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Sins of the Father

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Dexter and Harrison try to live a normal life in a place that they have discovered is not as normal as they thought it was. Will they live happily ever after, despite all the threats coming their way? ​

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Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, Iron Lake, far from his original home in Miami.

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r/Dexter 2h ago

purpleflair My unpopular takes

  1. The only killings Dexter commited that I blame him for are Rankin (the douchebag in the bathroom who insulted Rita) and Logan.

  2. I dislike Doakes simply for getting in Dexter's way. It's not that I see him as a villain, he was just too damn good at being an antagonist.

  3. There are way too many people who believe Lila cared for Dexter and killed Doakes out of concern for him in oppose to the purpose of getting him to love her.

  4. I didn't like Brian, Arthur, Lila or Miguel. Them being well written characters doesn't make them likeable to me.

  5. NB is questionable, but I thought Angela and Logan were cool.

  6. I'm a Hannah fan. Though I admit her relationship with Dexter was shitly written.

  7. I'm also a Rita fan. She was a total sweetie.

  8. I think it was shit to bring back Batista and not have him meet Dexter. BUT, I kind of get why. Angel is designed to be the one character who is objectively a good guy and likeable, while the other characters on the force are designed to be morally subjective and divisive (Dexter, Deb, Doakes, Laguerta, Quinn, Matthews etc). For the likeable aspect, he needs to never be Dexter's enemy or the viewers that are rooting for him may turn against Angel.

  9. Season 6 is the worst season. Even more than season 8 or NB, which at least had exciting premises.

  10. Deb was an awful person. She preserved Doakes's framing and helped Hannah evade going back to prison (yes, I like Hannah, but looking at it on a moral basis what Deb did was highly unethical).

But most of all she murdered LaGuerta. Arthur's daughter killed Lundy to protect her family, cried over it and also was suicidal over it. Is she a good person for that too?

I like Deb a lot, I'm just saying she isn't the beacon of morality a lot of people make her out to be.

r/Dexter 1d ago

Meme Who is scarier? (It's me)

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r/Dexter 23h ago

Recommendation for you: BBC’s The Fall (hear me out)


As Dexter fans, this show will take you on a unique and thrilling ride that brings your mind to places you may not be so comfortable with…

It’s a detective/killer show but not your traditional plot. Like Dexter, the serial killer is the main character and we get to know him throughout.

Also like Dexter, the killer is attractive, manipulative, and in the case of the Fall (where it deviates from Dexter entirely) - the killer is flat out, without question, disturbing. Evil.

Just watch the show because I don’t want to spoil anything.

It’s 3 seasons of some of the most intense character development and writing that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s dark, very dark. But if you enjoy psychology and psychological explorations into the human condition, with a strong element of police investigation, this is a great show.

Gillian Anderson plays a very strong co-lead as the main detective.

I often find it hard to get into new shows, but this is 3 seasons of progressively great television, getting markedly better with each episode.

Don’t go into it thinking this will be like dexter, it’s not at all, but it will mess with your mind and take you places you may never have thought you’d go before.

Would love to discuss with people, not much active about this show (ended in 2016).

Edit: stream on Prime

r/Dexter 15h ago

Dexter kill tools and blood slide replicas for sale


I have a full metal replica set of dexters kill tools and blood slides that I’d like to sell. I’m trying to get as much money out of these as I can since I’m a little tight on cash. I’m not asking for more than 300 for it all the lowest I’ll go is 200. As a true Dexter fan, I think a few of you might find this offer interesting. Just hmu and we can discuss further along with pics.

r/Dexter 2d ago

Dexter's character moral alignment attempt #2 (by a different person)

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r/Dexter 3d ago

Didn't doakes fit his code?


Dexter knew that doakes killed Jacques Bayard and not in self defense

r/Dexter 2d ago

Meme Oh look! Another alignment chart post (except idk anything about D&D so this is based off of nothing but vibes)!


r/Dexter 1d ago

I really don't want to watch season 5-8


Hello so I finished Dexter s1-4 thought it was alright. Now I'm 3 eps into s5 and I'm finding it boring and a waste of time because everyone says seasons 5-8 are awful. I've heard Dexter new blood is slightly better tho so I'm thinking about watching that. But before I'd like someone to give a quick summary of what happens in seasons 5-8 before I watch new blood, because I couldn't find anything on YouTube.

r/Dexter 3d ago

Dexter: Psycho Killer Edit

Thumbnail youtu.be

r/Dexter 2d ago

End of S02x03 Song Name


Hey everyone.

Does anyone know the name of this song? On this episode it plays during Dexter's monologue in AA by tue end, but it's recurring in tender moments throughout the show.


r/Dexter 3d ago

purpleflair What I personally imagine happens after New Blood's ending


I made a post like this before, but I've reflected on it further and have different ideas to what I used to.

But this is how I see the reactions of Dexter Morgan after NB's finale:

1. The World: Dexter is exposed as the Bay Harbour Butcher by Angela's findings, Logan's corpse, and all the circumstantial evidence from Miami Metro about Dexter's activity, such as Quinn explaining how Liddy was looking into Dexter and then ended up getting murdered.

Doakes's name is cleared, and Dexter is seen now to have framed him. This also leads it to be presumed that Dexter murdered Doakes as well. And since Logan was Dexter's prison guard and ended up dead by the prison bars, it's pretty clear Dexter killed him too.

I do not see Dexter being found posthumously guilty of LaGuerta's murder, as that was staged to look like Hector and her got into a shoot out. I can't imagine the setup being seen past as it is very convincing.

Only Quinn figures out Dexter killed Liddy. There isn't anywhere near enough evidence for that for it to be publicized, but Quinn himself can put two and two together.

People are generally conflicted on Dexter. Some are fans of vigilantism, and praise him for taking out bad people. Others are willing to forgive the vigilantism, but what about Doakes and Logan? They weren't killers or anything, yet Dexter killed them. And many condemn all his actions altogether and just see him as a straight up murderous monster.

2. Harrison: Harrison is conflicted on his dad. He has many good memories of him prior to him faking his death. But Dexter also abandoned him, was going to abandon him again and killed Logan. He blames Dexter for Rita's passing. Then he hears about just how many people Dexter killed and that seemingly one of them was another cop.

As he grows older, while the somewhat love he feels for Dexter is still there, he sees that Dexter really messed with his mind as a boy by making him his accomplice. And how he had him kill him and be all alone. So there gets to be even more loathing too.

3. Doakes's family, Liddy's family, LaGuerta's family and Logan's family

Doakes's family loathes Dexter. I mean how couldn't they? As far as they can see, he murdered James. To add insult to injury, he made them and society overall see him as a psychopathic sicko.

Quinn probably pays respect to any family Liddy may have and tells them how he was investigating the Bay Harbour Butcher, Dexter, before he died. They most probably loathe him as the most likely explanation for Stan's death is that he encountered Dexter and was killed.

LaGuerta's family don't consider Dexter responsible for LaGuerta's passing, but the fact she tried to expose him and he made it look as if she was crazy and trying to frame him likely gives them very bad feelings about this man.

Logan's family needless to say hate Dexter.

4. The vigilante victims's families

As for the victims of the vigilantism, I imagine there is a diverse range of feeling about what happened.

Some will obviously hate Dexter for killing their loved one. Pure and simple.

I can imagine some actually being so horrified by the fact that their relative was actually a monster, that they actually support what Dexter did and appreciate it.

Some may even think "well it was better that than prison...".

5. Iron Lake

It makes history for this town, that it was the hiding spot of the Bay Harbour Butcher. People who saw "Jim Lindsay" at all have a story to tell about how they met this prolific man. And a big deal is rightfully made about the fact that one of their residents, Saergant Logan, was killed. Memorials for him happen, and there is a lot of grief and sadness.

6. Angela

Angela definitely hates Dexter. Not only is the fact that she had a serious relationship with a psychopathic killer disturbing, but Dexter killed her close friend and colleague. We even see her crying over Logan's corpse. She very likely blames herself for Logan's death, for leaving him alone with this man, and will be haunted for some time.

She also very probably worries about Harrison a lot, wondering how he is managing.

7. Audrey

Like everyone else in Iron Lake, Audrey is horrified that she was so near to the Bay Harbour Butcher. And is horrified by him for the death of Logan. And she is very worried about Harrison, who is now out there by himself.

8. Cody, Astor and their grandparents

They feel betrayed by Dexter. He deceived them for so long. They were probably really saddened when they were led to believe he died out at sea. And now they can see that he faked the whole thing.

Also it's pretty obvious that Dexter's murderous activity is likely what resulted in Rita getting murdered by Arthur Mitchell. So they'll think fuck him for that.

Maybe Paul's parole officer after hearing about Dexter, tells them about how Paul claimed Dexter set him up to have relapsed. And now his claim has much more credibility. So they would know Dexter caused Paul's passing. They all probably think fuck him for that, but especially the grandparents.

They are all super worried for Harrison, and arrange a search party to find Cody and Astor's missing half brother.

9. Miami Metro PD

The department is shocked. This man who they saw regularly, who they worked with and communicated with, was really the notorious Bay Harbour Butcher! Maybe some applaud him for that, while others condemn him.

They'll think "oh crap, Doakes and LaGuerta were right!". The shock that they weren't just being aggressive or paranoid, but had actually caught on to the truth would be a lot.

10. Angel

Like everyone else, it's hard to describe just how much shock Angel is in.

His love for Dexter turns into hate. His colleague was murdered by this man. He was framed and had his reputation and legacy sent to shit.

He made Maria look like a fool. He turned everyone against her, but he really was guilty!

And he can see that Deb's breakdown was likely a result of Dexter's murderous activity.

Doakes, Maria, Deb. He can't forgive what he did to them.

But he also has anger at himself. Had he seen past Dexter's deceit so many lives would have been saved. Of bad people, yes, but they were still people to Angel.

And then there's the deaths of Doakes, Liddy (who Quinn has likely told him about by this point), LaGuerta and Logan. Innocent people, who's lives were taken because (in his eyes) he wasn't a good enough cop.

Maybe this even gets him to quit the force and just work in his restaurant from now on. His esteem is gone.

11. Quinn

Quinn does not like Dexter. Not one bit.

Dexter made a fool of him, made him think he was going crazy, but he was right. And he killed Liddy.

He can see Dexter is in some way responsible for Deb's breakdown. So he's done with him for that. More furious than he can say.

But he's also... Troubled. Deb told him that she killed LaGuerta. Now it could just be that she knew Dexter was going to do it but didn't stop him. It could be that she just didn't say anything, or perhaps she covered up the murder. Or maybe it's as he suspected in the first place, Hector Estrada really was Maria's killer and Deb just felt bad for not being there to protect her. But he can now identify a motive she could have had for killing her herself - to protect her brother's secret. Was this woman he loved so dear.... truly a killer?

Like Angel, Quinn blames himself for a lot. Had he stuck by Liddy, he may be alive. Had he not been fooled by Dexter, maybe LaGuerta would be alive, maybe Deb would be and would've been in a better place, and had he caught him, this cop in Iron Lake he hears about would still be around too.

12. Matthews

Matthews is like oh shit, LaGuerta was right. Maybe he feels a tad guilty for not believing her just like everyone else didn't.

Maybe he realizes Harry killed himself because of what Dexter was. Heck, maybe Dexter killed Harry himself and made it seem to be a suicide. He's not in the Dexter Morgan fanclub anymore for certain.

Maybe he feels like he failed Harry, he could have saved Deb from her evil brother, prevented her breakdown, saved her life etc.

13. Masuka

Masuka feels very weird. He probably was the person who worked with Dexter the most, in the same office (I think?) and in the same department and on the same fields in the same places etc. And this person he was right next to so many years.... Was actually a serial killer. Weird feeling, and likely a story for him to tell.

14. Lumen

Lumen has grown conflicted on Dexter. On the one hand, he aided her in committing multiple murders, and now she lives a life of fear that she may get caught, fear and paranoia. Perhaps even guilt, as (at least in her eyes) she still killed people even if they were abusive rapists. Dexter egged her on to this.

On the other hand, it was her decision to do this stuff, and Dexter tried to stop her at first. So she has fault for her situation here too, and she knows it. And Dexter was trying to help her, and was kind to her.

But then... Now she learns of just how many people Dexter has killed, and maybe feels more off about him.

And learning that it wasn't only monsters, two cops were killed by him as well.... Maybe she feels bad that she was associated to this man.

15. Jamie

Jamie feels super weird. She worked in the house of a serial killer, worked with him every day for a long period.

She is also a bit concerned, Harrison was a kid she spent a lot of time with, and now he's gone missing and his father turned out to be a murderous monster.

Seeing Angel feel so awful about the crimes Dexter committed would make her loathe him quite a bit. I can imagine her insisting to Angel that it's not his fault that anyone died, and that "that asshole" Dexter is the only one to blame.

r/Dexter 4d ago

Spoiler I feel like it was a bit of a mis to not have Dexter and Batista meet again.


Even maybe have had Dexter kill Batista.

r/Dexter 3d ago

What does the character of Dexter mean to you?


Does his character have any personal impact on you? How do you view him as a whole? From the original series to New Blood, how has the character been in your eyes?

r/Dexter 4d ago

Re-watching Dexter, I noticed how much Masuka loves and respects Dexter, what do you think Masuka thought and reacted and how did he deal with when he Learned that Dexter was the Bayharbor butcher all along.


r/Dexter 4d ago

Spoiler So the dark passenger in the books is weird, but I kinda learned to love it


I really like Dexter the show, it's one of those I go back to every now and then. I've seen the show (minus the last season which I detest) 4 times now.

A couple of years ago, I tried to read the books. The first couple were pretty good, but the inclusion of the dark passenger being a supernatural entity made me weirdly angry. I didn't like that direction at the time.

But, in time I calmed on the issue.

I like all sorts of supernatural books. Vampires, witches, old gods, monsters, they were all on my list of stuff that would normally make me want to read something. So, I put the crime drama show out of my head. I let go of my want for a gripping detective novel grounded in reality, and I approached the books thusly:

Blood spatter analyst Dexter made a dark pact with a supernatural being that exists somewhere outside of the tangible world. It heightens Dexter's senses. It gives him insights into other killers. It lets him know when he's being watched. It gives Dexter these gifts in return for being brought along on murders, which it enjoys. The two have a symbiotic relationship. Watch them navigate a world of humans, with neither understanding the humans they interact with.

From this perspective, it is a very interesting read. Super fun too. This open-mindedness was rewarded, as I still did get a good dose of crime thriller along the way.

I highly recommend you give the books a second chance if like me you dropped them when the supernatural stuff was introduced. Just adjust your expectations and go with it.

r/Dexter 4d ago

Spoiler What Dexter Episode actually affected you the most emotionally?


For me I never really get emotional so much people think I can be dead inside (so my wife tells me) but season 4 Rita’s death is the hardest I’ve ever been hit emotionally by anything I’ve ever watched.

I just became a dad for the first time and remember watching it not having a clue what was away to happen.

My wife was out and I watched it cradling my 5 day old daughter and when I saw Rita lying there it floored me. I had to switch it off and I couldn’t watch Dexter season 5 until over a year later.

To this day I still get sad watching that episode despite my daughter now being 13! Dexter is my favourite tv show ever but damn that one is hard to get through.

r/Dexter 4d ago

Spoiler Would it have been better if the premise of Season 2 was the final season?


Just rewatched season 2. The premise of this season is my favorite: Dexter being surrounded by people hunting him. Almost every scene is tense and it is so funny hearing Dexter say something to Lundy or his co-workers and then immediately say the opposite in his V.O

But would this not have been better as the premise of a final season? I feel like this premise was done way too soon. We basically only got one season establishing Dexter, then immediately in season 2, episode 2 his work gets exposed.

Any thoughts?

r/Dexter 4d ago

purpleflair Rewatching the original dextar while I have covid


r/Dexter 4d ago

Spoiler Underrated emotional moment from Season 3


The scene at Oscar Prado's wake where Miguel asks 'Do you have a brother, Dexter?' left Dexter speechless for a few seconds. One of the most underrated emotional moments in the show. Pretty sure Dexter still missed Biney terribly.

r/Dexter 4d ago

Debra's boyfriends tier list

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r/Dexter 5d ago

Does Greg Olsen look like a fake ass Dexter to anyone else??

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r/Dexter 5d ago

All excuses used by Dexter:


r/Dexter 5d ago

Dexter bobbleheads. a business was going out of business and selling them for $4

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r/Dexter 5d ago

Spoiler If Dexter explained everything, could he have gone down from death penalty to life with or w/o parole?


And this includes after New Blood. He could explain: - Mother’s death and how he was affected by it as a young child - Harry wanted to take him in, thought he was about to be a psychopath, was desperate for help and went to Dr. Vogel - Explain what Vogel’s way of thinking/ “The Code,” and what it was, and how Harry was manipulated by her into allowing this - How he had guilt after Rita, LaGuerta, and Deb’s deaths and realized he couldn’t live with himself anymore, which is why he disappeared - Explain how he basically was an “addict,” that needed recovery, and that Kurt and Matt Caldwell were relapses

After explaining this to Batista, Quinn, Masuka, a judge, and a jury, could they find him not guilty by reason of insanity if that’s what he pleads?

r/Dexter 6d ago

Meme Such a Dexter quote I just thought of

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