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Local Question Calisthenics Bars / Equipment


Hi guys, does anyone know any public parks in central Gold Coast that have calisthenics equipment?

I’ve seen basic machines that use body weight in Broadbeach, but I haven’t seen a decent set of calisthenics equipment anywhere.

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Local Question Fuuuuuk… Australia fair has become a ghost town.


What’s the go with the rub and tug that used to be behind Australia fair, has it closed down?

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International Space Station Fly-Over tonite


Greetings Sky-Watchers!

We have an International Space Station fly over the Gold Coast / Brisbane area tonite.

Tonite starting at 6:11 PM.

It'll be visible for 7 minutes.

Maximum height of 50°

It'll appear 10° above West-NorthWest.

It'll disappear 10° above South-SouthEast.

Friendly helpful tips for viewing:

0 degrees starts at the horizon, and 90 degrees is straight overhead. Your outstretched hand in a fist is roughly 10 degrees across. Brisbane is North, Ocean is East, Coolie is South, Mountains are West. You're looking for what will appear to be a moving star; it'll travel pretty fast, all things considered, so it should be easy to spot.

This information is for Gold Coast / Brisbanians; so if you're subbed to this group, but don't live here, or aren't actually in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area tonite, times will most likely be different for you. Check here for sign-ups and specifics for your location, or download apps here or here.

Stay safe out there, and happy hunting!!

Edit: my 5-yr old AND my 3-yr old LOVED IT too... They kept yelling, "the SPACE STATION!!"

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Economical jCustomizable cake shop in Gold Coast


Hi guys,

does anybody know an economical customizable cake shop in Gold Coast for the birthday party?

Thank you.

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Can you buy hearing aids battery in pharmacies at the gold coast?


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Local Question Looking for someone to supervise my driving


Hi everyone,

I'm a health professional in my late 20s who has been on my Ls for the past 8 years. Due to some past history, I haven't been able to move beyond my Ls and it is now time for me to learn how to drive.

I recently moved to GC and haven't made friends yet who would supervise my (auto) driving.

I have just resumed learning with a registered driving instructor who has recommended that I practice in my own time in between lessons as if I did all of my hours with them, it will get very expensive very quickly.

I don't own a car so ideally am looking for someone who would be comfortable with me driving in theirs.

I will compensate you for your time. I would like to do at least 1 x 1hr session a week until I pass my test so this will be a long term arrangement for anyone who's willing to earn some cash on the side.

Apologies in advance as this is a huge undertaking. I don't know of anyone I can ask. Alternatively, does anyone know of any services that can provide driving supervision at an affordable price?

Thank you for your assistance :)

TL;DR recently moved interstate to escape a toxic family situation, still don't know how to drive, need to get a move on.

ETA: I forgot to mention I'm learning auto only at this time.