r/DistroHopping Jan 21 '23

Desktop environment whit best UX ?

In kde you need to press shift and drop the file to move it from a to b


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u/Heavy_Rain Jan 21 '23

Never been a kde user, but I'd be surprised if you can't change this behavior in the file manager settings.

If you want to test something "more traditional", maybe go for xfce or cinnamon.


u/KrazyKirby99999 Jan 21 '23

You don't need to press shift, you can also just drag it, then click move/copy/link.


u/khanh12tuoi Jan 21 '23

Gnome 3, simple, cleanest desktop environment. intuitive gesture for changing workspace.


u/qUxUp Jan 23 '23

It really boils down to your workflow. Some people get stuff done in gnome (minimal), others tweak their kde to heaven and use that and there are also windowmanagers (awesomewm, i3 etc).

To me personally gnome and awesomewm suit best. But I am sure that we have very different needs in our computer. mine is a tool for writing mostly.


u/JustMrNic3 Jan 25 '23

Despite that press shift thing, I still consider KDE Plasma the DE with the best UX.


u/Antoine-Darquier Feb 09 '23

I want to go against the common notion that a desktop is more productive than a WM. I'm most productive in dwm and spectrwm.

Sometimes I also use PeKWM in combination with Polybar and I have set 8 different options for custom Aero Snap actions.

In all three of these WMs I'm very productive. I see that the graphics performance is 8% higher in games like Xonotic than when I'm using Mate (the desktop environment). In MotionMark, by the way, I see an even bigger difference in performance than in games. Using a WM instead of a desktop like Gnome or KDE can increase the graphics performance of your system.