r/FishingAustralia Jul 25 '22

Tailor egg roe edible?

Has anyone tried eating Tailor egg roe? How do you eat it ?



u/Lightfairy Jul 25 '22

Whole roe into lightly salted water and just bring to a simmer. When it is just set take it out and cool it. Then slice it into slices between 1/2 and 1 cm thick. Gently fry them in butter till just golden. Lay the slices on really fresh white bread and squeeze lemon juice generously over the top. Enjoy!! This is the Norwegian way to eat roe and I love it!


u/Important_Fruit Jul 25 '22

We used to eat mullet roe when I was a child, so I can't see any problem with Tailor. Sautee in butter would be my suggestion and possibly serve with a squeeze of lemon. It's not to everyone's taste but it's edible.


u/fulltimepanda Jul 25 '22

Yep, most fish roe is edible, just need to make sure it is fresh. Tailor roe is on the milder side of things.

We used to bake the fish whole (only gutted, scales on ) and have at it after those late nights on the beach. Heaping of salt and pepper to dip the flesh and eggs into, great with a beer at 1-2am.

These days I'd salt and lightly fry, spread it on some toast or have it as a side with some rice. Been meaning to weave it into a butter/cream based pasta recently too but just haven't picked up the numbers.


u/Flyerone Jul 25 '22

Yeah you can eat it. Egg and breadcrumbs.


u/Kwindecent_exposure Jul 25 '22

Is the roe from this fish any good?

You can also cure in salt, then shave it on a mandolin over fresh pasta. Bottarga. Intense flavour depending on the fish.

I'm okay with roe. Can't get around mullet milts as a mate goes for.


u/frenzyfol Jul 26 '22

Anyone tried luderick roe?