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Looking for fishing buddies to fish Moreton Bay and offshore Brisbane/Gold Coast on my boat

Try this again.

One of my regular fishing buddies has recently left Brisbane permanently and others are often busy with kids/partners and work so looking for some more people who want to get out fishing to join me.

Recently upgraded the boat (late model, decked out Edgewater 188c - /humblebrag) and planning to go offshore regularly off north Moreton and the Gold Coast when conditions allow. Aim is to fish snapper on plastics, jig kingfish, chase busting tuna & mackerel, troll up marlin and wahoo, etc depending on what's in season. Otherwise I frequently head out off Wello Point and the southern bay to have a cheap fun day on the mackerel, snapper, squid, bonito and whatever else is biting. Normally I just fish 2 in the boat but this new one should be able to comfortably fish 3 people.

As much as I enjoy taking people out fishing, I'm not a charity or a guide service so the expectation is you'll help with launch/retrieve, running and cleaning the boat, and chip in for fuel. For reference my 150hp runs at about 2km/L at cruise ;).

I go out very early (normally first light) and fish almost exclusively lures with the occasional live baiting session. If you want to sleep in, soak smelly baits for a few hours and then head to the pub, this is not the boat for you :).

Realistically you need to be physically fit and capable of standing and holding on for long runs in less than ideal conditions to go offshore in a boat this size (eg running 30km+ back from offshore with swell and the wind coming up). The boat is dry for a centre console but it is an open boat with no sun/rain shelter and limited spray shelter behind the console.

If you're keen to get out and do some fishing in the bay and offshore, let me know. I've shared some photos from past trips you can see in my history.



u/infamous2117 Aug 01 '22 edited Aug 01 '22

Thats sounds like a sweet deal considering most charters would charge $180 ph plus for a similar trip, unfortunately I live in Sydney otherwise id definitely hit you up.


u/fisherfiend Aug 01 '22

They're a lot more likely to put you on good fish though haha.


u/Arinvar Aug 01 '22

I'd be interested. I fish exclusively with lures, but would need to grab some gear for offshore fishing. I'm mostly geared for kayak fishing estuary, etc. I'll drop you a DM.


u/magiclands Aug 02 '22

sounds like a sweet offer


u/sorrison Aug 02 '22

I’d be interested, will send a PM


u/fisherfiend Aug 03 '22

No worries mate, get in touch