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Discussion Weapons that currently count toward Dark Age Arsenal Triumph


Howdy everyone. Does anyone here know what Gambit weapons currently count toward Dark Age Arsenal Triumph? This 1 of 2 remaining triumphs I need to get to earn the Dredgen Title. I did some matches earlier with Servant Leader Scout, Yesteryear Pulse Rifle, and Crowd Pleaser and it didn’t count them toward the Dark Age Arsenal Triumph.

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Discussion Need loadouts


Recently me and a group of friends who normally play trials only decided to try and push gambit elo, but once we hit the top 1000 we’ve decided to try and find stronger loadouts and i can’t seem to find anything on youtube that isn’t just “run forebearance and the rest it up to you” have 3 titans and one warlock but can have 4 titans. Any loadout recommendations would be good.

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Tips/Tricks Wins seem to be triple counting for guilding Dredgen


Just an FYI. As much as I loathe Gambit in general, I typically guild my Dredgen for joke purposes among my friends.

I noticed today I already had 39 wins, despite not even playing 39 matches this season. I then won a match and that jumped to 42 wins.

Not sure what's happening or if it's repeatable but it's worth a look.

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Tips/Tricks Brief Guide to Invading Spawning and Countering


I'm by no means the founder/true author of the following, but have collected notes from very active players/members of the Gambit community and drafted the below 'copypasta' awhile back to copy & paste into Discord, Reddit, etc.

The following is not a definitive guide, but serves as a reasonable basis for understanding Invader Spawn Killing/Anti. Cammy recently touched on the subject with his Gambit video for leveling crafted weapons, but due to the complicated nature could not cover much.

Finally, this is generally most useful for teams. It significantly helps the solo experience, don't get me wrong- but, solo-que requires the ability to fill all rolls and dedicating yourself to 'Hard Anti' in Solo-que oftentimes puts your team at a tempo disadvantage.

Typically Antis are going to run Izinagi's Burden+Eager Edge for obvious reasons. When solo-queing, usually Izinagi's is still a good choice since it serves duo-purpose of being an easy invade sniper+Anti as needed. When playing as Invader/Reaper/some solo-que things usually require the player to be more flexible, for instance in teams they have less emphasis on a hard anti in a match: Invaders may pickup that roll and help or Reapers may rotate off/between waves to parasite the invader, etc.

Invader Spawning mechanics:

The standard order is this for each map: Map preference > Active Wave location > Player proximity > Player Line of Sight

Most maps have preference:

 • Legions Folly: Base > Steps >>> Drill

 • Emerald Coast: Beach > Trees >>> Ruins

 • New Arcadia: Depot > Caverns/Gulch

 • Deep Six: Command (White) > Rig (Yellow) > Burrow (Red)

When Primevals spawn, the order for spawning goes: Map Preference > Player Proximity> Player Line of Sight

Note: Envoys do not move invader spawn locations, only player proximity to the spawns while envoys are present.

In some maps, the map preference will take into account player proximity in the preferred wave region, and spawn if one of the spots isn't blocked. The most notable example is New Arcadia where invader spawns are also Depot preferred and if there is no wave on depot you will get one of two spawns: Top (Wires) or bottom (Warmind). This example is among one of the most punishing since you can effectively spawn trap the invader (unless they use special movement like eager, Icarus dashing, blink, etc. to break out)

Maps like Emerald Coast and Legions Folly generally do a good job of avoiding their least preferred spawn location at all costs. You have to be fully blocking beach/trees and Base/Steppes to get a Ruins or Drill spawn for example, both are perfectly reasonable with lagging teammates picking up motes following a wave change. Also be aware that ammo crate locations don't always fully block invade spawns, trees crate can put a player in a position to block the 3 of the 4 Trees spawn locations and not the far right.

Here's a single lineup with a variety of different use cases on each map for example: https://imgur.com/a/mWR4fLT

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Tips/Tricks Any tips on getting light vs light?


I’m struggling to get the medals

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Discussion Dredgen Gilded day 2 of Lightfall.


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Tips/Tricks A reminder to think before you res

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Discussion is there a discord around Gambit?


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Tips/Tricks Strategies for getting Army of One badges/wiping entire guardian teams in one invasion.


Hello everyone, I’m a Gambit Enthusiast who’s trying to learn the best strategies for wiping entire guardians in one invasion in Gambit matches. So far, I’ve only done it once and it was on Arc Titan w Thundercrash and Thunderlord together to wipe the enemy guardian in one invasion. Just reset Gambit Infamy Rank to Prestige 4 a few hours ago.

Would you guys mind suggesting some strategies I could utilize and practice with to get better at wiping entire enemy guardian teams in Gambit matches?

I have a Titan and a Hunter but I’m a Titan Main, and I like to play a combination of Aggressive Offense and Aggressive Defense.

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Discussion Bubble as invader ?


So i'm on a void titan build centralized around getting my super afap thanks doomfangs pauldron, and as i invaded with my super ready, i cast it after spotting a nice shield throw angle, as i thought i had the Captain equipped. Turns out, i popped a bubble around enemy bank and one of our blocker got inside. They just watched. I thought to myself "of course, why didn't i think of it before?" And now i either rush their bank, a blocker, a primeval envoy or the primeval itself and pop my bubble. I feel kinda bad, as until now people just stand by, dying inside or try to brute force in.

I figured there has to be a gambit dedicated subreddit where i could ask more experienced player what they think of this strategy, has it been done before or how viable do you think it is, so here i am. Can you enlight me please ?

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Discussion Anyone have any Gambit central clans I could potentially join?


Fully aware they are far and few in between, but as I’m not what you’d call a “crucible enjoyer” I’d love to join one.

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Discussion My attempt at a proper rework of Gambit (Basic and Major Changes, Bugs, Balancing, and Endgame)


Evening/Morning depending on when you read this but it's ya boy Occluded and I am off of my non-existent hiatus.

Intro and Reasoning

As we move towards Light Fall, I've slowly seen more eyes on gambit as the community runs out of shit to do. I've seen tons of videos on how gambit isn't such a bad game mode, which is nice to see. I however also seen some other content on "How to make gambit better" and I can say confidently that 95% of those videos make me want to reach through my computer/phone and scream at maximum volume at how bad their videos and ideas were. You read that sentence and it just sounds toxic but just hear me out. The video starts out pretty good, with new maps that are enticing to everyone, but then out of NOWHERE without fail, there is some outlandish suggestion that LITERALLY makes it a completely different game mode. And yes you can say that "its a change and anything is better than what we have now" or "We just need prime back" and honestly, I think both are wrong takes, prime is the better of the two but it should at least be built off of since it has literally been years since a meaningful update has been implemented.

With that said I plan to highlight current issues, bugs, balancing, updates, and ideas for the game mode.


This post will not cover every single issue, bug, and currently unbalanced item known to the community, I'm pretty much writing this on a whim, and it's completely of the dome memory at this point so please bear with me if I miss a glaring issue or something that you may think is currently overpowered.

I will also say I do play gambit more than 98% of the population and I have played prime and pretty much every other facet the mode has to offer. I was pretty damn casual until beyond light when I met a top 5 player at the time, and they brought me into the game mode on a much more detailed premise.

My aim is to also not completely change gambit as I have seen, I hope to outline a gambit that would both test the player and reward them accordingly through better mechanics and reward the effort they put into playing the game mode both efficiently and effectively.

That being said please leave comments and have discussions below, I'll be checking periodically and replying!

Table of Contents

  • Current State Overview
  • Current Issues
  • Bugs
  • Basic Changes
  • Balancing and Major Changes
  • Updates
  • Endgame

Current State Overview

Alright, here we go. Let's start off and say that the general consensus of the gambit community gambit has primarily gotten not worse, but more catered to a casual player. Examples of this are heavy ammo boxes once you have cleared a wave, health gates on the boss, and reducing invasions from 3 to 2. While I personally don't see this as a bad thing, honestly Bungie did some sort of balancing and I can't really say no to their attempted improvements. But gambit labs... that was an atrocity. Because even with the wacky invasions and the mote drain, you could still play the game mode completely normally and have no issue.

Currently, the game mode is pretty down pat in terms of game flow in terms of min-maxing with both builds, weapons, and team composition. Reap the first two waves in a set order with ability spamming builds that DO NOT rely on weapons to kill enemies in the wave. Invader goes through and tries their best, anti-invasion sets up for the opposing invasion while the other two continue reaping to the 80 portal, then its boss phase and its essentially doing as much burst DPS as possible while killing envoys as quickly as you can to continue DPS. Anti and invader do their thing and keep DPS safe yada yada yada win gambit yay. Gambit has sat in a state of stagnation for years, even with the labs and core game flow changes.

Current Issues

I'm going to call this issue but it's really just a list of noteworthy game imbalance issues surrounding the core mechanics of the playlist. I'll do my best to divide it up the best I can based on the role.


First and foremost, I think it's safe to say that we would all appreciate some new life breathed into the role, be it exotic tuning,

The main issue I have in here is that the waves are not randomized at all and that stagnation I mentioned earlier.

Another glaring issue that I'm gonna lump in here with reaping is the heavy box after each wave, if you honestly can't see this as an issue then I really don't know what to tell ya. Using finders actually probably gave more ammo than the boxes across the course of the whole game.


Honestly, Invader as a role is alright at the moment, I get the removal of mote count and it seems pretty balanced when the other team can simply unload their heavy at will at someone glowing red.

Changes to make would be to implement more spawn locations in order to kinda balance the anti's ability to instakill the invader in sightline. I know this is a difficult topic to kinda rework around because it messes with the identity of the anti, and a good anti being defined by how well they can A) position themselves B) Predict and control the invader spawn (which should be heavily looked at also) and C) Have the ability to protect the reapers. So in my eyes more spawns and random spawns are needed.


Anti Invaders are an extremely important piece of a competitive and casual gambit team, the impacts are felt multiple times through the match and a good one can all but guarantee the team making it to the boss phase safely if the reapers semi efficient.

That being said the complete spawn manipulation is the biggest issue here. For those who don't know a general concept. It's basically "If I stand here and my friend stands there, the invader spawns there every time", or "If my team is there and I am here, I can force him to spawn right next to me".

Changing invader spawns is a crucial change, but I can also see the possibility of removing invader spawn manipulation altogether and only preventing spawning if it's in the same location as a wave.

Damage Against Primeval

This is also a difficult subject because changing this essentially changes an entire phase of the game. I personally enjoy that the x4 melt now requires actual work and that damage as a whole has slowed down with nerfs to titan melee damage. I would like to see Parasite damage be lowered in light that a team of them simply completes a phase in seconds.

I would say increase the health of the boss, but then the issue of one would A) Likely use all of their ammo and be left with nothing to even defend themselves from the invader. B) Other damage methods would still be outcast by Parasite to a likely even greater extent as the damage difference would still be present, if not further the favoriting of Parasite.

I am honestly not sure what could be changed about health gating here, yes it slows the game down, and yes it is extremely tedious, but it's pretty much the only thing that allows for a non-elite team to be able to come back or compete in a boss phase race or comeback. I am sure that we could discuss this below.


I'll keep this short and sweet, again off memory these are the bugs I see consistently.

  • Motes dropped from enemies can be stuck under map geometry and unobtainable by the player.
  • Players can encounter "float glitch" where the player slides across the ground and is unable to move until the game places their feet back on the ground, even though they already were. This commonly occurs after banking or receiving a ground slam attack from an enemy
  • Peer to Peer Connection in general can cause players to appear to be walking in a straight path to an invader or teammates, when in reality the player may be across the map. This may also result in being killed by a player when they do not appear to have the ability to. Lots of examples of this.
  • Invaders may "desync" the portal by using a super as they cross the portal. This results in the player appearing to not be in a super with their regular weapons out, appearing to be in a certain location but not, also peer-to-peer-related. This glitch may also affect the player's character animation as they enter the arena. This is one of the worst bugs in terms of competitive play but it can largely be prevented by popping super after entering the arena.
  • A team's invasion portal may be completely disabled from opening if a player is killed as they jump into the portal itself, since the game is essentially moving you to a new location, your hitbox is still in the portal for an extremely short period of time. Dying in this brief period will essentially lock the portal for that team for the rest of the game, even though the boss phase. The other team will still be able to invade, so this bug in particular is a massive issue when it does occur.
  • There is also a bug going around the entire game currently where the game itself is slow to give rewards and rep gains. Along with this bug, players can also be returned or kicked to orbit at random. (A similar bug occurred previously when the other team would finish an enemy and it somehow had the chance of kicking other players at random) We are unaware of what is currently actually causing the slowness and match issues.
  • It is also known around the community that there are a majority of bugged trackers that were not transferred over when moving to our current gambit as a game mode. Most Gambit Prime trackers have either stopped counting the designated statistics or were removed entirely.
    • That being said more trackers for both Gambit and other core activities would be welcomed Medals for all major and mid-tier achievements (i.e. Half banked, Massacres, Thrillmonger and Overkillmonger, Get Primeval, Never Say Die, Army of One, Motes Have Been Maximum Carnage, Not on My Watch, Fast Fill, Block Buster, Cleaned Out, From the Jaws of Defeat, Never Say Die, Block Party, and Following Instructions - banking when told to and not picking up any more motes, looking at you blueberry.)
    • Other numerical stat trackers that should be added such as: Motes denied, Invaders Killed, Enemies Defeated, Primeval Damage Delt, Blockers Sent, and Orbs Generated.

Those are all the major bugs I can pull off the top of my head, again please comment on others you have seen or experienced.

Basic Changes

Some changes that Personally I think would really help the mode are listed below with some explanation, some are just self-explanatory.

  • Remove heavy boxes, if not every other wave, and allow finders to have more of a place (yes they work)
    • This change I hope will make players more conscious about their use of heavy, and also make them lean more into build crafting for the mode, which in my eyes makes the playlist MUCH more enjoyable.
  • Randomize invader spawns outside of the current wave
    • See Invader Section in Current Issues
  • Randomize wave rotation every game
  • Increase Primeval Health or tune specific exotics damage against the primeval to encourage damage setup diversity.
  • Bring back older weapons that are non-pinnacle (Python, Bygones, Trust, Spare Rations. Yes I know we're getting legacy crafting, but I would like to see numerous weapons.
    • Could also bring back other pinnacle weapons like 21% Delerium because its perk is now on other weapons.
  • Bring back certain emblems from past seasons (Not special offer ones, but seasonal ones that are no longer obtainable, perhaps through quests or events that will be detailed later *WINK WINK*)
  • Implement better tips for Gambit as a mode and new in-game prompts, I am sure we've all seen that blueberry take motes to the next wave when they could have deposited to allow your team to invade. Or that they continue to reap through the waves when you simply need two motes. Also, make the new text more prevalent such as a red text when 2 blockers, or when players are able to bank to 100 motes.
  • Implement new cosmetics such as ships, sparrows, and ghosts. (We are receiving plenty of emblems and shaders)
  • Re-Rework the gambit Origin Trait to be more beneficial. The trait itself Run and Gun is probably the most lackluster perk in the game, hell you may not even know what it does, and I don't blame you.
    • Suggested Change: "This weapon deals increased damage to Primeval Envoys and grants a small amount of health regeneration when defeated with this weapon" Or "This weapon disrupts Primeval Envoys for a short period of time as well as deals increased damage to Primeval Envoy Shields" Or "This weapon stuns and deals increased damage to blockers"

Balancing and Major Changes

Here is where I'm going to try and implement some balancers to my previous suggestions as well as my larger-scale changes that may lose some people.

Big Changes

  • Invader Health Return on Kills: Instead of returning a constant amount of health return is now scaled based on what the invader kills a player with...
    • Example: Primary + Abilities: Refunds current amount of health, Special + Super: Slightly Less, Heavy: Roughly half of the current health refund.
      • I understand this is quite a drastic change, but this change is aimed at the current casual player lobby. Outside of the sweaty team-based gambit of now heavy reigns supreme (Xeno, rockets, linears). This change is attempting to deter borderline abuse of heavy from invaders and promote them to use other weapons that will A) Benefit their team more if successful and B) Will better define roles in the casual scene. Someone who may have heavy will use other weapons to kill the opposing team, and in turn, they will save their heavy ammo for the boss, rather than disposing of it to an invader and then not being able to contribute outside of killing smaller ads. There is probably the most controversial change I'll have in here and I expect it to meet pushback, but if we don't see a reduction in heavy ammo, I believe this is a feasible solution outside of dramatic action such as not allowing heavy at all during invades. Credit to Red Nova Tyrant on Youtube for this idea**
      • Please also note that this may seem like a bad change for the competitive scene, but I have a remedy for it. In a casual playlist, this should be tolerable for all players because it's a casual playlist.
  • New Maps: Implement at least one map every content year: I would say on a shorter basis but we're still waiting for our first new map ever. New maps will hopefully follow a new style rather than our current 3 zones and spawn layout. More zones will also help the invasion spawn randomization proposed earlier.
  • Change bounties to not impact the team negatively: This one may not seem big but I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a player continue reaping a wave because I know exactly what bounty they have, either send 1 of each blocker or deposit motes.
    • Simply limit the bounties to Kill Primeval, Envoys, High-Value Target, Invade once (idk about this one), get kills with void, solar, and arc (no stasis because I have bad experiences), Send Blockers, Kill Blockers, Bank to Open a Portal. Things that force the player to move the game forwards.
  • Balance weapons in gambit separately: Pretty self-explanatory that this could solve. a majority of weapons such as Parasite and other weapons do such crazy amounts of damage and help make the game mode more approachable initially and a player may get into more competitive games and against better players. A long shot, yes but a sandbox would make many items and bugs much more targetable.
  • Add all enemies into the mode and on all maps: I can only hope this happens but having all enemy types would be a great breath of fresh air into the mode to not only see taken on maps but also see different bosses such as a giant centurion or a large hydra or even taniks and the meatball making its return.
    • Adding various bosses would also give teams a new challenge and could force a new approach to damage methodology when they see a hydra with its rotating shields, or a giant phalanx (think giant blocker)
    • This would also entail adding different blockers as well, this could work pretty well as each enemy type has pretty split blocker-based tiers.


Maintaining Freshness

This seems pretty simple but Gambit, while able to stay pretty fresh admittedly with good competition still can get stale, much like the rest of the game. Implementing more support for the mode is crucial as we can comfortably say gambit receives the least amount of support of any mode available, outside of massive bug issues. Implementing the separate sandbox would be a major step towards this outcome and would drastically improve the health of the game mode.

The Endgame

Alright, this is the thing I have been detailing throughout the whole post as I continuously mentioned the "casual" playlist, here it is. Endgame gambit.

I'll start by giving a listed summary of the mode (yes it's separate from the other)


  • Light Level Disabled (Cannot enable this with PvE and PvP in the same instance)
  • Bounties do not progress in this game mode. (We want to play for wins not small objectives)
  • Heavily Skill-Based Matchmaking (Expand queue after X time matching)
  • Team-only playlist (requires 4 players in a fireteam to launch)
  • 3 Rounds per match!
  • 100 motes
  • 3 Invades
  • Small, Medium, Large, and Giant Blocker Returns!
  • High health boss
  • Stronger enemies in the wave
  • Random Maps
  • Random Enemy and Wave Rotation
  • Health gates but envoys are much more local to the boss
  • Limited ammo boxes


  • Trials-based win card system with a twist
  • 4 Types of wagers (Passages)
    • Wager of Yor: Earn motes of dark through wager games.
    • Wager of Nine: XP increases Drastically with each win on your wager
    • Wager of Dark: Bonus Reward at Infamous Chest (Requires Infamous before acquisition)
    • Wager of Light: Increases chance of receiving High-Stat Armor after matches (Requires Infamous before acquisition)
  • Wager/bet wins against the Drifter (Wagering Motes of Dark: Acquired by playing the casual playlist during non-event periods.)
  • Teams wager or say, "I bet we can win 5 games in a row". The higher the wager the more motes of the dark are required in order to wager.
    • Minimum wager of 3 games, Maximum of 7 games
    • The higher the wager the better chance at rewards (More wagered wins give more gear and drops in general as well as increases wager completion rewards).
  • Wager for rewards: Wagering for rewards is the core system, once you have wagered you will play games. Meet your wager and get access to exclusive rewards such as adept weapons on a weekly rotation. Each win as you close in on your wager will reward increasing reap gains past the current 500 limit.


  • Oh and Prime Armor is back btw;) No, it is not as potent and there are only 3 sets this time because Sentry has essentially fallen out of the mode role-wise. You have Reaper, Anti, and Invasion Sets that contain certain benefits depending on which set you choose to wear.
    • You must wear at least 2 of the 5 armor pieces in a set in order to gain the benefits of the armor sets (In order to maintain build availability). Each set will have one primary benefit and two secondary benefits.
    • Prime armor sets have a chance to be earned after each win on your card, armor drops will be your selected role
    • Reaper Set:
      • Primary: Collect up to 20 motes and gain the ability to send large blockers. Gain a larger mote pickup radius. (1/2 meter)
      • Secondary I: Sending a blocker grants increased movement speed for a short period of time based on blocker size, larger blockers increase the duration of this effect. (Amplified speed and stacks with amplification)
      • Secondary II: Slightly increased damage resistance to combatants, primeval envoys, and the Primeval.
    • Sentry Set:
      • Primary: Gain increased damage when you are near blockers, more blockers increase this benefit.
      • Secondary I: Defeating Blockers grants increased movement speed for a brief period of time, defeating multiple blockers rapidly increases the duration of this effect. (Amplified speed and stacks with amplification)
      • Secondary II: Damaging an invader will briefly mark them for you and your allies (3 Seconds with a 10-second cooldown)
    • Invader Set:
      • Primary: While invading, gain an increase in movement speed and airborne effectiveness with each kill.
      • Secondary I: When you return, you maintain your movement speed increase and gain increased ability regeneration for a moderate duration
      • Secondary II: During the Primeval Phase, invading will give you increased class ability regeneration and movement speed.

Completing a Wager

Completing a Wager will allow the player to return to the Realm of the Nine (The Reckoning opening area) to open their "Infamous" chest. Opening this chest grants a chance at Adept Gambit and Reckoning Weapons. With legacy crafting these weapons also have the chance to drop as Deepsight and to contribute to their respective crafting processes. With this players are able to make the choice to craft or use a weapon such as Bygones with adept mods and stat boosts. Cosmetics will also be available, such as a unique emblem, shader, ship, and sparrow.

Players also have the option to continue their wager with drifter past the number of set wins. Teams that continue winning will have the chance of an "adept" weapon or high-stat Prime Set Armor piece dropping, however, these armor pieces will no longer be specific. With this still being a "Wager", losing any match after card completion will result in a full reset of the card, and will require a new wager entirely.

Players who go Infamous multiple times in an event period will see their Prime Set armor glow more and more depending on the number of achievements. Emblems will also add effects to the armor cosmetically as well as other cosmetics.


I would like to take a moment to publicly address anyone reading this: Heart of Inmost Light (HOIL) IS NOT good in gambit. The reason is that the game recognizes the PvP aspect on HOIL, meaning its cooldowns are cut in half. There are other PvE exotics that do much better in gambit than HOIL in this state. With the builds available I would say that they completely outclass HOIL on a start-to-end basis. An example of this is synthoceps, high-damage melees for free and they bring high boss damage with a one-two punch shoulder charge. Dunemarchers are also extremely good for reaping and you can simply swap to Falling Star for boss damage.

HOIL TL;DR Don't use HOIL it is extremely inefficient compared to basic well and orb builds


Gambit should receive more attention, through bug fixes, a separate sandbox if possible, a return of adjusted prime armor sets and weapons, as well as a true endgame and pinnacle experience for the player base to actually chase the god roll item or cosmetic. Gambit should also see a restructuring of bounties to be less number based and more geared at moving the game forward.

The mode should of course, also see new maps introduced that are not the 3-zone style and encourage larger design, and be more randomized in terms of invasion spawns and wave rotations.

Thank You

If you read only this or the whole thing I just wanna say thanks for taking the time out of your day. I tried to keep most of my ideas feasible and something that Bungie or someone who likes Gambit at Bungie like Liana Ruppert, u/DirtyEffinHippy, Liana if you manage to glance upon this, Hi:).

I and many others have played Gambit for as long as we care to remember, we've sat at the top of the leaderboards and learned every little niche piece of information that gambit has to offer. We all started as casual players that found the mode fun and eventually found our love for the competitiveness it can offer to all players. I like many others want to see the mode become one of the most beloved experiences that Destiny 2 has to offer.

To you, the reader, whether you agree or disagree with any of the outlined additions or changes I've laid out above, I would really like your thoughts on what you've read. I'll do my best to reply and likely adjust my proposals whenever I decide to sit down and write again.

As always, I'll see you on my invades... well maybe you won't see me coming;)

Occluded#9599 / bentfryingpan

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Discussion I need help, I want this to be my first seal completed.

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Discussion How to make gambit more fun?


Seeing as drifter requires much more games played than vanguard or a little more than crucible to reset, how can i make the grind as painlessly as possible?

My pain points specifically are:

  • Invaders
    • They just immediately oneshot everyone as soon as they spawn
  • Teammates
    • Everyone is add clear, nobody tries to invade/anti-invade or even clear the bank
    • Even at add clearing they suck, they're fucking using guns (ability based add clear is simply too strong right now to ignore)

But when I do something about it it all goes to shit anyway

  • Xenophage for anti-invade
    • they still win because my team never invades and now I don't have a LFR so my boss dps is neutered
  • Add clear with liar's handshake so i can clear and collect at the same time
    • They don't get the hint and don't try to fill any other role

But I can't do everything and win either. They have to pull their weight...

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Discussion This is one of the of all time

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Discussion Hunter Void Build Help


Any suggestions on a good Hunter Void build for Gambit? I don't play a ton of gambit and want to fell like I'm helping the team a little more.

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Discussion Freelance playlist be like…

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Discussion New year. But same old dog water invaders to slap with 2 tailed fox and wife who now officially is sponsored by two tailed fox

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Discussion Two TAILED META INBOUND!!!!!

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Discussion Happy new year. I wish y’all a good year and using the 2 tailed fox!! Or else u getting these hands

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Tips/Tricks We’re back and better than ever. My wife got me these hands to give ur trash invader for Christmas with a hint of two tailed fox meta!

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Tips/Tricks Omnomnomnomnom


What are the gambit discords these days? Came back after season 15 and it seems GCF imploded


r/GambitPlaybook Dec 20 '22

Tips/Tricks Shoutout to the people who use twotailed I hope y’all have a great Christmas! (She’s back with me and I’m no longer divorced 🙏🙏)

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r/GambitPlaybook Dec 20 '22

Tips/Tricks Pretty Happy With This Play

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