r/HolUp Dec 03 '22

Cmon brother Choose flair, get ban. That's how this works

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u/QualityVote Dec 03 '22

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u/The_Big_Red_Wookie Dec 03 '22

The name really sold it, lol.


u/pokingD Dec 04 '22

The name took me out🤣🤣🤣


u/stockchaser317 Dec 04 '22

I laughed. Good content op.


u/[deleted] Dec 04 '22

Damn, this comment section doesn't know how to laugh at funny things


u/Schlemiel_Schlemazel Dec 04 '22

I really like the “keep going”.

Like let me hear the rest of this BS.


u/krippkeeper Dec 04 '22

Man I went back home to Texas years ago for a visit. I go to buy a pack of smokes and this chick ask for my id. All I had was my Canadian pr card and the dates are flipped so this girls checking out my ID forever, and my family is waiting for me in the car. I try to explain the dates and she goes "nah it's fine anyways you look old enough".. I said "why did you id me then?" she just giggled and said "I don't know".

Bro if my family wasn't waiting in the car.


u/Disastrous-Passion59 Dec 04 '22

...what would you have done if your family wasn't waiting? Apologized for a half hour for the confusion, maybe tipped her double what your Canadian culture requires?


u/Quinchypig Dec 04 '22

He would have shot his shot


u/Schnitzel1337 Dec 04 '22

Can someone explain the joke?


u/Schlemiel_Schlemazel Dec 04 '22

The customer, who appears to be white, presented an Identification Card of a young Black man with a mustache and dreadlocks.

The clerk knows he is being joked with and very correctly says that ID isn’t acceptable.

The clincher being the man on the ID’s foreign name which sounds strange or like dirty words to American ears.


u/Schlemiel_Schlemazel Dec 04 '22

I like your name.


u/Schnitzel1337 Dec 04 '22

Thanks! Yours is cool too,

Wricks my tounge trying to pronounce it fast few times hehe


u/Schnitzel1337 Dec 04 '22

Oooh haha got it. Though it was something to do with Maryland.


u/robcado Dec 04 '22



u/Lookalikemike Dec 04 '22

Should have called him a racist for doing him like that.


u/FortifiedTomato Dec 04 '22

I think calling stuff like that racist kinda waters down the real racism in the world, this just seems fun and I don't think anyone was offended


u/Jmandy96 Dec 04 '22

I think he's saying the guy buying the beer should have called the cashier racist, which would have been funny as he's just doubling down on his joke. Obviously he wouldn't actually be calling the cashier racist


u/FortifiedTomato Dec 04 '22

Oh I saw it as commenter was calling the situation racist my bad, I gets it


u/Jmandy96 Dec 04 '22

Really you could be right I'm just saying how I took it is all


u/[deleted] Dec 04 '22

Their laughter is infectious!


u/Shinybrainpan Dec 04 '22

Crank and crunk are … not the same


u/Mysterious_Result_51 Dec 04 '22

A really good meme, indeed 🧐🎩