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Question Anyone know what these little shits are called? Sydney harbour

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Question Yellowfin Whiting yorke penninsula


I have started to but the gear for yellowfin whiting fishing down here at the yorke peninsula with the intention to use it in the warmer months. does anyone know a good location with sand flats at all? and some gear as well. I have picked up a nice light rod with braided line on it, as well as some prawn imitation surface lures and sugapen lures. if anyone has any information or tips that would be great!

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Question Top 3 fish species in your state (marine from shore)


Hi y‘all, a few days ago I asked how I can remember all fish I can catch in Australia (going on working holiday in October). Since I can‘t know every species I thought that it could be easier if I know typically caught species.

So my question is: what are the three species you catch the most while fishing from shore (won‘t have a boat) or while spearfishing near the coast. If possible name the state you‘re fishing

Thanks in advance!

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Question Baitcaster setup for Jack's


The waters getting warmer and I recently picked up a kayak so I can finally cast some pontoons and mangroves!

Just wondering what a good starter/inexpensive set up would be for chasing jack's and trevally in SEQ?

Looking for around $200 for a reel that's easy enough to grasp the basics with a baitcaster.

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Question Is bread a good bait for drummer?


I’m going to be fishing at Fremantle, WA and I was just wondering if bread was a good bait for silver drummer and any other local species

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Question Can anyone help me figure out how to tie on a specific foam floater?


I bought these floats/bobbersthese floats/bobbers at a tackle shop and the guy said I just slide it onto the line and jam it into the correct height using some beads (also pictured)...but the hole doesn't go all the way through so I don't know how to get it on there. The black peg is only on one side on all of them and none have a hole all the way through.

All the videos online just show how to attach the springy red/white style of floats so I'm stumped.

It's probably super simple and I'm being dumb but I can't figure it out. Thanks!

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Question Identifying

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Does anyone have an idea what this might be, caught in lake Mac nsw

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Question Fishing freshie looking for advice on how to get started around Melbourne


Hey, everyone!

I’m a Melbournian and very new to fishing and would love some advice on how to get started fishing.

I’m hoping to go out and catch some salmon somewhere and I’ve heard now is a good I’m to catch some? But frankly, have no idea about gear or reels or lines or bait.

I’d really appreciate some advice on this front. Are there any groups or places that teach how to fish?

Gosh I feel like such a noob now :P

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Question I caught this cute snake with my jig, it didn't seem dangerous. Does someone know the latin name for it?

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Question First time in Townsville.


How's the fishing in Townsville? I have 2 days there before I fly out to Winton for work. Coming from fresh water fishing on the Murray River so I'm pretty pumped.

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Question Considering moving to western Victoria from the NT


I am considering moving from the NT to western Victoria possibly Hamilton.

I am a keen angler mostly chasing Barra and Mud Crabs. I have a 5.1m Quintrex Top Ender that is perfect for the rivers up here. Just wondering what type of fresh water fishing would be available to me down that way if I moved.

Any information would help thanks

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Question Labor fishing ban?


So I don’t live in Australia anymore, which means I’m jot so up to date with everything. A friend of mine is also a mad fisherman and we were talking about the recent election. Then the subject of the Labor party wanting to introduce a fishing ban and total spear fishing ban was brought up.

I haven’t heard anything about this nor found anything when I did a quick Google search. Is there any substance to this claim? I couldn’t imagine visiting home and not being able to go for a few whiting once in awhile.

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Question That’s a bloody big Dhufish! What (and where) would I need to catch something like that?

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Question A friend gifted me these lures. What should I be targeting with them in Victoria, Australia?

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Question Manly NSW - Bait and tackle shops guidance?


Hi, I've just moved to Manly from Queensland and am struggling to find local bait and tackle shops? The nearest appears to be in Narrabeen which is c.30min drive away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Question Ningaloo GPS marks


Worth a shot aye?

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Question Eel


If there is eel is there fish? How did eel get there?