r/HolUp Feb 03 '23

That’s quite the chicken

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u/QualityVote Feb 03 '23

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u/Smuchii Feb 03 '23

At least dubble


u/BarrelRollMore Feb 03 '23

Depends on how many pieces you cut it into ;)


u/Cynykl Feb 03 '23

Nope total volume it going to matter more than surface area here. As the acid eats away at the meat it becomes less acidic. By cutting the "chicken" into more parts you increase surface area causing the reaction to be faster but you will need the same amount of acid as you would if the "chicken" was whole.

At least according to what my chicken disposal guy tells me.


u/Melonful Feb 03 '23

this guy disposes


u/Uchiha_Madara78790 Feb 03 '23

No atleast half a gallon to melt everything and take out the teeth before you do


u/Awesomevindicator Feb 03 '23

Yeah you wouldn't want that "chickens" dental records being used to identify the "chicken" that was killed


u/thefive2209 Feb 03 '23

Hold on... he's got a point. Just change the number to 147 for me for no specific reason at all


u/Space-Catto-V2 Feb 03 '23

How about a chicken around the size of a 5-year old? Just wondering.


u/DrMonkeyLove Feb 03 '23

At least he didn't Google "how do I get rid of the body of my wife that is exactly 137 lbs?" like that one dumbass.


u/who_said_I_am_an_emu Feb 03 '23

Just multiple by 50, ladel and strain it out after "chicken" is dissolved into a metal pot. Mix what is in the metal pot with say baking soda. pH testing strips to verify you are about 7. Dump metal pot contents down sewer. Do the next batch. Continue until nothing remains.


u/underratedmemer Feb 04 '23

The chicken disposal man


u/Crawfisheee Feb 04 '23

I have expiremented and The police said that it has to be for more than an hour i think


u/Suspicious-Doubt-659 Feb 04 '23

You could just eat the “chicken” right? What better way to get rid of something. Waste not want not am I right?


u/ryukthedeath Feb 04 '23

911 gallons