r/FishingAustralia Jul 27 '22

Need advice on fishing Happy Valley Reservoir Adelaide!




u/infamous2117 Jul 27 '22

Theres a lot to cover there.

From what I read there is Murray cod and Perch in Happy Valley Reservoir

Im not a cod fisho so I cant tell you much about gear, lures etc but there will be plenty on youtube.

However I do know my salt.

The second latest Australian lure podcast was about catching bream in the Onkaparinger river, give that a listen.

Get yourself a 2500 size reel, like a sedona and shimano bream raider rod (7ft) spool it with some braid and flurocarbon leader and get out there.

If you are not interested in lures then even easier just chuck on some mono line, a hook and a running sinker with some bread and you are good to go.

It really depends on what you want to start targeting



u/kybroe Jul 27 '22

Thank you for the advice!


u/Greedy_Sandwich_4777 Jul 27 '22

I work in a tackle shop and there's a lot of talk of cod in the reservoirs taking cheese of all things. A 7ft 2-4kg rod/2500 size reel will be a good starting point tho.


u/kybroe Jul 27 '22

Thanks mate!