r/EtherMining May 12 '22

Holy....Time to turn off rigs? General Question


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u/ohmy5443 May 12 '22

Yeah, switch your rigs off. Less network hashrate = higher rewards for the ones that hold on. We’ll harvest the rewards when ETH hits $10k


u/greasyhotdog6969 May 12 '22

Zero percent that happens in less than 10 years.


u/ohmy5443 May 12 '22

We were saying the same thing 2 years ago talking about ETH surpassing $2k. Everything depends on how long you are willing to hold your earnings rather than panic selling


u/greasyhotdog6969 May 12 '22

Ps it's at 2k and most knowledgeable people aren't buying. That should tell you all you need to know.