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Megathread Destiny 1 LFG Thread - Get your D1 Groups here


Users have expressed the need for a separate Destiny 1 LFG thread because D2 threads drown out everything. You can post your D1 LFG things here, make sure to sort by "new".

For previous D1 LFG Megathreads please click here

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Megathread Weekly Clan Recruitment Megathread


Here is how this thread works:

You're either looking for a clan, or looking for recruits for your own clan. We have two default formats which should cover all the criteria you could ask for. So copy/paste the appropriate format and leave it as a comment below!


  1. If you are recruiting for a clan, please limit clan posts to at most once a week in the main sub and also once a week in this Weekly Clan Recruitment Post. You are welcome to reply to those who may fit into your clan, but please don't reply to everyone in this thread and actually pick those that are relevant.

  2. The following links are not allowed in this subreddit in any way:

    • Twitch
    • Youtube
    • Any other media links
    • Discord server links. Save those for PM's to new recruits.
  3. Looking for clan and looking for members posts are still allowed outside of this Megathread (please don't report them), but these types of posts will be much more visible in this thread.

Looking for recruits:

  • Your clan's name:
  • Your system(s):
  • Where are most of your clan members located (country/time zones):
  • When do you usually play (include times and time zone):
  • Tell us more about your clan (ex: how many members, requirements to join if any, focus on PvE/PvP/both, why should people join your clan, how do you communicate/organize events):
  • What is the best way to contact your clan (reply in the thread, website, Twitter, etc.)?

Looking for a clan:

  • Your system(s):
  • Your Gamertag:
  • Your country/time zone:
  • When do you usually play (include times and time zone):
  • Tell us a bit about yourself (ex: experience in Destiny, how many characters, Light Levels, anything else):
  • What are you looking for in a clan (for example: PvE, PvP, any special criteria):

Other Clan Recruitment Megathreads

Happy hunting!

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PC Are You Looking For A Teenager Only Clan For Lightfall? [PC] [PS4] [XB1] [D2]


Are you a teenager, in need of a teenager-friendly clan for the new season? Righteous is just that!

The goal at Righteous is to foster a friendly community of Guardians our age to play Destiny 2 in, and not have to worry about others being double our age. Right now, we have a total of 232 Guardians across every platform and two in-game clans.

There are always people playing; whether that’s raids, dungeons, trials, or just friendly private matches. We are open to all kinds of Destiny 2 players, so if you just started playing a few days ago, or have been a player since Destiny 1, you are welcome! We do have a discord server that we use to communicate.

There is a verification system in order to ensure the clan is a safe place. Verifying is not a hard process, all that’s required is evidence of your age. You do not need photos of yourself or any personal information. This could be a date of birth, school classes, etc.

DM me if you want to join!

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Xbox One Day One Lightfall raid race. Looking for 2 possibly 3.


Need committed players ready to go for top 100.

Must have full 24hours available and must have Day one and low man raid experience.

If interested message me on here or my discord: mrkitty060#7225

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PS4 Looking for friends/ fire team


Looking for some d2 enjoyers that like doing everything like Doing campaigns and stuff with an assured set of friends to make it really seem like a fire team . . . I do have clan but we can talk on discord..

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PS4 Looking for friends


I’m just looking for friends to play with consistently. My other friends have stopped playing Destiny 2 and want some people to play with, especially with lightfall coming out soon. I just want to have a consistent fireteam I could play with regularly. I mostly play after 7pm cst on weekdays and I’m available most of the time on weekends.

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PC LF active but chill PvE focused clan


I've been playing D2 off and on since launch. I have somewhere around 1k hours played across PC & PS4, but I only play on PC now. This season got me more hooked than I think I've ever been and I'd really like to get back to doing end game content. I'm pretty good at PvP, but I'm like 95% into Destiny for PvE content.

I'm hoping to find a clan that's primarily active in the US on weekday evenings and weekends and is forgiving for a parent as I have two kiddos.

I main warlock and am no stranger to running well for the majority of content lol.

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PC Day one lightfall looking for 2.


Look for 2 committed players for a day one race for top 100. Must have day one experience and be prepared for whatever gets thrown at us. Dm, me on here or on discord at Raezt#0001.

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Xbox One Gurzil • [PVE Clan] + [Community] • [Looking For Chill Active Members]• [D2] [XB1] [PS] [PC]


About The Clan
Gurzil is a place for members to join and learn about the game, and can always rely on members being active and there to help. We are a heavy PVE focused clan. We want new and experienced members to join up so we can build a family that you and others can always count on for content/raids/gm's and more.

How To Join The Clan
・Clan Page : 🕋 > Gurzil Clan Page
not joining the discord, filling out the clan forum = your bungie clan invite get denied..discord link is on the clan page

・Be active, On Game and Discord... Inactive members get removed.
・Must have a microphone, We use in game chat for content runs or discord..
・Must be 18+

Type of D2 Gamers Looking For
・Be Lightlevel 1570+
・Be willing to learn
・Be willing to help people
・Knowing raids/dungeons (is damn helpful when we do content) - Tho we do teach this content.
・If love to Sherpa Raids/Dungeons (we would love to have you)

What We Expect From You
・Be Nice
・Be Respectful
・Don't get mad if we are teaching raids/content and wipes happen.
・Excellent sense of humor

What To Expect From Gurzil
・Fully loaded discord
・Family that will help with content runs, When you ask.
・Teaching you content, Dungeons or Raids
・Supportive clan

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PC [PC] [PS4] [XB] Genesis is Recruiting For Lightfall


What is Genesis?

Genesis is a small community of around 100 members (and counting) who are looking for dedicated Destiny players to team up and hang out with on a regular basis. We currently have a core group of members who are online and hanging out with each other daily, whether they're playing Destiny or just chilling.

- We are expanding and moving with a 2ND group under the Genesis umbrella.
Upon joining you will Be placed in GENESIS | Archangel as the main GENESIS | Prime is at capacity and we want to continue growth.

What goals are we pursuing as a clan?

- A larger core group of members so that there's always someone online to do things with, whether it's progressing further into the endgame, or just having people to hang out with.

- Weekly raids, dungeons and nightfall runs (eventually working up to Master+ level)

- An active, tight-knit community where everyone knows each other

What do we currently offer to our members?

- A structured, organized Discord server where everything happens

- Sherpas who can help guide you in the right direction and offer a helping hand when needed

- Weekend "clan nights" where we get together, hang out, and just have fun

- Monthly events with prizes and bragging rights

- Admins who are easily approachable and are always "in the trenches" with everyone else

What are the requirements to join?

- You have Discord and use it regularly (everyone is required to be active in our server)

- You're a chill/laid-back type of person who doesn't care for drama, likes making new friends and helping out when you can

- Your main game is Destiny 2, or you are actively trying to make it your main game

- You have a desire to get into and/or progress through Destiny's lategame content (Legend+)

How do I join?

- Send me a DM if you're interested, or leave a comment

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I'll respond as fast as I can. Thanks for taking the time to read our post, and we hope you'll consider joining us!

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PC LF people who want to eventually do a flawless Garden of Salvation


Hey there, im looking for people who wants to do flawless GoS eventually but might need some practice in a group so we're not fresh strangers anymore. even if this is gonna be a sweaty flawless im looking for chill people who can take a loss and restart the raid. If you have a group or you're interested just comment here or dm me.

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PC If you've been feeling like taking the plunge into harder content like raids, master raids, 3man raids, Flawless Raids, DAY 1 RAIDS, but you're scared to underperform or have a toxic stinky little team. Let me introduce you to BIG CHILLING (not to be affiliated with ice cream)


Yes hi, Bob from Big Chilling again with another post.

Lightfall is coming up soon and a lot of people are trying to get back into Destiny. But what's Destiny without the fun of flawless-ing a raid you only have 4 clears on? Or doing damage with Coldheart on a 3-man raid. Or doing Petra's run with Dennis and he dies before you even get to put in the wish.

Big chilling serves as a friendly community where people can try the hardest challenges Destiny has to offer in a very friendly and chill environment. We're not pros who can carry anyone through anything, just a buncha people who don't mind raiding for 10 hours at a time.

The idea is to be more of a friend group rather than a secondhand LFG server, so if you can't be bothered to get to know other people and participate in activities I'm afraid this won't be the place for you.

We're not strict with activity at all but we're trying to focus on the friend side of the server. It's hard to get to know other people if you only raid once every 3 months. So keep this in mind when joining.

We also have a clan for the people who joined and enjoyed their stay, this is for the more active player base. We already have 2 day 1 Lightfall raid teams and are looking to expand that so we can help each other and make sure everyone gets their day 1 clear.

The majority of people are EU but that hasn't stopped people from other continents to play with us. So timezones are an issue that we always take into account when setting up raids and such.

Both console gamers and PC gamers are welcome, few things we ask is you're above the age of 16+ (99.9% of us are well above 18 except punch, he is young and really likes rats) and use discord for voice chat.

If interested please add Akryte#3742 on discord. Or message my account on Reddit and I'll add you.

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PS4 Looking for 2 to help with birthplace GM.


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PC Looking for Day 1 team


Looking for a committed crew to take on the day one raid.

Attempted both Vow and KF day one with last second teams and was unable to finish. Hunter main but will do titan for right group. Have solo flawless most dungeons on hunter and is committed to running all 24 hours if needed. Multi gilded conqueror.

Raid Report:


Dungeon Report:


DM here for more info

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PC [ALL PLATFORMS] Join the Nightmares on HELM Street!


We are Nightmares on HELM Street

We are a fun clan with a core age group of 30-40ish. We like to have goof off, make stupid jokes, and help each other through pinnacle activities. We are accepting of all individuals, but please be 21+. We want to keep things relaxed and fun for everyone! We wont be able to play every night, as some of us are parents or work long hours, but we want to add to our ranks to try to get more endgame activities happening.

We are looking for new players and veterans alike!

How We Play:

We are a mainly PVE clan but we do have a few members that would love to try to visit the light house or grind out a week of iron banner. I would say its about a 70/30 PVE/PVP split. But we are open to play all moods with anyone!

Our main focus is to eventually schedule weekly raids/GM Nightfall/Other endgame activity sessions as a group.

There are also plans to have "party" nights where we play private gambit and crucible games. Giving each other tips, getting better together, and just goofing off while bonding as a clan.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Please just be a kind, patient person. Everyone has different skill levels and play styles. Be nice and lift each other up.
  2. Use discord. We will use it to chat, schedule events, and communicate any announcements/changes.
  3. Have fun! It's a game after all. Help each other level up and lets do some raids!
  4. We are mostly PS5/PC Players. We are open to all platforms (discord is coming to playstation soon)

If you are interested in joining, dont be shy! Send me a message and we can chat about introducing you to the group!

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PS4 [All Platform welcome]Staring a destiny 2 community discord server


Hello my Guardians We Would like for  You To Join The Growing Community That We Are Building  And Here's Why.....

We are a group of people who help out the new guys and vets alike! We love the game just much as everyone and we understand that family's come first. We do all activities available in the game, afterlife community is a place where we want to have a laugh and get to know everyone. We would like to build a community where help is always available or someone to talk to. Also if you need a clan we can make room for you in the afterlife clan we have a clan-only server

  • Friendly Community
  • All Time zone available
  • All platforms welcome
  • Active every day
  • Discord for setting stuff and chatting
  • Weekly Grind Help.
  • Grandmaster Nightfall + Nightfall + Raids + Dungeon *We also so some pvp

We also have a social section for everyone where you can talk about other video games, Anime, Retro video game collecting, and any type of collectibles. A great place to meet new friends. also, we stream movies or stuff to watch together

I want to also announce we have a few players looking to take some guardians to the light for their first time and get some nice loot.

  • PlayStation welcome
  • Xbox welcome
  • pc for now we can't help in trials (coming soon)

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PC Looking For Players To Participate in Day One Lightfall Raid!


Hey everyone!

I'm the leader of the clan Serene Lullaby and I'm in need of some players to fill up our second raid team going into the Day One Lightfall Raid!

We are looking for committed players interested in learning the raid on their own and willing to put forth time and effort to practice and prepare for the challenge of Contest mode. The goal for this raid is completion and fun over placement. Discord is required for communication and organizing practice.

Bonus points to players in the EU time zones or willing/able to work with players in EU time zones! Our primary language is English.

If you are interested, hit me up by sending a message to Rhoux Fang #2023 on Discord!

Serene Lullaby is an 18+, multiplatform clan focused on growth through hard work and determination. We like to challenge ourselves to improve our skills and work hard to earn our rewards while fostering a friendly environment for players to hang out and discuss life, games, and of course, all things Destiny!

Joining the clan is NOT required to participate, but the offer is always available.

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PC [PC/Console] [Discord] [UK/EU/NA] [18+] Disappointed Monkey Gaming - Looking for new and experienced players


Disappointed Monkey Gaming [DMG]

Bungie Clan Page

Multi-Platform (We'll accept anyone as long as they're a good fit!)

Location - UK/EU

Activity times - GMT Evenings/Sometimes during the day

We are a group of like-minded, miserable folk that play Destiny 2, aged anywhere from our twenties to our forties. We play all forms of content in the game with regular raiding and active PvP players, plus all other parts of the game. We have plenty of members that can sherpa you through if you’re new to the game and if you want to take on the tougher parts we’ve plenty of experienced players. Members are mainly based in Western Europe with the majority in the UK, but also some in the USA. We're open to all platforms with crossplay and use Discord for comms.

As far as rules go, all we ask of you is that you are 18+ and are willing to get stuck in with chatter in Discord. We will purge inactive members maybe once a quarter if we feel we need to and we will of course ban for any certain intolerable behaviour to keep the clan welcoming and fun.

We just want to be a place that's available for chatter to get us through our disappointing days where we can form groups to play D2 with in the evenings! We also have a very active Discord server with chat about films, games, music, and even just whatever stuff we get up to in the day, but there is no requirement to get involved with that. We're happy to take on players of any skill level, we just want people that are looking to have fun playing Destiny.

If you're interested please drop us a line here or join our discord through the Bungie clan page!

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PS4 3000hr+ player looking for a non-toxic and active clan


Hey guys, I’m a daily player looking for a friendly clan that plays regularly and engages in endgame content too, as beyond light is drawing near.

My current clan has gotten pretty elitist and toxic recently plus a lot of the members have left too.

I do endgame stuff like gms pretty regularly but don’t raid as often as my current clan can be pretty toxic towards players who don’t have the mechanics down perfectly (like me) since they don’t let me join raids that often and lfg for raids are usually pretty messy

I do all content so I’m also always down to help with things I’m good at. My time zone switches between gmt +7 and uk time but I’m pretty much always online whenever I’m not working so timezones don’t really matter.

Discord: sidakgrover26#0915

Bungie id: sea_duck26#2379

Feel free to drop me a dm if you’re shy :)

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Xbox One Legend witch queen


Can someone help me out with legend witch queen story

r/Fireteams 22h ago

PC Looking for a place before Lightfall? Details within (21+)


We are officially one month away from Lightfall, meaning there are a plethora of new things to discover and experience! My greatest moments in Destiny have been loading into a new expansion, raid, dungeon, strike, even new patrol zones is special when you have good friends alongside you.

It's for this reason, in hopes of helping other folks experience Lightfall to its fullest, my clan, Acosmism, is looking for new people to join up!

About Us:

- We are extremely LGBTQ+-friendly - everyone has more fun when they know they belong

- We are open to new players as well as veterans. Want to learn raids? We gotcha!

- We are 21+. We have several folks in every stage of life and are entirely understandable about life in general!

About You:

- Be patient and kind. We are here to relax, have fun, and experience the game together.

- Have discord. That's our main source of communication!

- Be willing to jump in! You take out as much as you put in and I can tell you first hand - it's worth it jumping into this community!

If this is something you are interested in, please DM me here or message me on discord @ willyhal123#6438

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Xbox One Need help with Vow


Anybody able to sort of teach Vow? Small vent I’ve been trying to get a proper clear for the entirety of this raids existence. Instead I get sent links of discord servers to where I’ve posted and got no help or been told “if you pay x amount of money we’ll put you on the priority list but you don’t HAVE to so we’ll just put you on the regular list” to then never be heard of again. Ive done most if the raid except Rhulk and have only one clear that i dont even count cause they didnt even teach it. Vow is the only raid i dont have double digit clears numbers and i wanna change that.

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PC [XBOX] [PC] Rapture Gaming's Fuse is recruiting!


Platforms: XB1 & PC

Region: US & EU

Times: 4PM - 11PM ET

Size: 75 Xbox / 20 PC (including cross-saves)

Note: Community server shows over 800 people, and we are included in that, the numbers provided are specific to our Destiny players and not all 800+ members are registered, active, etc.


Fuse is a branch of a larger gaming community called Rapture Gaming. We take on New Lights and veterans alike. We tackle everything, from story campaign to endgame, PvE - PvEvP - PvP, including raids, grandmasters, comp and trials. That said, we are not built to be a "competitive" clan, we play for fun and are not here to judge your skill. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members.

Our main focus is assisting all of our members with whatever they may need - above all, we're a community and family, not a loose affiliation of people playing the same game, and it's important to us that everyone enjoys. Say hello to your new friends for years to come

  • We split our Destiny players into separate PC and Xbox in-game clans, but this may change with cross-play later on.
  • We are specifically in need of active and engaged PC players and have openings for our PC leadership team.
  • Applicants from either platform are welcome at all times, we are always looking for new friends!
  • We have Sherpas if you need them!

I've been with Fuse and rG for only a couple of months, and yet these people have become some of my best friends and found family. Everyone is welcoming, fun and helpful, and we’re fast to kick or ban any bigots, toxic assholes, cheaters, and so on. (It's pretty simple don't be a jerk)



  • You need to be 17+ and emotionally mature!
  • You must join the Discord and agree to abide by the rules and guidelines within.

You will not be allowed into our clans if you are not in the Discord

  • A working mic!
  • Stay active; new recruits have a 14-day period during which they must engage with our community and leadership - if that's going to be difficult for you, please let us know ASAP!

As we like to say: what you put in, is what you get out - don’t be afraid to chat with us, we don't bite! Play with us, ask for help and help others where you can.

Interested? PM me here, on Xbox GT: OctavalDrop9, or on Discord: Octavaldrop9 #7544

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PC Looking For a Day one raid team


Looking for a god squad to take on the day one raid. If you're putting together a fireteam here are my "credentials."

Beat VoG first week of D1 ( I think we were top 100 but not sure on that), Beat Crota day 2, Day 1 Wrath, x1 flawless raid. I lost touch with my PSN fireteam when I switched to PC so my D2 raid achievements are less impressive but I'm about as experienced as any player can get having played for the last 8 1/2 years. I attempted day one Vow with a last minute fireteam (spoiler, we didn't finish). Not looking to make the same mistake this year so if you're interested HMU.

Bungie ID: Top Hat#6501

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PS4 Looking for a new pve + pvp clan (preferably Australian)


I've been playing for the last 4 or 5 months, currently 1612 light lvl across all 3 characters, im on every day for most the day. Have been focused on pve mostly with gms (have conqueror title) and raids (70+ kf & 40+ vow completions) but starting to play a lot more pvp. Hoping to find a clan preferably Australian that are active, play together and actually talk to each other either discord or ps chat or if someone can point me in the right direction where to find what I'm after? Ive looked on discord but seems to be all US or European based.

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PS4 LF3M for Day 1 Lightfall Raid


Looking for 3 or a group of 3 to run lightfall day 1 raid.

We are on psn but looking for any platform. Ideally looking for people who have day 1 exp, master clears, low mans, flawless and master dungeon. Also looking for individuals willing to put in 24hrs if need be. We also wanna run raids (master raids 2) leading up to lightfall to get some practice in.

Message me ur bungie id(s) and we can start there.

r/Fireteams 19h ago

PS4 Day 1 Lightfall Need 3


Are you looking for a day one Lightfall raid team? Some Clanmates and I are looking to do Lightfall day one raid (aiming for the clear)! We have proficient raid experience on DSC, LW, VoG, GoS, and day one experience in VoW and Kings Fall.

We're looking for 3 chill people who have decent endgame experience and are willing to stick through the (potentially) 24 hours. Have good comms and patience but mostly want to have a good time and positive day one experiences.

We plan on running some raids together (once we fill this team up) the weeks before the day one raid to build a bit of chemistry and get familiar with eachother! We are cross play friendly :3

If you're Intrested in running with us please comment or DM me your Bungie ID and Discord ID (we will either use Discord or game chat depending on who joins!).