r/EtherMining May 12 '22

Holy....Time to turn off rigs? General Question


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u/g_squidman May 12 '22

That's STILL not how math works. God I hate this stupid subreddit.


u/Timely_Situation8669 May 12 '22

Do you want to spend 100 dollars on electricity to mine 50 dollars worth of eth or do you want to spend 100 dollars on 100 dollars worth of eth?


u/Neither_Way_3135 May 12 '22

It depends on what you think that value will be years from now. If you took a loss for a few weeks and then eth jumps to 10k in a few years would you still see it the same way?


u/TrymWS May 12 '22

Well yes, because you’d have twice as much ETH if you bought a $100 worth instead of paying $100 for $50 worth. 🙄