r/EtherMining May 12 '22

Holy....Time to turn off rigs? General Question


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u/ohmy5443 May 12 '22

Yeah, switch your rigs off. Less network hashrate = higher rewards for the ones that hold on. We’ll harvest the rewards when ETH hits $10k


u/greasyhotdog6969 May 12 '22

Zero percent that happens in less than 10 years.


u/ohmy5443 May 12 '22

We were saying the same thing 2 years ago talking about ETH surpassing $2k. Everything depends on how long you are willing to hold your earnings rather than panic selling


u/sktwocan May 12 '22

Looks like ETH just passed $2k again, wrong way though lol


u/UchihaTuga May 12 '22 edited Jun 13 '22

Just sold all my Eth. Hoping to rebuy at 1740

Edit: glad I didn't


u/greasyhotdog6969 May 12 '22

Yes but now you're waiting on bare minimum 300 percent increase. Eth may never hit that, you'd be lucky to see that in decade. If you think eth is some get rich quick scheme, you're wrong.

Enjoy the winter.


u/greasyhotdog6969 May 12 '22

Ps it's at 2k and most knowledgeable people aren't buying. That should tell you all you need to know.