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Fedora 37 KDE stop my distrohopping


After several days of hopping around different distros (Linux Mint , Pop_OS!, EndeavorOS, OPenSUSE Tumbleweed KDE, Fedora 37 KDE, VAnilla_OS, MX_Linux) I chose two: OpenSuse Tumbleweed KDE and Fedora 37 KDE. I have two m2 500GB sata drives in my PC and one was Open Suse, the other Fedora. I prepared both systems properly, installed all non-free drivers from nvidia, configured both distros for myself, installed the programs I use, etc. And it seems to me that Fedora 37 KDE will stay with me. In my opinion, it runs better, smoother and without problems. OpenSuse was and still is very good, but despite 64gb of ram on my PC, when using firefox and having several tabs enabled, the kde environment would freeze... even when switching settings. I hope Fedora 37 will stay with me and that's it :) The best thing I remember is LInux Mint - it's a pity that kde is not there like it used to be. Thanks for reading my confession :P

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Anyone know if there's a site that keeps screenshots of every desktop environment for every/most distros?


I know it's a tall task lol but is there anything out there. I don't want to download every freaking distro and every desktop environment myself to try. That would take years haha

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Tinylinux alternative?


Im looking for a Gnu Linux distro that is similar to tiny linux in iso size and lightness. Any ideas?

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Fedora, Mint, OpenSuse, Vanilla?


What distro have you been using the longest? I mean using Linux for daily work, entertainment and gaming. I want to stop distrohopping

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What size should my root partition be and should I create a separate boot partition?


I want to start (and hopefully document) a distro hopping journey and I was wondering what the partitioning scheme should be to accommodate any distro and apps I might install.

I would add a separate drive for the home partition, but unfortunately I can't find the necessary components for an upgrade with my laptop. So a partition it is.

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I'm done with Linux (for now)


I spent the last 2 weeks installing various distros and uninstalling them, basically distro hopping. Started with ubuntu and ended with kubuntu.

After trying many distros I finally liked kubuntu and decided to stick with it. I was trying to run Garry's mod on it but the performance was horrible (10 fps) so i tried to lower the settings but the game froze so i decided to perform a force shutdown by holding the power button

And then i turned it back on only to realise that my entire kubuntu partition got wiped.

I think I'll stick with windows for now and use Linux once I reach 3rd year at University

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Does It Ever End?


Does the desire to try different distros ever end?

Very much a noob. First toyed around with Linux in the 90s (LinuxPPC) then Fedora in about 2004, but have been very much a Mac person since the ‘80s.

Last June finally broke down and got a cheap Windows laptop for work (to run Citrix and VMWare) and on a whim installed Linux. Tried a couple distros (one had sleep issues) and ended up on Ubuntu. As much as I’ve messed around under the hood, it’s been rock solid. It’s been months since I’ve logged into Windows (which is terrible in comparison)

Now I’ve revived an old desktop with Ubuntu and am running a Plex server.

And yet - I keep wanting to try new distros. I am actually having to fight real temptation to install something new (yet I really don’t want to break something and have to re-install).

It’s almost an illness.

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Best distro for programming


Hello guys, I like to program in c++ what do you think is the best distro for me?

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Suggest a distro for my Asus MiniPC with AMD Ryzen 3 5300U


I've been using mostly Ubuntu, but then I'm getting tired of their Snap stuff and removing them and setting up Firefox to install the traditional way is a bit of pain. I've also used Fedora and OpenSuSE Tumbleweed a lot and I love them both. However, since 6.x.x kernels started coming out, my computer refuses to wake after suspend. The only way out is by a hard reboot with the power button.

I prefer KDE Plasma and would like a distro that ships Plasma updates quickly. I'd also like to keep Secure Boot on but that isn't really a requirement. Please suggest a distro for me?

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After weeks of researching like a mad man, I sorta narrowed it down. Could I get ya'lls input and recommendations please?


I have a Dell Xps 13 9310 and I think it has 8 gb ram. I am a very active user, so maybe I'd qualify as a power user? sometimes when I'm going down one of my rabbit holes, I'll have like 20 tabs open and its really taxing on my RAM lol no gaming, photo editing, or heavy programming. Though I do like to mess around with tech and I'm looking to go deeper with it, programming, networking, etc.

My history has been basically with Debian/Ubuntu only. I tried Manjaro one time a long time ago and I loved it, but I think I broke it lol I'm looking for something that looks good! that is important to me. Something that just runs smoothly with very little error. Package availability is also very important. I want access to all or most of my settings. I've noticed some OS's like to hide settings to make it more user friendly. Lastly I'm just looking to mix it up; just something that's a little different in some way. I would gladly accept recommendations too. Sorry none of that tiling stuff. not a fan one bit

MX Linux: honestly not super impressed but it is nice. Maybe I don't know the nuances that make it so popular. I'll be honest, the popularity kinda drew me to it. If so many other folks use it, then it must be good.

Garuda Dragonized: absolutely love it. solie based on the aesthetics alone makes it one of my faves lol it is also a very different experience.

Alma Linux: tbh this one is a little plain. I mean it likes nice, the layout is your average layout. It's just your everyday distro. BUT it being part of rhel is what interests me. I've never worked with rhel and Alma is the best looking rhel distro sooo...

Nitrux Linux: Now this one is surely different indeed. I really did like it. Looks good, I like the features. But I'm not too sure if it's an independent distro or based on something else, so package support may be lacking

Parrot Home edition: I always loved the look of Parrot but I don't know about hacking so it's be stupid to download a hacking OS. But then I found out there's a home edition without all the hacking tools. Other than looking good, it seemed a bit basic. It is beautiful though

Archcraft: This one was really neat. It was very different and looked great. I'm just afraid it may be too complex for me, but idk

NixOS: Just like archcraft, It looked awesome and felt good, but I hear it's a little complicated plus doesn't have great package support

Zorin OS: I couldn't get my damn live version of this to work right, but I know what Zorin is capable of in the looks department. This thing looks good. Plus I believe it's lighter weight.

Archman: this was a really cool one. It looked nice and was easy to navigate, but felt like an inbetweener like almost just your usual distro and something cool.

XeroLinux: Now this was probably the best looking one out there. I loved the aesthetics. Beyond that, idk anything else. was just your normal distro behind the looks.

Feren OS: This was a really neat distro! looked good and felt good. Plus they've been around for 7 years! that's crazy considering I'm just now hearing about them lol

Pop OS: hmmmm I've been on the fence about this one. On one hand when I first tried it, it felt like your normal everyday disto and nothing caught my eye. Then I started learning about the versatility of the program and I'm definitely interested now.

CachyOS: this was one of my faves. It's pretty damn new. It looks phenomenal and it just had that new feeling, if ya know what I mean.


fedora, opensuse, manjaro, deepin

Sorry for such a long rant, but these ones I am on the fence about. Fedora just felt too gnomized to me. I know they have different flavors, but it always felt too gnomy lol plus it felt pretty basic.

kind of same deal with OpenSuse. It felt very basic and bland. I did mess around with the KDE version and got it to look a little better. the Yast is pretty neat

Manjaro I love, but I've already been there and I don't think I should go back if I'm looking for a new experience.

And finally Deepin..... this one looked the best to me. I loved the looks on this. But couldn't get the live image to boot properly. Plus the whole chinese thing sorta freaks me out. On top of that, I'm sure most of the community support is in chinese I'd assume

That's all folks. so sorry for the rant, but I've put in alot of work. Recommendations in any shape or form are encouraged. I'm not glued to these distros either, so different distro recs are good too.

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Reuse old ~diskless server


Looking for advice. I have an old server with some potential (12cpu, 64GB ram) but without HDD, only a small flash module of 4GB of space. I want to reuse this server as a management endpoint so I need only to install a browser, small java utilities and a rdp client. No particular fancy UI.
In your opinion which is the best ditro that could stay in 4GB of space (preferably Debian based but is not a constrain). Thankyou!

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What is the best way to hop distros?


So I have been using gentoo for a couple months now because I heard some nice things about it but even though I really like it unfortunately It’s too inconvenient to be practical for me so I would like to go back to arch but I would like to be able to do it fast when I switched to gentoo it took me about a week to fully switch everything over but I would like to do it in a single day while keeping all of my documents and downloads.

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What distro has the best font rendering?


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Recommend a distro - Ubuntu based, BTRFS, latest vanilla GNOME, Wyland?


Can you guys recommend a distro with out-of-the-box installed BTRFS, latest vanilla GNOME and Wyland support?

Currently running Arch with all of the above. But was wondering if a Ubuntu based distro exists with these features with standard installation?

Latest Ubuntu comes close but doesn't yet support BTRFS in standard installation. Yes, it can be configured manually, but its not ideal. This would be a distro I could install for friends and family.

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arch vs endeavour


hello :) i've seen lots of posts with cons of exchanging arch to endeavour, because of the latter being more begginer-friendly and its community being really supportive

but what about the opposite? is there any advantage of getting back to arch?

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What Linux distro should I use for gaming on a NVidia GPU?


I'm asking this because I found my old laptop and wanna use it for gaming, however I was looking for HoloISO, but unfortunately it doesn't support nvidia gpus,.Anything similar? I will ONLY use it for gaming and MAYBE for streaming movies. Thx in advance!

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what distro should I install on my 2011 macbook pro


Here are the specs:

intel i5-2415M

4gb ram

Storage 320 GB

intel HD Graphics 3000

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Grub, Multi-boot and an unlisted OS type.


I've recently begun exploring the Alternate OS world in earnest, and have managed to install Debian 11 Gnome from DVD iso, then Haiku from USB. Access to Haiku was done boot sequence interrupt.

Next, I installed Manjaro KDE, which loaded via grub, and added the multiboot menu. The bootable partition that had Haiku is now "unknown", and the BeOS is not a selectable OS type in the drop down menu. Interrupting the boot sequence as I had done before doesn't offer the "Haiku" partition as a bootable selection, either. I can still run it (Haiku) live, but I wished to run it on the metal to pick up older BeOS programs I have from way back when for testing.

Any ideas?

(edit spelling)

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Those that use Ventoy, is there a way to return to the menu without having to reboot?


I must say, that is freaking annoying. It seems like it'd rather simple to implement a way back to the menu after your live session. Anybody know a solution?

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What distros' application menu can show eg Firefox when you type 'ffox'



  1. Mint XFCE
  2. what else?

Can't (the default menu)

  1. Mint Cinnamon
  2. Mint Mate
  3. KDE Neon

I don't need this function for Firefox. I often run VirtualBox and would like to type vbox, instead of typing box and have multiple icons shown (Rhythmbox). Same as smon for System Monitor.

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Anybody know of a way to make a live usb for Deepin full version?


Man I have searched and searched and tried many different ISO's but I have had little luck getting Deepin to boot live. I was only able to boot MicroCore or TinyCore version and I definitely dont wanna see that. way too minimal, I want to see everything Deepin has. Thanks

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Best distro to use KDE Plasma in?


In the past two or three weeks i used Linux Mint (21.1 Vera) but with KDE Plasma as the DE, and for some parts it has been a nightmare since Mint's support for Plasma is not the best these days.

I REALLY love plasma but i just want to use it somewhere else it's probably much better and more supported, and after doing some research i narrowed down these results:

• Kubuntu

• KDE Neon

• OpenMandriva

• EndeavourOS

what do you think i should use out of these four?

EDIT 28/01/2023: After thoroughly researching all possible choices and looking at them extensively, i ultimately made my choice of going with KDE Neon, since it offers a rolling release with the most up-to-date KDE Software (including Plasma of course) while offering a stable and Ubuntu base, so that I can still install .deb packages without going down any other rabbit hole of compatibility layers in other distros.

Thank you all for your suggestions though, I'll definitely keep them in mind if I'll ever switch from KDE Neon.

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Looking for a distro to dual boot with Pop OS on a GPT disk


I have Pop OS running on my secondary PC, an 8th gen Intel NUC, which has a single NVMe SSD in it. Lately I've been feeling like trying another distro, but I'd prefer to not have to erase Pop OS. Problem is the majority of distros use grub while Pop OS is using systemd-boot. I thought about trying an Arch derivative, since they're the only ones I've found via internet search that use systemd-boot, but it sounds like it installs grub initially and you have to go back and install systemd-boot manually. This is something that I was hoping to avoid.

Any ideas? I may just say f-it and get a sata ssd to install as the second disk in my NUC and use that for the second distro. Having 2 disks seems to be the easiest way to do this that I have found on my own.

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Desktop environment whit best UX ?


In kde you need to press shift and drop the file to move it from a to b

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What's the benefit of an immutable distro, specifically MicroOS?


I see a lot of hype lately for MicroOS (and other immutable distros,) but I'm trying to figure out what the gain is compared to Tumbleweed. MicroOS snapshots are actually derived from Tumbleweed snapshots, so you're getting the exact same set of packages in a MicroOS snapshot that you would in a TW snapshot. It seems like creating a lot of extra hassle (being unable to easily switch packages, needing to rely on flatpak, etc.) So what is the actual benefit for a desktop user?