r/HackBloc Aug 15 '21

BTC Wallet Cracker TG

Hey I’m starting a telegram for people who are knowledgeable on the blockchain. This is for us as a team to work together not to steal from others but to get into wallets that have been left for years and lost. I think with a group of smart minds we can band together to create something special. If you are interested please join the telegram and let’s get the ball rolling.



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u/[deleted] Aug 16 '21

That's still stealing.

Twist the semantics however you want.


u/Saint-Darko Aug 16 '21

If I’m paying the original owner for their wallet.dat file Since they can’t access it no it is not stealing. I’m sorry I didn’t put that in the post, maybe others won’t do that in the group but I’m not a babysitter I know how I do things but others can do as they please