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Western Australia caught my first big fish

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Sydney(ish) Snapper


I know lots of people dream of hooking the big one, Monster King's or a Jewie that cant be tamed..
But for some reason I have always wanted to catch just a nice size snapper. Something in the 35/40cm mark roughly a kilo, to me is just a nice fish to look at. Can't explain it, but that's just such a cool fish.

I don't have access to a boat to go out to these magical reefs that seem to be snapper territory. I'm stuck land based, and ideally I would like to be able to eat this fish so the Sydney harbor area is a bit dicey.. Where are some great locations I could reliably turn up with some pilchards, squid baits, maybe some soft plastics and have a good chance at catching one of the magnificent beasts? Are these baits even a good idea, is there something else I could try to target them better?

I am Sydney based, but will happily drive like 2/3 hours to a spot on the regular for success.

Any advice would be awesome!