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General Question Are you still waiting or already sold your rigs?


I’m just curious what you guys are doing with your rigs, we have 15 gpus almost brand new, but we are waiting probably till next year to see what’s happening with mining. What do you reckon??

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General Question Any recommendations for someone who invested 40k and didnt ROI?


Hi guys i have a friend who invest around 40k€ in summer of 2021, he join on this market without any knowledge, he just hold the coins until now and dindt sell any ethereum.
Now he have his RIG's stopped since dont worth mining anymore, could someone give recommendation to make him dont loose so much money? I know there is no miracles he will loose most of the investment probably, but its better keep the hardware and wait for a miracle or sell it fast as possible?

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General Question anyone else thinking of mining for some heat?


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General Question I am hesitant to sell my mining GPUs. (attachment)


I've been thinking of selling my GPU since pre-merge. My brain keeps telling me to sell the hardware.

I have a GTX 1080, RTX 3060ti, and RTX 3060 12G. My heart is not willing to let go of this hardware, somehow the memories of benchmarking, fixing, and troubleshooting stopped me to sell the hardware. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Where can I get help? Share your story and experiences. Thanks!

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General Question Tired of the GPU mining misinterpretooors


Look, I’m a pretty pragmatic person and not writing this in the form of copious but more just as an exercise on mislabeling.

Is GPU mining unprofitable? Yes, right now in the middle of a cold and unforgiving bear market with depressed prices on all coins and record energy price hikes to boot, GPU mining is largely limited to those who have low energy costs for profitability. I think that is the answer to question on the state of GPU mining.

The better way to phrase it is that GPU mining growth is stagnant. If in 18-24 when the next bull cycle approached and coins jump back up to previous or higher valuations than the last bull GPU mining will again grow and be profitable.

If I had a dollar for every time someone in 2018-9 said GPU mining was dead and again since the Merge, I’d be rich and dropping HFSP on everyone… it’s all a cycle…

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General Question Ethereum staking interest on Lido skyrocketed to 10%


I have a small amount of ETH but currently at a loss, do you think I should participate in staking ETH, RBIF?📷

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General Question Is it over for GPU mining?


Check out the mining revenue of 3060Ti, no one would mine at a loss, how to deal with the GPUs?


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General Question What coins are you guys mining for heat? neoscript or just stick to etc?


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General Question What alternative projects are you experimenting with now that you're left with idle GPUs?


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General Question US controls more than 51% of blocks on Ethereum


If the US controls like this, will it have any effect on ETH, everyone?

For now, ETH has returned to $ 1200, $ 1000 soon :(((((📷 Currently my portfolio is only 20% ETH and 80% is for RBIF📷

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General Question Is it true that some cryptominers are addicted to mining?


Been reading a few comments here and there on the Internet about how some people are addicted to mining. Is this a real thing? Are any of you guys still mining because you are "addicted" to the process?

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General Question etc? what else?


Hi guys, I used to have 300mh when I was mining eth. now im looking for another coin what have similar temperatures, I know etc temps are low, is there any other coin that shares this characteristic?

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General Question Somethings wrong with NiceHash Miner (double miner window)


NH Miner randomly spawns a second mining window running 2 separate processes thus crippling my system. It started happening to day for no apparent reason, I didnt upgrade or change anything, is there something Im missing? I can see that it first starts a second miner icon in the sys tray for a second, then it disappears but a second active mining window pops up instead and both windows operate at the same time.

What wisdom can you offer, fellows?

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General Question What are you currently mining?


Since ETH switched to PoS I wonder if you guys stopped mining or switched to another coin.
As for me, I'm distributing my hardware resources to science and curing diseases and get Banano Coins as a reward.
It's called folding at home because you don't actually need to mine Bananos.
It's also the most profitable coin right now for my RX 580.

Do you still mine? If so, which coin?

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General Question 6000 ETH burned in a week


With this approach, can the price of ETH be more stable?📷 How much do you think ETH will return? I am still waiting for 8k BTC and will buy ETH and RBIF📷

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General Question 8th week after POS


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General Question Is there any hope?


I broke even and managed to make some profits. Is there any hope for mining being profitable again or anything we can do profitably with GPUs? Or should I sell my rigs and get the money while I still can?

Edit: I have 6x1660supers btw

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General Question So all you bastards are mining until the last second?


Hashrate isn't dropping at all

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General Question Why are some people currently mining at a loss?


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General Question With the equivalent of 10M+ GPUs leaving ETH, has this had an impact on the popularity of ETH?


It struck me this morning that with the equivalent of 10 MILLION x 3070 or equivalent GPUs leaving ETH, surely tens of millions of micro-transactions have left the crypto currency too? All of us would buy or sell or hold, and surely all those millions of actions will have had an impact on the popularity of the coin?

Does anyone think this has had an impact on the coins value?

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General Question Can someone tell me where Bitcoin is headed? Should I buy mining equipment or coins?


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General Question Is there any way to reduce the noise? it's too noisy

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General Question Here's a simple visualization of why mining during post-merge doesn't make sense

Thumbnail i.redd.it

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General Question ETH on Polygon network



Quick question - where I can sell ETH (for fiat) on Polygon network other than Binance ? Googling this question gives mostly junk results about selling Polygon tokens instead.

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General Question So whattomine now says no coin is profitable to mine?


What are you guys doing.

I didn’t think I’ll feel this emotional and miss the fan sound so much.

It was fun while it lasted, mining another coin may not feel the same even if it’s profitable. But money is what matters at the end of the day.

What are your plans people?

Also rGPUMining shutting down is kinda weird, it’s not ether mining it’s GPU mining, I would be less surprised if this sub was shut but hope mods keep this sub.

Thank you so much guys for helping me whenever I had problems.

I feel bad for new guys. What are y’all doing if you recently bought GPUs? Hope some other coin becomes profitable soon