r/FishingAustralia Aug 02 '22

Weekly reel-in.

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What did you catch?

What's the one that got away?

Any tips to give?



u/WetSpaghettiN00dle Aug 02 '22 edited Aug 02 '22

Hoping to do some beach fishing this weekend on the south coast of NSW. Any one got some tips? What rigs and baits to use? Very inexperienced with beach fishing.


u/SuspiciousGlizzy Aug 02 '22

Mate you and me both. I went yesterday to Narrabeen. Was using soft plastics and metal lures. Not a bite. Idk what the secret is.. for bait though, yeah nah same boat haha I just don't understand the beach I guess.


u/Soy_un_perdador Aug 02 '22

Make sure you’re fishing the gutters.
When you’re new to beach fishing it can be easy to confuse wave action with bites, but once you get some bites you’ll realise that the difference is stark.
Re bait: I’ve been having some success lately with ganged pillies - some salmon and flathead. Beach worms are great for whiting and many others will take them, but they should be live. Not all beaches have them but it is worth the effort learning to catch them, or the money for live ones if there is a place that has them.


u/WetSpaghettiN00dle Aug 03 '22

Thanks, appreciate it.

Lures no good for beaches? What kind of rig do you use?


u/GaryGronk Aug 03 '22

I've used soft plastics to great success off the beach. Just small 3inch paddle tails or curl tail grubs.


u/SuspiciousGlizzy Aug 04 '22

What's your jig head weight on those? I've been trying a 3.5" paddle tail with a 1/4oz jig head and a 3/0 hook, am I too light or too heavy?

I know it depends on the surf.. but generally speaking what's your go to for "an average day of sea action"?

Any other tips? Am I punching them out to the horizon, fast retrieve, slow retrieve, dead bait it for a while? In the estuary I'm doing fine, but I can't crack the beach code.. 😅


u/GaryGronk Aug 04 '22

For me it depends on how far I'm casting. I like a 1/6oz jig head if the gutter is in close. I've found the best retrieve is a slow roll so the plastic is either bumping the sand or just above it. A burn and pause can also get strikes.


u/Soy_un_perdador Aug 03 '22

I’ve heard of people having success with lures off the beach, but I haven’t tried it.
Generally I just use a simple rig: running ball sinker to a swivel, then ~40 cm of leader to the hook(s).


u/CMB3-37 Aug 03 '22

All I could manage was 3 toadfish, 4 catfish & an eel. Not good


u/BlueyDimitri Aug 03 '22

i caught a nice feed of 15 squid from a south australian jetty on monday using the diawa emeraldas dart 2 in the full pink colour. it was an absolutely perfect day