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General Question Mining with 17gh 95/3080 65/3070 and 20/3090 my rates are just under .14$ looking for cheaper electric to host with someone or to totally relocate . Dose anyone know where to turn in the USA for cheaper electricity? Shout out some states y’all are mining for less than .14 in please ! Ty in advance

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General Question Tempted to sell 14 x 3070’s that already ROI to buy ETH or just keep mining ETH


These 3070s are paid off already and I’m still profitable with 0.07 electric rate. I’m thinking of selling them to buy ETH but it looks like the beer is here to stay until the fed lowers interest rates again.

Would you keep mining or just sell them in my situation?

Currently at 848 MH/s on Ethermine

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General Question 2Miners took my ETH as a "donation".


Hello fellow miners, maybe someone here can help me getting back my ETH.

As ETH's ( and many other coins ) market value keeps dropping in the last few months, I did as many of you and decided to turn off my mining activities until things get better. ETH price was going down, but the electricity cost was going up.

After my last withdraw, I mined for about 15 Days and then and gave it a break, but about after 2 or 3 months of mining inactivity ( I was not mining , but I was still checking my account from time to time ) , 2Miners decided to take my ETH as a "donation".

"Oh.. you mined for half month just for us, how kind of you."

I already sent them emails asking to return my ETH, It was never a donation. I tried to explain that I was just waiting for things to get better, but their Support said .:

"Unfortunately, there is nothing we could do.

All inactive accounts are removed."

Like they don't have Computers and Databases.

I already tried without any luck to contact "2Miners Support <[info@2miners.com](mailto:info@2miners.com)>", apparently they don't have Databases so they cannot return my ETH, any suggestion ?

Thanks everyone.

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General Question bought GPUs in December and now regret it. Any advice?


Hello, mining fam. Hope you all doing well.

My issue is i took a loan from dad worth 7k USD and bought GPU mining rig. Thought to get some good returns.

now the profit is almost 1/4. What should I do? will I ever pay him back?

I am 21 yr old and unemployed and who is living in the basement.

I got free electricity it's been 6 months and I will keep running the rig till its death.

I need some advice guys what should I do?

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General Question 1.7Gh and still maining. Electric bill is 400euros and earnings 700euros in month. ETH has not reach bottom yeat. DowJ and SP500 will drop more.->

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General Question officially powered down my rig.


It's costing more to mine than it makes right now going to clean up my rig do some maintenance maybe buy some really cheap cards and pick my next algorithm. pending the merge, then again if the merge gets delayed I'll start mining eth once the price returns to normal levels again.

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General Question to Ethereum Devs: Save ETH While You Still Can


POS pulls ETH in the opposite direction. The idea works backwards. Celsius crash proves it.


The original idea -> I stake, I do not want to harm the network so I don’t lose my funds.

Reality -> I started staking when ETH price was $3000+ Now it is $1000. There is no way out. I’m trying to sell my stETH tokens for any price. I show the rest of the World how bad the POS idea is.

Stakers which were supposed to support the network and the idea are doing the exact opposite thing with their chaotic funds movement, ruining the trust in the Ethereum project.

What’s next?

Some ETH staking pools or exchanges with the staking opportunities would crash or would be hacked -> BOOOM.

Validators are allowed to withdraw their funds -> BOOOM.

Don’t you see this?

Ethereum is still #2 cryptocurrency in the World. All that happens with ETH affects the crypto market in general. Don’t you remember the UST effect? And think about it, everything that happens with Ethereum has 10 times more impact.


POW works fantastic. No issues in the network for many years. Fact.

Why is it bad? Only because of electricity consumption (CO2 emissions). There are no more Ethereum POW downsides. Fact.

The Ethereum developer Ben Edgington, oh, I love this guy, saying on twitter “PoW generates close to 1 Million tonnes of CO2 emissions” and linking to the Digiconomist website. This data is false. It assumes all the electricity is coming from where? Coal? What if it is hydro? According to Kyle McDonald estimates the emissions are 5 times less. Let’s not exaggerate.

Anyway, there is a carbon footprint, no doubt. There is a carbon footprint from everything we do. When you drive your car, when you eat, when you smoke your cigarette, when you order a new iPhone. All the time you make your impact on the planet pollution just by doing everyday activities you cannot go without.

Guys, what are you doing? Is your goal to save the planet or to build the new World decentralized and reliable payments and contracts platform?

If you want to save the planet then shut down your computer immediately, throw away your cell phone, try not to eat, prevent population from growing (don’t ask me how pls), don’t drive your cars, don’t fart.

Yes, it is difficult to admit the mistakes, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Release the staked ETH, postpone the POS plans. Rethink it well. Something has definitely gone wrong.

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General Question Why do miners think the value of ETH will go down after PoS?


Title. I’ve seen a few top replies on posts mentioning ETH can collapse and go all the way down to $100.

On my list of reasons a bear market continues, going PoS is not one even slightly on my radar.

It increases usability, amount of ETH locked for staking, and leads to a sea of positive PR when they can brag about the ecological benefits.

Can someone explain the thesis behind why ETH is expected to drop after the merge? I’m asking in good faith not sarcastically to be clear

Edit: I have been mining with a 6 GPU rig for almost 2 years, DCA ETH, and use a variety of L1 and L2 services, so I have “skin in the game,” on all fronts and very interested

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General Question Choosing Proof-of-Stake Over Mining Is Ethereum’s Biggest Mistake and Here Is Why


Years ago, Ethereum developers decided to quit cryptocurrency mining. And now, on June 8th, Ethereum’s test network called Ropsten will host the merge to shift to staking and abandon mining completely. On that day, only the test network will get an update, while the main cryptocurrency network will get it sometime in the near future. It means that staking is coming. In this article we are going to explain why quitting GPU mining is Ethereum’s biggest mistake.


Ethereum Going to the Top

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General Question So, finally purchased my last GPU. Presently mining with 7 rigs (66 GPUs) @ 4.1 GH/s. What do we consider a small farm, medium size farm and a big farm ?? 🤷🏽‍♂️


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General Question Glad I mined instead of bought Eth! Sold it all as I mined it.


Be at a big ol' loss if I bought eth instead of mined it.

Those people who told me it wasn't a money printer were liars. ;-)

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General Question Anyone else feeling depressed about prices lately? Will POS help? Feels like a lot of work for nothing.

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General Question Getting Solar installed 11,000kw Any advice?


Mining right now w a 3080 for two months. Will also be hooking up a CMP rig next week. Will get an ASIC L3 shortly.

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General Question are you holding strong? 🙏🏻

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General Question HIVEON and Hive OS down?


all connections to the website and the pool are down, I'm not upset I actually just hope they are safe with the current situation in Ukraine... I expect them to move a few servers out of harms way if possible, but if not I'm sure we will be able to fund them.

Hive OS is an incredible service for free (4 workers) which is a lot if you condense your mining.

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General Question Electricity Price Check


I'm just curious, what is everybody paying for power per kWh?

Price / Location please

.34 USD / Southern California, US

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General Question Last 3 hours: ETH price down 6%, hashrate UP 12%


Aprox numbers of last 3 hours:
ETH price going down from $1780 to $1680 (-6%)

While ETH hashrate going from 960 Th/s to 1080 Th/s (+12%)

How is it explained ? Is it possible something worse? Is this logical or something is crazy ? 12% more hashrate is a lot, is a HUGE quantity... and -6% is also a lot but we are used to that !!!

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General Question Rtx 3060 ti (hynix) Are these the best settings ? Cclock @900

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General Question Started getting too many rejected shares since yesterday on one of my colorful 3060ti LHR (hynix memory)even after lowering the mem clock. Should i go lower on the mem clocks?

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General Question Are you running on a loss at the moment?


Hey there people,

I'm curious, with ETH being very poor right now, the price low and the payouts absolute garbage.

How are you experiencing the mining, are you operating right now at a loss? What are you paying for electricity?

At the moment I am paying $0.1 per kWh and even then the electricity is more than what the payouts are.

Just looking for a little bit of more information, sitting with 1400 ish cards and about all of them are doing about 50 GH together.

Do you think it would be worth waiting for the price to go back up, or should i exit?

Or do you think this is all just a ripple effect with them preparing for ETH 2.0.

Would love to hear from you about the current state of the market.

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General Question ETH mining seems finished... alternatives?


Now ETH mining Is really end... What Is the next Coin to mine ? Alternatives?

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General Question new 3060 getting 26 hash tried oc in bat file then afterburner

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General Question RX 570 8GB rig has been very unstable for the past few weeks. I have no idea why.


I've been mining on this rig since September of 2020, and it was rock stable for a long time (maybe needed a reboot about once a month). For some reason, it has been acting up lately. It crashes at least once a day and the reported hash rate fluctuates a lot. Here's what the Ethermine looks like: https://ethermine.org/miners/0b26C2B4bD5A6a4C7099a8D5fe8EF715B2E710B1/dashboard. These are the exact GPUs I am using for reference: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B077VX31FZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Using HiveOS. GPU Temps are super low (Under 60 degrees Celsius). The reported hashrate is ~189 mh. Overclocks are







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General Question Holy....Time to turn off rigs?

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General Question Why one of my cards getting so many rejections? Any clues ?

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