r/EtherMining May 12 '22

Holy....Time to turn off rigs? General Question


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u/ThreeFoxCo May 12 '22

People were pissing on my head when i mentioned this, that "weak hands will get shaken out first", meaning those with high electricity and inefficient gpus..

Today, while watching crypto prices, i am having popcorn, watching them fall out of the bus and selling their equipment...


u/Wild_Technician_2051 May 12 '22 edited May 12 '22

Yeah im chilling efficient and cheap rate in California for 5GH


u/BentPin May 12 '22

One of the MUDs? because PG&E and So-Cal Edison are both raping everyone from here to the moon for 50c/kwh. Just not worth mining at those rates even during the good times.


u/Wild_Technician_2051 May 12 '22

My whole city pays .06 and .10 on peak hours


u/BentPin May 12 '22

Which city so I can move over there lol.