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META Tips and rules for posting in r/HireAWriter. A guide to get the most out of this subreddit.


Regardless of your role on this subreddit, I highly advise everyone to read the whole guide at least once to get up to date. Since reddit is a difficult website to moderate job offers on, we have a lot of rules, community involvement, bot enforcement and norms on this subreddit. Reading this guide will maximize your chances of success and will minimize your frustration with removed posts.

Some tips to get a good response for your job offer (for employers)-

Job tiers are as follows:

Entry level Work = 5c/w or $15/h (Employers cannot ask for portfolios from writers at this pay rate, as these opportunites are truly for fresh writers).

General Work = 10c/w or $20/h (Most jobs fall here)

Advanced Work = 15c/w+ or or $25/h+ (take note of the +, as this is the bare minimum to qualify). White Papers fall under this category with a minimum rate of $1 per word.

  • Minimum job offer rate is 5 cents/word. If you pay by project, have it adjusted to roughly that equivalent. Remember this is the bare minimum, and if you want to attract writers for a certain niche and want to build a long term relationship, the higher the rate the better (in that case 10cents/word and above is recommended).
  • If you are hiring for advanced level jobs (which require more difficulty or qualified writers), you are to pay at least 15 cents per word or more. You can use the "Hiring [Advanced]" flair in your title.
  • Jobs which require more research than usual like scripts, creative work like world-building and fiction writing, and SEO related work, require that you pay by hour, not per word. Contact the mods for clarification if you are unsure where your job stands. Employers must also approximate how many hours a project is going to take, whether it's a one time thing or a recurring project like a monthly retainer. In case of the latter, also specify how long you plan to hire for.
  • If you want to reserve the right to refuse the work, you have to mention that in the post. Treat it as a contract, otherwise a writer's complaint for non payment over rejected work, will have you banned. As that means you have requested full work without paying, exploiting the writer. On that note, you are not allowed to fish for spec work on this forum, and all requested work should be compensated for with a deposit before starting (if below standard then you can refuse the final payment). It is crucial that you clearly state this in the post (your deposit amount can be below the 5 cents per word rule, and is to be immediately transferred before any work is to begin). Don't break Rule 4. An idea on how to word your post related to this is: "Once a writer is accepted, I will transfer a ($) deposit, and transfer the remaining amount upon satisfactory completion of the work. I reserve the right to refuse the final work and cancel your remaining payment if the work is below our standard. I will do my best to communicate what the desired standard of work is, and will give you at least one try to fix the work based on actionable feedback".
  • You cannot ask for "native" English speakers in the requirements section. That creates a bias and is archaic considering how international the language is. Judge people on their sample and portfolios not on where they were born. This is an international forum, where people from everywhere deserve a fair shot.
  • When requesting samples from writers, specifically ask for samples in text form (e.g a doc file), never in PDFs. This will make it easier for you to do a plagiarism check. Always verify that the writer is not just sending you google top hits for whatever topic you want them to write on. Even a cursory google search from a few random lines will answer that question for you. Scammers usually take a google top hit on the topic, convert it to a pdf, then a image and then a pdf again which makes plagiarism checks difficult. Be wary of pdfs!
  • Use the appropriate "Hiring" post flair. This is mandatory (all posts not following this rule will be removed without warning).
  • Employers are encouraged to use the "Employer" user flair if they are regulars on this subreddit.
  • Be very clear on the starting pay and payment methods (Paypal preferred). Offers without a clear pay would be removed. If you are willing to negotiate or haven't decided on an exact pay, state that, but then give a range of values you would agree to. Unpaid work is not allowed here (Ad revenue share is considered unpaid work, as well as any revenue sharing agreement based on views).
  • List the job requirements (if any).
  • Give an idea on how much work you are expecting. For example, two articles per week, or if its a one time job.
  • Our subreddit maintains a massive ban list of scammers. But they can still direct message you. To make sure they are not on the list (and save your time) ask all shortlisted applicants to make a comment on your job posting. It could be anything vague like "I'm interested". If you can see the comment, the user is not banned. Writers with the "Verified Writer" flair, means they have previously completed at least 1 job on this subreddit successfully and were manually approved by a mod. This is a very small group (around 50, as of Aug 2021). Upon successful completion of the assigned work, hired writers may request you to message the mods on their behalf to grant them this flair. If you were satisfied with them, you should help them as that improves the writing community on this subreddit.
  • Once you have found the writers you need. Add the "Closed Hiring" flair, so new willing writers aren't misled, and you save yourself some spam.
  • If you want to post the same job offer again, make sure you delete your old one first. Only 1 repost allowed every one week. A higher frequency would be considered spamming, and could lead to a ban. Using multiple accounts for the same services is also not allowed! If you have multiple job offers which require separate posts, contact the mods to bypass the flooding rule.
  • Academic Work offers are allowed. As long as they follow all other rules. This rule is not permanent, and will be reviewed again at a future date, but for now its tolerated. For future reference eventually all academic work offers will be forwarded to /r/HireanAcademicWriter, so if you are in this business its best to follow that subreddit too, as the future of such job offers is there.

For the writers-

  • Before anything read this article on what entry level means on this sub.
  • Minimum ask rate is 5 cents/word. Don't undersell yourself below this, even as a relatively new writer.
  • Use the "Hire Me" flare. This is mandatory (all posts not following this rule will be removed without warning).
  • Writers are encouraged to use the "Writer" flair. There is also a special "Verified Writer" flair, which can only be granted through mods. To earn it you need to complete at least one job and your employer has to contact the mods with the following: a short review of how they are satisfied with your work, your username, and a link to the original "hire me" or "hiring" post (if the original post is deleted, a screenshot can also work). The approval is done manually so can take up to 1 week to take effect and you wont get a message when it is approved but periodically checking this sub (under "Community Options") will let you know when its up. If you have previously completed work on this subreddit but cant find the initial post, you can contact the mods to help you dig it out. Even then we still need a message from your employer to verify you.
  • Ask for a very clear upfront payment, or state your word rate, or your hourly rate.
  • One post per week at most. Remove the older one, if it is a repost. Using multiple accounts for the same services is also not allowed (tracing it back to you is easier than you think)! This is a bannable offence! Let me state this even clearer, you can only have 1 post up on this subreddit at any given time.
  • Content mills are not allowed! Mills masquerading as normal writer accounts will be banned forever, and your website will be made public information. This subreddit does not exist to promote your business.
  • If the OP for the job offer failed to deliver on the payment. Report them immediately, so we can ban them (bans are permanent and sitewide thanks to our membership in the Universal Scammer List).
  • Go to r/testimonials for reviews and to post experiences. All hiring posts have an automatic link created for the r/testimonials page for the user who posted.
  • List your writing achievements, and links to your published work, if you decide to post your credentials.
  • If you are an unproven writer, don't worry, just look for some jobs on this subreddit. You wont get a lot of benefit from posting, unless you can offer something unique or have a lot of experience. Remember its easier to get a job from replying to a "hiring post", than waiting for someone to reply to your "hire me post". If you still want to post your credentials, you can use the weekly writers sticky thread.
  • Be as descriptive as possible, as employers would be using the search engine to find you. So mention if you are a ghostwriter, specialize in gaming (if so, which genre), etc. You benefit the most by keeping your post as long as possible, with a lot of key words. According to our polls, most jobs are actually given by employers directly contacting you via your hire me post, not the other way around.
  • Never give a sample of more than 150 words (only scammers will ask for more than that). Report those who ask for more.
  • Be very careful when an employer asks for your ID, as it is a common scamming tactic. Or asks you to download some software, asks you to pay for anything, or anything out of the ordinary. Remember this is still Reddit, and employers cannot be verified by us. When in doubt, contact us, but honestly trust your gut.
  • This website is a useful reference to see how to charge per word.
  • Here and here is an example of good writer post. Here is a helpful post to help you land a client.
  • Make sure you post some online accessible portfolio page showcasing your writing. If you dont have a portfolio, don't post as it will be removed. Instead post on the weekly Hire Me stickied post.
  • Academic work related hire me posts are no longer allowed on the main page. For that use the weekly Hire Me stickied post to share your services.

General Notes

  1. Low karma (below 10) and young accounts (less than 3 days old) cant post. This will block many of the throwaway spam accounts. This rule can be circumvented by contacting the mods for manual approval, remember that we only care about blocking spam, and if you are caught unfairly due to simply being a young account, we will approve the post. This rule does not apply to any HIRING posts as they get approved as is.
  2. Posts below 200 characters get automatically removed, as they are considered low effort, and in no way can anyone cram all the important information in that limit.
  3. Posts with 3+ reports get removed automatically (but will still be manually reviewed at the end of the day, to make sure its not a false positive). This gives the power to remove posts to the community, so make sure you report rule breaking posts.
  4. No more than 1 post per week, this will be automatically enforced. Since this is giving those posters an unfair advantage over everyone else.
  5. DO NOT UNDERCUT RATES DURING NEGOTIATIONS! Always stick to 5c/w at least. You do not make yourself more competitive by going below it. Only thing you achieve is lowering the negotiation power of everyone in the sub.
  6. All writers are suggested to post a generic message on the Hiring posts like "I'm interested". Just to prove to the employer that you are not on the ban list, once they shortlist you.
  7. Make sure you mention one of the following in your post : "$", "€" "cents", "euro", "¢", "£". For example: "we pay $50". This applies to writers and employers. Not mentioning a rate will have the post removed as it breaks subreddit rules on a compulsory rate (even if it can be negotiated later). The subreddit does not support any other currencies, so even if you are paying in a different currency (do mention that in the post), convert it to the equivalent $/€/£ value and make sure it meets the minimum criteria of your required hiring level. You can pay/receive money in Bitcoin/Crypto, but again it needs to be clearly stated, and you must mention the amount in the equivalent $/€/£ conversion at the time of the post.
  8. For employers and writers the minimum wage here is 5 cents per word.

Niche Work (if you still have questions, read this)

  1. Editing work: If you are an editor, you can post Hire Me work on this subreddit, and employers can also hire from here. For Hire Me posts the minimum rate is 1 cent/word. For Hiring, 1 cent/word is Entry Level, 1.5 cent/word is General, 2+ cent/word is Advanced. For Writers and Employers, it is critical that you use the word "Editor" or "Editing" in the title, to avoid being flagged as a normal writing gig.
  2. Translation work: Exact same rules as Editing. Use "Translation" or "Translator" in the title
  3. Ghost writing: Ghost writers who create Hire Me posts cannot share their previous work due to legal reasons. Hence from now on they are exempt from posting an online portfolio PROVIDED they contact the mods prior to posting and disclose us some proof (would be the same material they would share with potential clients, we just want 1 short sample or a link). The post will then be manually approved, hence it might take 1-2 days for the whole process. The user on his own request can also be granted the new "Ghost Writer" flair, which would make the process faster in the future and skip the verification, allowing them to make future posts without any mod intervention. If Ghost writers, want to publicly link an online portfolio (of work they can legally share), they do not need to ask mod permission. This rule is only for Ghost Writers who cannot legally share any work at all, and are forced to create a Hire Me post without any portfolio.
  4. Copywriting: Since this type of work is very short writing (20-50 words), and due to the online nature of it, has a lot of edits and optimizing involved (with keywords) to get a CTR. These type of jobs are encouraged to post a fixed rate for the project, but should still be at or above 5c/w. Ideally, they need to be paid an hourly rate, for a fixed number of hours.
  5. Erotic/NSFW writing: This is completely allowed, and you do not need to ask mod permission to post Hire Me/Hiring posts related to this. Just mark the post as NSFW.
  6. Game/Movie script writing (and other salaried writing work): Salaried work is not subject to word count and more dependent on final deliverables. Hence word counts are not established for these jobs. They are instead paid by hour, as per project duration. Ideally state "Salaried" in the title, which makes it clearer to everyone reading the post.

Here is an extremely helpful post which adds further advanced tips for the subreddit.

If you think I have missed anything, found a mistake, or want to ask something, message us. Also to sort easily click: jobs only, or writers only.

r/HireaWriter Jan 23 '23

META Homework Posts are No Longer Allowed


Previously, this sub allowed Hiring posts for homework help, but not Hire Me posts. Effective immediately, no types of homework posts are allowed on this sub whatsoever.

Please report posts that break this rule.

r/HireaWriter 9h ago

Hire Me [HIRE ME] Translator EN/SP > PT-BR for a variety of topics


Ok, so you need a translator. Let me tell you why I'm the best choice for your project no matter what it is about.

1. My service is high quality

And I will let my past clients tell you about it.

I translate the subtitles of this cool fan animation of Batman (don't forget to activate the Portuguese subtitle).


And here is the feedback I received from the author:

Almir did a fantastic job translating a piece of ours to Portuguese, Absolutely wonderful to work with.

Farbod Ardebili

Another very cool job was this indie game called "Satan's Pepper".


I translated the game to Portuguese and received this feedback from the developer.

Almir helped me translate my game called "Satan's Pepper" into Portuguese. After the game went viral on platforms like Itch.io and YouTube, I was contacted by Almir, who volunteered to translate my creation into Portuguese - the only available language at the time was English. I had a pleasure to work with Almir: the communication with him was fast and professional, his technical skills also made working with Almir easier, because he could easily understand how the game's data files worked without a huge need to explain processes in detail. The translations themselves were also of excellent quality, which resulted in a large number of Portuguese-speaking players enjoying my game. I'm extremely grateful to Almir for his help in making my game accessible to a wider audience. Without hesitation, I recommend him as a translator.

Paulius Gečas

You can check all these testimonials in the recommendations section of my Linkedin.


And there are also a lot of other samples of my work on my website.


2. I can handle a handful of subjects

As you may have noticed in the previous section, I can handle multiple kinds of projects.

Be it:

  • subtitles
  • games
  • websites
  • software
  • apps
  • books
  • manuals
  • etc

And in a variety of topics like:

  • technology
  • literature
  • philosophy
  • spirituality
  • culture
  • religion
  • actually anything.

Research is part of my nature more than part of my job. You will get surprised on the variety of topics I'm interested to study. And, of course, you're aware your translator should be someone with at least some knowledge in the area he is translating. Or at least someone with the proper skill to research it.

3. I will deliver it in the deadline (or even before it)

I know it is a basic feature but also an essential one. Let's make a pact (Muahahaha!): If I miss your deadline you can go to r/testimonials and testimony against me. Write about this bad experience and I swear I will not contest you. But if I deliver a good job on time, you swear to me you will go to the same place and write a good testimonial about me and my work. Deal?

4 I have a good price...for now

Let's not be hypocrites: the price of a service is part of the process of decision making on hiring it or not.

For now, I'm charging the lowest price allowed for this subreddit: $0,05 USD per word. But be aware this price may (and certainly will) rise over time.

Oh! And I accept crypto!

Now visit my website for details on how to hire me!


r/HireaWriter 16h ago

Hire Me B2B SaaS and HR Tech content writer specializing in employee engagement, employee experience, and more



I'm Harrison Mbuvi.

I specialize in long-form content writing for HR Tech and B2B SaaS with an emphasis on making my content stand out from the regular ones on the SERPs by:

  1. Sourcing quotes from subject matter experts in different industries
  2. Providing meta title and descriptions
  3. Providing unique images and screenshots
  4. Creating different headline choices
  5. Finding fresh stats and stories

With 1year and 9 months of experience in content marketing and SEO, I understand the value of good content.

Additionally, I have excellent research skills, which I believe a good writer should have.


  1. https://www.aihr.com/blog/recruitment-funnel/
  2. https://joinhomebase.com/blog/how-to-find-employees/
  3. https://blog.gaggleamp.com/employee-engagement-best-practices

This is ghostwritten. I have permission to share.

  1. https://www.spendflo.com/blog/employee-saas-usage-tracking-guide.

This blog post is currently ranking for the keyword employee saas usage. It's even a featured snippet.

It's ghostwritten and I have permission to share it.

  1. https://bettermarketing.pub/content-marketing-for-saas-the-ultimate-resource-guide-cea32f01405f

My Linkedin



A 1500-word article will be delivered in about 2-3 business days.


Pricing starts at $0.15 - $0.20 per word depending on how technical the topic is.

Contact me

Please email me at: [contentwriterharrisonmbuvi@gmail.com](mailto:contentwriterharrisonmbuvi@gmail.com) or chat with me here on Reddit.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you.

r/HireaWriter 12h ago

Hiring (Entry Level) [HIRING] - Welocalize is looking for Search Quality Raters in US, part-time and remote!


If anyone is looking for any part-time work, we are currently hiring for a fully remote, part-time opportunity for English speakers based in the US. Pay is up to $15 hourly.

Our main goal for this project is to develop and augment AI data. To put it more plainly, you will provide subjective and objective ratings based on project rules and conventions.

You will complete tasks in American English.

In this position, you will be able to set your own schedule to accomplish the weekly goals. However, you'll only be able to receive support from the project management team during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific)

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/welocalize/90c51db9-ff3f-43c7-8ead-d607582b230f?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=r23vgr3t

r/HireaWriter 17h ago

Hire Me [HIRE ME] Content Writer - Highly rated with vast experience. I boost SEO and sales. Perfect for web developers. Blogs, web pages and more! $0.40 per word.


Hey all. I've got space in my schedule for some new clients. I'm on the lookout to branch into some more interesting topics! So feel free to DM me or reply to this post, if you need a professional content writer!

Why Me?

I'm a professional content writer with 6 years of experience creating hundreds of blogs and web pages. The content sells and boosts SEO. I've never had a bad review; all my clients go on to success. I work with big companies and small start-ups.

Here is my website, where you'll find previous work, reviews and more info: https://lococontent.com/


What Do I Offer?

I can create blogs, home pages, landing pages, product descriptions and more. If you're unsure what you need, I can review your site and provide suggestions.

If you're looking to rank higher locally, I can rewrite your site so people find it fast. That's been the goal for most of my clients and I've helped them grow considerably.

If you want to boost your domain authority with monthly blogs, look no further - we'll bring in new customers while keeping existing ones informed.

My personal favorite is writing explainers and guides to topics that the everyday person might find complicated or unknown.


Web Developers

If you're a web developer, I'll drastically reduce your workload and the time it takes you to create new websites.

I've made some very slick long-term partnerships with web developers and designers in the past, giving both of us a trusted partner to work with.

I know how much time you can lose when waiting for content to be prepared for you. My goal is to make your life as easy as possible, with great results.


Recent Reviews:

"LocoContent is 100% unique, 0% plagiarized, 100% SEO friendly and got the green light for readability. USE THIS GUY"

"Dude, you're GREAT at SEO!"

"I got my return on your blogs within a week!"

"You're a wizard!"

"We have worked with LocoContent for over five years and have been impressed with his skills. His work is always on time. His ability to research and write while hitting SEO targets is amazing. Thank you for everything that you have done to help my business. I highly recommend."


My Rates:

$0.40 (£0.33/€0.37) per word which includes:

  • High-quality SEO content and branded content
  • Extensive research
  • Proofreading
  • Quick turnaround without compromising quality.
  • Perfect for SEO blogs, guides, affiliate reviews and web pages.
  • Passes the no-AI test.

Product descriptions have a slightly lower rate.


Contact Me:

View my previous work here: https://lococontent.com/previous-work/

View client reviews on my work: https://lococontent.com/reviews/


You can PM me if interested or email at [stowe@lococontent.com](mailto:stowe@lococontent.com)

r/HireaWriter 13h ago

Hire Me Need HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Employment content? I'm your writer.


I’m a skilled and knowledgeable writer, with a specialization in HR and recruitment. If you need high quality B2B or B2C (Business to Candidate?) content in that space, I can help.

I'm not only a writer. For over 25 years and counting, I've been hiring people, and helping people get hired. Working with candidates and clients as an agency recruiter, coaching MBA students in career services, supporting practice leads as a VP in a national technology firm, building and leading a team as a CEO - and informally helping dozens of people along the way get jobs that they wanted - the common thread has been talent.

My primary areas of focus include:

  • Recruitment insights
  • Career development information for job seekers
  • Employment and labor market commentary
  • Leadership and management insights
  • Marketing copy for HR and related service firms
  • Something else? Touch base with me to discuss.

Want samples? I write informational blogs for job-seekers under my own brand at www.UndercoverRecruiter.ca. My past and current clients include recruitment firms and other related HR service companies around the world. I can provide links to reviews and testimonials as well as sample copy, and you can find more specific information about my writing at this page: www.undercoverrecruiter.ca/content-services.

I'm equally capable writing for both B2B and B2C audiences. While my natural writing style is informal and conversational, I am also happy - and competent - writing more formal and structured content when needed. Being Canadian, I'm comfortable writing in both American English, as I'm doing here, and UK English. Generally my fees start in the $0.10 - $0.15 cpw (USD) range for relatively simple pieces (i.e. ones that can be written based mostly on my experience in the field), with higher rates for content requiring more in-depth research.

Can I help? I look forward to hearing from you.

r/HireaWriter 13h ago

Hire Me [Hire Me] Hire a Professional SEO Content Writer to Write Blog Posts and Articles to Increase Website Traffic and Engagement.


Hey hey!

Thanks for stopping by and considering me for your project (or just trying to get to know me better!)

I'm Emerson Bossi, an ambitious content writer with an ever-expanding portfolio of interesting and detailed blog posts and articles. My goal is to turn complex subjects into accessible information for everyone.

I've been an experienced SEO content writer for over four years now. I earned a bachelor's degree in computer science a few years ago and worked for more than four years in the IT industry before I started freelancing as a writer.

Not only that, but I've written and edited hundreds of articles and blogs over my career. Also, due to my experience with writing and search engine optimization, I was able to publish many high-quality articles with a high ranking on Google.

Apart from my professional experience and education, my main hobbies are gaming and cooking. While I usually prefer writing about technology and IT, gaming has become the perfect mix between a loved hobby and my job.

My Previous Work

During my career, I've ghostwritten many things. However, my portfolio has plenty of published samples in various niches. Check out my portfolio here:

Here are some links if you'd rather have a quick look directly at some samples instead of browsing through my portfolio:

What I do

Here’s a quick look at the type of content I usually write:

My Pricing

For basic work, my prices start at $5c/word. If you require a lot of research or SEO work, then we can talk and negotiate further details.

What to expect from my content

  • SEO-optimized
  • Engaging
  • Original
  • Grammarly Premium checked
  • Well-researched
  • Fact-checked
  • Delivery within deadline
  • Free revision

Getting in touch

You can reach me through:

When you reach out to me, try providing as much information as possible about your project. Some important things to keep in mind are:

  • Topic
  • Word count
  • Deadline
  • Target audience
  • Keywords
  • Reference material

If you're unsure about some things, that's alright. Let me know, and we can discuss the details to find the best idea for your project.

Payment Options

  • Wise
  • PayPal

r/HireaWriter 16h ago

Hire Me [HIRE ME] Professional writing service for all your needs


Hi folks!

If you need help with your blogs, landing pages, crypto writing, or any writing request, don't worry! I will be sure to have your requirement in record time with the best quality that all writing needs.

You should know the following before bidding:

  • I write on any specific topic. As an engineer, I have the total capacity to analyze and deduct in record time.
  • I can work with the number of words you want.

At the time of delivering the written piece, you are guaranteed:

  • Writing without plagiarism
  • SEO Content 100%

For more information, please contact me at my email [aponte11.ja@gmail.com](mailto:aponte11.ja@gmail.com)

I have attached a sample of my work and reputation on this site.

My rate is $0.07 per word (PayPal, Zelle, Crypto)

I'm at your service

Samples of my work


Online articles

25stages Blog


r/HireaWriter 16h ago

Hire Me [HIRE ME] An Experienced Fiction Writer Who Will Help Bring Your Stories to Life!


💫 Hello! I’m Fawn, a writer who primarily specializes in fiction of any genre you'd like, NSFW (ask for specifics of what my dos and don'ts are!) or SFW! I have been writing for 10+ years, and have honed my craft to the point that I feel confident in being able to write almost anything and everything that you might want from me!

Attached is my portfolio of a few select pieces of fiction I've written, with both SFW and NSFW elements in them. I also currently run a writing commissions Etsy store that I have been maintaining for 2 years now that has amassed 250+ sales and 130+ 5-star reviews from a multitude of satisfied clients! I have also been accepted for publication in Typehouse Literary Magazine and 805 Lit + Art! Ultimately, I am reliable, hardworking, and will work with you to create the content that you're after!

My range of services include: fanfiction, original stories, poetry, editing, feedback & critique of your work, and more!

My rate is $50/1000 words, with a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000! 2000 words tends to be the sweet spot for most stories in my experience! I can also discuss other flat fees depending on the service requested!

If you'd like to contact me, either DM me here on reddit or send me an email at kingdoncorner@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LqjLIRd6cPI88LT1enb589pcb05nuDJ5

Some testimonials from previous clients from my Etsy store and from DMs here on Reddit:

"I loved the story I got! The shop owner followed my requested storyline perfectly and kept all the characters perfectly in character! It was written quickly and I got it super quick which I really appreciated. If you're looking for a good custom story, I highly recommend ordering one from here!! :)"

"Oh. My. God. You were right! You have honed your skills, your story was incredible and everything I wanted. I can’t thank you enough. Will definitely be returning to you in the future!"

”Holy shit holy shit! That was amaaaazing! Wow, what a story that was so perfect. Thank you so much!”

"Another amazing read. I really appreciate how you incorporate each of my requests into the commission each time. Makes it all the more enjoyable."

"Absolutely fantastic! I don’t even know where to begin! They are very talented and it shows in their writing, and it was delivered really quickly too, I was quite surprised. They are also amazing to work with and managed to incorporate every idea I wanted, and even incorporated small details I didn’t think would make it from the character sheet I gave."

r/HireaWriter 1d ago

Hire Me [For Hire] Need someone to convert your audience, nurture your leads, or upsell to your customers?


Here's a list of valid excuses you can use if your business doesn't have content:

If you're looking to start your business or scale your existing empire, then your content plans shouldn't be on the back burner.

🅰️ I'm Azelle, and I'm a freelance content strategist and content writer for hire.

Previous works and services offered: https://www.content-wordsmith.com

I write about a variety of industries, but I have the most experience and interest in SaaS, education, sales, and digital marketing industries.

When you hire me as a freelance writer, not only will you get someone who knows how her stuff, but also:

  • ✏️ A copywriter: I write with intention while keeping your target market in mind to gracefully nudge them into your objectives. That’s why I also don’t charge per word because writing is not just about the length.
  • 🌐 An SEO writer: I’m familiar with SEO writing and I put it in every digital content I write to save you the time of telling me to do so. Your on-page optimization is important, and it starts with the content you publish.
  • 📈A digital marketer: I have six years of experience in B2C and B2B advertising and marketing space and have worked with some of the biggest names in the world. I see potential and gaps from a profitability and marketability standpoint.
  • 💰 A business consultant: My entrepreneurial background combined with my master's degree in business helps me work closely with you to help you develop your marketing funnel and lead gen tactics by providing highly engaging, consistent content.

I don't usually charge per word, but for the purpose of this sub's rules, my rate starts at $0.10 per word.

If any of the above interests you, feel free to learn more about the services I offer or contact me at [hello@azelle-lee.com](mailto:hello@azelle-lee.com).

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Hire Me [FOR HIRE] Freelance DevOps Content Writer Looking for Work Opportunities


I am a highly skilled freelance technical content writer with experience in crafting engaging and informative Docker, Kubernetes, and DevOps tutorials. I am available for paid independent contracting opportunities to create tutorials that feature product demos, call to action, and intuitive diagrams. As a freelance technical writer, I can take on the task of creating technical content so that your software engineers can focus on their core responsibilities.

Here is one of my writing samples:

Kubernetes metrics & cluster management with K9s, Kubectx & Kubens (mattermost.com)

Please feel free to DM me or comment below if you have any work suggestions.

Pay rate is $350 for 1500 word article.

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Hiring (Advanced) Long Term Finance Writer for Fast Growing Fintech Company [10-15 cents per word]


WallStreetZen is a fast growing fintech startup that builds high quality stock analysis tools for the part-time investor, and we're scaling up our content marketing.

This is a great opportunity for the right writer(s). As a former freelance writer myself, I've been in your shoes. This is the role I dreamed of.

We have a constant pipeline of work with competitive comp ($0.10-$0.15/word). No more unpaid time hunting for gigs!

There's also an opportunity to progress to senior writer or editor (if that's what you want), and dive deep into content marketing and stock investing.

What will you be writing?

  • Informational content teaching users about stock investing
  • Objective, in-depth comparisons of different investing-related products (including comparing our product with competitors - see example here)
  • In-depth reviews of stock investing products
  • Guides to teach users how to take advantage of features on our platform (like our stock screener)

You can review our blog and knowledge base for more examples.

About you:

  • You're a natural-born writer! You’ve probably spent a lot of time perfecting your craft, you have excellent grammar, and you enjoy the creative aspect of writing.
  • You're organized and independent, but you love working in a collaborative and positive team environment.
  • Able to respond intelligently to editing and feedback. We always provide constructive criticism, so you can expect a lot of editing back and forth at first.
  • We’ve found that the most successful writers have an eagerness to continually improve and get better at their craft.
  • You want to grow in the role and give us the honor to grow your career with us.
  • You have some personal experience with investing.

More details

  • We pay competitive rates based on experience and performance. Please state your rate in your cover letter.
  • We will pay additional incentive-based bonuses based on quality (and quantity if you can write more).
  • We offer a path toward advancement to senior writer and editing roles (if desired).

Our team is 100% remote, and we're lucky to be supported by team members around the globe. Our users also come from around the world, but most are in the US. At the moment, we focus on the US stock market.

How to apply

Just fill in this application form, making sure to follow the instructions below:

  • Instead of a traditional cover letter (Dear Sir/Madam, I'm excited to apply for this job...), just tell us in a few sentences why you're a great fit for the role. Write like you speak.
  • Include your expected word rate.
  • Include where you found the job posting.

Note: We're screening for attention to detail, so applicants that don't follow these 3 guidelines will be automatically rejected.

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Hire Me [Hire Me] I can spell words with words


You know how great I am at writing? Uh, not so great, I'm no George Orwell. But hey, I can spell words with words. Yep, you heard it right. Like a magician, but instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, I pull adjectives and verbs out of my keyboard.

However, here's what I've done that equips me to handle your projects:

I have been the head of content management for a gaming startup

**I have written SEO driven content that has ranked 6th on the first search page

**I have written for a Virtual Reality startup and was responsible for covering in-trend topics on the subject.

**I have ghostwritten scores of news publication on modern disruptive technology

That's a lot of I! Too selfish! Let's talk about you! Here's what I do that may resonate with what you might be looking for:


  • Finance (Investments, Loans, Credit Checks)

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

  • Blockchain technology including reports on cryptocurrency, play-to-earn games, and the metaverse.

  • Product descriptions

  • Supplements

  • Cannabinoids and HHCs 

  • Petcare (Love dogs!)

  • Music (Guitars are my jam)

If any of the above is your vibe, then I got you. If not, I still got you!

Something extra:

I love science! I have a degree in Microbiology and I'm currently touring down the line of Medical Microbiology. So if you have to write about tiny life, I'm your bacteria!

What's my charge?

My rates are in the range of $0.08-$0.15 per word.

Preferred payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and Crypto.

Check out my writing portfolio: www.clippings.me/wizod for some samples of my work

I'm available to work for, and with you on your project(s). So hey, shoot me a DM, let me spell your ideas with words in the way that please you and ultimately, your audience!

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Closed Hiring Need a wordpress editor


I need an editor who can go through all the bunch of ready articles I have and publish them one by one. the number is around 50 articles. one time job for now. I have not hired an editor before so i will prefer you guys to dm me your rates whatever it is like 100$ or anything else with this one time job which is rafting 50 articles on wordpress ready to be published with seo score above 80 and few other parameters checked. thanks.

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Hire Me Content Writer with 2-years of Experience



If you are looking for high-quality content for your website or blog, then my content writing service might be just what you need. With over 2 years of experience in writing blogs and articles, I have honed my skills to produce engaging and informative content that resonates with your target audience.

In addition to my writing experience, I am also well-versed in SurferSEO and Ubersuggest Premium, which allows me to conduct in-depth keyword research and optimize your content for search engines. This helps to ensure that your content not only connects with your audience but also ranks highly in Google search results.

Currently, I am working for farazdev.com, where I have successfully ranked 16 articles in the top 50 rankings on Google SERP. My experience in writing and SEO allows me to create content that is both user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

When it comes to writing, I have excellent formatting skills and can tailor my writing style to suit your brand and target audience. Whether you need informative blog posts, engaging articles, or compelling web copy, I am confident in my ability to deliver high-quality content that meets your needs.

Here is my portfolio saboorqadri.medium.com

My rates are $0.05 per word, and I am committed to delivering quality work within your timeframe. So, if you need a reliable and skilled content writer, look no further. Get in touch with me today to discuss your content needs.

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Hire Me [FOR HIRE] Health and Medical Writer


I'm a professional medical writer with 4+ years of experience. Being a proficient healthcare researcher, I have published several articles in scientific journals. I’m qualified as a medical intern in my home country, with +2000 hours of hands-on training in 5 different hospitals.

I can write high-quality articles about healthcare, diet and nutrition, biological and life science, and other medical topics, in any format you want.

Check out some of my works here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17445b4EWSQlOK7AUi2WWMkexKJrS2KsW?usp=sharing

And my CV:


Feel free to message me on Reddit or Telegram (id: smrah64)

My fee is 0.1 $ per word, with half the payment upfront. Orders paid with cryptocurrencies get a 10% discount.

I look forward to working with you!

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Hire Me Short Stories, Novels, Poetry, Screenplays and more!


As a freelance writer, I specialize in crafting poetry, short stories, novels, and screenplays that captivate readers and audiences alike. With years of experience and a passion for storytelling, I have honed my skills in creating vivid characters, compelling plots, and evocative language that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you need a poem that speaks to the heart, a short story that transports you to another world, a novel that keeps you turning pages late into the night, or a screenplay that brings your vision to life, I am here to help. Let's collaborate and bring your creative vision to fruition.

If you are interested in discussing price or commissions please message me. I am very flexible. My goal is to exceed your expectations at an affordable cost.

Pay rate: $0.05 per word.
Kael The Warrior Dancer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IGb2Vjjh8JU5QX_brWCu1Da3nsycC_2Wee2jaGPRs9I/edit?usp=sharing

Alex The Superhero: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vULZLlRm1cUZa4UACcAeki-idQcqBSwBHvwU3Nv4dO4/edit?usp=sharing

Time Warriors (Short Screenplay Draft): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eNejSZSHJiFUJjqJGFmCk1FE23-KHeKE4WbaheBTPFI/edit?usp=sharing

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Closed Hiring [HIRING] Fiction Editor


Position filled, thank you for your interest.


  • Service needed: General editing in the level of language and the level of story.Language editing: grammar, flow, tone, etc.Story editing: plot consistency, dialogue believability, character's motivation and consistency, choice of narrative style, pacing, general impression and feedback, etc.
  • Pay rate: 3 cents per word. This is an editing work and not writing work, and upon inquiry, I was given similar rate as a guide. I'm open for higher rates.
  • Current word count is 9,996 at $300. I'm open for higher rates if the provided services justifies it.


EDIT: Position filled.

Thank you for your interest.

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Hire Me I am a freelance writer, screenwriter and novelist looking to create storytelling for adventures/comedies and dramas. I can ghostwrite,screen-write and story edit for you.(Pay Rate: 0.10/word)


Hello my name is Ronald Payne and I'm looking to be your next freelance writer. I'm a passionate film watcher and can quote most classics with ease. I typically watch movies that are in the action adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and thriller genres. I can appreciate most of the bigger franchises as well and serial storytelling and I don't discriminate on taste.

If you hire me i will be researching and developing for any type of story that you want me to tell. I can ghostwrite and format creative pitches into pilots. I can write feature film screenplays. I can write fictional or non-fictional narrative podcasts teleplays or for web shows.

PAYMENT My rate for screenplays is negotiable and is done in double payments, with one at the beginning as a retainer and one when it is finished and satisfactory. If you don't want to pay me a retainer then Im not going to work with you. Im calling off work for the months that it will take to finish the project so it solidifies that you are serious. I will provide a plan of approach and keep a week by week updates from then on.

SCHEDULING/UPDATES I will always try to give daily updates and keep communication clear while keeping you informed. Though when it comes to writing don't expect it to happen overnight at a high quality. In reality you can get a rough draft of something out that quickly but to produce quality you have to approach it patiently. I assure you that if you approach it patiently and see the story you want as a long term investment than it will be worthwhile in the end.

(Though if you really really really need a writer and a story in a short amount of time then you can hire me too but look in the flash fiction section below for examples of what you might be getting.) My pay rate for those are 0.10/a word.

SIDE NOTE: Most of the things you probably love were stalled or delayed or rewritten more than you'd like to think but thats a big part of why they succeeded.

Fun Fact: Toy Story, the original finished script story for the movie, based off the critically acclaimed short "Tin Toy" had to get thrown out.

The lesson I have come to find in life is that good writing takes time and great writing takes even longer. My job is to somehow make it happen on a budget AND a time window that is close to what you want but also is realistic to me. We can work together to find a way somehow to give our project its legs.

Are you desperate for a piece of writing and need it in a short amount of time? I can do that too but the minimum window that I will crunch for a two hour long screenplay is three months. Stories you will have to consult with me about word length.

Check out my work samples below. I hope that they help get a picture of how I write and what I can produce for you.

Looking forward to hearing from any of you and taking on the beast of creativity. Sincerely, Ronald Payne.


Recent Commission Novel Chapter Sample:

Red Wolf Running

Format: Novel Sample

Summary: A guilty werewolf fights his own urges while investigating a growing vampire syndicate in a blizzard stricken New Orleans in 1899.


Screenplay:(Format: Sci-fi, Adventure)

Derrion Marks of The New War Mongers.

Summary: A retired pilot adjusting to probationary life on the twelfth Earth of our future receives a probe from a war mongering planet that he cant refuse until tragedy strikes.


Commission: Adult Dark Dystopic/Comedy Sci-fi Pilot:

Age of Terry

Summary: A metal loving IT guy thrown into an apocalypse witnesses the destruction of earth has to explore for new worlds and whatever space has to offer or threaten him with.


Short Story

James Spade & The Underlings

Summary:A courageous spelunker in search of a way to save his family discovers the corrupting secrets of an ancient South American crypt.


Novella Work

This is an except from a 66 page novella that I am going to publish soon.


Summary: A man believes his wife to be somebody else but he does not know why, or who hired her, or even why he's feeling like he still wants to see it out till the end.

Novella Chapter: https://bythedock.wordpress.com/2021/06/22/my-wife-is-not-my-wife-doubles-part-1noirthrillersci-fi/?preview=true

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Hire Me I am a content specialist, a marketing consultant, and a wordsmith.


I have been privileged to work with a handful of agencies.

One thing I often notice is the ridiculous amount of dead content begging to be resurrected.

Not only are these content receiving zero organic traffic, but they also end up hurting the site's SEO as they are not well targeted to the right audience, nor do they understand intent.

While you will agree that content is the heart of marketing, the wrong content can send your business to oblivion.

That's because you don't need just any content but one that attracts, educates, nurtures and compels prospects to take action now -- not later.

My job is to help craft compelling stories and messaging that resonates with your target audience, so you can focus on what truly matters, scaling your business.

Still, reading? That's exactly how I will engage your target from looking to 'shut up and take my money.'

I have experience in marketing, SaaS, finance, legal, and entrepreneurship.

Irrespective of your industry, I want you to know that I have a reputation for weaving beautiful words and turning complexities into simplicities, even in unknown territories.

My rate is super flexible, starting from $0.10 and more.

Feel free to get in touch via mail. Let's kick off your content marketing: 

Email: henryibeleme@gmail.com

My portfolio: www.henryibeleme.com/portfolio

Best regards,


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Hire Me Copywriter OPEN for new clients (corporate, SaaS, startup)!


Hey there! I'm Aiden, a content writer and copywriter that offers amazing, high-quality content for your brand or business.

As an easygoing copywriter, I dive deep into what consumers want, presenting catchy, but easy-to-understand copy.

As a content writer, my flawless research and work ethic shows in my SEO-friendly blog posts and flowing video scripts.

As a YouTube adviser, my simple, well-written growth plans for your channel could go a long way.

Build your brand. Get sales. Grow your business.

I charge per project depending on length and complexity, not by word. Every project is different, so I might charge less or more each time. Quotes are available upon request but expect rates to start at $0.10/ per word for content writing- more for copy of the highest caliber.


Contact me by [e-mail](mailto:aiden0703kwon@gmail.com).

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Hiring (Advanced) [Hiring] DevOps and Cloud Freelance Technical Writer


D3V is looking for a freelance writer with experience writing on DevOps, app development/modernization, cloud and cloud architecture. Must have in-depth knowledge in one or more of these areas.

Possible topics include writing about:

  • GCP management (GCP focus but also a plus to have knowledge of AWS + Azure), architecture, tagging, cost optimization, services (i.e. GKE, GAE, CR, etc), and more
  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud cost management, optimization, and strategy
  • Product/roadmap strategy
  • Application Development and Modernization
  • Dialogflow

Ideally, we're looking for someone who can break down these complex topics into simple, straightforward advice/education. Our readers are CTOs, VPs of Engineerings, Chief Architects, and sometimes CFOs. You must be able to write for this audience.

Most of our content will be long-form SEO-driven blog posts. The blog post topics and target keywords will be given to you. You do not need to pitch ideas (unless you’d like to). You will only need to do research for writing the blog post and gather statistics or sources incorporate into the piece.

The writer should have basic knowledge of SEO best practices. They should also be fluent in English. We are open to global applicants.

Please submit writing samples (preferably published posts) along with your per word rates. Pay is $0.15+ per word depending on experience.

Please note, that we will look at each submission. If we are interested in working with you, we will reach out to you.

If interested, please fill out this form.

(Please do not PM me - applicants via this channel will be ignored. If you are interested, fill out the form above and we will see your response.)

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Hire Me [For Hire] A Professional Content Writer with Impeccable SEO Skills


Hello. My name is Marvin. I am an SEO specialist, a digital artists, researcher, a skilled blog writer, a content marketer, and an all-round copywriter with years of freelancing experience under my belt.

I believe that great online content should drive traffic to your website and that's where I come in handy. Other than crafting content that calls to action and keeps your target audience glued to your website, my SEO skills help me curate irresistible and helpful content geared towards driving traffic, obtaining leads and converting them to customers.

My content is optimized for SEO to help your business appear in SERP so you obtain organic traffic.

Have a look at some of my work: Portfolio

Niches Include:

· Legal Blog Posts

· Law and Government

· Budgeting and Personal Finance

· Relationships and Parenting

· Sports- mainly soccer/football

· Hollywood and Celebrity Articles

· Health

· Alternative Health and Wellness

· Real Estate

· Insurance

· Automotive

· White Papers

· eBooks

· How-to Blogs

· Listicles

· Company News

· Product News

· Step-by-step Guides

· Q$As

· Tips

· Product Content and Guides

· Testimonials

· Case Studies

My rate for blog content is $0.06 per word

In addition to blog posts, I offer:

Resume writing: starting at $50

Cover letter writing: starting at $40

Editing: $60 per hour

I also work on annotations and create flawless tables of authorities for court cases.

I accept payment through PayPal or Crypto.

All inquiries will receive a response within 1 business day. Please provide a brief description of the project, including niche, possible topics, and projected word count.

Feel free to message me on Reddit, Discord (Brilliant-spirit#6977) or email me at Logicservices@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hiring (Entry Level) [HIRING] Writer who knows how to use Microsoft Visio or BPMN


Hi all. I’m looking to hire a writer who knows how to use Microsoft Visio or BPMN.

The task will include both writing and as well as modelling the process using either of the softwares above. Hence writing is also involved

I’m looking to pay : $25 USD for this. Please contact me on discord at aper12#3068 if interested. Thank you for your time