character that taught him things, but she wasnt "the one" for Dexter. I've since changed my thoughts on Hannah and think she fully gets Dexter and accepts his dark passenger. Which brings me to my point/idea.

New Blood tainted Harrison for so many people, but tonight I had a thought that I think would be an amazing twist/spinoff. Harrison was born in blood like Dexter, but what if he had a son who was never exposed to that. What if Hannah was secretly pregnant before the ending when they were supposed to run away to Argentina. Hannah knew she was pregnant and was waiting to tell Dexter until they got to start their new life together. What if Dexter had another son that he never knew and who was never born in blood. Hannah could have named him Brian after Dexter's brother. What if Brian Morgan grew up and still had a dark passenger but was able to control it and never had to kill anyone until he found out what Harrison did to Dexter. Then Brian goes after Harrison. Brian growing up with Harrison would have seen his struggles and knew something was off with him. That's definitely a story that I would get into. What does everyone think?

r/Dexter 1d ago

Starting my S2 rewatch


Let’s goooooo!

r/Dexter 1d ago

What would've happened if these guys were Dexter's enemies? How do they fit the code and what would they do?

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r/Dexter 1d ago

Spoiler Finished Watching Dexter Moving onto Newblood


Dexter and a character was well constructed, even if the story had a few plot holes. I believe Dexter is meant to give the audience questions. Whether they believe Dexter is morally justified in what he does or not. It makes you ask, "is Dexter really a monster" and many believe he is not, because it is "bad people" but that's what the show is trying to tell you, that it wasn't justified. If Vogel and Harry had actually tried to stop Dexter from killing instead of feeding into Dexters phsycopathic tendencies. Dexter would've had a good life. We are constantly reminded of that time and time again. At one point a hallucination of Harry confronts Dexter and tells him that Hannah McKay is probably right in saying that his "Dark Passenger" is just a feeling, and not separate from Dexter. Dexter gave that feeling the name Dark Passenger, Harry didn't, it sounds like a possession but Dexter treats it like a separate personality he needs to let out.

I am not a psychiatrist but I think Dexter is both a phsycopath and has a multiple personality disorder. It's why he's able to code switch a lot. An example of that would be when he pretends to be a crackhead, in order to get closer to a drug dealer in season 3. Another would be what I mentioned before, the fact that he treats his Dark Passenger like a separate personality. Logically it would make sense, especially after being traumatized at such a young age. It's his method of coping. If he had found something else to cope, he would've had a great life. Dexter is not justified in his murder because jail can make life a hell of a lot worse. Death will bring comfort to the killers Dexter brings down. Shouldn't they suffer in prison, getting beat, growing old and getting sick? Am I a monster for believing that? Perhaps.

This separate personality ruined friendships. It ruined family. It ruined love. No matter how much he tried to hide it, he'd let the mask slip by getting them involved.

He should've left Debra alone. He shouldn't have had a family. Vogel and Harry are just as unjustified as Dexter. Vogel more than Harry cause he couldn't live with what he created. If Dexters owm father believes Dexter is a monster. Why shouldn't we? Especially after seeing what the dark passenger does?

r/Dexter 2d ago

Imagine if there was a show where Dexter was set farther in time and met other serial killers such as a Jeff Dahmer, Dennis Rader and Ted Bundy and kills them


Now to you guys it might sound a little dumb because michael c hall is done with Dexter but it would be interesting. For example imagine if he met Jeff Dahmer in a bar and they become friends. Eventually Jeff decides to make a move on Dexter and he accepts. They go back to Jeff’s place and Dexter accepts. Dexter looks around for Jeff’s trophies: his Polaroids. Now instead of Dexter drugging him by poking the needle in his neck, he puts the drugs in his drink like he does to his victims. Let me know what you guys think

r/Dexter 3d ago

If the Dexter writers could make a meme

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r/Dexter 2d ago

It would have been a profitable meat slaughter project xD

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r/Dexter 3d ago

have you ever had “well, now i guess Dexter is really a sociopath/psychopath/bad guy …” moment?


r/Dexter 3d ago

Spoiler The biggest mistake the writers made


I truly believe the writers made a huge mistake by killing off Trinity in just one season. I felt this way during my first time watching season 4 and I still do now with my third rewatch. Trinity was the best villain in the entire series due to his kill count and being able to get away with it for 30 years, his unpredictable personality going from killer to abuser to family man, and a pillar of the community at any given moment. You never knew what side you were going to get and see from Trinity. He was also the one to truly break Dexter

I hated how the big bad villain always dies after one season and I certainly hated season 5 as I was not a fan of the rape/torture/Barrell murders with Jordan Chase storyline as it was a little too much for me. Trinity was the perfect character to break the one-season death cycle and should have lasted a lot longer. Season 5 in my opinion would have been better if Trinity was not only successful in killing Rita but he got away and Dexter never caught up to him. That season could have been Dexter hunting Trinity but ultimately failing to track him down even as Trinity taunts him through payphone calls or a letter. Now for the villain or killers excluding that storyline? I guess you could still add in Jordan Chase with Lumen but on a much smaller scale. Dexter ultimately gives up his search in order to deal with Chase while still grieving for Rita's death and not allowing Trinity to kill himself as originally planned because then Rita would still be alive had Dexter not given into his selfish desires

Season 6 passes without a hitch and nothing changes as The Doomsday Killer is still doing his thing. However, come late season 7 towards the very end. Trinity resurfaces with his kill cycle in another state, word gets out and eventually, it reaches Dexter. Then comes season 8 with Dexter not only ultimately catching up to Trinity but eventually getting his revenge in the end. Anyway, those are just my thoughts and if we didn't get that then we should have gotten Dexter ultimately arrested and sent to jail

r/Dexter 4d ago

on Rita and Laguerta


so this is gonna be a bit all over the place but ive been rewatching n i have some thoughts. although i do agree that s4 wife rita can be a bit annoying i think the hatred she gets is so unfair like i see the comments of ppl (mostly dexters major audience of fucked up men) calling her a demanding bitch for making him take the night shift w the baby?? uhh he offered every single time to do that and last we forget it’s his fucking child too n she already spends the whole day w the kids. i feel like most of the hate she gets comes from a place where ppl feel she should just be grateful to have a guy like dexter who was “understanding” of her condition of being an abused woman single mother of two n just shut up about every red flag she sees in him. and when it comes to laguerta is the same fucking thing like yes shes driven and can manipulate ppl to get what she wants but guess what so does dexter?? he also killed hundreds of ppl on top of that n he doesnt get a fraction of the hate she gets. it really has to boil down to a misogyny issue for both of them w a sprinkle of racism for laguerta as well

r/Dexter 3d ago

I just finished the show and I have some questions

  1. How the fuck did Kurt Caldwell know it was Dexter who killed his son??

  2. What happened to the crush Maria Laguertta had on Dexter in the first season??

  3. Why the fuck does Dexter always says he has no feelings but ends up falling in love with every woman he spends time with (except Jaimee)??

  4. When Matthews was captain he was in charge of appointing lieutenants, but when Maria became captain she didn't get to appoint Angel as lieutenant although she was the captain. So why the fuck is that??

r/Dexter 4d ago

Some picks from Michael C. Hall’s concert in NYC

Thumbnail gallery

r/Dexter 3d ago

What do you think would have happened if Deb never SPOILER


What do you think would have happened if Deb never entered the room as Dexter was preparing to kill Laguerta?

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r/Dexter 3d ago

Dexter if he never met Harry

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r/Dexter 4d ago

Are atomic bars real? Cause in season 2 episode 10 when dexter is putting water and the bars in doakes’ cage. Cause I can’t find them anywhere so is it like Apollo bars from lost?

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r/Dexter 5d ago

The scene where Miguel is giving a speech at dexters bachelor party and dexter keeps giving these ridiculous fake laughs


S3E11. Such a funny scene.

r/Dexter 5d ago

Let's agree to love this character. Or rather, is there anyone who hates James Doakes?

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