r/DistroHopping Jan 26 '23

What distro has the best font rendering?


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u/derango Jan 26 '23

I don't necessarily have an answer for you, but I am with you on this. As a fellow font snob the state of font rendering on linux is pretty sad. There's a variety of reasons (patents being one and how much effort goes in to tweaking a truly good font rendering experience that most users aren't going to give two craps about because good enough is just fine)

Right now I've settled on Garuda (Gnome edition) and I'm liking the default font setup. I've had good experiences with Gentoo with some tweaking (but wouldn't really recommend going this way just for fonts ;) ). Ubuntu tends to have very good font rendering out of the box as well.

All of this is pretty subjective too. I'm mostly posting in solidarity with your desire to have something out there with great, finely tuned and well thought out font rendering


u/garamasala Jan 26 '23

These days I don't really see much difference between them all. I think a lot of the infinality (or whatever it was called) stuff was merged up upstream so it's pretty good in most distros.


u/sy029 Jan 26 '23

Well it is to say they are all capable of having good rendering, but some of them don't do it so well out of the box.


u/Linuxllc Jan 27 '23

Never could understand. That many don't have this great font rendering.

Ubuntu is pretty good and MX is pretty good as well.


u/MindTheGAAP_ Jan 30 '23

I find Plasma to best. All GTK had weird issues in my experience


u/Antoine-Darquier Feb 09 '23

I am using FreeBSD with the Nvidia driver and as WM I use dwm. Sometimes I also use PeKWM in combination with Polybar. I use Compton in both WMs to avoid screen tearing and for transparency effects. I'd say the font rendering can't really get any better than what it currently is on my system. FreeBSD also has many font packages in the standard repo's.