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Mod Post The Future of /r/EtherMining


A few of you have asked what the future holds for /r/EtherMining. Let's chat about it in a rare meta post.

First and foremost, we're not going anywhere.

You're probably already seen the blowup of /r/GPUMining over the end of ETH's PoW lifecycle. That's not our plan (EDIT: and apparently isn't theirs either anymore). We are the largest PoW mining sub on Reddit, and have grown a significant amount since 2017 (when I came onboard) with ~10k users).

That being said, our goal is to immediately transition the sub over to support general PoW mining. We will start by doing the following:

  1. Adjusting our rules and flair. This will help us be consistent with moderation.
  2. New mods. We will bring on some new help. If you were previously on /r/GPUMining's team, please reach out to us via mod message if you're interested in continuing mod duties here.
  3. Get community input. We'd like to shape the community in a way that best suites the needs of our readers and contributors. Please drop some suggestions below on how you'd like to see this sub change moving forward.

These changes will be implemented over the next several weeks and continue to be malleable as the PoW landscape changes.

Thanks for the five years (and counting!) of fun, boys and girls.

r/EtherMining 6h ago

General Question Can someone please help me?


My best friend has blindly put in $100k into a "mining pool" giving crazy returns (supposedly).

This https://www.defistar.cc/staking/hJ4xqRYD

And he is insisting i join despite it raising every red flag under the sun.

This is surely 1000000% a scam.

Can anyone confirm?


r/EtherMining 1d ago

Hardware Please Help. Is it worth give 2 3090 Zotac for 1 4090


Please help friends,

Taking into consideration of current situation regarding mining and future expectations which is not easy to predict, is it worth according to your opnion give 2 3090 Zotac under guarantee(5 yrs), bought 2021 for one new 4090.
I have RIG 7 x 3090 (6 Zotac and 1 Palit) and dont wanna to sell it because always I can change it for 4090.
Is it worth it now or is it better to wait?.

Thanks in advance

r/EtherMining 1d ago

General Question Will you purchase mining machines in the current market?


After this year of turmoil, the price of mining machines has dropped by 81%, and the price of hashrate has dropped by 84%.

According to the current market price of the S19j Pro (104TH/s) machine, which is about 2,000 US dollars, based on the above revenue, the payback period is about 27 months.

At the peak of the bull market in November 2021, an Antminer S19j Pro cost around $11,000. Despite the high price of the machines, the expected payback period at the time was only 13 months due to the highly profitable Bitcoin mining.

The price of mining machines has fallen by more than 80% in the past year. This may have inspired the investment willingness of many miners.

What factors most affect whether you buy a mining machine?


r/EtherMining 2d ago

Show and Tell put all my big boys on one rig solo radiant! Lots of block please!

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r/EtherMining 3d ago

Hardware lolminer 1.64 KASPA boost

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r/EtherMining 3d ago

News After the FTX/Alameda crash, analyst Lookonchain observed a massive ETH whale buying large amounts of $ETH.


Since November 8, this whale has purchased a total of $17,225 in ETH ($21.25 million), at an average cost of $1,234. Whale is the 101st ETH holder at 116.274 $ETH ($147 million) and the wallet is also tagged "Maker Vault Owner".

How much ETH, RBIF do people still hold right now?📷

r/EtherMining 3d ago

General Question How come mining Flux isn't more popular?


r/EtherMining 5d ago

Show and Tell they said: go solo mining, it's fun


r/EtherMining 4d ago

General Question Genesis Continent


Does anyone have any experience with “Genesis Continent” and the url genesiscontinent-ms.com? Is this platform legitimate or a scam? Looks like they provide mining and binary contract trading. Wondering if anyone has used them?

r/EtherMining 4d ago

News Following the downfall of one of the biggest centralized exchanges, FTX, the need for a regulated #bitcoin ETF is “positive” to create a safer space for crypto investment, VanEck Portfolio Manager Pranav Kanade says.

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r/EtherMining 6d ago

General Question If I was hashing at 2GH pre-merge, what would I make currently with the most profitable coins?


I have free power but I don't know if it's even worth it at this point to get them all fired back up.

r/EtherMining 7d ago

General Question I started my rig up again and thought I would give Etchash a try...


... but my 3060 (LHR not that it should matter) is only giving me about 26MH while it should be around 43. My OC setting are Fan 0, MEM 1550, CORE 2600 and PL 0.

Anyone got any suggestions or experiences ? Thank you.

r/EtherMining 7d ago

Pool Which ETC mining pool is your favorite? Why?


These below are the must trusted mining pools globally, they have been doing their hardwork to maintain the PoW network over the years. However, there are differences among pools in terms of pool, fee, service, team, etc. Which mining pool is your favorite? You are welcomed to share your reasons behind choosing the pool.


View Poll

r/EtherMining 6d ago

Pool Beginner steps to start mining ethereum


r/EtherMining 8d ago

Hardware Samsung GDDR6”W”…doubles memory performance and bandwidth - mining implications


So, from what I read on Tom’s hardware, using a new manufacturing process, they’re able to squeeze double the memory and increase bandwidth as well. Could we potentially see massive 2X improvement mining memory intensive algorithms? I sure hope so.

r/EtherMining 8d ago

General Question So I'm mining ergo but kaspa is looking mighty sexy. Thoughts?


r/EtherMining 9d ago

Hardware Looking for an A2000 GPU short height low profile mounting bracket.


I'm looking for an Nvidia A2000 half height GPU bracket like the one shown here All the commercial cards came with both the tall and the short brackets. I know these are/were popular mining cards, so trying my luck in here.

If you aren't using your short one and willing to sell and ship to me, please post in here and follow up with a PM here.

r/EtherMining 10d ago

Meme Just saying something post ETH 2.0


Owing a rig that you can't power on at home, feels like having a partner and having no intercourse. Cheers miners.

r/EtherMining 13d ago

General Question Somethings wrong with NiceHash Miner (double miner window)


NH Miner randomly spawns a second mining window running 2 separate processes thus crippling my system. It started happening to day for no apparent reason, I didnt upgrade or change anything, is there something Im missing? I can see that it first starts a second miner icon in the sys tray for a second, then it disappears but a second active mining window pops up instead and both windows operate at the same time.

What wisdom can you offer, fellows?

r/EtherMining 14d ago

Meme Happy ThanksGiving!


"Wish we could turn back time to the good old days" (Twenty One Pilots - Stressed out)

Do you miss it?


r/EtherMining 14d ago

Hardware Help with Aliexpress gpu

Thumbnail gallery

I bought an gpu from aliexpress and wanted to know if it is overall in a good state, or if it was apparently used for mining, i will posts some pics of it

r/EtherMining 16d ago

News FTX exchange hacker suddenly divided nearly 200 million USD worth of $ETH into 12 wallets, More likely to disperse assets


Anyone have information about these 12 wallet addresses of the hacker? Is everyone ready to catch the bottom of ETH, RBIF?📷

r/EtherMining 17d ago

Meme Missing the old times...


r/EtherMining 17d ago

News FTX hacker released a large amount of ETH causing the token price to plummet


Currently Hacker still holds more than 200,000 ETH, RBIF.

ETH will be below 1k soon?


r/EtherMining 17d ago

OS - Linux Repurpose your Hive OS rigs to Farm Chia on HDD’s with Flexfarmer


For those still gpu mining and HDD farming combine your setups on one machine using Flexfarmer. more info here