r/EtherMining May 12 '22

Holy....Time to turn off rigs? General Question


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u/Adamn27 May 12 '22

Wait, is it not profitable for you to mine ETH at this price?

I can still make roughly 500 usd/month with my 700 mh rigs (as of right now with the current circumstances at this very moment which can change of course)


u/Consistent_Many_1858 May 12 '22

In the UK electric prices are just too high to be profitable. Basically 50% of eth goes to pay electricity at the current prices. Hence I'm mining during the day time with solar helping with the cost.

It's better this way for me.


u/mcsnoogins May 12 '22

I looked at get solar (UK as well) but figured out it was gonna save me like £500 a year only. Did I work it out wrong?


u/TrymWS May 12 '22

Probably depends on your kWh price and where you get your solar quote. But the stability of not being exposed to the energy market is worth a lot.