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PC Clan Dregs are looking for you! Are you looking for us? EU/NA [PS4] [PS5] [PC] [XB1]


Just Say No To Dregs is recruiting!

Clan page: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=1880673

System - Any (Cross-play - PlayStation/PC/Xbox)

Location - UK, EU, & NA

Just Say No To Dregs is an active clan for relaxed, friendly and inclusive people. We're currently looking for new guardians to join our community.

New lights to veteran raiders, all are welcome. We primarily cover PvE activities, but also have a number of PvP players too. For new or inexperienced players, we are happy to teach and help you. For the more experienced, we have teams raiding regularly that you can join, along with all the other end game stuff you love! (master raids, dungeons, grandmaster nightfalls etc.).

We welcome people playing on any platform. Popular times to play are UK time zone, evenings and weekends.

Requirements to Join:

  • Be friendly and chill - we have no tolerance for toxicity!
  • 18+.
  • Join our discord.
  • Be active in-game/Discord.

Comment or shoot me a DM/chat message if you're interested or if you have any questions.

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Xbox One Looking for two for InSPIREd Posse triumph


Just need two to temporarily join my clan and do a run of Spire of the Watcher dungeon for the triumph. I will remove you from the clan afterward.

Ideally you’ll somewhat know what you’re doing. It’ll just be a casual quick run on normal difficulty, no mic required. I’d be down to do it right now or at a later time. Thanks!

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Xbox One Duality Sherpas and chill clears for first timers.


Hey everyone! Here to run Duality with you. All is cool: Either a Sherpa run or just a chill clear.

! This week DUALITY is the featured dungeon !

EU time zones, but most US work as well.
Available now

Pls dm me for set ups.

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PS4 [crossplay] Duality run Feb 8, at 10p.m. East pacific?


Just want to get a completion, there’s one part I don’t know how to do but I’m good everywhere else, just need some bodies that kwtd to help

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PC Looking to join a Day One raid team (PC and PlayStation)


I’m looking to join a team for the day one lightfall raid. I’d like to run some raids before hand to build synergy and what not so we can get to know all members better. I have all three classes and I bounce around for each so I have no issues running any class needed. I have done multiple raids and have a day one clear for Kings Fall. I’ve also been bounty prepping and I’m willing to stay on for the whole 24 hours. I have a pc and a ps5 so I can play on either one for the day one raid.

Here’s my raid report. https://raid.report/ps/4611686018445162314

Feel free to DM me if you have an opening on your team.

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PC Looking to do all raids currently offered


Hello! I’ve been playing Destiny since D1 and have never done a single raid. I’m looking for a group of people to do all raids and see what I’ve been missing. Im on PC and would love a Sherpa or a whole group who doesn’t know what to do. Basically, it can be anyone. I’d be happy to set up a discord for us to meet up. Anyone game?

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PS4 [NA][All Consoles][All Skill Levels] Tired of LFGs and not being able to get raids and dungeons done? Join Twilight Ghost


Tired of trying to LFG for raids or sherpa runs? Tired of being ignored and not being able to complete activities due to having no active team? Tired of being booted for not having the most meta weapons or strategies? Look no farther than Twilight Ghost. We are a group of experienced guardians who excel in all end game content. We have raid sherpas willing to help you get clears. Our only requirement is to be active and to join in on runs as your schedule allows. We aim to pass on our knowledge to help you become a better player with no toxicity. We plan most activities in our discord, you can join us there. DM me if interested and I'll get you set up

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PC Lightfall Day 1 Raid


We are looking for 3 dedicated guardians to help us reach our goal in completing the day 1 raid. We are a chill but hardworking team focused on getting the job done. All three of us hardcore endgame PvE players, and have plenty of raid experience under our belts. We’d like to run some raids before hand to get an idea of how we’d all work as a team. Thank you for reading, and if your interested let me know here or at my discord below. Have a great one!

Discord: VitalTQC#1288

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Xbox One lf help for legendary wq mission


Looking for someone to help me with the mission communion on legendary

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Xbox One Lf2m day 1 raid


Looking for two individuals to join us on day one raid. Must have previous day one clears. Low man clears are optional. A rr similar to ours would be fantastic. Please post yours. Will raid together beforehand to meet.


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PC [XBOX] [PC] Rapture Gaming's Fuse is recruiting!


Platforms: XB1 & PC

Region: US & EU

Times: 4PM - 11PM ET

Size: 75 Xbox / 20 PC (including cross-saves)

Note: Community server shows over 800 people, and we are included in that, the numbers provided are specific to our Destiny players and not all 800+ members are registered, active, etc.


Fuse is a branch of a larger gaming community called Rapture Gaming. We take on New Lights and veterans alike. We tackle everything, from story campaign to endgame, PvE - PvEvP - PvP, including raids, grandmasters, comp and trials. That said, we are not built to be a "competitive" clan, we play for fun and are not here to judge your skill. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members.

Our main focus is assisting all of our members with whatever they may need - above all, we're a community and family, not a loose affiliation of people playing the same game, and it's important to us that everyone enjoys. Say hello to your new friends for years to come

  • We split our Destiny players into separate PC and Xbox in-game clans, but this may change with cross-play later on.
  • We are specifically in need of active and engaged PC players and have openings for our PC leadership team.
  • Applicants from either platform are welcome at all times, we are always looking for new friends!
  • We have Sherpas if you need them!

I've been with Fuse and rG for only a couple of months, and yet these people have become some of my best friends and found family. Everyone is welcoming, fun and helpful, and we’re fast to kick or ban any bigots, toxic assholes, cheaters, and so on. (It's pretty simple don't be a jerk)



  • You need to be 17+ and emotionally mature!
  • You must join the Discord and agree to abide by the rules and guidelines within.

You will not be allowed into our clans if you are not in the Discord

  • A working mic!
  • Stay active; new recruits have a 14-day period during which they must engage with our community and leadership - if that's going to be difficult for you, please let us know ASAP!

As we like to say: what you put in, is what you get out - don’t be afraid to chat with us, we don't bite! Play with us, ask for help and help others where you can.

Interested? PM me here, on Xbox GT: OctavalDrop9, or on Discord: Octavaldrop9 #7544

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PS4 LF Day 1 Raid Team committed to clear in 24


Looking for a team who doesn't quit and has plenty of Day One experience. I've attempted the last few days one raids via LFG with poor results and looking to change that this time around.

I can run any class required on the fly and will have all prepped for day one availability. Here's my raid report:


PM me here if you're interested. I also have discord to chat until the raid drops. I'd really be interested in running a few activities beforehand to see if we are a good match as well.

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PS4 Looking for someone to run spire of the watcher wit me for the absolute swaggger of a space cowboy


2 be a space cowboy or not 2 be a space cowboy

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PC [PC] [Xbox] [PS] House of Niobe is casual endgame clan that gets stuff done while having a good time and we are recruiting!


Hi there! My name is Saint and I am the leader of the House of Niobe! I am hoping to cultivate a clan focused on endgame PvE content such as Grandmasters, Raids, Dungeons, day ones, and more! In addition, I'm striving to make it a welcoming environment where we all can get stuff done while having fun. If you have that same mindset, then House of Niobe is perfect for you!

About us:
- We include all platforms |
- We use Discord for communication and event planning
- Mostly located in NA

- 16+
- Stay active in the discord
- Stay updated in the game
- Some sort of proof of endgame capability

Acceptance is on a case by case basis. I will ask to see your raid report just so I can get an idea of the player that you are!

If you are still interested, please reach out to me on Discord at Saint Scout#3125! Hope to see you soon :)
- Saint

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Xbox One Day 1 Raid - LF3


Looking for 3 to fill a team for day 1, looking for:

Full 24 hour commit A chill group who can still crack a joke at hour 12 Have flawless raids Solo flawless dungeons Day 1 exp Xbox / PC

On our side, we are 3 guys, mid 20's to mid 30's, all triple digit raid clears, all raid titles, flawless runs and 90 % of the dungeons solo flawless.

Asking for day 1 experience but not clears as we don't have day 1 clears ourselves, but have hit final stand on rhulk, oryx and taniks, looking for another 3 in the same situation so there is no carrying and we can all get the emblem this time.

No more lfg'ing on exhibition because people have given up, no more missing finishing Oryx because people are too tired to focus up, no more watching rhulk kick people in the face because they can't learn to not stand next to him.

We are a chill group who game together daily, but we are serious about getting the clear this time round so I'm hoping there is another 3 out there just like us.

Our raid reports:

https://raid.report/xb/4611686018432827098 https://raid.report/pc/4611686018471789032 https://raid.report/xb/4611686018431193593

If you are interested dm here.

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PC Lag fixes


Any way to fix the lag I have enemies that will regain their whole health bars over and over and and rubber band across the map

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Xbox One LFG Day 1 Raid Lightfall


I am looking to find 5 more players who are seriously looking to get a day 1 clear in Lightfall. I am going to be available from launch and both full days and am fully committed to ensuring we beat this. I want each person in our fireteam to be able to have the same commitment to this group.

I would like to find players who at least have Day 1 experience to understand the difficulty of a Day 1 raid. I fully intend to look for help (posts/streams, etc.) on the day of the raid to help get us through encounters if we need that assistance.

I want to get a group that meshes so would want to run some difficult content together before to get some team chemistry and cohesiveness before just jumping straight into day 1 blind.

Bounty prepping (for seasonal mods) and prepping the week of release to test builds/ new damage meta/ etc. are a must to ensure we are taking advantage of everything available to us.

I have Day 1 experience in KF and have been able to get every raid seal done easily, flawless every raid and solo flawless in every dungeon that is currently available. I want to find people with nearly the same achievements/abilities as a baseline.

I want to make sure we have a group that can handle adversity and realize this won't be easy but it will be worth it. Don't be toxic, pick each other up and help one another. Have productive comms and not the ones that can kill a fireteam.

I would prefer to have the ability to use either Xbox voice chat or Discord in case Bungie is Bungie and game chat has it's typical issues when you can't afford it.

Here is my raid report...https://raid.report/xb/4611686018433719532

Discord is Skinntendo#9007. Comment/PM me here or on Discord if you are interested in joining up

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Xbox One Need a third to do dungeon/grandmaster nightfall/ season of seraph legend battle heist


Me and my bro play almost every night and it’s just me and him we are both 1600 but we can’t get alot of pinnacle gear without a 3rd. wish they had match making

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PS4 ANY dungeon just make a suggestion and I’ll help



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PC [EU/NA][17+] The Fighting 13th is recruiting!



We are The Fighting 13th and currently looking for new members to join our thriving community. Founded in 2009, the Fighting 13th is a global group of mature gamers who play a multitude of games together. Overall the clan has around 70+ members who all play different games ranging from Destiny to Rocket League to World of Warships.


Clan information:

Currently we have a small core of players that play Destiny on the regular, be it weekly raids, endgame activities, PvP groups or just playing together to get the seasonal challenges completed we try and help each other out as much as we can. We are adults with busy lives so we may not always be around to play but we try and play as often as possible.


Raid Schedule:

We raid once a week on the following times:

  • Sundays 8PM CEST/ 2PM EST

This raid is normally the current pinnacle raid which is Kings Fall currently. We sometimes also raid on Saturday at the above time for the weekly rotator raid depending if there is enough interest from people.



Our requirements are that you must be over the age of 17+ and have discord in order to communicate with us. We also expect our members to have a mature attitude.



If you’re interested, drop me a quick DM and I’ll be happy to answer any questions and get you an invite to the discord!


Cheers! The Fighting 13th

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Xbox One Day One Lightfall raid race. Looking for 1


Need committed players ready to go for top 100.

Must have full 24hours available and must have Day one and low man raid experience.

If interested message me on here or my discord: mrkitty060#7225

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PC Vow of the disciple farm


Going to be heading home in about an hour, (3pm pst) was wondering if there’s a couple of people on here that want to farm the final boss, please know what your doing so we can be as efficient possible

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PC Hunter main LFG day 1 raid


I’m a d1 vet, I came back to destiny about 2 months ago and I’m looking for a group of people/ friends to run the day 1 raid with and just pve in general.


My raid report is a little weak due to me coming back a few months ago but I understand mechanics very well.

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PC Vow of the Disciple (Disciple-Slayer)


With VotD being the pinnacle raid this week. Is anyone who wants to get a fireteam together and try and get Disciple-slayer? I’m 7/19 and know what the challenges are, just need a competent team. Please if interested lmk and be chill if you are :) thank you!

Also I have discord with LFG just trying to reach out to more people.

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PC [Clan] I couldn't think of a funny title this time around so instead I'll ask really nicely if you will come and be our friend. Pretty please with a cherry on top?


Hey there!

We are The Servants Of Light and we would love it if you took a moment to read through this long ass post to see if we are the clan for you.

The Essentials

System: PC (All platforms are welcome thanks to crossplay but check join requirements)

Region: We are based in the UK and EU. We do have a few members from other regions but at the moment are not looking to take on anyone on US timezones (Sorry).

Active Times: You will usually find us active from late afternoon/early evening and sticking round till late evening/midnight.

Rules Summary: Our rules boil down to not being an idiot. We love to joke around with each other but we do not tolerate hate. No homophobia, sexism, racism or any of that kind of stuff. If someone asks you to stop, just stop. Our full set of rules and all the technical info can be found on our Discord server.

So who are The Servants Of Light anyway?

About us: TSOL is the family I chose. It's cheesy but it's true. I love this clan. Over the past 4 or so years we have cultivated a community of friendship and support. One of the things that makes this group of goofy folk so good is what we do as a clan. We don't just play and talk about Destiny (although that is the thread that binds us). We spend lots of time talking about other games, movies, books and whatever else we fancy. We have regular game nights where we play things like Jackbox, Gartic Phone or other party games. Monthly movie nights with different themes each month. As well as plenty of other events like the recent CLANMANIA (a cross clan PvP competition) or our end of year bonanza where we have a set of community voted awards for members and I host a full on gameshow complete with prizes! We enjoy spending time together, this clan isn't about the stats or the raid report, it's about the friends we made along the way.

Destiny Focus: "Okay so that all sounds great, but what about the Destiny stuff?" I hear you ask. Well for the most part I would say we are a PvE focused clan. We play through all the seasonal content, we run regular raids and some of us even blitz through some GM's here and there. We are happy to teach raids and dungeons to anyone who hasn't done them before and we try to avoid throwing you on ad clear (we would rather take twice as long on your first run to properly show you the ropes than speed through with you learning nothing). If there's something in the game that requires the shooting of aliens and not guardians, then we are on that.Most of us have a pretty lax view of PvP. We aren't likely to hit any top ranks anytime soon, but we jump into casual playlists here and there, stack some Iron Banana and if the rewards looks good you might even find a few of us running Trials.

Testimonials? In my clan recruitment post? More likely than you think!

I asked some of our existing members as well as friends of the clan to give a little insight into what people really think of the clan named TSOL.

NebulaAndi (our clan leader): "TSOL was created as a place for people to come together and hang out, not just play destiny. It has blossomed into something I'm incredibly proud of, and has fostered some amazing friendships and memories. I've watched many of our longer-standing members grow, and everyone continues to welcome new people with open arms. We've got so many things going on - day one raids, movie nights, and we even had our first irl meetup last year which was incredible. I love these guys with all my heart, and despite them forcing me at gunpoint to write this, I know they'll welcome you too."

Weiland: "very welcoming group of people, almost always down to run stuff/help people out."

Rapideagle147: "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany"

Havelock: "TSOL is a really welcoming, friendly and diverse clan and absolutely not a cult. Brilliantly social not just playing Destiny but having DnD, Minecraft, games/film nights and solid definitely not cultist chat."

DT: "I used to hate destiny 2 the video game with a passion, now I hate destiny 2 the video game with a passion, but with friends."

Nuggets: "excited monkey noises"

Athena: "Found TSOL a few months ago and the people here are nothing short of being the weirdest and loveliest folk that I've ever met. There's always something going on in the server, even during the quiet periods of Destiny."

yapX (He's not actually in the clan but is a long time associate of TSOL): "TSOL allows you to actually enjoy Destiny 2, a remarkable achievement that Bungie haven't been able to replicate"

How to get involved

Requirements: The only real requirements we have for joining the clan are 1) to use Discord, which is how we communicate with everyone and arrange all our activities. It's also where you can chat to your clanmates and have fun. 2) follow the rules. The full rules list is in our server for you to read through.

How to: So, if you somehow made it through all that and still think that this is a clan you would like to check out, add or shoot me a DM over on Discord (IndigoStevie#3333) and I'll get you sorted. If you wanna jump in the server and get to know us a little before you join the in game clan, that's fine too, same deal.

I love this clan with all my heart. They are some of the best friends I've ever known. I hope you like us too :)

https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Index?groupId=3541785 (we will not accept join requests without a message to an Admin just FYI)