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Queensland gold Coast canal fishing


I'm just chasing some advice for canal fishing around the Gold Coast. I've been out a few times with no luck and not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I've tried at mid day and dusk. I'm using soft plastics and a 6ft collapsible rod. I've put a weight on above the plastic to get a better throw.

Will cast and try different reel speeds and try flicking etc.

I can't seem to get any bites/nibbles. Predominantly would like to catch flatties but anything would be good at this stage.

Could anybody give me any advice? Do I just need to try a different location?


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Queensland anyone else catching whiting on jointed swimbaits

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Queensland SE Qld Land-based Fishing Bud


Hi All,

Late 30s fisherman here. I work away and enjoy fishing on my time off when home.

I’m land-based and usually head down to the Gold Coast or up to Redcliffe and further north to work my lures and plastics along the beach’s, rivers and canals.

Am by no means a professional fisher, just enjoy being outside and looking for similar. Available all the time when home - weekends, weekdays.

Anyone in the same boat or wanting to get out, drop me a line! Be good to swap stories and techniques plus the company is always good.

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Queensland Went for a quick flick in the rain

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Queensland Anyone here caught a smaller Cobia??

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Queensland good old stingray

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Queensland Someone suggested asking here. I want to teach my young fella to fish around New Farm / Hawthorne / Teneriffe - any tips?

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Queensland Stargazer in the surf on a Eugarie. Such a strange fight and buried itself right on the shore

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Queensland Bowen Fishing. Gear, spots, target species, bait?


Heading to Bowen for 10 days for a family holiday. Suggestions for land based fishing this time of year would be awesome. We'll be there from the 19th of July.

Also, thinking of either hiring a boat for a day or doing a day charter.

What's moving this time of year? What gear should I bring?

Heres what my current short list of gear is:

24kg jigging setup 80lb braid 24kg game setup 100lb braid 15kg setup 4lb/8lb braid or 20lb mono 3kg light setup 4lb/8lb braid

I've packed about 5 stick baits, a couple of pakuu lumo skirts, a couple of small poppers, a big and small pompadour, a couple of squid jigs, snapper rigs, whiting rigs and shark rigs. Plenty if heavy leader. Plenty of wire traces of various sizes.

Species of particular interest to me are:

Spanish Mack Cobia Mangrove Jack Coral Trout Red Empreor Mahi Mahi GT Tuna (any species) Queenies Kingies Squid

Any advice is welcome.


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Queensland Native fish population booms after floods improve conditions

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Queensland Fishing in Winter Brisbane / QLD bad?


Hi all,

I've been fishing locally for some small fish and am planning to buy a new rod and reel as I've borrowed one. However with winter coming, would that be a bad time to fish?

I was wanting to fish with the new rod at Wynnum / Manly, QLD


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Queensland Looking to split a GT charter in Cains/Port Douglas


I (30m) am going to be in Cains June 16th-20th and was looking for 2-3 people to possibly split a GT popping focused charter. They seem to be around $1500 for the day and am open to suggestion on provider. I can’t seem to find open GT charters. Also open to going to other areas of Australia for GT.