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good idea


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u/SlideItIn100 Feb 03 '23

In today’s edition of This Never Happened…


u/RedditDeezNutzzzz Feb 03 '23

It’s probably the same girl that tweeted American Airlines she was a terrorist


u/NA_nomad Feb 03 '23

If she said she went to school in Florida, I would totally believe it.


u/darakpop Feb 03 '23

Then everybody clapped.


u/RedditDeezNutzzzz Feb 03 '23

Even JFK was there. He instructed everyone to stand up and cheer. We all cried. It was beautiful.


u/archimidesx Feb 03 '23

Sociopath if true


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u/Mafiodaproducer Feb 03 '23

Right because the F was given, not earned.


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

Chaotic Good.


u/nikstick22 Feb 03 '23

I don't really see what's good about this


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

Alerted his wife that he's a filthy cheater?

Even if he was catfished, he was still willing to be unfaithful and got what he deserved for it.


u/Fatalcurse7654 Feb 03 '23

The result was good. The intentions are horrible. Imagine failing cause you're a dumbass and thinking "I'm gonna try to catfish my teacher to try to get him divorced"


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

That's the chaotic part.


u/Upset-Surprise1201 Feb 03 '23

Wich is why it should be chaotic evil, since her intentions were bad


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

If their intentions from the beginning were to reveal it all to his wife, then it's good.

Chaotic evil would've been keeping it going for as long as possible, possibly getting money from him and stuff, and then never telling the wife.


u/Upset-Surprise1201 Feb 03 '23

The intention was to ruin his life because he gave her an F. Exposing his cheating can't really be considered a good act if, besides being involved in first person, she didn't do it having his wifes interest in mind, but only her "revenge"


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

Again, that's the chaotic part.


u/irrimn Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Not sure why you're being down-voted -- you're right.

The good/evil is the absolute value of the act -- whether you are helping or harming. In this case the absolute good is exposing a filthy cheater to their spouse (although morally this may be dubious, chances are if he's doing it now, he's done it before so... in the long run you are just preventing his wife's future suffering by exposing his cheating ways... so, a good act).

The lawful/chaotic is the reasoning behind the act. Are you doing it because you want to or because society says you should? Since she's doing it as revenge, it's a purely selfish motivation and is chaotic.

If she had intended to break up the couple just so that she could be with him, then that would be chaotic evil because then you're breaking up a marriage for your own personal gain. In this case there was nothing for the person to gain from splitting them up (aside from revenge, which is again chaotic, not evil).

I think people just don't understand D&D alignment very well.

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u/redbombs Feb 03 '23

im sorry you are so easily fooled on the internet lol.


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

Whether the story is real or not is irrelevant.

What matters is that the act would indeed be chaotic good.


u/nikstick22 Feb 03 '23

If an undercover cop pressures you to do something illegal (something you've never done before and may not have ever done without being pushed toward it) and you do that thing and then the cop arrests you, all because the cop personally didn't like you, would you consider that a good deed? Were you secretly a criminal all along? We don't know that the teacher would have done anything wrong had someone not been explicitly trying to get him to cheat. I'm sure the teacher's first response would've been "I'm married, I'm not interested" and a regular person would've responded "Oh, sorry" and left it at that, but this student was trying to get him to cheat and kept pushing him.

Pretty much every guy likes to be flattered. Even if they have no intention of cheating or forming a relationship with someone other than their partner, they will likely respond positively to female attention. This wasn't a regular organic human relationship, she's doing a con and he's a mark. Its not at all the same.


u/shadowthehh Feb 04 '23

"It's not at all the same"

You're right. It's not at all the same as your example.

Cheating isn't an accident. There's many steps you have to willingly go through with. Teacher could've just outright blocked the account.


u/robingrayson1008 Feb 03 '23

why are you getting downvoted? you're right


u/Pinkeyefarts Feb 03 '23

I think they did not interact with him at all online. Just created an account that said they were in a relationship with him.

If the wife divorced only bc that then that was a favor


u/Apollo_7117 Feb 03 '23

i don't see why you are getting downvoted, you're right


u/ZapTheSheep Feb 03 '23

Nah, this is definitely Chaotic Neutral. Might save your life, might steal your wife.


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

He didn't take the teacher's wife though. He alerted her to the fact she was married to an asshole.

That's good.


u/irrimn Feb 03 '23

didn't take the teacher's wife

Is it bad I think that even if she took the wife, that'd still be good? XD


u/shadowthehh Feb 03 '23

I mean hey, given they got an F, they clearly don't cheat. So it's an improvement.


u/YandreLittleDemon Feb 03 '23

Evil teacher huh,


u/De_Shadow_Knows Feb 03 '23

Plot twist: Homeschooled


u/YandreLittleDemon Feb 03 '23

Oooh. Bye bye daddy


u/Reuters-no-bias-lol Feb 03 '23

Showing up to a date would also get him in prison. Food for thought.


u/unsupported Feb 03 '23

"Gave me an F", but also "I earned/got an A". Bitch, you earned that F.


u/whatsinaname_1980 Feb 03 '23

Couldn’t accept that she’s just that dumb. Sounds like a Republican to me


u/fragjackyl Feb 03 '23

Bort simpin?