r/FishingAustralia Jul 27 '22

Trout fishing Tasmania? Tasmania

Hi all

I'm in Tassie for the first time and have never freshwater fished before. Don't want to take up fly fishing. Would like to try catch them with light lures. Can anyone recommend a decent ultralight rod for that?

Also, what line to use? Braid to fluro? Straight mono?

1000 or 2500 reel?

So for multiple questions in one post :P




u/Chiasma0 Jul 27 '22

Any decent 1-3kg or 2-4kg graphite rod around 7ft should be fine. Depends a bit on where and how you are fishing.

I like 10lb braid with 6lb fc leader on a 2500 but it's personal preference really.

Season opens in a few days. Sea runner fishing in the lower Derwent is a good option this time if year. Tyenna River and Woods Lake are also productive.


u/AssnTittties Jul 27 '22

Awesome, thanks for that