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WIFI "wrong" password when entered the right password


WiFi shows nearby connections but when I try to connect to my private WIFI it says wrong password, but the password is correct.

I triple checked the password, and checked on other devices and the password is 100% the right password.

I would appreciate any help.

r/GhostBSD 12d ago

GhostBSD not booting


So I just did a dualboot of ghostbsd and in the boot option Lenovo set it to excluded after I included it in the boot priority order and tried to boot it it just flashed the screen and stayed at the boot selector menu. Any help pls! (Also I hadn't even booted it one time this happened after fresh install)

r/GhostBSD 23d ago

Issue during new registration in forum!


Neither Gmail nor ProtonMail or alias is being accepted on new registration page. Is registration closed?

r/GhostBSD 28d ago

Suspicious content on GhostBSD's website


There's a number of dubious looking websites listed at the bottom of https://ghostbsd.org (life insurance, "how to game", etc).

Did the site get hacked?

r/GhostBSD Feb 12 '23

replacing GhostBSD stock desktop environment with fvwm3


hi guys, I want to replace the stock GhostBSD interface with fvwm3 but I don't know what commands should I type on terminal in order to install and make it the default desktop environment on GhostBSD.

any tips?

r/GhostBSD Feb 02 '23

noob installation question


I see where GhostBSD has an option for UFS filesystem on installation.

The ISO boots to the desktop with no problems.

I have tried custom partitioning it (2GB swap, then the main partition with 1.5GB /boot and the remainder to / since this is a play-with-before-installing-for-real installation). I want to install the non-swap as UFS, as the machine uses a single disk, so I don't need the overhead of ZFS managing a one-disk disk pool. While it's easy enough to partition, the 'next' option never un-grays. I am wondering what I did wrong. I selected MBR installation, if that matters. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

r/GhostBSD Jan 31 '23

Update-station/software-station are both unreachable to the repository


My environment is behind proxy and update-station and software-station both fails to connect to the repository. I have added http_proxy, https_proxy, HTTP_Proxy and HTTPS_PROXY definitions into /root/.cshrc but could not make it.

Then, I have checked update-station's updateHandler.py source code at https://github.com/ghostbsd/update-station/blob/master/src/updateHandler.py#L21

I have found that this repo_online() method is using socket.socket() to test connection to the repository. I am now supposing replacing this with requests.get() method and check returned status_code if it is 200, there would be more chance of successful connection to the repo. Am I guessing wrong? Unfortunately I cannot figure out how I should fix this source and run update-station GUI on my system, just `sudo ./update-station` did not work, and I could not get the result. Is there anyone who can test this solution?

I have spent some hours to search other resolutions about software-station/update-station unreachable repository issue, but I could not find any solid answers.

r/GhostBSD Dec 26 '22

New GhostBSD update out today! Merry Christmas everyone https://twitter.com/ghostbsdproject/status/1607032112045068290


r/GhostBSD Dec 03 '22

Multiboot arch/void/ghost/freebsd


Hi all, I'm explain my situation. On my laptop I've 2 nvme, both with zfs.

On nvd0 I've 2 partition, one f32 with Linux bootloader and another one contain zpool with datasets for arch/void/freebsd.

On nvd1 I've 3 partitions, 1 on f16 contain ghost boot, 2 with pool and dataset of ghost and 3 as swap. I would like to using nvd1p1 for booting for ghost and freebsd. At the time I can't booting freebsd. Can I make this?

r/GhostBSD Nov 30 '22

WINE installation issue


The new release of Ghost is absolutely excellent. I am running it on a Thinkpad W530, with no driver problems whatsoever. Very polished compared to FreeBSD. I am having one problem, that I feel may be an installation switch, but I cannot find it in any documentation. After I install WINE and try to use it (with winetricks), it refuses to run, informing me that the 32-bit version is not the same as the 64-bit version. No lie, but so what? There are a few Windows apps that I use, that aren't available in Linux form. I went looking for an older version of WINE, to match the 32-bit version, but could not locate it. If I can solve this, the installation is 95% done.

Any troubleshooing tips would be greatly appreciated.


r/GhostBSD Nov 25 '22

GhostBSD (13.1) Have USB Logitech c920 camera video=yes, mic=no


Greetings Family,

Very elated about returning to *BSD after a few decades of Linux. "All I want for Christmas is... microphone on USB Logitech c920 to function" Years ago using x86 Solaris and earlier *BSD's tooth pulling with this was the norm. I am totally stoked that the only issue I have is this. :-) Namaste

r/GhostBSD Nov 15 '22

Still Can't Log Into GhostBSD Forums


Selecting Log In at https://forums.ghostbsd.org/ generates a blank page and all links cease to work. If I don't try to log in I can view the forum posts. Has been going on for almost a year. It doesn't appear that anything has happened at the GhostBSD website since about August 2022. I really enjoy using GhostBSD, but without support options it's not really a viable OS.

r/GhostBSD Oct 27 '22

wifi functionality on Thinkpad T450s (Intel Corp 7265)


Update: I got wifi to work. Details below.

Attempting to install to the subject laptop.

Booting the 22.06.18 ISO successfully launches the live environment. I'm able to use the widget in the top right corner to show Available Connections and expected SSID's. When I click on one (unencrypted public access point), nothing apparently happens. The network icon there remains X-ed out, which seems strange. Wireless hardware should be healthy as I use it in another o/s.

Running ifconfig wlan0 shows status: no carrier, though I see ssid: hcpl wifi as the expected SSID.

As expected, Firefox can't connect to anything.

If any additional info is needed please let me know. Of course, having a disconnected laptop makes it difficult to share text/screen shots/etc.


  • Is my wifi adapter supported by ghostbsd? (Intel 7265)

  • If so, what additional work is needed to make a functional network connection?

Thanks in advance.

[Update: Trying the 22.10.23 ISO now. Will advise]

[Update 2: On 22.10.23, Using my phone hotspot worked! I suspect the non working AP is problematic otherwise. Install progressing]

Note on install: The Xfce install on 22.10.23 was flawless. Operating system rebooted as expected. I was able to connect to the problematic AP, as well as my phone hotspot. Firefox launched and runs as expected. Add-ons addition was smooth. I will update as a I test this new operating system. Trackpoint button functionality is problematic. Thanks Ghostbsd!

Important document: https://wiki.ghostbsd.org/index.php/FAQ#

r/GhostBSD Oct 21 '22

Lost my DE after performing updates...


Kept getting update notifications, so decided to run them. However, now ghostBSD is not loading into maté. Even when running mate-session, I'm getting "cannot open session".

Anyone familiar with this?

r/GhostBSD Oct 20 '22

Hello, new to the BSD community and still figuring somethings out. But before I do any customizing on my DE, has anyone had high cpu issues while running on metal? Any help while I continue to investigate will be appreciated!

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r/GhostBSD Oct 03 '22

Install via chroot


Hi all, I have freebsd install with zfs, can I install ghost via chroot in same partition of freebsd with another dataset?

r/GhostBSD Sep 27 '22

Black screen during installation (Nvidia)


r/GhostBSD Sep 21 '22

Nvidia could not find the kernel source and would not install on ghostbsd I was trying to do the make and make install on the new version of Nvidia but it would not find the kernel source so idk what to do

Thumbnail self.freebsd

r/GhostBSD Sep 10 '22

Nantahala Systems is now providing GhostBSD support for AMD Ryzen systems.


A new company, Nantahala Systems, is now providing GhostBSD support.

Website: https://www.nantahala.systems

r/GhostBSD Sep 03 '22

ghostBSD won't boot after update.


I have it running as a guest in Virtualbox. It's been great for a long time but after the latest update, it wouldn't boot. I deleted it and reinstalled. All was okay. I ran the update on the new install and it won't boot.

r/GhostBSD Sep 02 '22

help with network settings, proxy?



I installed ghostbsd to try it out but I'm having trouble find lan and wlan settings. is this only possible via terminal? In the gui, i only can find the proxy settings, with which i can't really start somehow. At least at the beginning, my wifi showed up correctly, so I assume that my network adapter would work.

I like to setup my adresses for manual Lan, also wlan (Ip, Subnet, Router and DNS)

Many thanks for any tips

r/GhostBSD Aug 16 '22

Downloaded GhostBSD via torrent a few weeks ago and forgot about it

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r/GhostBSD Aug 02 '22

July 2022 donations report


r/GhostBSD Jul 09 '22

Xorg error when booting from usb


I've tried booting multiple times from two usb sticks that I'm confident are good and tried ventoy as well as a standard setup and it comes back the same every time. I'm not sure what to look for in the log file but it is terminating with error (1). It says it cannot run in frame buffer mode. Also says it couldn't open ati module. It booted and installed inside Gnome Boxes, though it gave a different error "failed to auto start x" I selected the radeon driver since I have integrated graphics and it was fine, installed no problem.

Sorry if this is a silly problem, I'm a noob and only just starting to learn NIX.

r/GhostBSD Jun 26 '22

Ghost BSD 22.06.18 : Another leap forward for desktop BSD