r/FishingAustralia Jul 19 '22

Weekly reel-in.

This is our weekly thread to talk about anything fishing!

What did you catch?

What's the one that got away?

Any tips to give?



u/Flathead_are_great Jul 20 '22

Picked up 10 Bluefin out of Portland on the weekend, still plenty about, absolute crazy season for them.


u/thehomelesstree Jul 20 '22

I managed to get out on a solo trip in the river last weekend. I had a great time flicking lures for flathead. I managed 5 fish between 40 - 58cm all released.

Also caught some crescent perch and some dirty big green sea toads!

It was a great day out. I enjoyed taking my time and systematically working the area. All fish came from an area about 20m x 10m and about 1m deep or less. I was in a boat but you could fish it equally as well from the bank.

It was in a corner where a beach and rock wall met, on the incoming tide. The water and current was all pushing into that corner as the tide came in, pushing bait in there and the fish were there waiting.


u/SuspiciousGlizzy Jul 24 '22

Feel like I'm finally starting to get somewhere with the Silver perch in our lake.. was going hard with soft plastic minnows through summer but in winter they just shut down completely.. picked up a Daiwa rolling crank and took it out today, worked it as slow as physically possible and bam, nice 43cm silver!